Introduction - Night- Close UP.

RavenSelineKC squatting on top of a building, the rain pouring heavy as she sits thinking, observing, and watching preparing for her meeting with a highbred Hyperion- Half TMB Vampire half TMB Lycan

Ravenkc Voice Over:

The war had all but ground to a halt in the blink of an eye. Lopov Lucian, the most feared and ruthless leader ever to rule the TMB Lycan clan.....had finally been killed.

The TMB Lycan horde scattered to the a single evening of flame and retribution. Victory, it seemed, was in our grasp; the very birthright of the TMB Vampires.

Nearly six centuries had passed since that night. Yet the ancient feud proved unwilling to follow Lopov Lucian to the grave. Though TMB Lycans were fewer in number, the war itself had become more perilous. For the moon no longer held her sway.

Older, more powerful TMB Lycans were now able to change at will. The weapons had evolved, but our orders remained the same: Hunt them down and kill them off, one by one.

A most successful campaign. Perhaps too successful. For those like me, a TMB Death Dealer, this signaled the end of an era.

Like the weapons of the previous century ...we, too, would become obsolete.
Pity, because I lived for it.


TMB Hyperion Interview

Ravenkc: Welcome back to the TMB Studios everyone!! Today I have with me a hot shot rookie in the studio today, yet this guy seems to know what he is doing, I am sure he had many questioning who he actually was!! Please Make Hyperion Welcome!!! Hello Mr Hype!! how are you?

Hyperion: Hi. I am well, the corner is well, the weather is meh. How are you?

Ravenkc: Well I am excited to have you sitting next to me I have heard a lot about you but Id like to hear about you from YOU!.. so can you tell me when you started TMB and just a little brief history in you're own words?

Hyperion: I wish I was sitting next to you. Actually, I’d be laying next to you just because the man whore in me can’t resist.

Ravenkc: hahahah cute! but I don't like man whores I like shy guys its not a victory to have someone everyone has had

Hyperion: I was in 6th grade when I first started in the TeeEmmBee world. This is actually my second account here. I started in 07’ and my first family was Infamous Raiders with The_Executioner and PETENASTY.

Hyperion: I still talk to Pete often to this day, The Executioner fell off. I heard he was dead actually which is unfortunate. Those two taught me a lot about the game and got me really involved from the jump.

Ravenkc: Oh lord you are not a rookie but a TMB Vet in disguise!

Ravenkc: Have you played the entire time or are you one of those who made an account and then left then come back after years?

Hyperion: Oh I have been gone for quite some time. This is my 3rd “real” round playing serious again. I took about a 4 year break from games. I just got back into them heavy about 2 years ago, and as of recent here as friends dragged me here lol.

Hyperion: Rounds were hit or miss, I would pop in to see. I didn’t get a lot of the rule changes, and I would rather drink fifth at 5pm on a Thursday night in college than make an eor. So, during college I wasn’t into much games. I played a few smaller but that was it.

Ravenkc: Ok- well to me you are a Rookie then even though you recall names of the past you do not know the tmb history or what has gone on over the years. So when you came back who are the players you like to swap bullets with?

Hyperion: Swap bullets? I swap tongues. Anyone who wants it, can get it though.

Ravenkc: Hmm yes so I have discovered.. I mean who have you played with?

Hyperion: I played with Brotherhood hit or miss for a few rounds. One of my good friends brought me into the game, the same one who has me playing now lol. But I got bored there. Lack of leadership, and lack of balls.

Ravenkc: Lack of Balls that's interesting may I ask in what way you mean by that?

Hyperion: Backing down to IU. Nobody was willing to put up the bread to fight IU. I was ready for a change, and nobody was on board for that change.

Hyperion: the*

Ravenkc: Well many of the players there are looters as appose to collectors

Hyperion: Yes, true. But- there are still guys there that can put up $. To make a change. I got tired of talk, no action. I just stopped playing.

Hyperion: Now when I came back, that friend who was in BH at the time was no longer.

Ravenkc: Well and if you have noticed in the past few rounds the IU union Vs the Union with BH and IC has been somewhat interesting

Hyperion: It has been! That is what has interested me in playing serious again. It is a good battle right now

Ravenkc: Well than I am glad you have been inspired- I agree but I do not agree on your perspective that they have no balls I do think in the last few rounds they have proved that not to be true. Though you do mean in a sense of putting up cash?

Hyperion: I mean it in a number of senses. But of course, your opinion may be conflicted

Ravenkc: Well I guess like beauty.. situations and unions and politics are in the 'eye of the beholder' normally I'd blast you BUT I am trying to change my ways, and I need to allow others have their own opinions

Hyperion: I’d blast you, but then your eyes would be caked shut.

Hyperion: Whoops, is this supposed to be PG-13?

Ravenkc: I will disregard that comment considering the last encounter we had I left you flat on your back. OK so can you tell me about how you feel working with the IU crew?

Ravenkc: this is a rated 'R' game

Hyperion: Okay, great!

Hyperion: I love working with IU. Most of them are cut from the same cloth as me. Old school cunts to the core.

Ravenkc: But you can keep your cock in your jeans sir! just remember my gun is pink and has diamonds in it- I also have 4 snipers with you in target as we speak

Hyperion: Few of them get on my fucking nerves and they know who they are, but other than that- great team work, and leadership.

Ravenkc: Ok so who are the main ones you work with? Lopov and Righty?

Hyperion: Righty? He doesn’t play here anymore.

Hyperion: BigAnt is a close friend of mine. We took over a few smaller games together and became very close through that. He is who got me into playing serious again.

Ravenkc: oh!! really ok wow I need to do some Nancy Wake spy action in IU then I have not been there for about 10 rounds so I am out of the tmb IU action

Ravenkc: So BIGANT is really some kind of Big guy, he started in IC?

Hyperion: He’s a small guy without daddy round. But yes, he started in IC. And ironically enough, became good friends with pete as well.

Hyperion: Around**

Hyperion: Pete introduced me to Ant

Hyperion: If any of this correlates

Ravenkc: Oh yes I think Pete creeps around the IC van and is in and out of the IC chat

Ravenkc: right so it is about who you know not what you know?

Hyperion: Sure. I hear that is what they say.

Ravenkc: hmm I'm smirking at you

Hyperion: PS. Your dad is a big fan of mine. He is good people.

Ravenkc: so do you think you're game play in TMB will just revolve around collecting or do you also want to be involved within the kill ranks as well?

Ravenkc: Yes my father actually bought you to my attention months ago however I like to observe people for myself

Hyperion: I’m a killer to my core. If someone pisses me off enough they will feel me. I am still learning the kill point system and other ins and outs of the game before I do anything TOO crazy haha.

Hyperion: Again, this is much different from 10 years ago when it was just free/supporter ranks.

Ravenkc: yes the rules do change often and we like to keep it that way so as to create new challenges Well are you planning on being re trained so that you can get a good grasp of the killing system?

Hyperion: You wanna train me? I require lube.

Hyperion: Lol! I am just getting the grasp of kill points. It’s like riding a bike. I still have the training wheels on. I just don’t get why it is not DU kills. Kill points are stupid.

Hyperion: Make it so that unarmed du’s don’t count toward kill count, and bring old du kill count back. Simple.

Ravenkc: I don't kill for the kill points I just like to zero big smart arse collectors for fun so I am not the person you need to be rubbing lube on

Hyperion: Well, I’d like to Raven, but we will keep that out of this interview.

Ravenkc: No way its saying in!!

Hyperion: Damn you.

Ravenkc: so you need to tone that down you sound kinda perverted

Ravenkc: hahahah

Hyperion: I’m also hung like a horse. Do you accept pictures in the interviews?

Hyperion: Some might say pony, I say horse.


Ravenkc: Well now we know the kind of media that will match the interview! hahahah

Ravenkc: and all I can think of is that Pony song in my head now

Hyperion: What pony song?

Pony by Genuwine

Ravenkc: "My saddle Baby.. come and .. jump on it”

Ravenkc: wait? are you an American Cowboy? or one of those City Slicker types?

Hyperion: I don’t do foreign. If you didn’t know Donald is the new president and I want to keep all of my guns.

Hyperion: #BuildTheWall

Hyperion: I’m a city slicker. Like I said, I work the corner.

Ravenkc: hmm so kinda like that Wall St guy with a lot of cash?

Hyperion: Something like that. I’m better looking than Leo though.

Ravenkc: what kind of cologne do you wear?

Hyperion: My mom says so at least.

Hyperion: BTW- thanks for the funds mom. Without you, I wouldn’t be where I am in mafia games!

Hyperion: Cologne? People still wear cologne?

Ravenkc: Better looking then Leo huh - well that's good I wouldn't want to have a 'titanic' moment with you because I would have to have you drown while I save myself then everyone will talk about that

Hyperion: Well I would have thought you would have drowned yourself in drool by now being a dull Australian but I guess thats what i get from jumping the gun.

Hyperion: for*

Hyperion: :P

Ravenkc: There is nothing 'dull' about this Australian but I am sure after some time you wil figure that one out on ur own!! Ok so you recently won a turbo can you give me the story on that?

Hyperion: I built and took the win. That is that.

Ravenkc: I see and that is all you would like to say on that?

Hyperion: Sure. if you have any questions you would like to ask about it- I will feel free to answer.

Ravenkc: Well word has it you ditched the IC/BH turbo team in the last mins and switched to IU- is this how it actually happened or is there more to the story you would like to clear up?

Hyperion: What happened was I joined the wrong team in the main round.

Hyperion: I had a few acquaintances in BH, I joined for shits and gigs, not planning on taking anything serious.

Hyperion: As I got more involved, my true friends were in IU and I couldn’t do anything to leave BH. I joined IU in the turbo and bought and took the win. Then, I joined in with IU in following main.

Ravenkc: ok- so it may not be as sinister as it has been spread about the game?


Ravenkc: that is you're tmb song now

Ravenkc: when I see you I will think of this song

Hyperion: The turbo got me into wanting to take the game more serious. it wasn’t a “whore” move as many think. I don’t ask for ranks or any of that sort. I play for fun, if a rank comes sure. I will do any and everything for the family i am in though.

Hyperion: Family comes before me. I’m not concerned about rankwhoring

Ravenkc: Ok then well I am glad we cleared that up. do you see you and your crew taking further rounds and also what do you think of Vikings opinion on the war, basically it seems as though IU are being beaten and zeroed but a spender simply buys the round- how do you feel about that?

Hyperion: Of course- we will always win. As for being beaten? I see many zeroes over there too, and they have way more people. It’s a good war, but they are definitely getting the stick.

Hyperion: If Viking wants to talk heavy though, he can feel free to find my inbox for a direct challenge.

Ravenkc: Maybe it wasn't Viking .. maybe it was me wanna get heavy?

Hyperion: I’ll get heavy. Now you just sound biased in this interview lol

Ravenkc: how so I allowed you to have your opinion- which i think is wrong but you are allowed to have that opinion

Ravenkc: and I appreciate your perspective on the war- in saying I do not agree does not mean I am right at all

Hyperion: Right. We are all entitled. I understand.

Ravenkc: I am an insane crazy woman after all I can be wrong about a lot of things!

Ravenkc: shit happened when you are run by your emotions and surrounded by all these logical men

Ravenkc: Ok I think I have taken enough of your time, and I really appreciate you letting me to probe your young gaming mind. since you are not a vet you do not need shout outs but you can have shout outs to your new found mates and comrades in tmb and anything else you would like to say before I take off those hand cuffs and let you leave the studio

Hyperion: Shout out to BigAnt, LOPOV, Matty Ice, Righty (R.I.P)

Hyperion: Thanks, Raven. It was fun!