Discontent, Big Builds and EOR predictions
.... by TMB_Reporter[/center]

I was sat back sipping on some delicious single malt whisky wondering what would unfold Eor. Wondering who would be taking the pot home. Wondering if the rumors where true…was all not well in IU? Then EOR came, TMK built and the rest as they say is history. I figured that was that. IC put up a good fight but for all their efforts they had lost again.

I didn’t really expect them to challenge again this round. But soon after the round started it became clear that they would be putting the pressure on IU once again.

I sent out a few messages to find out why they had decided to do so right after losing out last round. The first response I received was “why wouldn’t we?” I responded with this: “over the course of the last few months you (IC) have usually had a tendency to challenge once you (IC) have stocked up on a good chunk of won turns. Your union burned allot last round”. The player responded by letting me know that I did “have a point” and that was the end of that exchange.

The other replies I got ranged from simple explanations such as “because we can”, “for fun” to more calculated explanations, which were generally about the alleged discontent within IU. One particular player told me that IU have been “beefing” with one another for a number of rounds, and that they are not really a union but a group of people who have joined together out of necessity, “for survival”. I had been aware of the rumors of discontent within the ranks of IU for a while. However as of yet had not gotten round to investigating if there was any truth to them. It was at this point that I decided to send out a few messages to the little birds over in IU. Maybe there is something to these rumors, maybe not. Either way it was about time I found out.

As I waited for my sources to respond the JP continued to rise as IC hit IU. There was very little retaliation coming from IU during these days. There were of course some hits but nowhere near what I have come to expect from IU. Perhaps there was something to these rumors I thought.

I waited a couple of days before checking my inbox and continued to do what regular people do. I went to work, the gym, and watched every episode of the current season of Game of Thrones four or five times. When I checked back in after a few days I had received a number of replies. My birds didn’t let me down. The responses where very detailed.

According to my birds, the discontent had been present for a while. I read through the messages and carefully noted down the key points. Here is a summary of what I have learned but I must stress that this is purely speculative. I have not managed to ascertain if there is any truth to these points for obvious reasons. However, I did receive transcripts of the IU union board by a source that does lend some weight to these claims. The same can be said of some of the messages I received from members of the IU union this round as well.

According to my sources:

• A number of players in IU are not happy with the way the union is currently run. This includes Lopov who is going by the name Pablo_Escobar this round.

• A number of players are not happy about some of the players who have been let into the union. This includes ShayneG who not so long ago made a post on the forums about IU titled ‘Who else thinks IU is a bunch of pussies’.

• A number of players are not happy about the fact that Teds had taken a round uncontested. This includes 23 who did not join the IU union last round and formed his own family with a number of players.

A couple of days later I received a copy of a number of exchanged that had taken place on the IU union board. These exchanged involved different players but did add some weight to the claims made by my birds…. that there was indeed discontent within the IU union.

I was also informed that a number of other exchanges took place but were deleted off the union board an IU Boss whose name shall remain anonymous. According to my sources these types of exchanges are a regular occurrence on the IU union board.

As the days passed and EOR got closer I figured it was about time I started messaging people to ask them how they thought the last few days would pan out and who would be taking the pot home.

I got a number of responses, both from members of IC and IU.

Here is what the players in IC had to say:

From Teds:
We'll see what happens
From Tru:
Hello, We are going to win. Stay tuned, thanks!
From Darkstar:
ahhhh well now that is a good question, i figure tmk is thinking that what happened some rounds back when this happened will just happen again... iC roll over and tmk takes yet another uncontested victory...

I predict this will not be the case this round, the issues that ruined the last JP run ted had will not occur again. i believe Ted will be right there at the end, i also think it will be about more than just tmk and alex, i believe the teams behind them will be vital in the outcome.
Also from Darkstar:
Your are most welcome dear Reporter

I think it is a well-known fact that there is no little discord over at IU/ or whatever they call themselves now. In fact i spoke to one member who said they would much rather be here on our side but their honor kept them in place and didn’t want to sell out like some in very recent history, i can respect that.

It says a lot though that he mentioned it was not a happy camp at all... .
From Devilsblis:
Well currently we are kicking there ass!! Who will win we will!
From Blackswan:
Hi Reporter, it definitely has been an interesting and fun round so far. Not sure what will happen for EOR but we know IU will have something up their sleeve.. TMK will probably ring up uncle Sheikh and ask to use his credit card again… but that's ok... hopefully he has a high credit limit because as they say, Go Big or Go Home!
Here is what the members of the IU union had to say:

From mcreason:
I'm just here for the fireworks? Is Ted going to take a Jp? Will 23 and TMK let him? JP seems to be pretty high, feel like pocket books will win. But don't they always?
From Kenpachi:
Oh bwahaha!!! We not part of this union we just joined this one rd for a break so "their war" not ours lol
From ShayneG
Well to be honest i think its going good . as for whos going to win iu will win forsure. Thats all i can say for now

Wanna buy an alarm ?
From Magic:
Battle between my union and Ic?? I never knew I had a union... Is it a labor union?? Sweet!!! Do I get benefits??
From Magic:
Acting like you know all my secrets LMAO. I don't know how it's going as I am not participating
From Stalked:
This is not my union and the only battle is see is on ub with Tmk trying to flex his keyboard skills.. I think maybe he's lacking else where..As for the pot who gives a rats ass..
From vito2:
We actually have a partnership with IC. Some rounds Unjust is with them, most the time we are indy. Thought we would give IU a chance this round.
From Zodiac:
That was a strategic move I don't want explain to anyone. Also one round thing. Even if Teds gave revenge Tmk but he still didn't use it. Just interesting for me what will happen next days but it seems like TMK like Teds too much Once he gave him free rounds and now he thinks same . it's Dezl reason I am on that union and LOPOV .but I heard he just got back for fun for a round. So TMK stlil run that union with 'friendship war' with IC.
As I was getting ready to submit this blog I was informed that IU had just lost another turbo jackpot. This time to Clutch and his family of Mercenaries.

Could the tides actually be turning?

This is TMB Reporter….later….