Greeting Friends! Ink here with the Main Round 838 review.

The rules were the same as most rounds, uncapped, 40% to max, 1k turns for ops hits etc etc etc. So nothing different there. I figured after last rounds massacre of operatives, this round might be a bit less deadly…. but I was wrong. It didn’t take long for IU and Inner Circle to start hitting each other’s ops again. I was a bit surprised to see most of the hitting come from IC though… mostly Babbo and Leith2, whereas in round 836 the hitting back and forth was pretty even. This led me to think that IU may have been conserving credits for bigger and better things. At this point, the only thing we could do was wait and watch.

Taking a look at other Unions, the recently formed War-Vikings union had grown to 44 members and included families like Hitsquad, Phoenix, Ronin and Warhounds. This appears to be a good move for them as there is safety in numbers and this merger could easily give them the boost they need in the rankings. Keep your eye on them.. they may be the next big thing.

Brotherhood has also been getting stronger as the rounds go by and are reminding me of the old days when they were a major player in the rankings. Currently boasting 46 mafiosos and 7 families, they have a good balance of supporters and free players that are active and able to contribute to the union in one way or another. I expect to see them continue to be a factor in rankings and possibly even a contender for a jackpot run in the near future.

Devilishly_Devious is another newly formed union consisting of FoundHell lead by Griselda and Benny-Blonco, Jackals with LaCosta as boss and PINKDOT consig and Loco_Ghosts ruled by the iron-fisted Dusk as boss and AfterDeath as her righthand man. They are currently 45 members strong and while I don’t yet think they are quite ready to go for any wins, if they continue with their growth as we’ve seen recently, it certainly could be a possibility later on. For right now though, they do make for an interesting addition to the union ranks where anything could be possible.

So now that we know the union players let’s take a look at what happened and who the JP winner was. The JP value stayed pretty low during the round, creeping up here and there by only $40 to $50 at a time. This can be an indication of players hoarding their bought or won jackpot credits. For those of you that are new and not sure how to calculate the JP, this a good time to take a minute to explain it to you.

The Jackpot starts at $500 and does not go up unless someone adds in bought credits or JP credits. Adding won credits does not increase the JP, nor do game subs. Only bought credits or credits received from a jackpot win that was not large enough to pay out in cash. In main round, the jackpot must reach $1000 in order to pay out in cash. Turbo is different, and the JP starts at $300 and pays out at $600. If the JP does not reach payout value, then it is paid in credits and are considered bought credits rather than won.

For each 1 bought credit added to the game, the jackpot goes up by .00035 cents. So adding 100k bought credits would increase the JP by $35. (100,000 x .00035 = $35) So there is your math lesson for the day. With this formula you will be able to easily determine how many bought credits have been added to the round to increase the JP. Strategy wise, this is good information to have and does help with game-play.

So now that you know how to calculate the JP lets see what happened and who took home the prize. I checked in at 30 minutes left in the round and nothing was happening. Jackpot sat tight at $790 and still short of the $1000 payout level. I knew that this was only temporary as history shows the wins have been taken in the closing minutes of the round. No one was going to show their hand early. Only a noob would do that. Again, my thoughts were on IC or IU but still thinking in the back of my head that sooner or later UC would show up to the party too.

But for this round it was going to be TMK all the way. He started his build to 10m ops with only a couple minutes left and swiftly collected to an easy, unchallenged win with a JP prize of $1441. His win also broke Sheikh’s record of 32 wins and (I believe) makes him the winningest Mafioso in TMB history. If there is someone else with more wins, then I have forgotten who that was. But I’m sure you guys will be really quick to remind me if there was another. 😊 TMK’s union mate LOPOV took the silver medal with a value of $20T and El_Chapo (UC) was granted the bronze medal with $10.8T.

Congrats TMK on your win and beating Sheikh’s record. He may just have to try and steal it back from you at sometime or another. Congrats to Lopov and El Chapo as well.

-Level 4-

1. TMK $159,815,880,247,888
2. LOPOV $20,010,734,170,589
3. EL_Chapo $10,816,716,837,917
4. Mac_Attack $8,086,027,156,378
5. Tru $5,001,786,899,068
6. RaiseHell $945,336,998,794
7. Mr_NaMeLeSs $503,391,456,034
8. MaXx $501,889,981,901
9. ShaneSimpson $439,762,042,000
10. PINKDOT $72,939,380,892

from TMK:

It’s been fun, finally got to pass my cousins jp wins (Sheikh) 65 wins combined 😎 for now I’m leaving the game, got things to focus on
Good luck to everyone, can’t thank my team enough for being the best to ever play, also want to thank the competition for making it fun.
Take care.
from El_Chapo

woulld like to thank UC for the medal , Shoutout to everyone in uc , Couldnt do it without them...

On the other side, I went up there, I said, "Shrink, I want to kill. I mean, I wanna, I wanna kill. Kill. I wanna, I wanna see, I wanna see blood and gore and guts and veins in my teeth. Eat dead burnt bodies. I mean kill, Kill, KILL, KILL." And I started jumpin up and down yelling, "KILL, KILL," and he started jumpin up and down with me and we was both jumping up and down yelling, "KILL, KILL." And the sargent came over, pinned a medal on me, sent me down the hall, said, "You're our boy."
Hmmm… not sure what that last part was about but okay Chapo, if you say.

Ive (IC) took home the gold medal in level 3 beating out fellow union mate, enid and Nakita (SS) for the top position. Values in this level were a bit on the low side I thought, but certainly still enough to get the job done and bring home the shiny medals and won credits. No one was over spending for ranks so that shows families and unions are doing a good job of calculating what is needed for a particular rank and sending just enough to get it done.

-Level 3-
1. Ive $6,501,301,153,377
2. enid $5,009,609,536,746
3. Nakita $4,204,788,798,455
4. 0844 $1,015,308,896,718
5. DOT $316,177,957,894
6. HITSQUAD $142,285,416,621
7. ElCucuy $21,707,585,726
8. Lego_Head $14,132,655,750
9. FATAL $11,006,168,784
10. Ophelia $7,543,036,777

from enid

This medal was so unexpected and thanks IC guys for appreciating my work. Cheers!
Inner Circle continued to accumulate medals with another Gold one in level 2 going this time to Evalday with $4.5T. That wasn’t the exciting part though. The real show was for the silver medal between Ant_The_Boss (UC) and Charizard (SS). A mere $796 million was all that kept Ant from winning the Silver medal over Charizard. It doesn’t get much closer than that folks. Just one more loot or a tiny transfer of $1b could have gotten it.
Congrats to EvaLday, Charizard and Ant on your newly earned medals!

-Level 2-

1. EvaLday $4,583,036,001,699
2. Charizard $2,101,196,053,304
3. Ant_The_Boss $2,100,399,524,607
4. MrMysterrio $1,000,716,362,000
5. joedog $591,063,019,763
6. Marco_The_Bull $552,161,187,524
7. AssKickeR $99,034,349,414
8. Lotte $58,339,511,967
9. Cassy $56,875,766,499
10. Spade305 $38,398,988,231

from Ant_The_Boss

Hey what's up! The round went like any other Avengers round we won family lol ..hit FoundHell ! Loco got inlvoved ...I personally am a looter or hitter so when there is a Target makes my round smoother ...but War with Loco is never smooth ! Lmao (old vets ,old ronin ) but I had faith in my family thing I admire the most about my squad is that it's ALWAYS team effort (it helps that most of us are vets and know what's to be expected ) and our rookies are still top notch ! So my medal is because of my family not me! Respects Ant ... And personal shout out to Hollywood_Hubert and Nexus for bringing me on board ! And shout out to SS got nothing but love brothers!
In Level 1 ranks, we saw yet another gold medal for Inner Circle union, this time to ChicanoWolf who took it home with $7T in his pocket. Whiskey_Dick (SS) earned the Silver with $2.9T value and SexualChocolate (Nameless) sweetened the ranks by taking the bronze with $1T of sexual chocolate goodness.

-Level 1-

1. ChicanoWolf $7,000,198,041,935
2. Whiskey_Dick $2,991,558,412,545
3. SexualChocolate $1,000,247,951,898
4. OneManArmy $701,147,426,124
5. Bobcat $455,592,646,800
6. DNF $90,328,908,375
7. MikeRoss $48,191,858,996
8. yella_wolf $34,021,269,790
9. NoobKicker $32,075,341,250
10. ctkelly $20,792,646,636

Moving on to killer ranks, this round we saw more hitting for KPs than in round 836. The winner in the supporter level was EvilEyE with 7.3 million KPs and beating the Round 836 winner by more than 2 million kill points.

The silver medal went to Liquimolly of Inner Circle and MacKaveli of Southside took home the bronze with 2.5m kps and Blues, another IC member finished 4th with PINKDOT from Jackals/Devilishly_Devious taking the final spot.

-Supporter Killer-

1. EvilEyE 7,329,330
2. Liquimolly 4,075,888
3. MacKaveli 2,511,061
4. Blues 1,812,266
5. PINKDOT 1,621,251

from MacKaveli

Nothing really much besides keep 'em comin'
Love me or hate me
In free killers we saw another close race in the medal division. This happened in round 836 as well and I think it’s because killers in this level are working with a limited amount of turns so their kill points will be closer. In this case, it was Soprano (Nameless) beating out Luckyboy (Jackals/Devilishly_Devious) by just 4,222 kills. Wow, that’s close!

Shortly before end of round though, Luckyboy was actually ahead of Soprano by 10,000 kps but Soprano rallied back to take the Gold Medal and title of Best Free Killer. J7 (CapoDiTuttiCapi) wasn’t far behind and got the bronze with 336,561 kills. Just a few more hits by these guys could have tipped the scale in their favor for the gold. That’s how close it was for them.

Nice job by all the killers! Congrats on your ranks and medals mates!

-Free Killer-

1. Soprano 356,362
2. Luckyboy 352,140
3. J7 336,651
4. Bobcat 222,006
5. f_u_punk 175,523

from Soprano

I'm afraid I won't be much help on the comment however. I wasn't really active much last round. I low built for a few days and hit at 3 or 2 day mark haha.
After a bit of probing, he added:

from Soprano

So I started hitting I believe it was the 3 day mark. I did most of my killing then and got most of the KPs I needed. If I'm not mistaken I hit about 3 TOHs in a row before I got revenged and 00. Then I hit about 3 or 4 more tohs after that in the last 2 days.

So about 7 Tohs total I spent hitting targets

The last hour before eor I was finally able to pass lucky and solidify the win.

Moving on to the Collecting Ranks for round 838, we saw another Gold Medal for UC_Avengers with Southside once again taking the Silver. This seems to be a regular occurrence for these two families leaving the remaining families (Capo, Nameless and Cool Cats) to fight for the bronze. In this round, the bronze went to Nameless with a family value of just $500 billion. Capo was 4th with a family bank of $190 billion and Cool Cats were able to rank 5th with just $27 billion! That’s less than a looter can make in one top of the hour!! With values like this.. there is no reason that some of you guys without a family can’t get together and create a family and get yourself in on the family ranks as well. Only need 10 people, a family name and some cash to make it happen. 😉

-Collecting Family-

1. UC_Avengers Hollywood_Hubert $18,134,918,730,858
2. SouthSide_Elite MaXx $13,689,082,317,039
3. NaMeLeSs Domenico $502,989,851,490
4. CapoDiTuttiCapi Roger $190,374,577,320
5. Cool_Cats Cassy $27,334,536,206

from TotalRage

It was a lot closer then the last few rounds SS really picked it up made us work for the gold. Looks like Loco has joined FH in the war against us which I welcome gives me more people to kill!
from Reckaholic

from Damien

Another round, another great roll of the dice in Vegas. We caught a piece of every tier and still managed and easy Bronze family. More notably though, our own Soprano slid into Gold Free Killer within the last few minutes of the round, finishing a well fought battle between him, a Jackal and a Capo. They stayed neck and neck all round but our boy kept his eye on the prize and finished strong! Otherwise, 7th level 4, 4th levels 3 and 2, and Bronze level 1.

No complaints here...other than Knoxie’s missing again and the rums run dry :’(
from jonny_verteroni

Early in the morning i rise into the streets light me up a cigerette and strap shoes on my feet. Got to find a reason things went wrong got to find a reason why my money is all gone. I got a dalmation and i can still get high. I can play the guitar like a mother fukin riot.

Hey whats up slinger over all the round went extremely well, everyone in the family worked very hard to accomplish the goals set before them. Personally was working on a furnace install and only had a few minutes to collect and get sent up to the boss. Eleven years into tmb and yet to gather any sort of notoriety and i find myself lacking much motivation. I know supporting and spending big is a huge key to success. Did i mention i just bought tiger wooods 2006 for nintendo gamecube also i have ammased a nice collection of nintendo gamecubes are very boss.

long live Bounty.
Hmmm… looks like another encrypted message. Have you and El Chapo been talking to the mothership again?

Collecting Union ranks were very similar to the previous round as well. Only flip-flopped. Instead of IC taking the win/gold union medal and IU the silver union medal, it was reversed with IU getting the win and gold union medal, leaving IC with the Silver.

The same thing was seen with the bronze medal as well… Previously the bronze went to TheHood with Devilishly_Devious getting the 4th place rank. But this round it was Devilishly_Devious getting the bronze with TheHood having to settle for 4th. War-Vikings have been firmly planted both rounds in the 5th position.

Congrats to all the Union rankers and to their members who benefited with union credits.

-Collecting Union-

1. IU_RU_HQ LOPOV $49,132,133,081,834
2. IC_We_Captcha-Boobs Tru $13,736,638,257,448
3. Devilishly_Devious Griselda $9,153,564,930,891
4. TheHood DirtyNick $8,321,345,982,001
5. WAR-VIKINGS SEXY-JAG $2,411,701,412,871

from Ducky

I only can say it was , again, not my Idea...however, IC plays as a team and we try to win as one . Everyone here drives to keep our Union up top and that is respected... All wins go back into the Union for all. How it may be used is what we do well.

Any other ?s...ask my Boss
And with that, we’ve arrived at the end of another Main Round Review. Thanks to all the people that took the time to reply to my request for a comment. I really do appreciate it as it gives the reviews a more personal feeling to them. So for now, this is Ink-Slinger signing off. Stay safe people and have a good weekend!