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Day 10:

Hello playas, hope y’all enjoyed the last one. Day 10 to 9 was interesting. We saw the re-emergence of IC. They begged us not to hit them so we (UC) let them live.

In other news, I saw BH wasn’t subbed up after taking gold, however, the next day they were fully subbed up again to make a run at gold union. This round we saw killer ranks get increased, as well as family and union. Supporter killers gold is 300k, while silver is 130k, and bronze 110k. For free killers, gold gets 150k, silver gets 65k, and bronze gets 55k. Family gold increased from 50k to 75k , silver is 60k, and bronze is 40k. For union ,we see 100k for gold, 80k for silver, and the rest is unknown still as there has only been two unions with 30 members. I’d assume 60k for bronze. I saw Storm fixing up couple things for the Tea_Shop family which was cool and I added it in below. Looks like Tea Shop left the Marche Noir union. UC started this round with a double theme. They loved me so much they decided to make a theme about me and Canadians. Too many haters in this union, I think I need to explore my options soon. Smh.

Day 9:

The first real day of looting started. We saw the **** at IC, Kobe24 aka Triggerman, hit the bots like an **** and how he usually does. Another **** joined in… J-Money from FH. They were hitting the bots to 1.5bn networth lol.****s I swear.

Anyways, to put this into perspective, Triggerman aka Kobe looted 1.8trn at 11.7k hits while I reached that # with 5.5k hits…. Interesting though. As bots reset to 3bn nw, UC started off hot. I was kind of disappointed with how we got second last round so I wanted to make sure we get a good lead for when our collectors do damage. We saw a couple guys build big early on. Titus built to 4m ops while Mike_the_baker is at 2.6m ops and RH_Murd3r was at 2.2m ops.

Day 8:

At the start of day 8, we saw FH and IC battle it out in family ranks. Both families are within 100bn of each other, while UC has been dominating in the union ranks as of now.

Really, not much has happened so far into the round, don’t see many hits or many builds or anything. I did notice LOCOS join up with Marche Noir to create a union. It was interesting to see LOCOS subbed up this round! We also saw Titus build a bit bigger up to 5 million ops exactly which is always cool to see.

Day 7:

On the 7th day we saw BITCOIN (YK) start his build. Not sure how he split it up but he had about 5.8m ops and 6.5m defensives. He also did a 100k collect to get 5trn more to their union bank. The jackpot jumped to nearly $760. This round we are seeing about 6 families and 5 unions. With the prizes increased, it will be interesting to see how families and unions work towards tiers EOR. I do think many will emphasize on family/ union ranks rather than tiers. I do see a lot of people do prebuilds for supporter killers to get KPs as the prizes are increased. In free killers, we haven’t seen much yet, and rightfully so, it is still early in the round.

Another thing I’ve seen, that I’ve mentioned above is IC killing the bots. These ****, mostly Kobe24 (Triggerman) decides to pre-hit the bots. He loots about 100bn for about 3 hours of work. Then the reset rolls around and we all come and do 2-300 alone. Not sure why he doesn’t do his damage like all of us, but oh well, he’s an ****. I don’t think I’ve mentioned IC above either yet, but sheesh aren’t they built big! I mean if they didn’t beg for mercy with UC, don’t think it’d be same story, but got to give them props for two things. 1) getting rid of Jackie as boss, amen! 2) for begging for mercy. Take a look at them ops tho! In this round, they are looking like a strong favorite for family gold, however you can never count IU out with their JP ability.

Day 6:

Weeeeo Day 6 was an interesting day fellas. At least for us at UC. One of our prospects got his first major kill!! Shout out Anthony! However, it may have started a war for us, but we’ll continue to see how that goes throughout the round. Looting has been weak all round, mostly due to KOBE24 who has so many damn hits. Bitcoin has been playing slower than he has in the last couple rounds. As big of an advantage UC had in the union ranks, you cannot count out BH and their collectors. Sheesh they move quick. Sorry fellas, I couldn’t get much in about today, spent all day hitting the slopes snowboarding, on my Shaun White shit. Didn’t pay attention to the day much so I don’t have much information on the day.

Day 5:

Turbooooooooooo started. Very interesting turbo round. 180k capped, 90k won and 90k bought. Reminds me of a sports team cap. The won being 90k soft and the hard cap being 90k bought. This will be a very interesting turbo. Not sure how it will go but will be fun for sure. I’m not a big fan of the capped at 180k but it does add in some more teamwork and effort. Anyways, today was the first day we saw BH collect. Them mofos move quick!! From my count, they are sitting at 42m ops. I saw them with 2trn in their bank, I look again and it’s at 8trn!! Sheesh. UC has a lead on BH and LOCOS Marche for now, and we can never count either out as they are all sitting heavy. 3-legged race for gold! Will be interesting to see how this race affects EOR and tiers as well.

Also, took a while, but all 5 union spots are now filled! On the fifth day, IC separated themselves from the pack. They are sitting at top with 10.7trn, with Tea Shop (new upcoming fam) sitting second with 7trn, and FH only 200bn behind. Props to Tea Shop! They are holding their ground for a new family in game. Even after their banker was killed, they have upped their game up!

Also, in other news, all of FH was zeroed when I looked at them. Not sure what happened but haven’t got many comments.

Continuing with family ranks, if I could put money on it, I’d bet IU ends with family gold. With no IU looters, it looks as if IU will be contending for the round which usually leads to gold family/union. As killers prizes are increased, we saw Mass_Destruction from IU start early. He has 4.3m killpoints while Bitcoin and Mike_the_Baker round off the top three with 2.4m each. I haven’t seen much action in free killers. 4480 from Nameless took a lead on the gold spot with 290k kps, about 130k more than V who’s in second. I cannot jump to conclusions with free killers as seen last round, the top two both hit last day.

Day 4:

We started day 4 with Mass_Destruction going on a rampage. He had 5m kps already, however, he started to hit everyone in his range and got to 7.5m kps. That looks like it should get him a rank, if not the gold, but who knows?

In family ranks, we saw TS take sole possession of second in family ranks. They are sitting tight at 9.5trn while FH is in the high 7’s. IC though just took over in the family ranks. They are likely going to take home gold + some tiers if organized well. RH-Murd3r also started getting some hits in. Not many but got him enough to be in 5th place for now. Free killers wise, not much, still same old. This has been a quiet round for YK and co, maybe they’ll go for it at the end of the round rather than build throughout? BH’s cash flow was up as well. These guys do seem to collect quick.

Day 3:

Turbo just ended, and we are now into the final stretch of the main round! Congrats to all the winners! Today we saw a free killer emerge as the favorite. RocknRolla is sitting heavy with 700k kps while the second place is only at 300k! I can see him taking a medal, maybe even the gold. In other news, Titus started his spree. He worked up 2 million killpoints in a couple of hours. It will be interesting to see if he can take the gold or will have to settle for second place. in union ranks, UC has emerged as the front-runner for union gold with BH and LOCOS Marche fighting for second as both have nearly 20t! I saw a couple of hits between NAPs, but I assume it’s just due to the increased prizes in killer rankings. I’d have to say, there will be a lot of cash flowing around this round. I do think teams will emphasize the higher turns for family/union before thinking about tiers, but you never know. The rate of return is just much higher on getting a higher place. For example, getting gold family vs silver family is a difference of 450k turns! Between 2nd and 3rd is 600k turns. These do add up even though they are spread out rather than just one person having the turns.

Day 2:

The day started with a kaboom! Titus took his 3m+ hitmen to work, and he just started hitting everything in sight! He passed MD and ended at 11m kps. It looked as if he was destined for gold, but we’ll see what happens with that later on. We saw Bitcoin start to get some hits in of his own to get some more turns. One thing I found interesting was free killers. I noticed IU had 3 free killers in range of the gold (RocknRolla, NuGGz, and Leah), so I was confused as to what their plan was? Fams were hard at work collecting and looting. The bots picked up as they usually do. We were seeing bots reset near 8bn nw. This is a huge advantage as all round they were near 5.5-6bn. Hits wise, I saw Kobe24 hold most hits, (nearly 50k for the round), and I was in second with nearly 45k. UC still looked like the early favorite for gold union, and IC for gold family. Interesting to note, that in the end, neither of these two did get their golds. (I had pictures for today but am not sure where they went).

Editors note: I found them Reck.. teehee

Day 1:

EOR Thoughts:

- TMK takes level 4 gold and family gold. Was interesting to watch as he pushed JP but waited until the very end to build and collect!

- Shoutout to BH for taking gold in union again! Looked like we (UC) had an easy gold but we underestimated.

- BH has emerged as the front-runner for round 860 union gold (for now)

- UC put more emphasis on ranks instead of union which cost them gold

- BITCOIN ended up taking gold killers as he went on a spree late in the day, going well into the last hour.

- He also ended with a level 4 silver with a last second collect.

- Level 4 was pricy as shit. 4th/5th were decided by 100bn gap at 16.4 and 16.3. Bronze was taken at 19 which is usually price while JP was taken at a lower number than usual (40t).

- Free killers was interesting. IU ended up booting a couple. RocknRolla took gold with 810k, NuGGz silver with 735k, and Leah got to stay with fam but ended up with the bronze at 570k!

- Congratulations to Tea Shop on their medal! Well deserved!

- Level 1 was pricy. Gold/Silver level 1 could have taken gold level 2.

Round Thoughts/Questions:

- I thought clutch was supposed to retire? - Hmmm

- Lots of hits throughout NAPs due to the increased ranks, will be interesting to see how that carries forward between NAPs in upcoming rounds.

- Will IC or IU push to union next round? – I can see it happening soon enough

- Will anyone dare challenge IU in the next couple main rounds? – I think IC (Babbo) is planning for the right moment, but hey that’s just me.

- Will we see any big changes for the next round? – Find out on the next review!

- Will Ohana re-emerge as a winner as they did couple rounds ago? – I don’t see it happening, but anything is possible

Comments on the round:

from Leah:

Built Dus as normal since there was an increase on won turns for killers this round. Started killing on day 3 saw RocknRolla pull out a 600k KP lead over the silver guy so I knew I could rank easily since for some reason nobody was really killing.

I got to close to Gold / solid silver position kps and made the mistake of going offline for the night with 150k dus left and they were taken in morning.

All in all settled for bronze killer and gold fam so thanks a lot to the fam > IU.
from Darkstar:

iC finally found the spare key for the van!! we have been looking for it since Seth was abducted.... anyway that is a completely different and shady story... PM Snoman for the ransom value we have open for Seth, we dearly miss him and hope he is safe!

Anyway Round 858 was a great round for iC back in contention for family ranks again, for anyone interested, the missing van key was in dubs stomach.. that guy will eat anything it’s disgusting!!
The round would have been finished off nicely with a family gold had it not been for TMK's usual 'heroics' and IU banked up in front of us... its getting a bit old tbh.. but whatever we had a blast lets see what the next round brings!!

from Bitcoin:

Last round was cool, happened to land on all star weekend week here in Los Angeles, so I was pretty much unaware of what was happening until the last hours of game. I was way too busy. But lucky, there was enough DU'S still around to take down. Honestly don't care for ranks, I wouldve settle for 2nd honestly but hey.

Last hours I was around but barely, I was attending Jordan Brand event here in LA, had my computer ran to the car, luckily I have a wifi hotspot in my car, but it's limited. I signed back on with about 1 min and 30 secs, (very slow connection), and got maybe 3 collects in before the time expired.

Editors Note: The views and opinions expressed in this review are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of The Mafia Boss or its Staff.