Hello everyone and welcome to another edition of BREAKING NEWS. Today’s edition will actually be a mid round review. I say actually because, well, if I am honest, if we are honest, the so called mid round reviews haven’t really been mid round reviews. They have just been what TMB Reporter (me) finds interesting or funny and wants to write about.

There will be none of that with this mid round review. I swear. Prepare to not be entertained. If you want to fall asleep please continue to read on. Yes this round was that boring… lol…

I am just fucking with you. This will be an informative and somewhat funny piece. I don’t disappoint. Never.. well maybe that one time.. but that is story for another day. Perhaps I will reveal all after a few cocktails.

Okay enough chit chat.. Lets begin…

War News

IC and IU

So IU and IC are still hitting one another. Shocking right? Nah.. not really. Simply put, the two don’t like each other. Never have. Never will. Blah Blah Blah.. you get the picture here.

What was interesting about the war that they have had going on for what seems like forever is the fact that for most of this round the two were not really hitting one another.

Hits only really started to come in during the second half of the round. And even then the hits were mostly one sided. IC was hitting IU and IU were just sitting back and taking it.

I have never known IU to not return fire. After a couple of messages to my network of sources. Yes I have a network now. I managed to find out that IU not returning fire was not because they didn’t want to. It was actually because of a certain select group of players refusing to do so. Let me explain.

According to my source, certain players with big builds were asked on numerous occasions to return fire, but they either refused to do so, or just ignored messages.

Something tells me we may be seeing Lopov back in the IU top seat sooner rather than later…

Warhounds and half of IU

Warhounds are at it again. No this is not surprising….. What is surprising is that they are hitting half of IU but have a nap with the other half. Is it just me or is that a little fucked up? It’s like hitting half of a family but being cool with the other half. It is like screwing someone’s husband, letting the wife know, becoming friends, and then continuing to screw the husband with the wife’s blessing.

I can only wonder how long Dusks IU Loco will allow Monkeykillas IU to be screwed by Warhounds.

Nameless and Jackie D Amico

Nameless and Jackie D Amico are back at it. Again this is not a surprise. What is a surprise is that the hits didn’t start taking place until much later in the round.

After a couple of messages to a select group of people I managed to find out what went on.

According to my sources, Yoda from Nameless went out of his way to hit Jackie and a couple of members of Jackie’s family for kill points. This infuriated Jackie because like many he does not like being hit or have his family hit.

Jackie attempted to hunt down Yoda, who protected for a period of time, kill off his dus, and accumulated 1.23 million kill points in the process.

After being unable to hit Yoda, Jackie hit other members of Nameless, which ultimately led to both sides hitting one another and dus dying… obviously…

Something tells me this will continue into next round. Yes it may have been a source. Let’s wait and see…

Families and Unions News

Foundhell go union

Foundhell, a family who usually competes with Pinoy for the top family spot decided to go union this round. I sent a couple of people in Foundhell a message to find out why. Only one got back to me and that was Benny. Here is what he had to say…

From Benny Blonco:

You asked us a question about why we went union but that wasn’t important, what is important is the fact that there are these things called "turns" in the game... what the fuck is that? I used 180 of these things and got something called hitmen and hustlers. Who even knows what these things do? your confused too?

Using 180 turns, you found a total of 1,446 hustlers and 904 hitmen.

This is the real story... I will keep looking into this important issue. If I have a breakthrough on these "turns" I will let you know, but until then stay out of our inbox.
I was hoping to not have to translate silliness this round but it seems benny had other plans.

A translation of Bennies response by me-- TMB Reporter:

Foundhell going union is important because it lets us get more turns. You see reporter, Renzi has an agreement with IU, an agreement which means he is in the rotation (which clearly doesn’t exist). Renzi takes the round but also takes the first union spot to stop IC from taking it. Do you understand now reporter? We want that first spot as it gets us more turns. It’s all about turns. It so much about turns that I even have to tell you how turns work.

You see reporter by using 180 turns you get 1,446 hustlers and 904 hitmen.

So yeah… moving on…

MBU joins IC

MBU, a family who is made up of what is left of the brotherhood union have joined inner circle this round. This was surprising. I sent out a few messages but Viking Slap and co decided to ignore me this round.

Not cool guys, not cool. Now I have to speculate why you joined IC, and I am not good at that. I am the BEST at that.

My theory – A discussion took place between Viking Slap and Inner circle. Viking slap then consulted his members and decided to join IC. The decision was made to help them defeat IU.

Yes it is about IU. This is what it has been about for Brotherhood since the union was formed by Dirty Nick (who is still missing) and his merry band of stench lovers.

Will MBU be back with Inner circle next round? I suspect so….

Moving on…

Southside: This will be the round

Stacked full of subs and with the looters bringing in the cash, surely this will be the round Southside finally gets that elusive gold family medal. A medal Southside has not won before.

As it stands, Southside has a 3 trillion lead over Pinoy with two days on the clock. It would take a colossal fuck up for the family to miss out on family gold this round. You know like someone un banking family cash in the last second to rank themselves and push the family to third… like a member of foundhell did some rounds back..

I think they will get first, but we will find out for sure in two days…

Moving on…

Who will be taking the JP home?

As previously mentioned, the rotation (which clearly doesn’t exist) says it is Renzi’s round. And you know, when the rotation says something it generally comes true. But lets us say that the rotation has it wrong. Let us say someone else takes the round. Who could these people be?

Here are the contenders...

Player one: Tru
Tru currently has 2.3 million ops. The don of IC, who has been known to purchase a pack or two having over 2 million ops at the 2 day mark, this is a surprise.

If Tru’s ops remain intact for the remainder of the round he could always potentially make a challenge for the Jackpot. Inner circle also has a 20 trillion lead over Foundhell. With the jackpot at $652 dollars I suspect it will be an expensive round for Renzi. Maybe to expensive?

Player two: Housemaker
Housemaker is my wild card pic. The reason being is simple. I have been informed by a source that he has many level four gold medals and English isn’t his first language. Putting two and two together I can only assume that he may be a certain IU big hitter who has returned to the game. If that is the case then perhaps he will be the one to make a move EOR.

But with that being said, he is a member of IU, and they are the ones who have an agreement with Renzi so maybe not.

Player three: Renzi
The man who has been lined up by the rotation to take the round. With a pre build of 4.7 million ops and recent experience taking a JP, Renzi has to be the favorite here. During his last JP win he showed no attempt to make a profit. According to some he overspent and lost money. So will the JP at $652 and with IC having a 20 trillion lead make him decide not to go? I don’t think so..

Moving on….

Name stealing, UC and traitors and Random

Name stealing

This round someone stole Dusks and Gallio’s name. I contacted the real Dusk and Gallio to ask them how their names being stolen made them feel. Here is what they had to say..

From the real Gallio:

As you can see I do not like ppl taking my name and also a very good friend of mines name , this is what happens to those ppl
Gallio then sent me attack logs of him zeroing both the fake Gallio and Dusk.

The real Dusk as usual did not have a comment for me. I suspect she was to busy contemplating whether to continue to let Warhounds fuck her other half.

I messaged the fake Gallio and dusk to ask them why they decided to steal the names. They both did not reply.

UC are traitors?

Yes you have read that correctly. UC have been accused of being traitors.

A few days into the round I noticed that Mr worker was no longer in UC. I messaged Mr Worker to ask him why he was no longer in the family. Here is what he had to say…

From MrWorker:

Hi TMB Reporter

UC are traitors who bend over to dusk and did not want to accept mahh GIFTAA of the holy spiritahh
I cant help but think ‘holy spiritahh’ means something else…..

Random messages

You know when your minding your own business and u get random messages. Well…

From Anarchy:

Im stealing both your names next round. And on my profile im gonna put hermaphrodite i am
Stealing my name? Good luck with that Anarchy…

From God:

Fake News is a Sin.
You're so going to Hell

Fake news reporters may go to hell but this is BREAKING NEWS. There is a difference. And besides, just look at what Kermit has to say….

This is TMB Reporter…..later……