Aloha kakahiaka TMB community! Ink here with wrap-up of Round 830. I had to start this review early because there was so much action going on that it was extremely difficult to stay on top of it all!

Let’s see what happened!

Immediately out of the gate Dezl built strong and was sitting atop the leader board with a hefty number of operatives and defensives. At the 7 days 20 hr mark that changed and Teds from Inner Circle built up and zeroed Dezl leaving him with only his operatives. I thought it would end there, at least for a while anyway, but that’s not how it went. Almost immediately Dezl increased his ops count to 10m by rebuilding hitmen to 3.5 million. I thought after this display of machoism that things would calm down for a while, but again I was wrong.

JolietJake (UC_Avengers), whom I mentioned last round, had been calmly building during the beginning days of the round and decided he wanted a piece of the action too and moved in on Dezl, killing all his hitmen. At this point, the jackpot had already reached cash payout status of $1271. A sane person might think that things would stop there, but of course this is TMB and like before, that’s not what happened.

The jackpot jumped and Dezl rebuilt yet again….. this time to kill JolietJake, which of course he did successfully. At this point I lost track of the number of builds and rebuilds. It was way past my bedtime but I just couldn’t bring myself to shut down the computer and go to sleep without watching this to the end.

Dezl was sitting strong with 2.5 million hitmen and JolietJake rebuilt to 3.5 million DU and started hitting. Unfortunately, Jake either did not realize that Dezl was all hitmen or Jake is a fairly new player and does not understand the attacking power differences between Hitmen and Body Guards/Thugs because he wasn’t being very effective at killing Dezl. I saw him add more du to 4.5m and he was finally was able to zero Dezl again……. But of course that didn’t last for very long and before I even had time to grab more popcorn and a soft drink, Jake was dead again. This time though it would stay that way for the night and I was finally able to get some sleep.

For those of you that are new to the game, when fully armed, Hitmen are the strongest of all defenses and you aren’t going to be able to kill them with bgs/thugs unless you build about 2.25% more bgs/thugs to your targets Hitmen. As an example, say your target his 100k hitmen.. you would need about 230-250k bgs/thugs to kill him… and even at that, you still may lose the first one or two hits. So remember, it is possible to kill hitmen with bgs/thugs, you just have to have a larger percent of defenses than your target does.

For the next several days that’s the way things stayed. Dezl and his union, I-Gonna-Give_It-To-U sitting on top of the leader board with $88 Trillion in the union bank. IC_1-NightStand was trailing way behind with $37 trillion and as the days numbered down, it looked like Dezl and his union were on their way to an easy win.

With three days left the jackpot was sitting at a robust $2587. I noticed that JoleitJake had rebuilt to 1.6m du but unlike earlier in the round, this time he didn’t build to kill Dezl and it looked like Dezl wasn’t interested in killing him either. Maybe one waved the white flag and both TMB warriors decided to play nice. ???

With EOR coming up I assumed Jake was going to build up and make a run for the JP. He seemed like the logical choice since he had already invested heavily into the round so might as well see it through and try for the win. I checked the standings with 3 hrs left and it looked like Jake may have hit Dezl again as I believe I saw Jakes name as the last hitter on Dezl.. but if so, it didn’t really matter as Dezl was once again sitting with 7.6m du and no had 18m ops. The jackpot had increased to a tidy sum of $2951. With 30 minutes left Dezl had made his collect and was holding $123 tril with his union having $61T. At the 10 minute mark, I checked in on Jake hoping to see some signs of life but saw nothing and started to think that Jake wasn’t going to try and the round would end with Dezl taking home a nice JP, thanks in part to Jake.

From past experience I know that challenges usually begin to happen with about 2 minutes left. I was still expecting to Jake make a move, but it never happened. Checking the level prizes I saw Dezl had taken on a bit more cash and was now at $132T with “7” from InnerCirle in second place with $43T and DirtyKY in third with $24T. Was one of them going to try for a steal? Then I saw it, the Jackpot had jumped to $4876 so I knew someone was attempting a challenge. I quickly switched to the awards page and was surprised at what I saw. Yolo, had flown under the radar all round, but had now built to 38m ops and on his way to a huge collect. Once Dezl realized what had happened he started to collect as well. At this point the jackpot had risen again and was at $5838. Dezl tried to catch up but his 18 million ops were no match for his challengers 37m and he finally stopped with a networth of $626 trillion.

As the round came to an end, we saw Yolo as the winner holding $1.4 quadrillion to Dezl’s $626 trillion. Krispy took home the bronze with a paltry sum of $13 tril. I was quite surprised that no one came to Dezl’s aid and try to help him out once they realized a challenge was happening. I actually felt kind of bad for him that no one was there to support him.

-Level 4 Prizes-

1 Jackpot $5,838 yolo $1,511,385,834,323,004
2 125,000 turns DezL $626,195,838,585,149
3 75,000 turns KrispY $13,002,005,003,733
4 50,000 turns jolietJake $7,034,730,633,018
5 40,000 turns nexus $5,601,754,599,782
6 30,000 turns Mitsui $5,085,244,418,364
7 15,000 turns Leith2 $3,500,754,665,114
8 10,000 turns DirtyKY $500,937,571,722
9 7,500 turns Vito $479,283,851,800
10 5,000 turns stabber $301,444,390,589

from yolo dit really goes to Babbo for training me well.
Level 3 prizes showed Sir_White_Dragon as the gold medal winner with $8 trillion and BOSS-JATT getting the silver and Krayz the bronze. EOR values in this level weren’t too bad $4T separating the gold from the bronze. The tight race was 3rd with lazky_dave trying is hardest to nab that spot but he fell short by $200b and had to settle for 4th. Still a decent day at the office with 20k in won turns.

-Level 3 Prizes-

1 50,000 turns Sir_White_Dragon $8,000,343,396,358
2 40,000 turns BOSS-JATT $6,288,244,879,828
3 30,000 turns Krayz $4,801,157,688,901
4 20,000 turns lazky_dave $4,605,033,720,007
5 15,000 turns KY_Rider $3,000,036,870,572
6 12,500 turns MrMysterrio $2,100,238,768,000
7 10,000 turns Clutch $426,889,433,174
8 7,500 turns curly $51,460,967,281
9 5,000 turns Unbreakable_Soviet $47,499,201,022
10 3,000 turns Priest $36,089,075,097

from Domenico

We didn't do much for looting, but we had a few decent collects at the end. I knew we had third locked up unless Avengers or SS got cute, so I set for two tiers as well. Was a pretty basic EOR.
Level 2 had an even closer race between Tarzan and DUCKY for 2nd position. Tarzan looked like he was going to get it but when it was all over, Ducky had taken the silver with a value of $6.174 trillion compared to Tarzan’s $6.004 tril. Griselda blasted away his competition and easily took the gold with a commanding value of $16 trillion.

-Level 2 Prizes-

1 25,000 turns Griselda $16,010,076,361,112
2 20,000 turns DUCKY $6,174,369,759,511
3 15,000 turns Tarzan $6,004,699,276,681
4 10,000 turns XxX $3,300,097,336,313
5 9,000 turns GAMBIT $350,148,774,567
6 8,000 turns Mario_Maserati $22,963,532,448
7 7,000 turns Kidd $7,576,421,692
8 5,000 turns Cippola $6,834,676,897
9 2,000 turns Swiper $4,181,983,731
10 1,500 turns Cassy $4,141,586,260

from DUCKY
I guess I swung from a stronger vine then Tarzan
Totally unexpected. I had no clue, however IC has been all over for its people. Those that help and work are compensated and several are able to play EOR VERY WELL ...
EvaLday of Inner Circle took the gold in level one with $6.3 trillion beating out Blunts in 2nd by more than $3T. Emperor snuck in for the bronze medal and 10k credits with $1.3 tril.

-Level 1 Prizes-

1 20,000 turns EvaLday $6,301,997,495,223
2 15,000 turns Blunts $3,000,019,543,200
3 10,000 turns Emperor $1,389,556,352,586
4 9,000 turns St_Michael $487,729,029,501
5 8,000 turns Whiskey_Dick $390,170,675,747
6 6,000 turns Greesy $266,637,277,045
7 4,000 turns hooooop $242,188,494,412
8 2,500 turns dmx $202,758,255,112
9 1,500 turns TheHandyMan $74,238,612,221
10 1,000 turns enid $58,808,607,565

from EvaLday

We were built to win, but to be a winner, you must plan to win, prepare to win, and expect to win!

That's exactly what IC did this round. What can
I say? I would just like to thank all the people for the opportunity to be part of the organization. Also I want to say congratulations to yolo for winning the JP and all others that ranked due to IC org effort. Made the end of the round a whole lot more fun for everyone haha. In regards to the first place? Well, we like gold. If you prefer silver and thats ok too
Yes.. Gold is a nice color EvaLday. I wonder how much I could get for one of those Gold medals on eBay?

When I looked at the supporter killer ranks I was really surprised at what I saw. With all the hitting going on back and forth between JolietJake and Dezl, I fully expected to see Jake in medal spot at EOR. But nope… he was noticeably absent. Dezl was the top killer for the round (and rightfully so) with a kill count of 7.6 million. Ghost was second with just over 7 million KPs of his own and Malvo came in third with 3.3 million. Don-Sami and DUB rounded out the field of 5.

-Best Supporter Killer Prizes-

1 40,000 turns DezL 7,649,596
2 30,000 turns Ghost 7,099,689
3 20,000 turns Malvo 3,362,150
4 18,000 turns Don-Sami 2,321,416
5 16,000 turns DUB 2,236,683

from Malvo

Believe i was the only one not attacked during that round, so KP's kept generating.
Thanks to FH
Thanks to AnD_O
I found this quite interesting that Malvo could generate 3.3m kps without attacking anyone so I responded back, “LOL.. so you didn't even attack anyone?” to which he replied:

from Malvo

a few hits before eor, just to make sure.
So things didn’t quite happen as Malvo said the first time, and there was a bit of exaggeration on his part… but regardless of how he got them, he was still able to take a bronze medal and 20k won credits. Nice job Malvo and congrats to all the killers in this level.

Free killers had quite the battle going between Roger and freddysandord. Roger emerged the winner, narrowly edging out 2nd place freddysandord by just 25,884 kill points. Emperor came in third with 488k KPs. Trig in 4th and hm in 5th were separated by just 2082 points!

-Best Free Killer Prizes-

1 20,000 turns Roger 689,143
2 15,000 turns freddysandord 663,259
3 10,000 turns Emperor 488,153
4 9,000 turns Tig 406,665
5 8,000 turns hm 404,583

from Roger

we had great round, not only me got killer medal but also asskicker won killer bronze and in lvl1 he was 3rd.

It was verry tough, but we knew what to do to defend my first place, all was well prepared for freddysandord login

Want to thank you all capos who helped me, but also pinoy friends and Shayne who helped me in last hours of the round.
In Collecting Family prizes we saw UC_Avengers come out the victors over SouthSide_Elite with a banked value of $7.5 trill. This wasn’t surprising since UC was strong throughout the round and I fully expected them to take the gold medal. SouthSide_Elite did a good job during the round as well and rightfully assumed their spot in second place with $6.9 trillion followed by NaMeLeSs in 3rd with $2.6 trill. CoolCats and WARHOUNDS rounded out the ranking spots

-Collecting Family Prizes-

1 35,000 turns UC_Avengers $7,516,259,843,417
2 30,000 turns SouthSide_Elite $6,991,054,885,906
3 25,000 turns NaMeLeSs $2,612,761,584,549
4 20,000 turns CoolCats $2,478,187,926,639
5 15,000 turns WARHOUNDS $1,713,982,695,517

from Domenico

We didn't do much for looting, but we had a few decent collects at the end. I knew we had third locked up unless Avengers or SS got cute, so I set for two tiers as well. Was a pretty basic EOR.
from MrsKlown

It was fun. We will continue to enjoy our days here and keep the others guessing.
Collecting Union was a bit of a surprise to me… but then again maybe not. For nearly the whole round I-Gonna-Give_It_To-U was leading the ranks with IC_1-NightStand in the second spot. But as the round ended IC had jumped to first pushing IU down to second. I was waiting for Dezl to bank more cash in Union to gain the spot back. But it never happened… and IU finished in second place. I can only speculate as to way IU did not bank more cash to the gold medal. It may be something as simple as Dezl being too busy reacting to yolo’s challenge and was not thinking about union…. Or possibly it was something more. Especially since lately IU hasn’t seemed interested in family ranks. Either way this reporter will never know the real answer to that question, and that’s ok. I really hate Drama… regardless of what family it is. Thankfully, staff family does not have any drama queens and I hope it stays that way. 😉

AnD_O took the browse and the five prize spots were completed by KY_Does_TheHood in 4th and NOA in 5th.

-Collecting Union Prizes-

1 50,000 turns IC_1-NightStand $22,965,632,391,692
2 35,000 turns I-Gonna-Give_It_To-U $18,613,982,998,024
3 30,000 turns AnD_O $10,853,864,455,338
4 25,000 turns KY_Does_TheHood $2,622,968,045,481
5 20,000 turns NOA $503,126,902,710

from Tru
Sure thing ! I will post comment later this evening . Currently expanding our trophy room here, and busy atm.
from ShayneG
well for me i did nothing just the usual collect as for the family we did nothing
from Viking_Slap

We played well considering that many were busy with RL
We wish the winners best of luck
from Clutch

We were able to snag the 5th union spot. I recruited my ass off to bring 25 people to Kingie's union. From there, it was a bit of a free for all (no one was online for EOR). I looted what I could in the final hour, and got hoooop & myself 7th place in level 1 and 3, respectively. Made some easy credits last round!
So that’s pretty much it for this round.. Congrats goes out to Yolo on his JP win and to all the other individual medal winners and rankers as well as the family and union rankers. Good job everyone!

Before I go I have one more thing to share with you. While looking over the levels to see who was doing what to who, I ran across CoolCats family stats and noticed that Beva had been frozen. For those of you who don't know Beva, the easiest way to explain him is that you either love him or hate him. He is the kind of player that will spam your inbox with messages that leave you wondering, what the F is this guy talking about?

Now I’m not exactly sure what transpired to cause him to get frozen for the round, but thought it was a bit amusing since getting frozen is not exactly the “propppha” way to do things in TMB.... and for those of us that know Beva, know how proppa everything must be with him or you're going to hear about it. I contacted Beva as I interested in knowing how he felt about being frozen.

from Beva

Does it looook like ahhh give a sheeeeeit.
Ahhh gave ya somet
And as you can see, it didn't seem to bother him much.

And on that note, this is Ink-Slinger signing out! Thanks all!