Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to today’s special edition of BREAKING NEWS. Today’s Blog will cover an issue that has blown up over the past few days, the alleged JP agreement between IU, IC and Renzi. I say alleged because as you can tell from the title of this blog, this is a story of he said she said but me no know nothing. Anyway, lets begin with the facts…


IU has been taking the Jackpots continuously for a long time now. It is only recently that IU has (allegedly) agreed to share the Jackpot with a member who is not in IU (renzi). Over recent months the Jackpot has rarely been paying out. On occasions it has been paying out it has cost the players’ going for the JP relatively more than they would have liked to pay. Over recent months the JP has remained low.

The inner circle union has been keeping up with IU and on occasions surpassing them in collecting and looting. Inner Circle have also on many occasions attempted to make the regular JP takers overspend by holding all their cash to the last minute before setting tiers and banking in the union bank. Inner Circle has also had more regular sub holders than IU over the past few months.

With regards to last round, a part from the last day there were hardly any major hits that took place between IU and Inner Circle. As reported earlier, there was also an agreement between Loco and Inner Circle for the round.

Two Inner circle players, Babbo Bravo and Tru had managed to accumulate a subnational amount of ops.

IU on the last day of the round zeroed both and began an attack on the ops of Babbo Bravo and Tru. Eor came and a battle took place for the JP. Babbo Bravo of IU beat 23 and won the round all be it at the expense of missing out on a union rank.

Following the conclusion of the round there were claims from Inner Circle that IU had broken an agreement they had recently made with them regarding the JP.

Following these claims, I contacted both sides to get their side of the story. I wanted to see if there was any truth to the claims made by Inner circle. So let’s see what they had to say.

Inner Circle

I contacted the members of Inner Circle to ask for their side of the story. Unsurprisingly I managed to find a number of people who were willing to talk to me.

According to the numerous different people I spoke to it went like this.. IU approached the leaders of Inner Circle complaining about the expense of the JP, which they argued was costing them more than they wanted to pay due to the looting power of Inner Circle, and Inner Circles general policy of trying to make jackpots expensive for IU members.

Following these talks an agreement was reached between the Jackpot players, including 23, righty, renzi and senior Inner Circle players to (allegedly) rotate the rounds between them. The (alleged) rotation was agreed on a 2-1-basis meaning two pots will go to IU/renzi and one pot would always go to Inner Circle. So out of 3, IU or renzi would take two pots, which I suspect they would work out between themselves, and someone from Inner Circle would always take the third one.

According to Inner Circle this was the reason that they were allowed to build as many ops as they had and by and large avoid major hits from IU last round.

Here are some comments from some members of Inner Circle who I had spoken to:

From Blues:

Yes they did break the agreement on the round win.

It is really just strategy on their part. Making us use all the cash for the win. This prevents us from being able to rank the union or in levels. With our union being bigger, any turns they can take from us, is really smart on their part. Having level 1 players with 70k turns banked up is when the game gets tougher for them.

Plus when Nino post on his profile. The game has become one big family, where is the fun in that. Well he is almost telling you, watch EOR closely lol.
From Babbo Bravo:

yea they fucked with us big. tried to steal everything and split our family but it didnt work out good for them they lost alot with their dishonesty plus nino and 23 lost their last bit of honor! and we are strong like never before!
From Daniele:

In short they kinda went after few of ours build ups at end hittings ops too.
I find it funny since earlier in round they already hit us and we retaliated but I left alive their banks even after I rebuilt to take em down, due to common sense not wanting to ruin their round.

However their maths weren't exactly best one so turned in 23 loosing approximately 1.2 k USD worth of turns. Is the stash done?

On other hands it's a damn game soo things happen... now I wait to see their PR on work blaming it somehow on us.

I predict funny times in front of us for all involved and not only IU.

After a further exchange with Daniele I also received this….

From Daniele:

Loco hit us around day 2 or 3. So we hit back and left only 23 alive to be able to run their bank.

Turned out he's not really someone to rely on his words. I'm pretty sure they have planned it all the time with nino trying to build of fam and join later.

Nino aka aplus was one who hit us on last day first too. Strange was when I saw they weren't able to hit all ur high ops and focused on babbo_bravo and Tru mostly. I was sitting on almost 2.5 millions ops no hits in. Was able to collect few trillions in last minute... Oh and they took of babbo almost million ops. Still lost it
From Jackie D Amico:

Do I have anything to say on the topic of IU trying to steal OUR round last round?? Of course I do..I wasn't going to respond but I'm drunk as fuck now so yes I have something to say...

23 and monkeykilla are a bunch of backstabbing cocksuckers..We didn't hit them the past couple rounds because we worked out something with righty and what I thought was the rest of IU. But when it's our turn they try and steal it from us and still ended up losing. I don't understand why these fags don't honor their word and respect rotation. Because in the end it benefits all players. But they don't want to so of course war is back on and of course I want them all dead. But in the end it is what it is..I never liked or trusted any of them besides righty. So fuck em.

There's my opinion. Oh and it's funny how FH has this big supporter called renzi who IU doesn't steal his round. .Kinda funny eh?...I like bishop and Benny but I feel as tho we are being double crossed. IU and FH are too close...And I don't like it
From Blackswan:

Hi Reporter…

I could be a bitch like dusk and tell you to fuck off… but I’m not like that.

The agreement was that the round was supposed to belong to IC (you remember there is no rotation right?) 23 was building ops and Renzi was messaging me telling me that the round could get expensive if 23 decides not to stop building. I don’t like head games so I just blew it off knowing that IU never really plays nice anyway… (unless you are Renzi and FH) so I figured they would try and muddle things up for us regardless of any agreement we may have had with them and Renzi.

So EOR comes and of course the rotation agreement (did I mention there is no rotation?) flies out the window and 23 tries to steal the round from Babbo…

Fortunately, IC figured this was going to happen and Babbo, being the smart man he is, was prepared for it.

IU didn’t make it easy for us and it did cost us a union rank, but that’s ok as it was more important to secure the win for Babbo then union ranks for us. Congrats Babbo!


After I had finished speaking to members of Inner Circle and getting there side of the story I contacted different members of IU and put the claims made by inner circle to them.

When I asked the senior IU players that I spoke to if they had an (alleged) agreement with Inner Circle regarding Jackpots, rotations, and if last round was meant to be Inner Circles, they all told me the same thing…. There was no (alleged) agreement. No talks had taken place. The round was always going to be 23s.

Here are some comments from some members of IU who I had spoken to:

From Evocator aka Nino:

Ic started telling they Was in a rotation. As i know have they never been in any rotation With us.. they should just be happy i not attack Them days before and first last Day all all there ops would have been gone.
After a further exchange of messages with Nino, in which I asked Nino why he waited so long to attack Inner Circle, I was sent the following..

From Evocator aka Nino:

A friend ask me not to hit Them earlyer, but last Day one from Pinoy suicided on me all attacks and kill around 600-700k dus of mine

Pinoy run offen With ic so i guess they asked That one to do so.
But correction i did only kill babbo dus, then he Got upset, wich is a bit funny, last Day no reason for dus anyway, and ops hit did first come after he Got crazy lol
I also received this from 23

From 23:

I tried for round. Had some issues with game last 45 seconds I was unable to collect with 200k turns I added or pull from family bank. Storm told me he's looking into it. But I give credit to babbo, he played it well so congrats to him. He's still an ass though
I did try and get a few more comments from members of IU to include here but nobody a part from the Nino and 23 have the courtesy to reply to me.


After speaking to members of IU and getting their side of the story I decided to contact Renzi. I asked Renzi the same questions I had put to IU regarding the claims made by Inner Circle, that they had allegedly agreed a rotation between themselves, IU and him.

Here is what Renzi had to say on the matter....

From Renzi:

I really don't know. All I can say it is obviously that there is some bad blood between IU and IC and when I heard a rumour that these two would have an agreement going on I was really surprised.
After a further exchange of messages Renzi also sent me the following…

From Renzi:

I was not involved in any agreements between IU and IC.
So according to Renzi he did not know anything about an agreement between IU and Inner Circle. This is in spite of claims made by members of Inner Circle that he was allegedly involved in the discussions.

What does everyone else think?

So we have the facts that cannot be disputed and the claims by Inner circle, which have been rejected by IU. Renzi also very much like Jon Snow knows nothing…did nothing.. and well you get the picture here.
I decided to message people in the game who are not in IU or Inner Circle to get their opinion on the claims made by Inner Circle.

Some responses I received were one sided in the sense that people were happy for Inner Circle and quick to highlight that they would not trust IU at all. For instance….

From Klown:

I couldn't trust IU in the past and wouldn't trust any of em now
Happy for IC
The one sided nature of the responses did not surprise me. I suspect this was in large part due to IUs dominance of the game, which has clearly led to them creating many enemies and being disliked by a high proportion of the TMB community. Or maybe it was because they have history of distrust (I’m only speculating here). But if we are real, the only people who truly know what went on are the people who may or may not have been involved in a Skype chat.

I also received some speculative responses such as this…

From Kauf:

If I'm honest mate, I've not got a clue. Babbo has said that there was an agreement and thats as much as i know about it. IU like having things their way so allowing IC a seat in the rotation to prevent them from possibly going for a steal sounds like a logical theory but again, I'm only speculating
It does sound logical Kauf but this could be one massive ploy by Inner circle to generate and reinforce the dislike towards IU by the rest of the game. Or IU could have broken an alleged agreement. Or there could be some other completely random explanation for whatever may or may not have happened.

I also received some more insightful comments regarding alleged rotations in general such as this by Domenico..

From Domenico:

I have zero idea about any of that. The only experience I have with IU and them getting pissy about their rotation is when Keystone caught their lazy rotation player with his pants down and won the main round. Nino all of the sudden cared a lot about us and talked about how we shouldn't have tried for the round and it was his to decide who can win it. Which I thought was absolute bullshit, especially when people who weren't even in this family were lying to Nino about what we were planning to do

The whole thing was a huge turn off for me. I think it is horrible for the game that a handful of people run the jackpots like that, I think its a joke that it is so well known that it happens, and I think it undermines the whole staff approach to trying to create fairness in the game, when it is clearly known that a few people control the top.

I highly doubt we will ever even try for a round again. Keystone spent a lot of money here in a short time and I believe a lot of the reason he isn't even here anymore is because of how shitty the fallout from that was. Its not worth the headache to spend like that and actually win a round, and its a shame.
And that’s a wrap…

Whatever happened here, or didn’t, however it happened, or didn’t, one thing that is clear is that I am TMB Reporter and this is the end of the blog… later……