Howdy folks! Clutch here with another turbo review for round 847. This round featured 20 players per family, with 50% banking, and a 10:1 (uncapped) ratio on all credits added. I personally love this rule set (even if it doesn't always end up working in my favor) as it's great to see some huge builds and collects from players who otherwise couldn't afford to do so in a regular 1:1 ratio round. Let's take a look at how this round panned out!

Level 4 was incredibly fun to watch this round, with multiple players collecting well over 100T each. With 10 minutes to go, it looked like HODL (from IC) was going to take an easy win, as he had just over 800T, and 2nd place only had around 500T. However, the UC crew was able to make some HUGE last minute collects to load up Datu_Puti with over 2700T. After family banking a large amount of the cash, Datu_Puti ended up with a solid 1701 trillion to secure the gold JP win. HODL snagged the level 4 silver with a massive 896T (bit of an overkill, if you ask me), and ME took the bronze with a respectable 355T. Extacy locked down the 4th place in level 4 with 177T, and Demon (IC) rounded out the ranks with only 13.1T to take the 5th and final spot. Well done to all winners!

from Mitsui

The plan went well and maybe got lucky because no one tried to challenge or not. I thought I couldn't be on for EOR so I collected early, but managed to get on last hour and was able to watch what went going on. My team did all the work in the last 4 mins. I saw 3 guys I guess from my family start to collecting... and as the round got nearer, my heart start to pump fast, and finally, in the last seconds, I was frozen when I saw my name being on top in the global page. It took 8 years to complete my set and I would like to say thank you to all who participated to get that last medal I've dreamed of. Specially to Hollywood_Hubert, Reckaholic, Nexus and the rest of the UC team, (you know who you are).
from BlackSwan

I was Demon in turbo and got home from Christmas shopping about 30 minutes before EOR. (NO I did NOT buy you a gift Clutch!) I logged into TMB, got maxed, made my collect and waited on the streets of TMB for an invite. I was all alone and it was cold out there, so I started jumping up and down waving my arms like a banshee hoping they’d see me. I finally got the invite, but by then the family was full and there were only a couple minutes left in the round. Not wanting to waste the $11T I was sitting on, I knew I had to devise a Plan B.

Looking at the ranks, I saw there was an opportunity to rank in Level 4 but would need to collect a tiny bit more to take the 5th spot. I did a quick calculation and with 20 seconds to go I hit the collect button and was able to move into 5th place over Gunman. It wasn’t until the final ranks come out that I was even sure I had collected enough to get that position.

I was just sorry I wasn’t able to help my Inner Circle family with the cash.. I would have rather sent it to them but at least it worked out this way and the cash was not wasted.

Merry Christmas everyone and hope ya’all have a joyous and prosperous New Year!
-Level 4-

1 Jackpot $491 Datu_Puti $1,701,091,332,788,200
2 130,000 turns HODL $896,159,828,174,571
3 110,000 turns ME $355,361,740,635,005
4 90,000 turns Extacy $177,060,427,127,402
5 70,000 turns Demon $13,129,530,987,269

Level 3 appears to finally be back to normal, with multiple players gunning for a top 3 spot. We saw Krle and Bounce battle it out, with less than 400B separating the two of them. Zookeeper was definitely in the running as well, and a few other level 3's were hovering around the 2-4T range (most likely hoping for a cheap rank, given how the past couple of rounds have gone). In the end, however, it was xTrinity who came out of nowhere with a solid 32.4T collect to secure the gold first place in level 3. kRle edged out Bounce for the second place, with 17.4T and 17.1T, respectively. Zookeeper ended up in 4th place with 15T, and Juliet was able to edge out the rest of the competition, taking the 5th place in level 3 for only 3.7T. Great job guys!

from xTrinity

Oh, SexualChocolate and the rest of the Skids remember how much I get nervous in turbo EOR's lol. Usually, I wait until last 10 seconds to take a decision and jump lvl's (like round 842 where I was using Zeus name and jump to lvl 2) but this turbo I was thinking to go for lvl 3 so I needed time to hire and collect. I was so nervous because you know how fast EOR results can change. I looked at the game clock and it had only 4 mins left so I decided to go for lvl 3, added all I had and built up to 4M op's and made a nice collect of 32T that got me in the first place. I'm very proud of it.

Wanna thank my friends, you know who you are.

-Level 3-

1 100,000 turns xTrinity $32,488,703,312,156
2 80,000 turns kRle $17,479,655,306,532
3 60,000 turns BOUNCE $17,091,307,964,390
4 40,000 turns Zookeeper $15,014,982,330,000
5 30,000 turns Juliet $3,742,526,033,315

Level 2 also rebounded after the past couple of rounds going for very cheap amounts. We saw Bor come in with a huge 37.4T to secure the gold first place rank in level 2 -- a solid 30T more than second place had to offer. BigTrips was able to steal silver with a respectable 7.5T, with hoe_hoe_hoe following behind with only 4.2T to lock down the bronze 3rd place. Comet snagged 4th place with 2.5T, and CAPO got lucky with only 321B to take the 5th and final spot. It's nice to see the lower levels bouncing back, congratulations everyone!

-Level 2-

1 50,000 turns Bor $37,433,483,121,742
2 30,000 turns BigTrips $7,549,805,314,521
3 20,000 turns hoe_hoe_hoe $4,257,903,604,525
4 10,000 turns Comet $2,508,717,176,499
5 5,000 turns CAPO $321,849,992,659

Level 1 was 'almost' expensive this round, with free players counting primarily on higher levels sending them cash to have a shot at ranking. Bulletz4Breakfast's family was able to shoot him a smooth 10.1T in the final few minutes of the round to secure the gold 1st place finish. Giraffe was close behind with 9.2T, and Ricky locked down the 3rd place with a modest 7.6T. Herb_herbstreet snagged the 4th place with only 607B, and PENNYWISE rounded out the ranks with 321B, landing him the 5th place finish. Well done!

-Level 1-

1 20,000 turns Bulletz4Breakfast $10,151,572,692,620
2 15,000 turns Giraffe $9,222,665,135,144
3 10,000 turns Ricky $7,642,853,397,559
4 5,000 turns Herb_herbstreet $607,057,806,692
5 2,000 turns PENNYWISE $321,435,403,076

The support killer ranks were a tad bit hectic this round, with the 10:1 ratio on credits added -- allowing for some large DU builds to take place. For the first half of the round, it looked like Happy_Holidays was going to run away with it, as had over 10M hitmen (not thugs & bodyguards), but with less than 15 hours remaining in the round, ignoscemihipatre came out of no where, and starting racking up the KP, with only 10M DU's (cost 100k won credits). When all was said and done, he had reached an untouchable 18.3M KP (one of the highest KP totals in TMB turbo history) to secure the gold 1st place finish. Happy_Holidays ended up in 2nd place with nearly 7.7M KP, and Extacy out-edged Evet (who also had 10M DU's at one point) for the bronze 3rd place finish. Evet took 4th place with 4.7M KP, and KingKunta rounded out the ranks with a respectable 3.6M KP.

Great job killing this round to all the winners!

-Supporter Killers-

1 40,000 turns ignoscemihipatre 18,305,180
2 30,000 turns Happy_Holidays 7,693,658
3 20,000 turns Extacy 5,561,787
4 10,000 turns evet 4,700,943
5 5,000 turns KingKunta 3,616,661

Free killers was an absolute gong-show, with most free players getting zeroed early on by higher level players. I suspect a fair amount of KP farming took place as Where.R.U.LUGZ was able to rack up a solid 1.3M KP to secure the gold. G6 edged out Splash for the 2nd place medal by only 4k KP (essentially, 1 small hit worth of KP). Splash took the 3rd place bronze for 923K KP, while 12345 locked down the 4th spot with 707K KP, and Carlos rounded out the ranks with a modest 645K KP. Nicely done!

-Free Killers-

1 20,000 turns Where.R.U.LUGZ 1,295,345
2 15,000 turns G6 927,733
3 10,000 turns Spash 923,388
4 5,000 turns 12345 707,665
5 2,500 turns Carlos 645,880

The family ranks were all over the place during EOR. Many families were banking cash, then unbanking, then rebanking, ... and the cycle continued until the final minute of the round. With 30 minutes to go, it looked like Money_Making_Family (IC) had the gold locked down, with over 350T banked. However, some re-banking occurred, and they only had 151T remaining in the bank during the final minute. East_Atlanta_Santa's huge collect as a family allowed them to jump to 1st place with a MASSIVE 1018T banked, pushing MMF to 2nd place. Addiction rounded out the top 3, by pushing out Santas_helpers, with 50.1T. Santas_helpers took the 4th place for 45.2T, and InsertNameHere were able to hold the 5th spot (uncontested) with 37.4T. I'm guessing they were hoping to edge out a 3rd/4th place finish, but came up short. It's a shame though, because they only needed 1-2T to make sure GCF_OGZ didn't pass them. 35T would have been enough for a gold in level 3, or a top 3 in levels 1 + 2 + 3. TonyG ... Nice try with filling your family, but you're going to need more than a trillion or two to rank as a family (especially in a 10:1 ratio round). Better luck next time!

-Collecting Family-

1 100,000 turns East_Atlanta_Santa $1,018,502,002,026,942
2 75,000 turns Money_Making_Family $101,196,786,670,052
3 60,000 turns Addiction $50,179,558,717,301
4 45,000 turns Santas_helpers $45,284,742,705,479
5 30,000 turns InsertNameHere $29,941,542,711,626

If you wish to comment on the round, please respond to this blog with answers to these questions:

- What was your turbo name & family name?
- Did you win any tiers?
- Anything happen that was crazy or unexpected?

Congrats again to all of the families and everyone who ranked. Use your credits wisely, and see you all again next turbo round. Cheers!