Добрый день! Ink-Slinger here with the Main Round 838 review. This time, round 836. This round’s focus seemed to be on killing operatives. There were a few builds at start of round but several were quickly eliminated within a few days. Seemed like most everyone was hitting (or being hit) by someone. The exception seemed to be Southside who were still loaded with DU at the 8-hr mark in the round. To sustain the previous 9 days with only minimal damage suggests that they may have nap’s with most all the families in the game or that they are just darn good killers and know who to hit and who not to hit. What do you think?

On a different note, the war between IU and Inner Circle continued on. Not sure if it will ever end. These two unions have had it in for each other for many, many months. Both unions have strong leaders and neither team is willing to let the other have an easy go of it.

But this round was all about hits on operatives for these two unions. The biggest assault seemed to come from Inner Circle, but IU held their ground and returned fire. I don’t know how many ops were taken this round, but there were a LOT. Neither union was going to make it easy on the other if either decided to try for the jackpot.

With end of round coming and the JP at a very modest $838 it was hard to tell what was on people minds as far as the jackpot $$ was concerned. UC was looking very strong and certainly in a position to make a run for it and of course IU and IC were lurking about as always, but both unions had taken heavy hits on their operatives so would it be too costly for them to try for a win?

I saw many players online, all of which were very capable of trying for a win, but no movement whatsoever from any of them for either the JP or further ops builds. So all we could do is wait and see who would be the one to make the first move.

Just seconds before the 1-minute mark, Bravo of Inner Circle built to 10m ops and started his collect. I watched to see if IU or even UC would attempt a run at the top prize but they didn’t and Bravo coasted to an easy, unchallenged win and a jp of $1300.

Hollywood_Hubert of UC secured the silver medal holding $37T and Leith2 of Inner Circle took home the bronze with just $6T in his bank. Dutchi-Hit (Southside) and TMK (IU) rounded out the top 5 in level 4.

Congrats to Bravo on his win and to all the other rankers in this level.

-Level 4-

1. Bravo $124,863,046,288,727
2. Hollywood_Hubert $37,019,735,799,671
3. Leith2 $6,002,944,753,831
4. Dutchi-Hit $5,707,470,087,911
5. TMK $3,711,363,070,155
6. Priest $1,757,382,964,184
7. AfterDeath $672,616,256,679
8. Domenico $218,056,649,629
9. BOSSHOG $151,132,938,326
10. RagnarLodbrok $100,439,817,512

from Babbo

It was a great round until I heard that IU was giving UC a Free Main Round. So I decided to go in and take the Pot Home.

You either fight IU or live with the consequences and repercussions... To be honest its sad to see UC going down to work w/ IU again, especially because they have the potential to go for rounds etc on their own.

Anyway, Congrats to everybody who ranked, and thanks to all new and long-time members of IC for this great round.
from Hollywood_Hubert

Well, to go with UC philosophy of BALLS DEEP was going for the win.
i was thinking one thing but another thing happened and got blues balls or i hit the wrong hole..... aahhhh tried to redirect and only could save family priZe.

UC did awesome though as a family Highest amount of wealth ever for us during a round.

Eor didn't go great but if you go BALLS DEEP enough you know it doesn't always work out as planned.
from Leith2

Really not much to say but IC kicked butt and that the Lev 4 bronze was unexpected. Thanks to everyone for it and congrats Babbo

Level 3 was won by Mrs.Rome from Southside with a respectable $6T, but the real battle was for 2nd place with Jupiter (Loco_Ghosts) beating out SkunkDog (Foundhell) by just $1,534,750,736! That is by far the closest race I have ever seen! It is possible though, that it was planned that way since FoundHell and Loco_Ghosts are both part of the same union: Devilshly_Devious. The remaining ranks were taken with lower than normal values. Ranks 7-10 going for well under $100b each.
Congrats to all the medal winners and rankers in level 3.

-Level 3-

1. Mrs.Rome $6,001,960,592,995
2. JUPITER $1,251,792,512,841
3. SkunkDog $1,250,257,762,105
4. RagingYoshi $694,542,517,054
5. Primus $672,592,930,616
6. LeatherNutz $198,536,067,816
7. EFH $86,385,188,337
8. Mario_Maserati $37,543,304,159
9. Beva $23,095,463,680
10. WARPATH $12,445,510,951

from Mrs.Rome

Haha I don’t know what to say! I wasn’t expecting it at all, I’ve only been playing for a couple rounds. I really didn’t think I’d get the hang of the game as quickly as I did! Took forever for him to do it, but Rome convinced me to play and now I see why he loves this game!
Congrats Mrs.Rome and glad Rome was able to persuade you to play. Would be great to see more couples playing together…. Maybe then there would be less spousal arguments. ��

Moving on to Level 2 rankings, we saw yet another level going for low dollars. The Gold medal went to Whiskey_Dick (Southside) for only $1.2T and second and third place was secured for just $893 billion (yes.. billion!) and $819b. Greasy (Inner Cirle) and Fighting_Irish (CapoDiTuttiCapi) were the silver and bronze medalists. Nice job everyone!

-Level 2-

1. Whiskey_Dick $1,205,223,499,705
2. Greasy $893,279,336,581
3. Fighting_Irish $819,373,714,159
4. Whats_my_Name $721,248,751,629
5. enid $649,008,441,701
6. Cassy $248,897,353,564
7. Gallio $209,185,888,669
8. EgilSkallagrimsson $150,115,314,304
9. Lotte $98,628,009,365
10. HITSQUAD $60,083,138,335

from Greasy

Thank you! This was my first round with IC. I was not expecting a medal, but soon found out that over here in IC you get rewarded for your hard work. Thanks Jackie, Teds, NoMrcy, and everyone else in the union for making it happen. Special thanks to Don Tru for making this great Union!

As is the norm lately, some Level 1 ranks were more costly than parallel ranks in levels 2 and 3. Druss from CapoDiTuttiCapi earned the gold medal with a worth of $2.3T compared to level 2 gold which went for half the value ($1.2T).

Erudite (Southside) was the silver medal winner with $2.2 trillion or twice the value as silver in level 3 and Mr_NaMeLeSs of Nameless seated himself in the bronze medal spot with just $700b.

-Level 1-

1. Druss $2,300,430,289,001
2. Erudite $2,216,405,133,868
3. Mr_NaMeLeSs $700,470,061,870
4. Darkstar $608,790,962,817
5. SEXY-JAG $501,696,568,184
6. lllll $166,246,751,672
7. Zakwon $16,355,920,449
8. Select $9,542,831,422
9. Ricky_Bubbles $9,132,945,063
10. OneManArmy $7,486,108,950

from Erudite

If you are actually reading this, get a FUCKING life. Spend more time with your family, friends, lovers, and improving, in any little way you can, the well-being of OUR community called humanity.

Many thanks,
from Mr_NaMeLeSs

It's an honour to be part of the NaMeLeSs crew.
For the 29!

In Killer ranks, GaTGaTGaT was first out of the gate and lead the race the entire round and ended with an impressive lead over Rookie (UC) who took the silver medal. MafiaGod (Southside) and AfterDeath (Loco_Ghosts) battled for the bronze with MafiaGod beating out AfterDeath for the bronze medal by just 46k kps.

I noticed that GaTGaTGaT was a loner this round so I asked him why he did not have a family. Here was what he had to say:

from GaTGatGaT

I work better alone..!!
LOL…There maybe some truth to that but for those of you that may not know, GaTGaTGaT is also a member of UC_Avengers who competed for family ranks in the individual level. Per the game rules for indy family, only one ranker per level. So with Rookie going for killers as well, it was a way to get two members in position for a medal and won credits. Smart move on UC part since it earned their guys a total of 70k credits in this level. Nice job gentlemen and congrats on your medals!

-Best Supporter Killers-

1. GaTGatGaT 5,310,300
2. Rookie 2,994,788
3. MafiaGod 1,930,288
4. AfterDeath 1,884,032
5. BOSSHOG 1,771,536
6. Bumpyjohnson 1,321,260
7. Nino 926,289
8. Titus 798,636
9. Blues 768,238
10. Assassin 658,391

In Free Killers ranks we saw a close race between Charmander (Southside) and hazmoore (Pinoy_N_Co). After battling back and forth all round, Charmander emerged the gold medal winner beating out hazmoore by just 30,043 kill points! Nice job fellas!

But that wasn’t the only close race in this level. 0844 (Nameless), Go_Go (Loco_Ghosts) and lazy_dave (Cripple_Crime_Synd) were battling hard for the bronze medal. Only 44,338 kps separated 3rd and 5th. In the end, 0844 squeaked past Go_Go by only 1552 kps and lazy_dave had to settle for 5th place.

-Best Free Killers-

1. Charmander 592,510
2. hazmoore 562,467
3. 0844 378,171
4. Go_Go 376,619
5. lazy_dave 332,833
6. Hitman_Grimz 271,119
7. RaiseHell 225,968
8. paddyenglish 206,982
9. mcreason 148,550
10. f_u_punk 117,112

Moving on to the Collecting awards, the winner of the Gold Medal in family level goes to UC_Avengers who banked $8.3T to earn the top spot. This should come as no surprise as they held on to the spot the entire round. Southside_Elite took the Silver and WC_MU_420 got the bronze. CapoDiTuttiCapi and NaMeLeSs had a shootout at the end with Capo narrowly securing 4th place by just $26 billion more than NaMeLeSs.

Congrats to all the bosses and families in this level. Unfortunately, I did not get any comments to share from this level.

-Collecting Family-

1. UC_Avengers Hollywood_Hubert $8,311,628,464,087
2. SouthSide_Elite MaDd_MaXx $7,052,751,210,806
3. WC_MU_420 BliZzArD_420 $3,247,617,524,945
4. CapoDiTuttiCapi Roger $2,187,492,942,666
5. NaMeLeSs Domenico $2,161,198,758,980

In the Collecting Union level, IC_CAPTCHA-the-Loot was in the lead for a good portion of the round flipflopping back and forth at times with IU_RU_HQ. As the round neared the end, IU_RU_HQ made their final union deposit to recapture the lead and looked to be home free with yet another union gold. Darkstar of IC was holding the union loot and just as the round ended he was able to make a quick deposit to tip the scales (and the gold medal) to Inner Circle with union value of $20.5T. IU would take home the silver with $19.4T and TheHood, lead by Big_Sarge would snag the bronze medal with a $12.2T union bank.

Rounding out the field of five was Devilishly_Devious in 4th and War-Vikings in 5th.

Congrats to the ranking unions. Great team effort everyone!

-Collecting Union-

1. IC_CAPTCHA-the-Loot Tru $20,548,585,647,660
2. IU_RU_HQ LOPOV $19,473,297,466,720
3. TheHood Big_Sarge $12,258,359,953,564
4. Devilishly_Devious Griselda $10,087,313,181,551
5. WAR-VIKINGS SEXY-JAG $790,321,443,534

Staying true to their gladiator name, I saw a lot of hitting, both in in and out, with War-Vikings so I asked Floki who they were fighting with. Here is the answer I received:

from Floki

Who weren't we warring against... lol

Many different fams were trying to instigate us... UC_Avengers was definitely on the top of the list, Capo and Pinoy are always after our lucky charms too!!! Lol
And with that, we’ve arrived at the end of another main round review. Until next time my friends, this is Ink-Slinger signing off!! Have a good round all!