Chicago – History of Violence: Then
….. by Jackie-D_Amico

Chicago, also called "Chiraq", has a long history of Violence not only in TMB but also dating back to prohibition and the Capone days. With the gangsters of the 1920's shooting each other up almost daily, and present day gangs like the Bloods and Crips, there was always a trail of bodies in the streets. The Chicago Outfit, another present-day gang, is well known by many mainly due to movies such as "The Untouchables" and "Casino".

The film “Casino” is based on the real-life story of a Chicago Outfit enforcer played by Joe Peschi. Anthony "The Ant" Spilotro was a big time Hitman and money maker for the Outfit during the 60's and 70's. He was sent to Vegas to oversee the Mobs control over the Casinos and gaming unions during these times but became greedy and started skimming some of the profits. Unfortunately, the Ant soon met his fate in an Indiana cornfield by orders of Outfit bosses Tony Accardo and Joey Aiuppa. Sometimes the best way to clean up a mess is by beating the hell out of someone and burying them alive!.

Chicago in the TMB world was very similar to the real life Chicago because it too had a long history of violence. When I first started playing in round 90, I became friends with notorious gangster Shaun AKA Scrappy_Doo. Scrappy was a psychopath, much like "Tommy Desimmone", Joe Peschi's character in the classic mob flick Goodfellas. Most people that played during this time hated Shaun because if you didn't know him, or wasn't on his side, he was an asshole. Scrappy was not a big supporter and did not spend $$ like some of the big-time players of this time, i.e. Cypriot and Troy. He may not have ranked or spent a lot, but he recruited a great squad of killers and supporters who were known for leaving families zeroed. When I joined up with him, Windy_City was his family and he ran it with an iron fist. Near Round 100, he cleaned house and changed the name of his Union to Enforcers.

At that time, the big Unions ("The Establishment" or "Rotation" families as we called them) consisted of Pissheads and Genovese led by Cypriot and Troy AKA I_Killed_UnUnUnU. Omerta led by Johnny_Pops and Mobsters_Club (another Chicago based family) led by JA and CORAL. Enforcers contained a solid group of guys and gave Cypriot and Pissheads a hell of a time.

Enforcers constantly battled “The Establishment” and ended up taking only 2 rounds before their rein came to an end about 20 rounds later. Such a short time for this powerhouse, but they had great players such as Joblin, Tommyboy, Skrill, Matt_H, WismerHill, Hannibal, UCME and Titus_Pullo. They did have some friends in the game though including Tony, aka RealtBone. Realt was also Anti-Establishment and he was the boss of FoundHell at that time.

Back then, Chicago was like the wild west, with many war families based there. Generation, Southside and Enforcers—a triple threat of exceptional players. Gen and SS had over 100 members combined and had a mixture of really good killers that showed their enemies no mercy.

Chicago - History of Violence: Now

Fast forward about 700 rounds and Chicago reminds me of Detroit. An abandoned city with hardly any gangsters roaming the streets. Like the 100+ wise guys who played under the Phoenix icon back in the day, the city of Detroit is also a barren wasteland. The only family still surviving in Chicago is Southside led by old time gangster Maxx. Maxx was just a soldier at the time of SS early days but after all these years have passed, natural succession put Maxx at the top of his dying Union. This knowledgeable and respectable player used his wisdom of what he learned from the players before him and kept SS alive. Although he has transformed the once notorious warring family into a quieter collecting family, it is still alive and thriving. With so few families around it was only a matter of time before peace could no longer be tolerated. A few rounds ago a war with IC began because of a few random hits back and forth.

On a whim, one of the IC players decided to 0 and loot Maxx who was also Southside's bank at the time. Maxx had to give the order to hit all Inner Circle members on sight. The war was on, no longer random hits from a couple members but the whole family was on board killing. Once again Chicago became a battleground. Even with IC outnumbering SS three to one, Southside put up a hell of a fight and IC was all 0ed. Take into consideration that IU was also hitting IC at the time as well, but nonetheless SS was indeed killing again.

The IU / IC war stretched back over a year and Inner Circle members understood that SouthSide was not their real enemy. I had known Maxx for years and decided to reach out to the boss of SS and see if we could have a peaceful sit-down over Skype. Between Maxx, Tru and myself, the NAP was quickly put into effect and the peace was made. Just like that, the war was over as quickly as it began. Not even a full round of dead bodies filling the Chicago streets, the gunshots were silenced.

Chicago - History of Violence: The Final.

As of round 834 the streets of Chicago look to be back to normal. The past couple rounds there have been a few conflicts between SouthSide and other families like Avengers, Warhounds and Brotherhood, but nothing significant like the ongoing battle that was seen between IU and IC. Most battles with Southside were small and consisted of a few random hits back and forth. I personally thought some of these battles were going to lead to a full on WAR, especially given the history of Avengers. They have always been a very stable force particularly when it comes to wars. Here is a quote from one of their brugliones and an enforcer of Avengers:

I do not have very good memory, But I have something clear, and it is that there never existed a war between us and SS. A few rounds ago, we were receiving some hits from them to our family. At first it was not so much, but then it was increased. So we decided to give back the fire, This battle was a one-round thing. After that, we decided to stop the attacks. And expect some attacks from them to revenge. But that did not happen, so we stopped.
Looks as though many families have had conflicts with SouthSide over the years but they continue to be a top family in the ranks and TMB. Discipline, loyalty, experience and Maxx's way of keeping the peace with just about everyone in the TMB community could best explain why they continue to thrive after all these years.

Present day Chicago is different than it used to be. It has changed a lot since the days when Mobsters_Club was based here, but nonetheless it is still a major factor in the TMB world, just as Southside and Maxx are. Love him or hate him, Maxx OG has earned respect for being the continuous DON of Chi-Town.