Hello everyone, welcome to another special edition of Breaking News.

A while back I was catching up on the forums and I came across a thread started by WILLIE, which was about Lebanon Levi and blocking. After reading it I decided it was time I address the topic of blocking.

I sent out a few messages, yes it was a copy and paste job but I did personalize the message by adding the recipient’s name, surely that gets me some brownie points from those of you who feel entitled to a completely personal message. You know who you are! *cough Damien..

I sent out a message to a number of people around the game asking them a few basic questions. The first sets of questions were to ascertain which players in the game are the most notorious blockers.

I received a number of replies and a number of names kept creeping up. After I had an idea of who the most notorious blockers in the game were, I decided to ask them why they block people. I sent out a message to each of them. As is usually the case not all of them replied.

The ‘notorious blockers’


Here is what Lebanon Levi had to say..

From Lebanon Levi

blocking is needed. too many morons like to send ignorant shit like mr_worker its a waste of skin that should be blocked from game and forum ive had women on here tell me about the crap they get from some of these douche bags. ill keep blocking the sissies that have no life and harrassing them if i see the need tmb needs to clean up its act from these lowlife idiots.
I am not too sure about worker being permanently banned. This is a grown up game after all, and he does provide the odd moment of humour. But can he be an annoying cunt at times? Most definitely..


Here is what Clutch had to say…

From Clutch:

I think blocking is a legitimate feature in the game. I never preemptively block players- I'll only block them if they're spamming me with insults because, let's get real, this is a game and I play to have fun.

We have a lot of "grown men" running around embarrassing themselves. There has to be a block feature so that you can actually ignore idiots who only play to spam and create drama. I think the contacts and blocked mafiosas lists should carry over each round though, and not need to be reset each round.

The piss poor attitudes of the majority of players who play the game currently are ruining it for new players. I've tried to get a few of my real life buddies to try playing TMB before and they all last less than a day before telling me I'm an idiot to be playing a game filled with trolls and no self-respect.

It is what it is though, and I don't see it ever changing with the current stance. No doubt it would be a big risk to change the rules drastically after so many years of being lax.

As long as the proper features exist to block idiots, it doesn't really matter too much so I'm definitely in support of blocking when it's done for legitimate reasons.
I agree Clutch, blocking is a legitimate feature. The rules of the game are clear for all to see. If players break the rules admins always act. Just as Mr Worker how many times he has been banned and how long some of his lengthy banns have been…


Sadly, Tony did not get back to me. I suspect he was busy hulking away getting the sandwiches together for the staff party next week. Yes we have staff parties, and yes we have them monthly. Now you know..


Here is what Dusk had to say..

From Dusk:

who and why i block is my bizz.. but i only block if getting shit i dont wanna hear.. like mr worker saying where he would like to put (his cockahh)
man of god my arse. storm.. if we gotta reply to this shit... might as well remove block buttons.. cos seems were not to use em.. another attack on ppl who just wanna play in peace
If I was getting bombarded with messages from Mr Worker I suspect I would block him to. And yes you are right Dusk, blocking is your business, and rest assured the block button is here to stay.


ShayneG also did not reply to me. Perhaps he too was busy swallowing, I mean engaging in other matters. If he had replied I suspect it would have gone something like this:

“ I don’t block! Watch me drain it. 10-1 turbo im cuooomming”

Wait never mind, scratch that. Just as I was getting ready to submit this blog ShaynegG did reply to me. I was going to remove what I wrote above but where is the fun in that. Here is what he had to say…

From ShayneG

I block everyone that pisses me off and asks dumb questions . ppl here r jealous of me cuz there all broke bastards. U wanna b blocked to :P
So you weren’t busy swallowing? Thanks for clearing that up Shayne..


Gallio also exercised his god given right not to reply to me. Perhaps I should have a word with God or the other half of his family.

After getting replies from the ‘notorious blockers’ I decided to message other players throughout the game, including the ones that were mentioned by the players above to ask them what they thought of blocking, and the players that block them.

Are they ‘bitches’?

The first response I got was from the man whom I suspect is on many peoples block list, Mr Worker.

Here is what he had to say:

From Mr Worker:

Hi TMB Reporter,

yeah lol half the game blocks me every round without fail they scared of the WRATH OF GOD AHHhh other people hide from me like ma sweetie pie ah. But Lebanon levi.. or patricia and Dusk, Gallio block me every round lol... so I sometimes try and sneak one in before they block. I have nothing to lose.
What I find funny is when people block yet still send stuff like cowards like Lebanon levi. But it is funny. People are way to serious. I have never blocked anyone, I find hate mail pretty funny that's why I don't get none lol, I'm not easily offended.

I have to admit, I find it weak when players are blocked and the person whom does the blocking continues to chat shit. But perhaps that’s just me.

The next person to get back to me was Knoxie. Here is what he had to say.

From Knoxie

There are two types of blockers in this world, those that block because they are far to busy running a successful sandwich franchise to reply to trivial bullshit posted in a text based internet game and those that block because they are far to stupid to realize that they are playing a text based internet game.

My response to both is the same. Let it be known, when I am blocked, I make a point of masturbating while staring wantingly at the blockers profile.
You can block the text, but you cant block the cock. I know they feel me...
Someone recently said that the comments skids make in blogs are the best. You weren’t wrong. I have nothing more to add here other than to say the comment also gave me a good laugh.

The next reply I got was from Wolfgang. Here is what he had to say..

From Wolfgang

Notorious Blockers, I've have had my handful of people block me because either of my insults, my spam, and or just because they're the most sensitive ass-wipes that just telling em "Hi" will get you blocked in a millisecond. But of-course, I have met notorious blockers, and yes, Levi is one of em, but of-course no one can beat this one fellow that I've came across................. Rockem, we could be in the same family, and he still blocks me..... such a Cock-blocker that guy. Geez
You have been blocked for saying hi to someone? Am I the only one who finds that a little amusing? Lol.

Here is what Dark Night had to say..

From Dark_Night:

Ill be honest blocking is a bitch move in my opinion so many people talk shit but once the shit gets thrown back. And they cant handle it poof block lol
Heres some names that you will find interesting. People who talk shit then get mad and block. Dusk, Lopov, Gale, Clutch, Roger, Id, Tuj, Rocknrolla, El_chapo but hes béen trying not to do it but here and their lol. Ivan, Rock although hes pretty cool guy still does the bitch shit lol

Tmb repotor ask anyone in this game if I report or block anyone trust me you wont find one and if you do lol they're lying. I never have or never will. Block
Here is what Domenico had to say..

From Domenico

Ive honestly never talked to levi before until last night. You will have to ask fasano about him. The most recent person to block me is clutch.

Typically when people block me its because they are losing the argument, and its their way of getting the last word in and then ending it. This is when i lose any and all respect for a person, as its just a cowards way out.

That being said, i dont think the block should be removed or anything. The only time i block people is when they include me on their spamming messages to big groups of people. Also, some people that talk shit are completely unoriginal. Ive never blocked someone for it myself, but if the verbal part of it isnt your game, and someone just keeps up with the same unoriginal bs, then i could see using it.

The block is a big reason we joined clutchs union that one round ---to troll him. You cant block a person on a union board. He tried one night to delete everything we posted but quickly gave up.
I agree, and let me just say again, the block button will not be going anywhere. Blocking someone to get the last word does seem a little cowardly…

I messaged Fasano soon after. Here is what he had to say..

From Fasano:

Blocking is gay. I'm on a hot streak with Levi, he hasn't blocked me in months. We're best buds. Honestly clutch and the self-proclaimed don of Akron Ohio are quicker to block me than anyone else.
I know they are quick to block Fasano, what I wanted to know was why and what you think about it.

Here is what Mcreason had to say..

From Mcreason:

I've really never ran into blockers much per say. I don't communicate with many people outside of the family so it would be hard for me to determine if they had blocked me. On the flip side of that, I have had to block some players before that would just FLOOD my inbox with a ton of trash talk messages, just some annoying stuff ya know? Mostly from UC and nameless though. Like I get it, I 00'd you and now all ya have to do is spam my inbox with 20+ messages. That'll get a block. Not becase I am "offended" but I just

A) dont get the point of them sending that many and
B) dont really want to read or see pages of messages everytime I log in.

Also I can't speak on Levi, cause he's never blocked me. Guess you would have to ask him Spam is always block worthy..
So there you have it folks, as was expected people have different views when it comes to blocking. Some believe it is weak under any circumstance, others believe it is necessary under some circumstances, few believe its funny, and some I get the impression don’t really care.

I am of the opinion that if you are consistently being harassed each round by the same player then you should use the block button. That doesn’t make you a bitch.

What makes you a bitch is when you use the block button when your losing an argument, to get the last word in, and to continuously talk shit to a player who cannot respond to you.

Are any of the ‘notorious blockers’ guilty of the above. Maybe, or maybe not..

This is TMB_Reporter…..later….