Turbo Round 821 Review
….. by Clutch

Howdy folks! Clutch here with a quick turbo round review (because no one else wants to do them). It was an interesting round to say the least. 10 players per family and no unions allowed – as usual. There was no ratio on credits added either.

What we did see, however, was two HUGE rule changes. First being 99% to max – though this wasn’t exactly accurate as after 20 or so hits, the player was non-attackable anyways, regardless of how much was looted from them. The second rule change being 100% banking which certainly made things interesting. I personally loved the 100% banking rule … and you’ll see why below.

In level 4, we saw a number of people jockeying for a top 5 spot, with ‘9’ leading the pack, followed by BlackRanger and sckmynutz. Word on the street is that ‘9’ was a member from IU and they were putting all their cash into taking the JP (without adding any credits), instead of going for a family rank.

That’s when Captain Clutch came out of nowhere with less than 5 seconds on the clock to steal the JP – by making one of the most controversial moves of the year … sacrificing the family gold rank to take the jackpot. What do you guys think – worth it, or was it a dick move? Leave your comments at the bottom of the blog. One thing is for sure though, not a single person in the game ever thought they would see a day where Clutch beats IU for a JP!

-Level 4-

1. Alice $94,856,528,727,795
2. 9 $89,761,834,057,997
3. BlackRanger $32,005,453,349,938
4. sckmynutz $16,502,890,591,800
5. Golfwang $15,786,987,984,666

Level 3 was a bit of a blowout – with Oplan_tokhang taking the gold easily, while Faithful and Motog4 battled it out for second and third, respectively. Less than 3B separated them – it was really close!

-Level 3-

1. oplan_tokhang $19,131,395,093,575
2. Faithful $3,267,397,086,729
3. Motog4 $3,264,517,084,968
4. Pops $2,936,892,272,279
5. Crackers $2,888,556,621,682

In level 2, everything remained pretty much status-quo. The ranks didn’t cost too much, with the gold going to Mia for only 2 trillion. J7 took the silver for just over 1 trillion, and Kankakee1 from IC took the bronze for a cool 586B.

-Level 2-

1. Mia $2,000,803,112,000
2. J7 $1,067,021,706,367
3. KANKAKEE1 $586,009,865,219
4. DangerZone $466,937,035,188
5. Stinker $397,115,931,645

Level 1 was one of the cheapest rounds we’ve seen in a while. HelloKilly secured the gold with just over 3 trillion, but silver and bronze both went for under 1T. Mt14 took silver with 628B and KILO took bronze for only 406B. With the competition in level 4 and the family ranks, it left level 1 & 2 wide open.

-Level 1-

1. HelloKilly $3,216,337,941,823
2. Mt14 $629,885,557,884
3. KILO $406,856,533,150
4. DD $377,851,754,871
5. Kappa $301,835,034,822

It was an interesting round for support killers. We saw a very close race between those in the top 3. Zedd ended up taking the win with just over 4.1M KP, while Romelu_Lukaku & Golfwang battled it out for second and third, respectively. Less than 10k KP separated second and third place (that’s essentially one hit). Very close round in the killer ranks, congrats to our winners.

-Best Supporter Killers-

1. Zedd 4,167,875
2. Romelu_Lukaku 3,931,817
3. Golfwang 3,923,298
5. Crazy 1,400,932

Free killers went par for the course. Usually gold is around 1.1M – 1.5M KP, so Free Killers went par for the course. HelloKilly took the gold for 1.4M KP, with Indiana_Jones following behind with 1.1M KP in second, and rounded out by DeepThroatShane in third with just under 1M KP. Given how close the supporter killer rankings were, it’s impressive that any free player ended up with over 1M KP. It’s harder than it looks to snag a free killer rank … without circle jerking each other and having folks let you kill them. Congrats to the winners!

-Best Free Killers-

1. HelloKilly 1,435,949
2. Indiana_Jones 1,136,039
3. DeepThroatShane 969,127
4. Gallus_gallus_dome 739,512
5. GiB_SiNeP 606,020

The family ranks this turbo were a bit crazy, with the amount of money banked changing very frequently at EOR. With the 100% banking option, families were able to send all their cash to just one player and have them bank as much as needed before going for tiers. Wonderland family (Mercenaries) was leading the pack, in first place, but dropped out with 5 seconds left on the clock to take the JP. That left Katanga_Krew family (Brotherhood?) on top with 65.2T banked - for a gain of 75k credits each. Mighty_Morphin secured the second place silver with 52.8T, and Peanut_Factory rounded out third place bronze with 46.8T. Honourable mentions to Mass_Effect and The_Rehab families with 25.6T and 19.9T banked, respectively. Congrats to all winners, especially Katanga_Krew who pulled off the gold first place!

-Collecting Family-

1. KATANGA_KREW CHIEF_ERROL_ENFUFU $65,260,021,521,211
2. Mighty_Morphin BlackRanger $52,811,826,017,011
3. Peanut_Factory Ezekiel $46,836,942,544,064
4. Mass_Effect Commander_Shepard $25,676,486,902,322
5. The_Rehab Maui $19,905,148,771,356
6. man_vs_banksters Mr_Anderson $8,662,670,763,488
7. Dracarys Relinquished $7,117,878,314,007
8. Wonderland Alice $4,934,835,913,730

Now, I did ask for comments on the round via a thread on the forums, but not many people responded. Nonetheless, here are the feedbacks on the round which I did receive.

Cardaci: Congrats to IU for lvl 4 silver and no fam rank. Greedy bastards, lol. Congrats Clutch on the win.

KidVengeance: KATANGA_KREW. We paid tribute to our commander in chief Errol ENFUFU. KATANGA! This gold was for you <3

NorthTexmafia: I took a tier without even trying lol and wasn’t in a fam. Loved it, again would be nice.

Zappa: I didn’t play it, but if I did, I would have won the jackpot.

Teds: Congrats clutch! Well played in organizing your team.

ShayneG: Hahahaahahahahhhhahaa.

Knoxie: The fact that we did not even play the round and still took out the win once again confirms SkidmarkUnited as the greatest family ever to disgrace the game. Some judge round wins on TMB's tired points scoring system and the distribution of turns and cash prizes, whereas here in the mansion we have a simpler scoring system. If you are a Skid, you have already won.

Congrats once again to all the families and everyone who ranked. Use your credits wisely, and see you all again next turbo round. Cheers!