Hello everyone and welcome to a special edition of BREAKING NEWS. Is it just me or did shit just get real? The jackpot at the time of writing currently stands at $2,829. Old names and big hitters have returned. Most of IU and IC have taken advantage of the subs special.....

Let start at the beginning shall we…….

The Beginning

Believe it or not this all started near the end of last round when a player called Ted who was in IU for most of the round decided to leave and zero Monkeykilla and a few other IU players. Nobody really thought much of it at the time. People just knocked it off to being an IC player who had infiltrated IU for the round then decided to leave. Others felt it he was just some dimwit who had gotten overexcited by a thing or two, whatever that means….

Me, I was aware of the event but didn’t really mention it in my mid round review of that round. Why? I had already written the review, and yeah.. once it is written it is written….

Anyway, at the start of this round Ted joined the round as Cypriot, a name that should not need any introduction. For those of you reading this with a confused look on your face, it is time you learn your TMB history. Yes TMB has a history, a long one, and Cypriot was a big part of that. Ask anyone to name their top five TMB players of all time, if Cypriot isn’t in that list they do not know there arses from their elbows. If I am not on that list then they need serious help…

The Start of the round

Cypriot aka Ted joined the round, formed Pissheads, built big, collected a few trillion, and high banked himself. The TMB community started to speculate as to whether or not this was the real Cypriot. He had the profile media, he had splashed a bit of cash but surely not?

After a few messages, discussions, exchanges with Cypriot, it was determined by the TMB community that this was not the real Cypriot. Shocking right? Not really… I suspect the majority of us knew that the real Cypriot had not returned, but the curiosity was still there. Even I admittedly was curious and couldn’t resist messaging my growing flock of birds that confirmed that Cypriot was Ted from last round.

Soon after Cypriot built, 23 decided to build and zero him. I messaged 23 to get a comment but he did not reply. I suspect his build had to do with the obvious fact that Cypriots build threatened the alleged JP rotation and if left unchecked could result in ‘other’ people deciding to do the same. Following the killing of Cypriots dus 23 began laying siege to Cypriots ops, knocking them down a couple of 100k at a time until BANG… you guessed it.. Cypriot rebuilt and zeroed 23.

At this point Cypriot had made his way into IC. He had started in Pissheads before making a trip to Skids to deposit 1.5 million in the bank of MickyKnox. Why you ask? I have no clue, perhaps he was being generous or perhaps he just likes Knoxie…

Upon reaching Inner Circle, I suspect skype messages were exchanged, and yes you guessed it, Cypriot rebuilt and zeroed 23.

It was during this point that we began to see the return of some IU big hitters to the game, notably Sheikh and TMK who joined the round, subbed up and yeah…..

A little later, now in IC and with the support of IC, Cypriot decided to rebuild and zero 23. It was during this time that many were speculating that 23 would not rebuild. Most of this speculation had come following the observation that 23 was getting maxed by his fellow union members at each toth.

It was at this point that serious attacks by IC directed at you guess it, IU, started to come in. One of the attacker worth a mention is Jah, who built big, and hit among others, Lu Bu, who had built to 1 million dus at the beginning of the round.

Following Jahs build, Monekykilla built and zeroed him but was then himself taken out by Inner Circle. Attacks where being exchanged from both sides but it was during this time that it seemed as if Inner Circle had the upper hand. They did have more sub holders that IU and had zeroed the majority of the ‘WhatSeemsToBeTheProb’ union. I suspect the mood in the mini van was a little like..

However, this success was short lived. 23 again rebuilt and zeroed Cypriot and began to work on his ops once again. Due to the fact that Cypriot was high banked at a little over 20 trillion, 23 was the only player in the game who had the networth, which he had collected and perhaps looted of cypriot? That could reach him.

23 began to work on Cypriots ops once again as most of the game watched on, slowly nibbling away at that fresh batch of popcorn that was just whipped up. As for the members of IC, they had to just watch on, knowing there was nothing they could do to prevent Teds ops from being wiped out.

Hours later Ted came online and after a roll with members of IC, banked all the cash in the union bank and lowered his net worth so he could get maxed. 23 during this period remained at 8 trillion.

Members of Inner Circle then began to proceed to max Ted every toth in order to prevent the op hits that were surely going to come in from IU, who at this point had zeroed the majority of players in IC and were camped in LA.

An hour after Ted had lowed his net worth, op hitters from IU, notably Zodiac and Pogba began to attack his ops. Members of Inner Circle soon zeroed Zodiac, but Pogba continued to chase down Ted for the following hours with help from Found Hell, who had now joined in on the action and were also targeting IC. Daemon and KillemAll of Found Hell began to zero all remaining members of Inner Circle with dus and also hunted the ops of Ted every toth.

Will Ted rebuild again? Was a question I was asked. No idea I responded. I am a reporter; I cannot predict the future. Ted did rebuild.

He rebuilt soon after but got hit down once again. Following this IU again with Foundhell began to hunt down Ted’s ops. At the time of writing, Ted aka the fake Cypriot has 3.5 million ops, and I estimate he has lost 5 possibly 6 million?

23 on the other hand has hardily suffered any op hits and currently sits at 7.5 million ops. It is also worth a mention that the majority of players in IU are now subbed to level four and are camped in every city that an IC player is in. Most of IC is zeroed. Found Hell is now firmly apart of this war, are siding with IU, and targeting IC.

Being the nosy reporter that I am I sent way more messages that usual to lots of players in IU and IC. I didn’t expect any replies. Why you ask? With the JP being at where it is at, with it looking like it will only go up during the round, with it looking like there will be a battle for the JP at Eor, I suspected both did not want to publicly give anything away at all and I was right. One or two did speak to me off the record, but that was of the record so yeahh...

I did get this from Lopov and Monkeykilla:

From Lopov and Monkeykilla:

You all worry to much about jackpot and whos going to take it, while in fact ShayneG needs lvl 1 bronze. Maybe one of you could help him get it?
From KillEmAll:

Whats has gone on so far.. hmm . Ill say this talk trash when you dont know thats one thing. Brush that ish off. Hit my boss and hit renzi like kanakee and swan did last few rounds. Well hell thats stupid.. we didnt even go crazy about it. But ill tell ya this i sure as well will come a knocking if you think i wont respond.

The pretend cypie hits and runs hires and protects..

Family and friends come first to me. From here out you hit my family im comming for you in 1 way or another.

Ohh and Inner Circle Jerk. You wanted war with the game you got it.. Dumbassmoves id say
And this from Ted….

From fake Cypriot aka Ted:

I learned during Easter not to mix alcohol and my lottery winnings.

I'm having fun this round it's "free money" Good to see old players back in the game and lots of new faces.

No plans EOR. We'll see how we do remaining days. I won't be on EOR will be traveling to a kabob convention. But Michael aka 23 promised me beers, vodka and Russian woman are on him. So well see if he stays true to his word.

Wish everyone well wishes!
And that was it.

I also messaged members of neutral families and union throughout the game to ask them if they are enjoying the ‘show’ and how they see the rest of the round going.

Here is what Shane Simpson had to say:

From ShaneSimpson:

This round has been very entertaining to say the least been a long time since something like this. Even though it is a fake cypriot. Still funny as hell to watch

Far as rest of the round jp will go up ppl will be killed and collects will be made. IC will give it a run for sure and iu brought back some supporters i havent seen for a while but good to see old names popping in
Round could for sure be anyone's hell even Lebanon Levi could take that shit now he is level 4.
If we gambled on the round winner what does everyone think the odds would be on the artist formally known as Patricia taking the pot home?
Here is what xTrinity had to say…

From xTrinity

You know I always defended IU in every possible way in the years I played here and I saw many enemies that tried to take them down and failed. I saw hundred of threads created in the past with the name "IU is over?" and they are still here strong maybe not with the same players but still here. This time could be the same or maybe not.

The maybe I say is because I believe IC is a very strong union, I'm not saying Untouchables wasnt strong but IC I think they are smarter (Except for Cyp lol why the early build?) and something In my opinion UT wasnt, they are very united and loyal. cough *shayneG* cough

Too bad Cyp called RU spenders this round, I see TMK, Sheikh, Fyfe, Yakzi. These guys were sleeping and Cypriot just woke up them but it is what it is.

Still, our family consider IC friends and this time I'll be there to support them against IU if Matty gives the word... We are a small family that doesnt have many spenders but our true weapons are our words and sometimes depending our target, we will destroy them

Also a message to MBU, leave that shit union you are in and bring your guns to the battlefield because I know how badass you can be and go help IC.
Now excuse me that Micky needs to pass oil in my back, See you in game xx
Here is what PinkDot had to say…

From Pinkdot:

its great to see a good fight between two big players enjoying the show very much

i not sure who will win guess we have to wait till eor
I am also enjoying the show Pinkdot. At this point anyone may make a play for the round. Especially if the JP continues to go up throughout the round…

Here is what Fighting Irish had to say:

From Fighting Irish:

Lets go 23!!! Beast mode...
Here is what Domenico had to say:

From Domenico:

Its not the strategy I would be going for, but this is the type of thing IU has to win. Their aura of controlling the rotation and the ranks is smashed if a new comer can come in and just take over a whole round and win. IU has to spend to maintain the image of control, otherwise people who are in their rotation will think they can just go for it, and their rotation wont work.

The big question is if it will continue past this round. IU has a solid turn bank built up, can Cyp make them spend through that and make it so every time they have to build, its spending fresh cash. Keep in mind that when the jackpot doesn't pay cash, its paying in bought turns. So even as those get invested by 23 and the jackpot goes up, he isn't spending fresh cash. He might be at this point, but a lot more real cash has been spent by this Cypriot fake. IU can do this for a round or two, but I bet it becomes a whole different war if they have to burn through everything they have. Its been a long ass time since they had a sustained challenger.

But hey, what do I know
Here is what the former IU spokesman, TodoMuerto had to say…

From TodoMuerto:

It's a nice thing to see the jackpot jumping high, never seen it so high since I started playing. I'm sure It will hit 10K at eor!

If you ask me who is going to win in the end I'm sure that is IU, but the biggest winner will definetly be Larbi an Erol!
Here is what Klown had to say…

From Klown:

I'm enjoying it. I love seeing competition like this. It means the sites active and thats what I wanted to see happen when I returned
Here is what JewPacAvell had to say…

From JewPacAvelli:

Whoever spends more money, time, and credits will most likely get the victory, but whoever gets the most bang for their buck so to speak will have won the mathematical victory. I was oblivious to their war to be honest. I was too busy not worrying about the war between my MBU and Warhounds friends and the schizophrenic South Side union.

I guess the big spenders are having a dick measuring contest. Whoopty doo
What will happen next? I guess we will find out in the coming days.

This is TMB Reporter…. Later………..