El Chapo: Interview with a TMB Drug Lord
.... by Ink-Slinger

It was late in the afternoon on Wednesday when the phone rang. I thought about just letting it ring, as it had already been an unbearable week and all I wanted to do right now was get home, fix a drink and contemplate why the hell I ever decided to make journalism a career choice. But I knew if I didn’t pick up, it would come back to bite me in the ass so reluctantly answered the phone.

“Hello, this is Ink Slinger. How can I help you?”. Dead silence. I waited, but nothing. I knew someone was there, as I could hear them breathing on the other end. “Hello?? Are you there? How can I help you?”. After what seemed like forever, a gravelly voice came on the line and told me that El Chapo had requested my presence at 9pm at Club Deville and then hung up. I knew who El Chapo was, but had no clue where Club Deville was and had never even heard of the place. I really was not interested in meeting up with anyone at this point, but I opened my laptop anyway and googled Club Deville.

Located on the southside of town, this little speakeasy was a known mafia hangout back in probation days. I grabbed my hat and recorder and headed off to see what El Chapo had for me. Maybe he was going to confess to some of his crimes? Or maybe he had some information on something big going down in TMB land.

After a series of unfortunate events, ranging from taxi accident to traffic jams, I was delayed several hours getting to the meeting location. By the time I finally did get there, I wasn’t even sure if Chapo would be there to meet with me. But I had already invested time in this thing, so I might as well see it through… and besides, you don’t just say NO to El Chapo do you?

It was well after midnight when I finally arrived and was surprised to see that there were still quite a few people in the Club. The man at the door, somehow knew who I was and escorted me to a private room off the back of the restaurant. Upon entering the room, I was greeted by two thugs, both packing some serious heat, and directed to sit and El Chapo would be with me shortly. At this point, I still had no fuckin’ idea why this guy even wanted to see me. Laughing out loud, one of the thugs said, “He wants you to interview him.”

What the fuck? I’m here because this guy wants a fucking interview??!!! Right now, I could be at home, on my second or third drink AND getting laid, but instead I’m here, waiting to do an interview with a Mexican drug lord… I guess I should be thankful as it’s not every day that a Kingpin like El Chapo has one of his thugs ring you up because he wants to talk to you.

Just then the door opens…..

El_Chapo ...: knock knock

Ink Slinger: Hello. El Chapo??

El_Chapo ...: Hows it going?

El_Chapo ...: thought i missed ya again

Ink Slinger: pretty good... can you give me one minute... I am on the phone

El_Chapo ...: yea

Ink Slinger: ok.. done thanks.

Ink Slinger: finally we hook up!

El_Chapo ...: yupp

Ink Slinger: Ok.. so let's get too it. you ready?

El_Chapo ...: lets try to keep it a Q an A kinda thing lol

El_Chapo ...: but im ready..

Ink Slinger: yep.. that is how I do it..

El_Chapo ...:

Ink Slinger: So how long have you been playing TMB and how did you come to play?

El_Chapo ...: I came to play when i was a kid way back in like round 118 or so, joined a family called 5 points Manhattan ..I left though, an just recently came back when IOU was having a reunion an stayed. I found the game just on google it happen to pop up so i clicked it..

Ink Slinger: Ah.. so you are an old school player then?

Ink Slinger: I saw you had a 1 year badge

El_Chapo ...: You could say that, My first account was banned..

Ink Slinger: Like so many others.

Ink Slinger: Care to elaborate on that?

El_Chapo ...: I just remember having some issues with staff an you know how that ends ..

Ink Slinger: Oh yes, not always on a good note either.

El_Chapo ...: This was years back ..

Ink Slinger: So 5 Pts was your first family?

El_Chapo ...: 5 points was my first home yes..

El_Chapo ...: Some are still around.

Ink Slinger: And who was your first boss? Do you remember?

El_Chapo ...: The mad hatter

El_Chapo ...: We need more like him

Ink Slinger: I remember that name.. so he was a good boss then?

El_Chapo ...: yes, Cant remember the dons name st micheal knows his name ..

Ink Slinger: 5 pts was around for quite a while too. Sorry to see them gone from the game.

Ink Slinger: Have you played with other families or unions?

El_Chapo ...: Omerta, Pissheads, ICS, PHX,i was everywhere back in the day but i stayed where i went for a while an always left on good terms

Ink Slinger: Wow.. you did get around... all old school names and good families too.

Ink Slinger: Have you always used the same game name? Even back then?

El_Chapo ...: No i went thru names as most of us do ... my first name was Akon, then mr akon, the bounty hunter, dracula, an now el chapo this return...been the same for a year now

Ink Slinger: I remember Akon and bounty hunter.

Ink Slinger: Didn't realize you were them. lol

El_Chapo ...: Yeah i even paid $5,000,000,000 back then for a media for both of them

El_Chapo ...: lol

El_Chapo ...: back then that was hard to come by

El_Chapo ...: The guys name was vishual

Ink Slinger: LOL.. well things were really different then. I remember someone else making media for $15 and you could pay them by paypal.

El_Chapo ...: Yeah i met those guys as well

Ink Slinger: I think I did that once.. can't remember the media but it was pretty darn good and I thought it was a good deal.

Ink Slinger: So let's get back to your name.

Ink Slinger: Now you are El Chapo... Why did you select that name?

El_Chapo ...: He was a kingpin. People know the name. its got a background. it speaks by itself

El_Chapo ...: an i like it

Ink Slinger: Hopefully, unlike the real El Chapo, you've been able to stay out of prison.

Ink Slinger: lol

El_Chapo ...: I've changed my ways of living few years ago...

El_Chapo ...: My mom is in federal prison so it was a eye opener..

Ink Slinger: Sounds like you've had a lot to overcome. I'm happy that you were smart enough to realize that you needed to make a change.

Ink Slinger: That's a big step for sure.

El_Chapo ...: We all have our young wild days ..

Ink Slinger: yes, we sure do.

El_Chapo ...: i bet u did some things :P

Ink Slinger: Me? No, never. I was an angel. 8 years of Catholic school. lol

El_Chapo ...: i heard some things about Catholic schools but i wont say ,lol

Ink Slinger: Yeah.. best to leave that one alone. The Catholic church has enough problems already.

Ink Slinger: Ok, so you are currently in UC... and I know you were also in IU

El_Chapo ...: Yes i got nothing but love for UC

El_Chapo ...: #shoutoutToMYUCBOYS&GIRLS

Ink Slinger: have you been in any other families recently besides UC and IU?

El_Chapo ...: Not recently no

Ink Slinger: From what I'm hearing, is that you've found your true home with UC?

El_Chapo ...: yeah man,uc is my true home unless they disappear imma be here with them along their way...They gave me a home when everyone else was just bullshiting an using people then kicking them ...im not with that

Ink Slinger: UC is doing really well. They have built a solid family and I have nothing but respect for them.

Ink Slinger: What is your preferred playing style? Killer? Collector? Looter? Troublemaker?

El_Chapo ...: Im kinda all,In my personal opinion i cause trouble sometimes ,i kill ,collect an loot when in range or playing as a free player.

Ink Slinger: so you are a well-rounded player able to adapt and conform to any environment?

El_Chapo ...: You can say that ..

El_Chapo ...: i started being a looter in 5 points

El_Chapo ...: but really sprouted when candy thaught me how to loot back in pissheads. She kicked me out tho cause i didnt loot enough tho . if i remember correctly

El_Chapo ...: when i came back the game completely changed

Ink Slinger: Yes it did.. and I will touch on that shortly, but want to ask you about the "troublemaker" part... I think there's a bit of a story there..

Ink Slinger: Could you elaborate on some of your troublemaker days and what you did?

El_Chapo ...: For example i dropped over 100$ into the game an got booted at eor so ive taken banks that i thought i deserved even tho it wasnt nowhere near what i shoulda got..ive killed ppl i shouldnt of lol ...

Ink Slinger: so all around bad boy at times

El_Chapo ...: Unpredictable u could say

Ink Slinger: I think that's a really good term to use.

Ink Slinger: But it does keep the game interesting and fun.. which it should be.

El_Chapo ...: right ,theirs not millions of players anymore

El_Chapo ...: sometimes u just gotta be that wolfgang

Ink Slinger: LOL.. for sure!

Ink Slinger: you mentioned that the game wasn't the same as it use to be and everything is different now

Ink Slinger: What do you like about TMB now?

Ink Slinger: and what do you dislike?

El_Chapo ...: i like that theirs not millions of players ,but we could use alot more ...

El_Chapo ...: my dislikes

Ink Slinger: uh oh.. that's a plural!

Ink Slinger: (worry).... preparing myself

El_Chapo ...: theirs not to much i dont dislike

El_Chapo ...: besides not winning..lol

El_Chapo ...: #UC

El_Chapo ...: #RECKSFREE

Ink Slinger: That he is!

Ink Slinger: Only a few more questions before we wrap this up. I know it's late for you.

Ink Slinger: Who has been your biggest mentor?

El_Chapo ...: i would have to say hollywood hubert an nexus an wolfgang ...

Ink Slinger: all great players and very knowledgeable

Ink Slinger: Who is your favorite TMB Queen and why?

El_Chapo ...: im married ......but

Ink Slinger: you don't have to answer

Ink Slinger: I can strike that question

El_Chapo ...: okay lol

El_Chapo ...: had me in a bind

Ink Slinger: did not want to do that... it was just a general question..

Ink Slinger: Any enemies?

El_Chapo ...: ahh i would think i had some

El_Chapo ...: i know found hell has to be pretty salty ..

Ink Slinger: meaning upset with you?

El_Chapo ...: yes,i really dont target noone unless they hit the family or im looting

Ink Slinger: Ok.. last question...

El_Chapo ...: lets put killer beauty on that tmb queen question an why cause she is just so damn kinky lmao

Ink Slinger: Ok.. will add it in.

Ink Slinger: so last question...

Ink Slinger: Any tips for the new players to TMB?

El_Chapo ...: If Any new players want to win an strive to greatness UC may have a home for you...But if you think its a free ride think again ... Join clutch then.

Ink Slinger: LOL!

El_Chapo ...: Free 20k

Ink Slinger: Free turns are always good!

Ink Slinger: Before we wrap this up, let’s put you under the gun for 1 min of rapid fire questioning. You gotta be quick! First thing that pops into your head.

El_Chapo ...: lets do it

Ink Slinger: favorite food

El_Chapo ...: pizza

Ink Slinger: favorite beverage

El_Chapo ...: coke

Ink Slinger: favorite color

El_Chapo ...: blue

Ink Slinger: What would you like to buy but can’t afford

El_Chapo ...: a mansion

Ink Slinger: What kind of music do you like?

El_Chapo ...: everything

Ink Slinger: Dog or Cat?

El_Chapo ...: dog fuck a cat

Ink Slinger: Favorite breed?

El_Chapo ...: pitbull

Ink Slinger: favorite place to shop

El_Chapo ...: mall

Ink Slinger: Is there life on other planets?

El_Chapo ...: most def

Ink Slinger: Damn good ... you are quick!

El_Chapo ...: that’s not what she said

Ink Slinger: LOL... got me on that one!

Ink Slinger: last thing... time for your shout outs

El_Chapo ...: EVERYONE IN UC I LOVE YA GUYS , Mom look i made it!! ummm Glock-18 where you at ? wrong family man ...

Ink Slinger: Well that's it El Chapo. It's been a pleasure getting to know you better.

El_Chapo ...: okay its been good chatting they'll show you the way out..

Ink Slinger: Thank you for your time and have a good rest of the round.

El_Chapo ...: you do the same

And with that I was shown the door, rather quickly I might add, and found myself standing outside Club Deville. It was nearly 2 a.m. and had started to rain. The fog had already settled in lending an eerie feeling to the early morning hours of Thursday. I flagged down a taxi and headed home… thankful to still be alive after meeting with one of the most ruthless, dangerous and feared mobsters on the planet.

Until next time... this is Ink-Slinger signing off. And remember, if you see news happening, let me know!!