Siblings, Sandwiches, and Kidnapping.
A tale of two bros.

..... by TMB_Reporter

Please note: Names have been omitted by request of those involved.

Hello everyone and welcome to a special edition of Breaking News. So I was sat in my seat sipping on some earl grey tea. Ink Slinger, whom has been doing a great job editing my blogs before publication had just finished the one I wrote about Nameless. Then it came.

From Unnamed source:

I think you should interview the boss of Foundhell and ask him about his brother the The Sandwich Man Did you know they are related? It's not that hard to believe if you really think about it. anyway, I found you a story.

Unnamed source

So your telling me our resident sandwich maker and the man whom claims to have found hell are brothers. Surely not? There is no way this is true. It must be complete bullshit. I mean, seriously? What in the fuck….

This is what was growing through my head before I suddenly and unexpectedly began laughing away at the prospect of FH boss and The Sandwich Man being brothers.

I do not know why I found it so funny. Perhaps it had something to do with the image of S.M. working away in his little kitchen before asking big brother to bless his sandwiches before consumption. Or perhaps I was just a little fucked up at the time. It has been known to happen on occasions.

I thanked my source for the information and began to investigate. My first message was naturally to the FH Boss. I also copied in my unnamed source.
Here is what the Boss had to say:

From FH Boss:

Not funny…(unnamed source) is spreading hurtful rumors.
Before I had managed to reply my unnamed source, who was copied into the message sent this.

From Unnamed Source:

Boss, don't be like that... don't deny your siblings in an online mafia game. Do you know the damage you are doing to The Sandwich Man every time you reject him or his blood relation to you.
I sent Boss a follow up message soon after to ascertain why he felt the rumors were hurtful.

To FH Boss:

Hurtful? what would be so bad about being a brother of The Sandwich Man?
The Sandwich Man is a renowned chef. He is famous amongst TMBers. I can name numerous people whom would be grateful to just taste a sandwich of his, let alone actually share DNA with him.
Case and point…

From MickyKnox

The real question is, what wouldn’t you do, for just one bite of a breaded Van Gough, made by the master? This is very hush hush, so I would ask that you keep it to yourself. I can tell you, after an extremely dangerous black ops mission, where many men lost their lives, to gain just one hair of his head. We have had a team of elite genetic scientist chained to the benches in the Skidmark laboratory for months trying to clone The Sandwich Man.

We are not even sure if an exact clone will possess the skills of the legend, but the risk not to try, is to great.

Thus far there have been 2 abandoned subjects. The first was code named Ronald, he turned out to be an absolute clown and all we got was, what he claimed was processed beef, some soggy lettuce and some slop he called special sauce. The man was a fucking idiot, he even used to much bread. Who puts an extra slice in the middle of the fucking sandwich? We had him shot. The second guy claimed to be some sort of King, we just shot that idiot and started again.

We are currently working on subject 3 he is looking promising so far. All we can tell you is, he cant spell for shit and he has a bad temper. Its a start!
We have yet to try him on the sandwich board. The world will know when we have our success.


Anyway, I’ve said to much. All this may sound like an extreme way to go about getting a sandwich, but alas, we had no choice. After our fruitless attempts to have The Sandwich Man join the mansion. We offered him our very soles and the chance to own the rights to the City of Skidmark West (the city formally known as Cleveland, or as the sandwich maker likes to call it, for his own special reasons, Cleverland).

None of this was enough to coax this artisan rye and mustard cavalier from his kitchen studio. The answer to your question is, Anything The Sandwich Man wants.
Sadly the FH Boss was no longer in the mood to talk, which was surprising since he has always been willing to provide me with comments when asked upon.

From FH Boss:

I have no further comment.
Perhaps there was something to this story, or perhaps not. Only time will tell..

I messaged my source again to acquire some more information. I wanted to know how he knows the FH Boss and The Sandwich Man are siblings and why he thinks FH Boss is being so cagey about discussing the matter with me. He told me he would get back to me in a couple of hours, so I went to grab a bite to eat, watched a bit of TV, and checked my messages a few hours later.

My source did send me a message. But I forgot to copy and paste it before the round ended. So unfortunately, I will not be able to share a direct quote with you. The message was not a response to my questions, but instead a plea to not investigate or publish this story.

This was a first for me. I have never had anyone put me onto a story then request that I do not continue to investigate or publish. I have had people in the past ask me to not publish certain messages, or parts of messages, as was the case when I removed something that another player did not want the public to know before the publication of his interview. But never a story…

I responded to the message letting my source know that I will consider his request. But to be completely honest I was in two minds. A part of me wanted to continue to investigate and write this story. Even though I had my suspicions that the story was complete bullshit, I had a sneaky suspicion the messages I would receive regarding this topic would be hilarious. Everyone likes a good laugh and nine times out of ten if I find something funny then everyone does. That is just the way it is. The one out of the nine are just weird.

I decided to go ahead and write the story then decide when I am done If I will send the story to Ink Slinger for publication.

The next person to message would naturally be The Sandwich Man. Sadly, I was unable to locate him. Perhaps he had not logged into the round yet, or perhaps he was using another name. Either way I needed to find him. I send a couple of messages out to people he had recently spent time with hoping they could point me in the right direction.

To Stalked:

Hello Stalked,

I am currently trying to track down The Sandwich Man but have sadly been unable to do so. I have been informed he was in your family recently. I would appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction.
A couple of hours later I checked my messaged and had received two replies from Stalked. The first was to simply state, “I killed him”.

The second was as follows…

From Stalked:

If I speak to him tomorrow I will let him know or you can pass it along and I'll pass it to him but either way I'll get in touch with him.
I thanked Stalked and decided to go and do what reporters do when they are waiting for information to come in.

I checked my mailbox a few hours later and received a messaged from a staff member informing me that there have been complaints about this Blog that I am currently in the process of writing. Well that was unexpected.

Apparently the FH Boss really does not want me to continue to investigate the prospect of The Sandwich Man being his brother.

Is having The Sandwich Man as a brother really so bad? It surely can’t be. There has to be something more that has gone on between them. I wonder what happened. Brothers or not, with the FH Boss trying so hard to stop this story from being published something must have taken place. Something more must be going on here. I had to find out what..

Hopefully Stalked manages to locate The Sandwich Man so I can get some answers, and hopefully Mr. Sandwich is in a talking mood. He has always blown hot and cold when it has come to giving me quotes. Some rounds he gives them, others he doesn’t. I don’t like people who blow hot and cold.

I checked back a couple of days later and still no news on The Sandwich Man. It was at this point that I started messaging some other sources throughout the game. It was here when the story took an unexpected turn.

From second unnamed source:

hey reporter I have heard rumors someone managed to infiltrate The Sandwich Man billion-dollar complex and now have him chained and are forcing him to make sandwiches.
What was meant to be a story about two siblings is suddenly turning into a true horror story. The Sandwich Man was supposed to make the sandwiches for the staff party, where is he? Why would anyone do such a thing? Is he okay? Omg I have never tasted one of his sandwiches…

My mind was running away with me. After I had managed to compose myself and come to terms with the prospect that I may now never get to taste one of his sandwich masterpieces. I began to turn my attention towards who had kidnapped the sandwich legend.

Over the past few months numerous orders have been placed by numerous different people, each of which The Sandwich Man has rejected. His refusal to make sandwiches has surely earned him some enemies throughout the game. Anyone who has placed an order and been told to fuck off by the sandwich kingpin of TMB would surely have an axe to grind. What if Stalked wasn’t joking when she told me she had ‘killed him.’ Perhaps he had refused to make her a sandwich…

Rumors have also been circulating for months that skids, after several failed attempts at cloning The Sandwich Man were planning a kidnapping. Perhaps MickyKnox was trying to throw me off his scent with his response earlier. Maybe skids are not attempting to try and clone him. What if he is locked away in Buck Nasty’s basement? God help The Sandwich Man if that is the case. Buck Nasty is a dirty bugger, or so I have heard.

What if inner circle had kidnapped him and locked him away in their minivan? They have had Jackie D Amico locked away for 6 months now. They have form!

Could they be responsible?

My mind was continuing to runaway with me. I could think of a motive for everyone. But in the end one explanation made more sense than the rest…

The explanation that made the most sense to me was that the FH Boss has kidnapped The Sandwich Man. The Boss apparent dislike of SM seems to run deep, so deep that he contacted my publisher to try and prevent me continuing my investigation. He has refused to provide me with any more comments, which is weird as already stated he has been more than willing to provide comments in the past. He even blocked me before the round ended. The source that initially turned me onto the story has also pleaded with me to stop investigating. Perhaps The Boss had gotten to him as well.

Could this be a re-enactment of one of the oldest tails man has known? Two brothers who were once as close as it is possible for people to be grown apart. One brother finds success and fame. The other brother becomes filled with jealousy and hate. Then Murder?…

I better turn this over to the TMB popo. Hopefully they find The Sandwich Man in one piece…

This is TMB_Reporter…later…..