Howdy folks! Clutch here with a special doubleheader turbo review for rounds 843 & 845. Both rounds featured 20 players per family, with 843 being a 10:1 ratio round, and 845 being a regular 1:1 ratio round.

Both rounds also featured increased family prizes (with 1st place taking 75K per member). Without further ado, let's jump into it!!

Round 843 began with two families being created near the start of the round, and they both recruited throughout -- "Countingstars" and "Underestimated". It's always fun to watch random players from multiple main-round families come together in turbo to test their luck. You'll see how they did later on, below.

Level 4 was quite pricey this round with a few people jockeying for the JP gold medal spot. In the end, it came down to representatives from IC & BH.

With less than a minute to go in the round, 777 (from IC) pulled ahead with over 2000T going into the final minute of the round, and secured the JP with a HUGE 960T. He was followed up by G who "only" (lol) had 680T. FML stole the bronze with 267T -- less than 6T more than 50cent, who had 261T. 50cent was originally gunning for the JP, but ended up sending off his money to rank his fellow family members in level 1, 2, and 3. Looks like he should have held on to a few trillion to secure the third place, as the golds he was able to hook up were definitely overpaid. Top_Secret rounded out the ranks with a respectable 85T. Great job guys!

from 777 (Babbo):

It was a great round for us. We have an awesome team of players in IC. Thank you to everyone who helped collect and send up. IC4L!
-Level 4-

1. 777 $960,038,623,829,065
2. G $680,379,730,638,384
3. FML $267,112,326,928,376
4. 50Cent $261,977,292,396,703
5. Top_Secret $85,825,933,101,188

Level 3 was a bit strange this round, with less than 10 people having the opportunity to rank. I'm not sure why so few people went level 3, as the prizes are relatively decent compared to other tiers. 10 minutes before end of round, it looked like it was going to come down to Zed or Vito for the gold, as they both had approximately 30T to work with. Vito eventually dropped down in networth to help bank for his family, leaving Zed on top with just over 30T. In the final minute, we saw Zed gain another 5T, and "lol" come into the equation with 17.6T (only 100B more than Vito). Easy gold for Zed? Nope. In comes Vladaqueer with a massive 100T to steal the gold, and push the competition down one spot each. Vito must be kicking himself right about now, as PopRocks was only at 900B -- meaning he 'wasted' a solid 15T+ going for a top 3. Overall, it was a very exciting EOR for level 3, despite the small amount of players competing.

-Level 3-

1. Vladaqueer $100,220,535,529,056
2. Zed $35,722,297,970,488
3. lol $17,682,595,801,491
4. Vito $17,547,679,916,373
5. PopRocks $906,864,136,701

Level 2 remained relatively uncontested with 10 minutes to go, while Ho_Hat who was looking like he was overpaying with a solid 44T, and Matthew_Greenbladt holding a respectable 9.2T. However, with the last minute transfer to 1, we saw everyone (once again) get pushed down a rank each. 1 held a whopping 150T to take the gold (maybe the most expensive level 2 tier in recent history?). Icon and Bounce rounded out the 4th and 5th place rankings with 3.3T and 2.7T, respectively.

-Level 2-

1. 1 $150,029,399,222,815
2. Ho_Hat $44,028,589,452,325
3. Matthew_Greenbladt $9,285,343,078,132
4. iCoN $3,376,908,731,549
5. BOUNCE $2,720,797,833,832

Level 1 was very similar to level 2, but even cheaper! We saw Kronic with a measly 2T, and Thurgood-Jenkins and SGTMAJ battling it out with 1T and change, each. Tower.Hamlets.Apna came out of nowhere with another massive 150T cash stack to secure the gold in the final seconds of the round. The lower ranks have been going for really small amounts lately. I think some of these larger (level 4) families need to start making room for one or two low levels, as they're easily attainable -- especially for turbo rounds where it's 20 players per family. "Negro" rounded out the ranks with only 474B -- a very reasonable amount for some extra credits. Well done!

-Level 1-

1. Tower.Hamlets.Apna $150,065,878,248,889
2. Kronic $2,010,258,356,383
3. Thurgood-Jenkins $1,585,921,187,147
4. SGTMAJ $1,135,057,959,831
5. Negro $474,736,611,073

Support killers essentially went to who was willing to spend the most credits to gain a medal. There wasn't much competition, with more than 1M KP separating each rank. Urnotpretty showed he was the top dog for the round, holding down a solid 6.4M KP. Top_Secret (who also took a level 4 5th place) secured the 2nd support killer spot with nearly 4.6M KP, and g-star took the bronze with a respectable 3.1M KP. Catfish and MacKavelisCool rounded out the 4th and 5th place spots with 2M KP and 650K KP, respectively. It seems like support killer ranks have been getting a bit (but not a lot) easier to gain, as of recent rounds. If you're needing a medal or two to complete your killer set, it's good time to go for them.

-Best Supporter Killers-

1. urnotpretty 6,454,168
2. Top_Secret 4,598,860
3. g-star 3,178,752
4. Catfished 2,071,276
5. MacKavelisCool 656,442

Free killers ranks came down to the wire, with Shotta and Anvil battling for the 2nd & 3rd place spots. Shotta ended up with 826K KP, and Anvil finished with 825K KP (less than 1K KP - or one hit on literally anyone - than Shotta had). 369 fell just short with 713K KP to take the 4th place spot, and Humble rounded out 5th place with 654K KP. The gold went uncontested to Cukur who had a whopping 1.5M KP -- nearly double what 2nd place had. Well done man, you really are a free killer pro!

-Best Free Killers-

1. Cukur 1,574,091
2. shotta 826,525
3. Anvil 825,844
4. 369 713,760
5. Humble 654,589

Family ranks went as expected, with LM_13 (IC) take the gold with 1089T, and Y_U_Make_Me_Do_it (UC) take the silver with 601T. Vote_Yes secured the bronze 3rd place with a smooth 119T, leaving the remaining 3 families to battle for the last 2 spots. The Proppppahh_Bastardsss family, led by the notorious Beva, showed up during the final few hours of the round, mostly filled by level 1 players. They weren't able to do much to compete with the other two families, Underestimated & Countingstars, who had several higher level players from recruiting all round. Until the final hour of the round, it looked like Countingstars was going to be able to easily beat Underestimated, but as the family name suggested, there was going to be more than meets the eye with this second family of random players. Led by yours truly, Clutch aka Zed, a huge collect of over 40T was brought in to make the family competitive -- bringing the total cash up to over 60T. Everyone assumed all the cash was going to go to Zed's level 3 rank, so Countingstars didn't bother putting all their cash into their rank, which was probably the best move to make, considering Zed had a higher networth than their whole family... but like they say in Texas, "this ain't my first rodeo bro." Zed was able to get a solid 30T+ banked in the union safe (approximately 1T more than what Countingstars had to work with), and still leave enough for the level 3 ranking. Overall, there was some great competition in the family ranks, which will continue into the next turbo round!

-Collecting Family-

1. LM_13 urnotpretty $1,089,709,233,506,916
2. Y_U_Make_Me_Do_It 50Cent $601,330,386,796,570
3. Vote_Yes Patero $119,356,982,162,366
4. Underestimated Zed $33,728,702,666,645
5. Countingstars KidKrakk $16,832,718,207,012
6. Propppahh_Bastardsss Beva $1,005,709,014,029

Round 845 started out very slowly, with no major families being formed before the final few hours of the round. It did, however, feature 1 city and no-range hitting, and VERY cheap OP hits at just 50 turns each -- AKA support killers' heaven. Remember, this round was also a regular 1:1 ratio round, so killers and builders both needed to be strategic with how they used their turns. Let's see how it played out!

Level 4 came down to the wire with large collects from representatives of IC & UC. With less than 10 minutes to go, it looked like UC had enough cash to take the JP, but in true IC fashion, there were some last minute collects which nearly doubled the JP. In the end, UC decided to bow out of the JP race to secure family rank, leaving NoMrcy from IC to take his first JP (and finish his level 4 medal set). NoMrcy took the gold with nearly 114T, followed by Blood_Eagle (from UC) taking silver with 88.5T. Toto secured the bronze for a respectable 23.5T, which left 4th and 5th place wide open for some lower valued tiers. Stark & Graham battled it out, but in the end, it was Stark who took the 4th place spot with 7.8T, and Graham rounded out the level 4 ranks with 7T (less than 1T under what Stark had). Great job from all of you, well done!

from NoMrcy:

WooHoooo... Massive thanks to IC for this win!! Tru and Babbo produced an amazing eor which made it run smooth. Thanks to all the guys who helped collect as 1:1 capped rounds I know are the hardest to set up.

IC MuthaFuckas, the new era is finally here!

-Level 4-

1. NoMrcy $113,986,522,751,945
2. Blood_Eagle $88,552,273,079,569
3. Toto $23,498,597,221,249
4. Stark $7,860,081,135,623
5. Graham $7,007,645,578,020

What the actual f*** happened this round to level 3? This might be the cheapest (overall) that level 3 has ever been. With less than 10 people competing in this level, the rankings were left wide open for anyone who wanted them. Eat_a_dic rocked the gold for only 3T -- not bad for 100k won turns! Newjob won the silver and 80k turns for only 1T, and Thundercats took the bronze for 400B (chump change). Now this is where things really get interesting, so hold onto your hats! CheekyMonkey took the 4th place spot for only 40B, and Frans took 5th with an unbelievable 2B ... Holy smokes! That's some of the cheapest won credits you're ever going to see in this game. Well done to all for securing these ranks with such little amounts. Note to self: always keep a few billion on hand, just in case people are sleeping on the ranks.

-Level 3-

1. EaT_a_Dic $3,030,320,232,463
2. Newjob $1,021,983,881,019
3. ThunderCats $400,880,260,491
4. CheekYMonkeY $40,752,234,099
5. Frans $2,083,436,423

Level 2 was relatively competitive with rankings going for reasonable amounts. Turtle took the gold, holding a respectable 6.7T. Ma_Baker locked down the silver with 5T, and Ellebanna secured the bronze with 3.4T. Zeus and Beowulf rounded out the 4th and 5th place ranks in level 2 with 786B and 212B, respectively. Congrats to the winners!

-Level 2-

1. Turtle $6,693,135,330,124
2. Ma_Baker $5,025,479,879,598
3. Ellebanna $3,388,080,334,443
4. Zeus $786,936,464,619
5. Beowulf $212,066,259,257

Level 1 was great to watch, come end of round. Skeet locked down the 1st place with a solid 7T, but the other 4 players battled it out for the remaining ranks. It seemed that everyone was trying to rank with as little cash as possible, with the ranks constantly changing, as players shuffled their networths during the final few minutes of the round. In the end, it was Smile who secured the silver with 2.2T, and Lord taking the bronze for only 1.8T. Tuk_Stuk_Rukker and Auxiliary fell just short of the top 3, with 1.6T and 1.4T, respectively. Overall, it was a great round for level 1 -- it's nice to see the little guys getting theirs. Well done guys!

-Level 1-

1. skeet $7,010,960,168,484
2. Smile $2,224,181,610,115
3. Lord $1,851,444,729,432
4. Tuk_Stuk_Rukker $1,666,265,137,746
5. Auxiliary $1,393,960,443,685

Support killers was a bit of a gong-show this round, with many players holding 1M+ KP. Unfortunately, many of these players didn't make the final top 5 since only one player per family can rank, which is difficult for killers during 20-player family turbo rounds. The aforementioned no-range rules did make things interesting though, especially with the significant amount of OP hits that were happening to zeroed players. In the end, it was Shark who came out on top with 4.3M KP. Cd secured the silver with 2.4M KP, and KRS1 managed to snag the bronze with only 1.6M KP. Karma and Graham were neck-and-neck with 451K KP and 431K KP, respectively. Honorable mention to player XTC who had 4.1M KP (enough for the silver) but didn't get the rank since he was in the same family as Shark. Well done guys!

-Best Supporter Killers-

1. Shark 4,337,640
2. Cd 2,440,299
3. KRS1 1,673,402
4. Karma 451,808
5. Graham 431,299

Free killers ... all I've got to say is, sorry, and better luck next time! It's quite hard for free killers to make moves during no-range rounds, as they are easily killed by the support killers. With that said, there were some that continue to hire 50k DU's at a time to clean up the lower DU targets, to secure their rankings. ScottyCameron secured the gold with only 176K KP. Silver went to DopeMan with a relatively low 103K KP, and bronze went to Lord who had just 75K KP. DonaldTrump snagged 4th place with 68K KP, and Dago rounded out the ranks with 27K KP.

Here's a pro-tip for free killers during no-range rounds: don't build your DU's until you see a juicy target or two. You can easily build 500k DU's using the regular build-up and reserves. Wait for targets that are around 100-200K DU's with equal amounts of KP. That way, you can build a minute or so before top of hour, hit those targets, gain a few hundred thousand KP, and secure a top 3 rank. Otherwise, you'll build, go offline, and return to 0 DU's and no KP gained. You're welcome!

-Best Free Killers-

1. ScottyCameron 176,294
2. DopeMan 103,832
3. Lord 75,914
4. DonaldTrump 68,287
5. Dago 27,194

Family ranks were very competitive in the top 3. Tower_Climbers (BH) managed to lock down the gold with a solid 92T. They were followed by Trick_or_Treat (UC) who snagged the silver (same as last turbo round) with 54.5T. In retrospect, they could have taken the gold if they didn't go for the silver in level 4, but it is what it is -- live and learn!

ALL4ONE_and_ONE4ALL (IC) secured the bronze with a respectable 36T (exactly) -- only 1T more than 4th place, which went to IMF_Global, who had 35T banked. ABunchOfCoolPeople and Empire battled it out for the 5th and final spot, with Turtle's family taking the 5th place, having only 4T banked. Empire fell just short with only 1.6T banked, which would have been enough to take level 3 silver (80k won turns).

If you can't take a top 5 family spot, you should be unbanking all cash for tiers -- there's no point leaving cash on the table, unused. No doubt, it's easier said than done, but it's definitely something to keep in mind for future rounds to come. Congrats to all families in the top 5!

-Collecting Family-

1. Tower_Climbers Toto $92,000,461,405,707
2. Trick_Or_Treat Blood_Eagle $54,502,561,265,737
3. ALL4ONE_and_ONE4ALL XTC $36,000,000,000,000
4. IMF_Global Matthew_Greenbladt $35,028,910,481,671
5. ABunchOfCoolPeople Turtle $4,000,000,000,000
6. Empire Bloody_D $1,655,195,870,408

Collecting comments for turbo rounds has become increasingly harder and harder each round, with most players deciding to respond instead with troll-worthy remarks, or choosing not to respond altogether. So with that said, we're going to change the nature of how comments work for this review. Instead of having me include them in the blog post itself, I am humbly asking users, who wish to contribute, to leave their comments as responses to the blog, by posting below.

If you wish to leave a comment, please respond to this blog with answers to these questions:

- What was your turbo name & family name?
- Did you win any tiers?
- Anything happen that was crazy or unexpected?

Congrats again to all of the families and everyone who ranked. Use your credits wisely, and see you all again next turbo round. Cheers!