Hey TMB friends…Ink-Slinger here. So another Turbo is in the books and this time it was won by Mine from Double_Down family. But before we get to that, lets take a look at mid-round and see what was happening. One of the early builders was Jack_Cates from 48Hours family. He had a nice build going and by the 5 hour mark he had accumulated a base of 14 million ops with 8.4 million defenses... and even a decent amount of kill points. Nothing that would win him a medal in killers, but still enough to probably get him some credits in the final rankings.

As the round rolled to a finish, other ops builders popped up here and there. TuffTeddy (might-rank) had built to 12.8 million and Ying (48Hours) nearly doubled that amount by putting 21.7 mil operatives to work for him. But in the end, it was Mine that had his mojo working and was able to go the distance for the jackpot win of $501 and the gold medal with $508.4 trillion stuffed deep in his pocket.

I noticed an interesting occurrence for the silver medal. With 10 seconds left in the round, Ying from 48Hours was on his way to securing the silver medal (and 130k won credits) with a value of $223 trillion. TuffTeddy was in the bronze position with $123 trillion. But when the final ranks were published Ying had fallen to third place with a value $100 tril less than what he had at the 10 second mark. A quick look at the other ranks showed that Ying had sent a $100T transfer to Twit to secure him the Gold medal in level 3. I’m guessing that Ying did not anticipate someone jumping him and that the transfer would drop him below TuffTeddy who had just entered the ranks… this cost him the Silver medal. In his defense, with so much going on during the closing second of any round, there is little room for error or mistakes. Still a good ranking for Ying with the bronze medal and 110k won credits.

Rounding out the ranks for level 4 were BeatsByNav (The_Matrix) in fourth and No (The_Circle) in the fifth spot. Congrats to Mine on his win and to all the other medal winners and rankers in Level 4.

-Level 4-

1. Mine $508,406,671,785,035
2. TuffTeddy $125,861,219,198,520
3. Ying $123,036,682,029,059
4. BeatsByNav $100,060,370,225,370
5. No $68,287,833,275,787

from Mine

I missed the bank up, what happens when you try the best you can to help out loyal ppl...you end up getting fucked.

To be continued…
from NoMrcy

I played again as TuffTeddy and took Lvl 4 silver and family bronze. Was a weird turbo and really should've had a run but banked the family instead. Guys we're nice enough to rank me again so thanks to IC for it, I really do appreciate it!

Also congrats to UC for taking top 2 families, that's a big win for them.
from Ying

I was given the green light to go balls deep so I did, shoutout to Yang for eating ass during EOR!! I collected for the matrix fuckers and they booted me. so i went and collected for 48hrs.

Congrats to all the winners!! Except tuffteddy, fuck you for adding 8t to your nw randomly last second

Moving on to level 3, Twit from 48Hours appeared in the ranks just before EOR and captured the Gold medal by beating out J7 by $40T. IT (The_Circle) closed out the medal ranks with the Bronze medal and a bank of $42T. BLVCKMVSK (The_Matrix) and Silentmafiosa completed the field of 5. If you didn’t know different, you’d think this level was a run for the jackpot as the EOR values were quite high.

-Level 3-

1. Twit $100,002,472,010,981
2. J7 $60,814,080,092,107
3. IT $42,001,994,437,001
4. BLVCKMVSK $40,934,791,834,338
5. Silentmafiosa $23,034,159,939,275

from TuttiFruitti

Hi there! Our main goal is to give J7 any medal in lvl 3. And the excess be given to Lenovo (just the last option). So we managed to collect 70T+... the 60T went to J7 and the 10T to Lenovo for some extra turns. Though he got a medal too unexpectedly. Special thanks to Unicornfruit who managed the turbo EOR very well.

Level 2 ranks were more in line with normal turbo values. SammyGravano was firmly planted in first place with $20.3T, earning him the Gold medal and a booty of 50k won credits. A last second transfer of $6T moved 80Vs30 from fourth to second place, earning him the Silver medal and 30k won credits. Another late second transfer to Jerk, granted him the bronze medal and 20k credits. Other rankers in level 2 were NisBits and Ares. Congrats on your ranks folks! Use those credits wisely. 😉

-Level 2-

1. SammyGravano $20,321,424,511,648
2. 80Vs30 $8,258,822,790,762
3. Jerk $5,000,567,480,000
4. NisBitS $4,699,040,491,078
5. Ares $3,636,725,632,291

from SammyGravano

Was a nice surprise but always a team effort

A close race in Level 1 individual ranks showed Beva narrowly beating out iCon for the Gold medal and a 20k bounty. The difference between the two was just $119 billion. I guess Beva showed us the proppahhhhh way to win the Gold. Lenovo took home the bronze followed by SmokeMyPole and Cornflake.

-Level 1-

1. Beva $14,229,557,252,000
2. iCoN $14,110,322,807,982
3. Lenovo $10,001,175,275,001
4. SmokeMyPole $5,056,121,370,750
5. Cornflake $1,143,816,619,443

from iCon

Well tbh it was all just last minute lol I was looting everyone and then joined the family in the last 10 minutes of the round and got the rank spot, was so close to first as well lol

Moving from Individual ranks to Killer ranks we saw some really close battles, especially in free killers. But let’s look at Supporter Killer ranks first.

In this level joso_udiaga caught my eye pretty early in the round as I saw him racking up kill points right and left. Not sure who he was, but he was sitting in Baranda family all by himself and sporting an IU Kuntz family icon. Not sure if he really was an IU member or not, but he did a great job killing the competition (literally) and keeping the Gold medal out of the hands of Man who was trying his darndest to take it from him. Unfortunately for Man, he fell short by just 715k kps and had to settle for the silver medal and 30k won turns. Still a great run for both killers who totally smoked RvCv (The_Circle) the bronze medal winner by over 40% more kills. RW and Jack_Cates earned their way into the 4th and 5th spot in this level. Good job guys!

-Supporter Killers-

1. joso_udlaga 15,001,121
2. Man 14,286,099
3. RvCa 8,435,922
4. RW 3,671,923
5. Jack_Cates 2,485,637

from Man

Turbo I chose the name "Man" in hopes of some crybabies Manning up as I killed them. Was spectacular as I and the "Joso" guy set out about the same time in the race for the Golden Gun award... sorry to say he won but was great competition as I pulled Silver Pistol... not bad considering... he and I haven't even hit each other so was a great round of killing in my opinion... only wish I knew who he was so maybe we can do it again next time

But, as in previous rounds, the real battle was in the Free Killer level between Badman, Bruh and Sinterklass where only 101,444 kps separated first from third. This level seems to be the biggest competition imo because all contenders are using the same amount of turns. Adding won or bought credits more than 999 levels you up to level 2 and you no longer can compete as a free killer. So basically, in this level you are using only your game turns so you have to be really good at keeping your du and maximizing each and every hit.

In the end, it was Sinterklass taking the Gold, followed by Badman in second for the Silver and Bruh grabbing the Bronze.

Lite came up 400k kills short and found himself in 4th place with Sommelier in 5th. Congrats to all the killers!

-Free Killers-

1. Sinterklaas 1,154,725
2. Badman 1,066,296
3. Bruh 1,053,281
4. Lite 613,717
5. Sommelier 490,967

fom Sinterklaas

Wanted to complete my killer medals.
from Bruh

I was going for the bronze to get another notch on the killer medals wanted to complete the set even though could have gotten silver needed the bronze

And now we have arrived at the recap of the Family Collecting ranks for this Turbo round. The highlight of this round (imo) was the Gold and Silver medal winners in this level. The_Matrix, lead by boss Boba_Fett took the Gold and 75k won credits for each of their members with $336 trillion family value. Not far behind earning the shiny Silver medal and 60k credits each was Jack_Cates and his family 48Hours. What made this round so interesting is that both medal winners were won by members of the same main round family! How’s that for planning! Strategy like this doesn’t just happen... it takes planning, organization, timing and execution to get results like this. This is how the game use to be played and it was refreshing to see some old school strategy being used again. Hope to see more of that in future rounds!

Might-rank family lead by Hollywood_Diddler took the bronze medal and 50k credits with a $236 trillion bank and Struck (boss Young) and The_Circle (boss RvCa) finished out the remaining ranks taking the 4th and 5th spot and earning 35k and 25k respectively for their family members.

-Collecting Family-

1. The_Matrix Boba_Fett $336,087,780,034,514
2. 48HOURS Jack_Cates $311,506,772,105,379
3. might-rank Hollywood_Diddler $236,375,481,743,117
4. Struck Young $159,346,959,568,601
5. The_Circle RvCa $36,000,153,212,801

from No

I'll play the nice guy this time and say yes we had a shitty turbo

Sadly we got 5th lvl 4
Bronze lvl3
Bronze supposed killer
And 5th family

Not bad considering sarge shit his pants at last hour and we had to wait on him to change his diaper to bank roll
from Boba_Fett

Turbo was interesting.
We had 2 family's going this round.
It took a lot to put together.

Reckaholic went above and beyond, putting in the effort needed to get 2 evenly matched competitive families to compete. Turbo is never easy and a good team effort is the key to success. Thanks to the family and friends who worked hard to make this round a success.

Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken
from FamilyMatters

UC_Avengers are making history dominating turbos...GREAT JOB!

Great job by all the families, killers and individual ranks this round. It was fun to watch and hopefully we will see more exciting things in the next turbo round.

Until then, this is Ink-Slinger signing off! Happy Thanksgiving to my US friends and men, hide your CC’s as Black Friday is nearly upon us and you know your woman will want to go shopping! Tell her to buy TMB credits and subs for all your friends and family.. that way she doesn’t have to fight the crowds at the store and can stay home with you and watch American football. 😊