“A TMB Legend in a TMB King”

Ladies and Gentlemen of the TMB Underworld we have a special event pay per view limited edition event for you tonight. Here with me in the TMB Studios is the Legendary and current TMB Lord and true to his name The Mafia King, aka TMK; he is both handsome and loaded in cash. He does not say much and I mean what does he have to say? I hope tonight we can get him to shed some light on his thoughts on both his own TMB journey and the Mafia Boss itself I am certain both his fans and his haters he refers to as 'scrubs' will be interested to know.

'Preparing the RU Boy King'
Firm Beginnings ~ A Kings Creation

Ravenkc: TMK I am going to start with asking you in your own words to tell us about baby TMK the beginning of your amazing TMB Story

T_M_K: Hey Ravenkc,

Well for me it started 8 years ago, New Years really. My cousin (Sheikh) brings me aside and tells me he’s playing this game he wants me to join. He tells me it’s seriously addicting and fun. So of course I created an account and joined him in prophecy with that Aussie bastard pink dot

We met ytownhusla and a few good others there. We broke out and created The_Firm.

Our first challenge was against no other Nino. Nino was supposed to take the round with the heavy cash they already had from wicked1 ext.. Well, story of that round ended up pope stealing the show, he was supposed to be ninos backup, instead he built, and messaged us that if we send him the cash we can split the jp.

The dude took the round

Screwed nino, sheikh and I classic.

Ravenkc: Oh wow that is real gangster business and I assume you guys got him back!!??

Ravenkc: And can you explain how you guys went from The _Firm to the creation of RU?

TMK: Pope and us went back and for plenty of times.. he was probably the toughest challenge we’ve ever had because of his tricks. He was smart you can say.

Well sheikh and Leo (Feldman)started to get close, Leo was impressed with our play and recruited us to be part of RU. He taught us a lot of the Initial tricks we still use. Leo got real busy in real life one day, (he wouldn’t stop making babies) he asked sheikh to take over ru. And from there on we have built the most successful union to date. (Stats don’t lie) eventually sheikh got busy in real life as well, so I took over, and here we are today.

Ravenkc: Yes and I do remember when RU joined IU.. I was in IU and recall a little friction did you feel at first IU was bias toward RU?

T_M_K: Nah, most our problems we resolved pretty fast. We had no greedy players, it was crazy how it all worked out

Wars, Killings, Untouchables and a Keystone
~TMK and a Mafia Record~

Ravenkc: We had some fantastic wars in those days that lasted rounds can you recall any that stood out for you?

TMK: I’ve been in so many wars honestly lol. My favorite would be either taking down realT and his crew, but making keystone rage quit and lose over 15 grand is up there.

Ravenkc: Hahaha!! Yes both good times and filled with adrenaline!!!

Ravenkc: Ok so how do you compare tmb now to say 5 years ago?

TMK: For me personally?

Ravenkc: Well you and the feel of the game what is ur perception?

Ravenkc: I assume you get alot more hate mail these days

Ravenkc: I mean years ago.. Coca and Eck.. Sheikh were seen as the tmb kings.. you were the baby cousin of Sheikh.. but now you surpass them all ???

*haha I need to slow my thoughts*

TMK: It’s funny really, I am hated a lot, that’s what happens when you constantly win, I always looked up to Leo, sheikh , and others the way they just dominated rounds. I knew when I have a solid job after college that I was gonna do the same. So that’s what happened. 40 jp Tries and I stand at 37-3.

A record I really cannot complain about, I give props to those who beat me three times, including babbo twice (one turbo and one main) and this just past turbo I took an L against a good team in UC, but it was very fun, got very close being outnumbered like crazy. When you talk about legends, you have to look at consistency.. and That’s all RU/IU is about after so many different challengers..

Ravenkc: I agree and it is good you noted those who have challenged and won as well.. it would be boring to win constantly, and a good fight is always some IU/RU rise to meet over the years.

Ravenkc: Ok so I wanted to ask you this.. is there a certain record you are chasing or have you passed him and I mean IUs Coca

TMK: 40 sounds nice, 50 sounds better , but who knows

I’ll probably take another break in few months

This game isn’t healthy to constantly play, believe me. Plus it’s good to give the game new challenges when my team steps away, you see new families compete. But for now we are here and we’re still hungry.

TMK Knows “Real” Killing
“Let's Get One Thing Straight”

Ravenkc: I use to see you and Spade as the crazy young IU/RU killers.. who do you believe are the best killers in TMB past and present and what is ur take on the ideology of what a real tmb killer is as oppose to a kp collector?

TMK: Well let’s get one thing straight

The killing days is over. Until storm reverses this silly KP system ext.. I don’t want anyone to think they are good are killing.

Before I started challenging for jps that’s all I use to work for, late night buildoffs, getting on every toh to kill people. It was one of the most fun aspects of the game.. collectors complaint about always getting killed. And now the game is killed in that perspective. I’m happy with my 50+ killers golds for now.. maybe later I’ll hunt for more.

Ravenkc: Yes its a very different thing and very different strategies and skills were used as well indeed

Ravenkc: Ok so to all ur enemies and future challenges do you have any words for them

TMK: I don’t have enemies, maybe keystone , he was considered an enemy for screwing sheikh over, but I made sure to take care of him. To the other challengers and competitors, keep trying, keep playing. It would be boring to win with no challenges.

Ravenkc: Excellent. Well on behalf of TMB thank you for ur contribution to The Mafia Boss and to have found both fun and challenge in this long lasting game. I am positive you have found much fun in TMB and you will think back on it later and smile.

Take ur time Sir to write or list ur greatest players.. ur brothers and sisters of TMB you would like to acknowledge

TMK: I appreciate it.

TMK: My guys have always been the same and never changed. Sheikh, Leo, Coca, Eck, Ant, Nino, Dezl, Bomb aka Nelson, and most importantly Lopov.( I go crazy without this dude handling everything) The list is too long , we have tremendous looters, killers and collectors from gale to bob and others... you all know who you are. I also have good friends outside my union from Teds, nick ext.. y’all know who you are too. Not gonna sit here all night saying names, best regards

A Kings Goodnight


I sat there looking at TMK, so young, so handsome I remembered when he was a teenager I was actually a bit rude to him when he would be around Spade.. now look at him he smelt like Giorgio Armani and had a beautiful smile.. I flipped my hair and I was curious if he could fuck as fast as he could collect but than Sheikh came to mind and making moves on his cousin would just be bad form.

I thanked him for his time gracious like a TMB Queen and let him go.. back to the world of.. The Mafia Boss.

TMB Studios
TMB Queen