Hello fellow Teembeers. The round 812 recap is here. This round was again with few Mafiosi building up quite early and It was a cheap land too, JP wise. JP went to TMK.

From beginning, we saw IC going stronger than in past round. But the big surprise was bang_bang not taking the Union Gold. Well the story started in round 810 where TodoMuerto decided to unionizing the looters. A new union was started, TodoMuerto went to Antarctica (for you noobs, that means he was bad and got himself frozen) but his new union pretty much got the gold. Well there's more about but keep reading. Yes!

In family tiers Pinoys. Now, no surprise here really. Basically, we have the looting family Pinoy and then all others even if they (the Pinoys) don't hit the gold they’re always there.

Killers as usually, were boring. A lot of the ranking ups are based on build ups here so… can't really call em killers at least in supporter tier. Free killers little less boring and they don't gain much from build up. Free killer don't have the choice than to do some killings so to say.

Replies this round in both union and family fields were great, tiers not so much.

Ok lets see the final results in round 812.

- LEVEL 4 –

1. TMK $21,992,194,511,880
2. LT_Meat $6,002,985,643,892
3. DirtyNick $4,411,835,561,119

As mentioned previously, JP was won by TMK. There was no competition really, just zodiac playing it smart and keep it up till late. Considering game cash this was a little surprise for me really. I somehow expected some mess may happen here at end. I was wrong. LT_Meat was second followed by DirtyNick in third.

from TMK
- LEVEL 3 –

1. Scoller $3,515,648,759,510
2. Mitsui $3,503,517,903,750
3. nexus $2,300,381,199,177

Level 3 saw a battle for the gold. Scoller of nameless granted the gold with 12 billion deeper pockets than Mitsui in second position. Usually we don’t have head to heads in level 3 for the gold place but this time we did. Nexus closed the medal ranks in level 3 with 2,3 trillion. Medals in this level were not overly expensive.

from Scoller

Hey bud
Search 'God' in the dictionary and a picture of Domenico comes up. God does things no man can explain.
Huge thanks to the guys at Nameless for the med
- LEVEL 2 –

1. EFH $2,025,446,864,755
2. Griselda $1,002,679,905,417
3. Fizzle $556,320,478,093

EFH granted gold in level 2 with 2 trillion. Griselda was second with half of the EFH value. Fizzle was third also with half values of Griselda. Interesting how networks were split in this tier. Level 2 players ignored me this round. ☹

- LEVEL 1 –

1. Agrabah $2,000,629,721,199
2. Duke $1,263,932,825,829
3. X $921,362,334,415

This round Level 1 medal gold went for 25 billion less than level 2 gold. Other two medal places were paid more than in level 2. Agrabah secured gold. Duke was second and X third if they jumped levels both Duke and X would grant medal in level 2…

from Duke

Hello blogger,
My end of round was good...i wanna say thanks to cripple_crime_synd for sending me an invite and bringing me into their family and thanks to everyone who helped me.
from X

Round was good and thanks to Serizawa
Free killers were on usual route in this round. Gold went to MonkeyKiller with 663 k kills. Cassy one of our old acquaintances in free killer ranks was second with 558 thousand kills, followed by “birds flu” with 38.000 kills less. Free killers are much interesting for me than supporter killers. Numbers are lower but hardier to gain. Well done people.

-Best Free Killers-

1. MonkeyKiller 663,792
2. Cassy 558,747
3. H5N1 520,392

In supporter killer ranks this round we saw no real fight. Win went to TMK with 4,446 k kills. TMK noted got the JP win too. With such rules big builds help a lot supporter killers and this was obvious in round 812. Second place went to mcreason with 4,070 k kills and third was 23 with just under 4,000 k kills. None of these players made huge killings in this round. Of course the players did make some killings... however, with current game situation they adapt well and got the most out of support killers rankings.

-Best Supporter Killers-

1. TMK 4,446,914
2. mcreason 4,070,181
3. 23 3,947,833

Family ranks as expected won by Pinoy_and_co. I cannot see which family can keep up with Pinoys_ans_Co. Here and there some families may arise but no one stays on top for so long with barely 10 regular players. Nameless were second. It is interesting how a family of pure indies without dealings out of own family is able to keep up the work. Mercenaries were third followed by TOKYORALLY and CapoDiTuttiCapi closed the family ranks in 5th place & 200+ bills were enough to accomplish that goal. Well done people!

-Collecting Family-

1. PINOY_N_CO THEALLM1GHTY $6,895,271,277,719
2. NaMeLeSs Domenico $4,412,941,535,721
3. Mercenaries Clutch $3,740,485,399,089
4. TOKYORALLY Serizawa $2,508,531,367,074
5. CapoDiTuttiCapi AssKickeR $229,381,196,400

from Domenico

I had almost ten trillion on hand with 20 mins to go and told zodiac he better back off my fucking round. He sent back a lol, but I don't see him anywhere on the level four ranks. Bahahaha

We got three tiers and second family, was a solid effort by everyone in the warehouse and glad as always that our EOR seemed to go pretty smooth.
from Clutch

Not so bad for a group of mostly free & new players! I'm happy with what we achieved in our first round by ourselves. In retrospect, we could have gotten a lvl 2 tier as well, but we didn't want to risk falling out of the top 3 fams, since Tokyorally was close behind us.

from Rock

We did it as family congrats guys. You no it's a family thang and btw I have your BROWN SEA CUCUMBER just bend down and i'll show you.
from Clutch

from Serizawa

Hi blogger
Its all good, Slow but good. congrates toe all winners.
from AssKickeR

Another great slacking round for Capo!
Union ranks telling truth were very interesting. As I already mentioned there was a new union ULS_forSSMercenaries. This union was hired by SS Mercenaries. However, at some point SS left them. There's a story in teembee back alley that Bang_Bang didn’t like SS joining and wanted SS out of the looters union, see for yourself if it’s true… but if it is... o well… Maybe Bang Bang feeled threatened with SS working with ULS looters?

So anyway, this new union had own issues even after SS move and had players, important ones, frozen. At end Zodiac pretty much himself make it possible for ULS to get the gold. Well I’m impressed here with Zodiac. Bang_Bang was second as they didn't want to risk JP it seems, followed by IC_we_are_lazy third. CRIPPLED_AVENGERS and BROTHERHOOD were 4th and 5th.

-Collecting Union-

1. ULS_forSSMercenaries Zodiac $19,902,260,040,603
2. Bang_Bang BigAnT23 $17,122,463,583,344
3. IC_we_are_lazy Tru $13,522,543,044,250
4. CRIPPLED_AVENGERS ShaneSimpson $8,745,419,831,157
5. BROTHERHOOD DirtyNick $3,699,996,570,754

from Zodiac

It was our first round as union and together. I think we deserved win and congrats to all of our members! We are coming…
from Beva

certain man who like tah teabagging are proppaaa slow nah meaaan
from paddyenglish

from Dusk

we... it started.. had a middle.. and an end.
from iD

Talk to the Bosses
from Sly

Southside r bunch of cowards. They had chance to prove they got some balls and stand tall but instead they let bangbang push them around. No respect for them. spineless cunts.
from Big_Sarge

Well as you saw... we had a pretty good round. Shane, who is MIA, for now but we wanted a little change of pace to work with another small family. We have plenty of friends over in UC so decided to have a little get together.
As EOR approached we decided to try for a lower level union rank and get a few higher level tiers and it all came together. Not a bad round.

Big_Sarge, OUT!
from Viking_Slap

Considering that it's vacation a lot of people are busy with family and friends and the more important things in life we did very well under the leadership of Nick
from KidVengeance

EOR with BH is like a giant fucking circle jerk.
Nick always cums first
from Viking_Slap

I think they have medication or therapy for that ?

Ok we arrived to our BROWN SEA CUCUMBER reward section... This section is for fellow teembeers who:

Section a) Didn’t reply to me.
Section b) Hit me in game - very, very, very bad people.
Section Ted Evelin Mosby) Ones who sent me recruiting messages, invites, and non business related messages.

Your reward? Well honorable mentions here & NO, no free turns for that...

BROWN SEA CUCUMBER reward for round 812

Section A)


Anyone see a pattern here?

Section B)

from TotalRage
TotalRage drove-by shooting at your headquarter. 2051 of your boys got whacked. 1840 of TotalRage's boys were also killed.

from Swiper
Swiper raided your headquarter while no one was there and ganked $18,377,297 from you.

from El_Chapo
El_Chapo raided your headquarter while no one was there and ganked $11,582,281 from you.

20 hits in from these 3 people. Why?

Section Ted Evelin Mosby)

This round I got number of so boring and not funny messages from Wolfgang, el_chapo and few more that I didn't even bother to read em... just deleted… I find it more interesting to watch a snail going from any point A to any point B.

AND we arrived to the real awards section! The one with real turns! The reward is called
LOOSE CANNON, BUT, I personally call it Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award. This is awarded to a single person each round that does the most courageous or most random and goofy thing of the round and will bring 15,000 turns to the winner.

This round I chose
Zodiac for forcing the big boys of the game to think what he will do at end and force them to choose were to push their money. Great job sir! Congratulations! This truly a LOOSE CANNON move and well deserved award. Please contact Storm for your reward!

If you have a suggestion for BSF award, PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me (Blogger) in game!

Dear Teembeers… This is it!