Cześć przyjaciele! Ink here with yet another end of round review… this time main round 834.

After last rounds’ lethargic overture, I was hoping that things would normalize this round and we’d see some excitement. But it turned out to be only slightly better, if even that. I pondered why the slowdown and came up with a few scenarios:

1. Credits? They seem to be at a premium now and with all the fighting going on of late, possibly players just don’t have the stored-up credits in their accounts like they use to have.

2. Jackpot? With the recent EOR challenges, players may be using credits to collect instead of killing big builds.

3. Builds? Not as many big builds at SOR. Players are being more conservative with what they use during the round. Could be the result of #2?

4. Ops hits? Building big right off the bat puts you OOR for ops hits on most players. So ops hitters have to contain themselves and hit with lower DU numbers to stay in range of their targets.

5. Fear? I suppose it’s a possibility. but I’m not sure if that’s the reason.

6. Ulterior motive? This has happened in the past. Someone doesn’t like something about the game so they stage a protest of sorts by vowing not to spend money in hopes of manipulating admin.

7. Christmas is coming, and my Birthday too I might add! (I like presents and cake btw). So maybe players are working on their Christmas gift list so conserving cash for that. Gift Hint: TMB subs make nice Christmas gifts for your RL family and friends. And they make great stocking stuffers!

The slow game play could be one of these things or a combination of two or more of them. But right now, this is how things are we will just have to make our own fun rather than relying on the big spenders to entertain us…..thanks goodness as I was almost out of popcorn and soda!

I checked the rounds stats periodically the first few day. The Jackpot only moved slightly with very little credits being added in. I figured everyone was conserving for a big finish, or maybe the wars were just slow in starting.

By the 4 day 17 hour mark, the JP had picked up a little speed and was sitting at $885. But still no big builds or kills. I believe most of this came from OPs hits between IU and IC. Both families seemed to be putting a lot of effort into killing off each other’s ops as much as possible. Ted’s was at the top of the leader board with the most du and ops. Titus was in second with 1.7m ops and Domenico in third with 1.6m.

Teds was also the high du holder with 2.6m, XxX was behind him with 2.6m as well and Pinkdot had 2.2m

Pinkdot and XxX had already been using their ops as they were both also showing up on the supporter killer leader board along with Leith2 and KingKunta. So obviously there had been some killing going on in the last few days, I just didn’t see it. RaiseHell, lazy_dave and Jeremy were the leading killers in the free level rank.

A mid-round look at indy family’s showed UC_Avengers looking very strong and relatively untouched by attacks. Most had built ops and 7 members were already over 1 million ops with $7 trillion already family banked. They were on a mission and you could tell.

Southside was looking good as well with not many hits in, and 6 builders with over 1 million ops. Their banked cash wasn’t quite as good as UC but that could be due to a lack of looters within the family. Looting is where the $$ is at…. And looters can make or break a family. A good looter can loot $4-$5 trillion per round. Put a few of them together in a family and you can see how quickly the family network can increase. But looting is hard work. It takes dedication, long hours, planning and good timing to make trillions. Not for me, but I have great respect for the looters in the game for accomplishing something I can’t. I just don’t have the patience.

Nameless had a near full family with Domenico having a nice ops build of 2.4 million and several other members nearing the 500k mark. They hadn’t started to collect yet, so not much in their family banks but it was only the halfway point and I knew they would start their collecting soon.

Union ranks at mid-round looked much different. The war between IU and Inner Circle raged on and both families had very few players still alive. Dezl, Sans, Skeet, Siilentbob, Really and T_M_K were the big ops builders for IU with Teds, Evalday, JolietJake, Mack_Attack, NoMrcy and Tru carrying the load for IC. Ops hits between these two powerhouses had revved up to high gear over previous rounds and it seemed like the 1k turns per ops hit wasn’t deterring either side from killing the others’ ops.

FoundHell, Loco_Ghosts and Pinoy_N_Co combined to form Triplex union and had several big builders over 1 million DU as well. But unlike IU and IC, no one was hitting their ops so they were able to keep them pretty much intact all round.

TheHood, a small union consisting of 8 families and only 35 players, may not have had many big builders like other families and unions, but they do have good looters and by the halfway mark already had over $7 trillion tucked safely away in their union banks. I’m guessing there’s some good karma inside the white flour sack these days and it’s nice to see them active again.

So that’s how things were at mid-round. For the most part, everything was going according to Hoyle, or should I say TMB at this point. But I knew by end of round everything will have changed and maybe there might even be a few surprises along the way. So let’s move on to EOR and see what happened.

Over the previous days, the JP had only moved $102 which indicated that most people were still being ginger with their credits. With 3 hrs left Teds was still on top of the leaderboard but had added another 3m ops. Blizzard_420 and Noddy were now in second and third place with just over 2 mil ops. At this point, it was still anyone’s game and no one was going to show their hand early. So, I decided to do something constructive and decided on a quick nap. I would check back again closer to EOR.

I was just in the middle of a good dream involving a sexy dance with a Latino cutie when the alarm on my cellphone went off indicating that it was 30 min to EOR and time for me to get my ass up from my nap and check what was going on. I had hoped I’d see some change, maybe a little build from someone, or a small attempt at something…. But everything was exactly the way it was when I left! WTF?? Did everyone else take a nap too?

All I could do now was wait until someone, anyone? made a move. I contemplated who it might be.. of course IU and IC could be the ones but I also considered the thought of UC possibly trying for the win. Afterall, they have been getting stronger and stronger every round and I think it’s just a matter of time before we see them with a JP win of their own in Main. Though I don’t think that will come unless they are able to get the nod of approval from IU and I’m not sure if IU is ready to offer that to them just yet.

So my thought is that it looks to be between IU and IC again. Teds from IC had the nice build of 5m ops and Dezl, T_M_K, Nino and Sheikh from IU were already online so I was pretty certain it was going to come down to these two families. Still no one was making a move, and the JP hadn’t moved. I kept refreshing my screen, like many others were probably doing and I finally saw it…. The JP had jumped to $1827, an increase of $940. This indicated that someone or “someones” added close to $3000 worth of credits. I quickly checked family ranks on both IU and IC and saw that Nino had built more ops along with Sheikh and Dezl. Now the question was if IC was going to quickly build or not.

The clock had ticked down to less than one minute in the round and no movement from anyone else. T_M_K was the man with the money and was already setting individual ranks and on his way to an unchallenged win. With all the JP wins he’s had over the years, I dunno how he finds room for more medals each round. Congrats T_M_K on your 32nd Jackpot in 7 years! That’s quite impressive!

Other level 4 rankers were DirtyNick who snuck in at the very last moment and jump XxX for the Silver Medal. Ironically, XxX had only moments earlier jumped Teds pushing him down to 3rd place and probably thought she’d be taking home the silver. Instead she wound up with the Bronze and Teds had to settle for 4th.

-Level 4-

1. TMK $72,409,937,044,896
2. DirtyNick $13,759,715,353,488
3. XxX $9,201,981,868,060
4. Teds $6,671,298,806,826
5. Noddy $4,103,528,286,763
6. MaXx $1,352,279,114,748
7. Viking_Slap $1,150,110,171,921
8. PINKDOT $106,873,646,818
9. Mac_Attack $77,261,878,622
10. BliZzArD_420 $17,952,895,800

from TMK

Nothing new, except tmb got to see sheikh and Nino again
from XxX

For ink. Anything

It went great, had about 26.5T at the end and ranked every tier lvl and got gold fam
I’m flattered.. . ::blushing:: I think I have a fan.

Moving on to Level 3 awards, Triggerman23 of Inner Circle took home the gold medal with $7T. Ghost of UC, stretched his way to the Silver by beating out Fixer by $186b. And Fixer inched out MarkoeZ for the bronze by a mere $13b! This level produced one of the closest races I’ve seen in a while. Congrats guys! It was fun to watch!

-Level 3-

1. triggerman23 $7,005,058,941,534
2. Ghost $5,200,369,245,001
3. FIXER $5,014,298,311,003
4. MarkoeZ $5,001,724,016,941
5. Jafar $4,002,531,477,640
6. NoMrcy $500,027,922,000
7. Mud $445,399,273,055
8. Primus $319,308,566,849
9. Clutch $33,031,688,277
10. EFH $26,205,678,762

Unfortunately, I was not able to secure any comments for this level but had I been able to, this may have been how it went…..

From Gold Medal winner: I am extremely honored to be receiving such an important medal. I am earnestly grateful for the recognition I have received, because I know there are others that are capable of the same, if not more.

From Silver Medal winner: I sincerely thank my family for helping me reach a stage where I can proudly hold up this Silver Medal as a mark of my achievement. I also promise to only get better so that you can see me here for a more medals in the future. Thank you!

From Bronze Medal winner: I have faced several challenges on my way here, but each one of them has only strengthened me to work hard each and every round. Winning this award would not have been possible without the inspiration I have received from my family, for whom I have the deepest respect, and from whom I have derived the strength to challenge myself and perform better each and every round.

Of course the above comments weren’t real, and did not come from the rankers themselves. I was just improvising and injecting a bit of humor into the review since no one in this level granted me any comments.

In level 2, we saw KiStY easily taking the gold Medal with a respectable $2.4 trillion but second and third place were had with considerable lessor amounts… $800 billion and $753 billion respectively.

-Level 2-

1. KiStY $2,400,371,450,001
2. Votan $800,039,137,941
3. MakedonX $753,869,807,617
4. UffAlot $246,376,390,946
5. PopCorn $150,492,635,894
6. GreasyBastard $54,419,117,650
7. Gallio $4,337,532,300
8. tippmanneffect $3,830,749,534
9. enid $2,838,080,238
10. Pro $2,746,845,273

from KiStY

This round, like every round it was a team effort. Family is only as strong as the weakest link, We're lucky that the Avengers are all pretty strong links... Well done to all those who won, ranked or achieved a person best.
I wasn’t much surprised when I looked at the values for level 1 and compared them to level 2. It seems to be a common occurrence for level one ranks to go for more $$ than level 2. This round was no different with Real_KiLLer_BeauTy emerging as the gold medal winner with $3.2 trillion. St_Michael earned the silver with a bank of $1.1 trillion and headbang cinched the bronze with only $287 billion!

-Level 1-

1. Real_KiLLer_BeauTy $3,200,606,679,269
2. St_Michael $1,100,701,355,000
3. headbang $287,764,501,390
4. Cassy $139,941,261,694
5. Rock $34,889,493,053
6. Lotte $34,770,469,190
7. aka_the_driekster $19,720,855,342
8. Boy_Sage $16,094,527,273
9. one $5,682,653,865
10. don_ruck $5,481,855,002

from St_Michael

Domenico and I were running our daily radio show in Seattle…I’m not sure who ran EOR. Just thought I'd send you a transcript of the tail end of our show.

Domenico: Listen to yourself, Damien! You follow her to work, you eavesdrop on her calls, you open her mail. The minute you started doing these things, the relationship was over! Thank you for your call.

St. Michael, I think we have time for one more?

St. Michael: Yes, Dr. Domenico. On line four, we have SexualChocolate from Kirkland.

Domenico: Hello, SexualChocolate. This is Dr. Domenico; I'm listening.

SexualChocolate: Well, I've been feeling sort of, uh, you know, depressed lately. My life's not going anywhere and-and, er, it's not that bad. It's just the same old apartment, same old job...

St. Michael taps on the glass of his booth and motions Domenico to wrap it up.

Domenico: Er, SexualChocolate, we're just about at the end of our hour. Let me see if I can cut to the chase by using myself as an example. Six months ago, I was living in Boston. My wife had left me, which was very painful. Then she came back to me, which was excruciating. On top of that, my practice had grown stagnant, and my social life consisted of...hanging around a bar night after night. You see, I was clinging to a life that wasn't working anymore, and I knew I had to do something, anything. So, I ended the marriage once and for all, packed up my things, and moved back here to my hometown of Seattle. Go Seahawks! I took action, SexualChocolate. And you can, too. Move, change, do something; if it's a mistake, do something else. Will you do that, SexualChocolate? Will you? SexualChocolate...? St. Michael I think we lost him.

St. Michael: No, we cut to the news thirty seconds ago.

Domenico: Oh, for crying out loud! I finally bare my soul to all of Seattle, and they're listening to Chopper Jo's "Rush-Hour Round-Up!"
In Supporter Killers level, kamikaze of UC_Avengers was the early leader followed by JolietJake and Leith2 from Inner Circle. As the round progressed, the lead changed hands and with 3 hours left, PINKDOT was shown as the leader with 3.8m kill points with AfterDeath lagging behind with just over 3 million kps. Kamikaze, who was earlier listed as the leader, had been pushed down to 3rd place. But we weren’t done yet. AfterDeath went on a killing frenzy earning an additional 1.4 million kps and by the time the round ended, he had earned enough kill points to move him into first place. PINKDOT would end the round in second place, half a million kps behind AfterDeath. Kamikaze held on to the bronze with just over 3 million kill points.

-Supporter Killer-

1. AfterDeath 4,448,488
2. PINKDOT 3,887,736
3. kamikaze 3,021,572
4. Teds 2,761,550
5. Leith2 2,411,121

from AfterDeath

First I wouldn't have made it to gold without the help of my family, friends in the game and new associates in the game. I am truly gracious and very much appreciative to receive this. I honestly don't know what to say but thank you to everyone who helped, who helped train and offered encouragement through this process. I try to be respectful while doing this, maybe it helped maybe it didn't. I don't know. But again, thank you to all the supporters on TMB.

Much Respects
Aka AfterDeath
Mid-round free killers showed RaiseHell with 428k kps, lazy_dave and Votan in second and third. I peaked at the ranks a few days later and saw that Votan had dropped out of the top 3 and Ajax had entered the competition. With three hours left, RaiseHell was leading Ajax by just 6,431 kps and could easily lose his narrow lead should Ajax make a few more hits. And with 20 minutes left in the round that’s exactly what happened, and Ajax moved into first place. But that wasn’t the end of it. RaiseHell must have been watching and all of a sudden, his kill count started to rise and he soon surpassed Ajax and killed his way to the Gold Medal by just 3.3k kill points. Good job guys! Congrats on your medals!

-Free Killers-

1. RaiseHell 469,173
2. Ajax 465,827
3. lazy_dave 381,285
4. Snub 328,251
5. Jeremy 193,265

from RaiseHell

Was fun. Got a few blow jobs along the way. But stuck through and nutted real well at the end!
from lazy_dave

thanks mate last round was good to us from the hood finished in the top 3 free killers congrats dirty nick on the silver
Collecting Family ranks were dominated once again by UC_Avengers who were planted firmly in first place the entire round and emerged the eventual Gold Medal winners with over $25 trillion in cash. Southside_Elite earned another silver medal and Nameless got the bronze with CapoDiTuttiEmoji rounding out the field.

Honorable mention goes to TMB_Staff who were in 5th place at the 1 day 20 hr mark but eliminate from the EOR ranking after being axed by Storm. ☹

-Collecting Family-

1. UC_Avengers Hollywood_Hubert $6,517,791,462,174
2. SouthSide_Elite MaXx $2,984,677,390,575
3. NaMeLEsS Domenico $757,164,845,524
4. CapoDiTuttiEmoji Roger $224,362,831,727

from Rookie

lvl1/2 gold , lvl3 silver, lvl 4 bronze fam gold, bronze killers weeoooo, and as a family we wanted to extend our congratulations to this Zodiac character. He cries like a lil bitch!!!!! Its Amazing. Go UC!!!! Also shoutout to the tmb football league for letting me almost score 200 pts!
from Wolfgang

Reckaholic is a cheater
Cheats on games
Cheats on his exams
Cheats on his woman
Cheats on his sugar daddy
That dude is a huge cheater
from Wolfgang

Reck is a cheater in general
I do his homework in exchange for a sub
and its a lot of homework.... elementary arithmetic
He can count numbers on here but can't do simple addition
from SexualChocolate

I spent the entire round trying to find Micky Knox. I fear he may have gotten lost. He's a thin fella who wears daisy dukes on his off days and will never appear intoxicated but is always intoxicated.
Help bring Micky home.
from Damien

So there I was...sitting at my desk, whiskey on my breath suffering a serious case of the Monday’s (tell me Slinger, where, or is there a proper placement of an apostrophe in this context? Stumped me so I’ll leave it up to the journalist to decide). As I was saying before you so rudely interrupted, I was sitting at my desk and I realized I had drank away another ten days and had only hired about eleven thousand hustlers

I poked my head out of the Warehouse doors to see Dom there standin in the streets doin something that looked important...he had his serious face on with telescoped focus. He had three bags of money like in a cartoon of a bank robbery with dollar signs stamped on the sides. Following his gaze I spotted the clock down the strip winding down...30 seconds to go he threw a bag North to Votan and South to St_Michael; the third bag he hurled further North over V’s head to Mud on the corner. Finally he tossed the last bag through the air, across our moat (Yes, I’ve told you once before we have a moat) and under the threshold for hades to barely slide it into the vault finishing just before the clock depleted back to 9 Days 23 Hours etc etc. say you just wanted me to regurgitate what the past prize page already statisfies (Yes, I know that’s not a word but I like it regardless; now really Ink, please let me finish)?

7th level 3 to Mud.
Silver level 2 to Votan.
Silver level 1 to St_Michael.
Bronze Family.

Next time please be more specific about what you want me to talk about when you ask for an interview.
Union Medal Ranks went to IU_RU_HQ with $41T banked. IC_A-foot-In-Ur-ass earned the Silver with $33T and Triplix the bronze with $9.6 trillion. TheHood experienced a hiccup at EOR and DirtyNick was left holding the money bag and missed union banking the cash before the clock ran out. This paved the way for MU and Valhala to complete the ranks in 4th and 5th place. Taking light of the error, Nick took to the forum with a message to the TMB Community about his error. You can read it here:

-Collecting Union-

1. IU_RU_HQ LOPOV $41,998,018,829,680
2. IC_A-foot-In-Ur-ass Tru $33,841,132,714,914
3. Triplex THEALLM1GHTY $9,618,823,590,437
4. MU Clutch $4,401,088,365,994
5. Valhalla Floki $4,145,394,837,564

from LOPOV

I'd like to thank to my team for a great round. Special shoutouts to the great looting team!
from Clutch

Last round a straight up hustle. We thought we had another easy 5th place union rank in the bag (since there were only 5 unions) ... but Warhounds decided to ditch a guaranteed indy bronze to go union.

We went back and forwards with them all round, in terms of total cash. We finally managed to edge them out by only 300B at EOR.

Not too shabby for a small group of mostly new players. Shoutouts to Enid who stepped up to be our banker, as well as GreasyBastard who was our top looter -- and don't forget Blizzard, who came in clutch at the end with a huge collect to secure the victory.

We were hoping to make a statement and leave Warhounds union with nothing, but they were bailed out by Brotherhood not ranking. Got lucky!

Well done guys! ... and thank you DirtyNick for the extra 150k total credits!
And with that my friends, we have reached the end for this round. Overall it was a good round, albeit a bit slow but still good in terms of spreading the wealth around between families and unions. Congrats once again to all the rankers and medal winners!

And remember, if you see News happening, LET ME KNOW!
This is Ink – signing off.