Ravenkc: Ok in the TMB Studios tonight I am sitting with the new young stud and superstar of UC, his name is Reckaholic and I am just dying to know more about him!! How are you tonight mate?

Reckaholic G: Im doing great! just finished up a workout, how about yourself?

Ravenkc: Nice what kind of workout out did you do and you may show me your muscles.

Ravenkc: hahah I'm a Queen and we also are perverts obviously especially with young meat in TMB

Reckaholic G: Deadlifts and core today, and hahahahaha i’d show but dont want guys like Rob or eli getting jealous

Ravenkc: lol who the hell is Rob

Reckaholic G: ive heard, when i first started, nex made me hold his pocket

Ravenkc: eli? what he is like my brother don't be silly

Reckaholic G: Rob is sadly a jealous ass man

Ravenkc: oh so is Rob ur Gay Lover?

Reckaholic G: hes more of a slave than gay lover

Reckaholic G: He goes by lacosta in the TMB world

Ravenkc: well I don't know that guy sorry

Ravenkc: anyway!! now you do not even have a year badge yet

UC Rookie with Two TMB Jackpot Golds

Does it really fit the Typical TMB Mold?

Ravenkc: And you have 2 level 4 Golds tell me are you really a noob or you have played tmb before?

Reckaholic G: lol i get asked that a lot

Reckaholic G: Im new to tmb though, i got lucky with the golds, they really shouldn’t be there

Ravenkc: Because sweetheart in the old days you could not just simply come in and get level 4s you would have your arse beaten to a pulp until you earned the respect

Reckaholic G: I heard about tmb over xbox surprisingly lol

Ravenkc: oh is that right

Ravenkc: and so you come in and ... who trained you?

Reckaholic G: that is what eli and nex tell me every round, “the old days were much harder” lol

Reckaholic G: Nexus, my man

Impressing Hollywood a TMB Superstar

Reckaholic G: Eli didnt care about me at all sadly

Ravenkc: yes you could not simply just spend money and get a medal so much more to it

Ravenkc: ahahh yes its harder to impress Hollywood

Reckaholic G: Yes, i heard it was harder

Reckaholic G: Anyways, I learned to loot a bit

Reckaholic G: I still have to message Nex before i kill someone to figure out what and how much i need lol and i never collect so dont have much knowledge about that

Ravenkc: so your family collect medals are from UC Avengers before they have created this new union?

Reckaholic G: Most of them come in turbo rounds rather than main

Reckaholic G: But we did have time where we won 5-8 gold family medals in a row

Reckaholic G: before we switched to union

Ravenkc: right ok so the union uses the union turns to become more powerful as a family to take out family ranks in turbo?

Reckaholic G: Yes basically

Reckaholic G: I think we been the top family in turbo for a while

Reckaholic G: Eli is so good at organising turbos

Reckaholic G: That we are always sitting at the top somehow

Ravenkc: UC Avengers have always been a top family I have worked with them in Turbos in the past they are very professional

Reckaholic G: Yes indeed, hh and nex know just about everything which is awesome

Looting Vs Collecting a Timeless Debate

Ravenkc: Ok so you would describe yourself as a looter and you do not have much knowledge on collecting?

Reckaholic G: yes, plus looting is more valuable than collecting is

Ravenkc: how so, when the guy who wins tmb jps is a collector my dear?

Reckaholic G: lol thats the funny part

Reckaholic G: Both times ive won, i hadnt done a collect

Ravenkc: I don't think TMK loots at all..

Reckaholic G: Yes thats if youre spending a lot

Reckaholic G: compared to the regular sub, a collect with no added turns gets 2-2.5trn? I get near 15t of loot per round

Ravenkc: Well your statement was they are more "valuable"

Ravenkc: You remind me of Giles lol

Reckaholic G: oh my

Reckaholic G: lol

Reckaholic G: spoke to him few times, hes interesting for sure

Reckaholic G: i dont think its fair to TMK to compare him to anyone either

Reckaholic G: Hes in a league of his own

Ravenkc: Well Value to me is a matter of perception

Ravenkc: A looter has to sit for hours to get his loot

Ravenkc: I can collect it in 2 seconds

Reckaholic G: I agree, it takes more time to do so

Reckaholic G: But the return is greater for the dollar

Ravenkc: again its a matter of time and how long that guy is going to sit there and loot lol

Reckaholic G: oh yeah for sure

Reckaholic G: i agree with that

Ravenkc: I suddenly feel like bashing you I think we should change topic!

UC a Powerful Union to Contend With, Most Organized and can Fight

Ravenkc: Ok so you don't have a lot of experience in other unions but from your perspective can you sum up what the UC union is about and how they compare to other unions within the game?

Reckaholic G: UC is probably the most organized union here (from what ive heard from others) and it shows. I think the fact that some of these guys have been here for so long, shows how strong their leadership core is for people to continue returning for years

Reckaholic G: Compared to others, i spent a couple rds in different unions, a lot more fighting, less joking out there compared to here

Reckaholic G: Our skype group is going crazy all day as well

Ravenkc: I noticed was it last round UC zeroed Brotherhood, can you shed a little light on that?

Reckaholic G: and i’d have to add diversity, we have people from everywhere in the world from australia to norway, to the us, and ofc Canadians!!

Reckaholic G: And yes, we are good friends wth BH (shoutout to all yall crazy fuckers), but there was a couple incidental hits in a row that added up which led to Spade getting mad.

Dealing a UC Ace of Spades on Brotherhood

Reckaholic G: Spade i think killed all of BH almost entirely alone lol

Reckaholic G: Nick and I came to an agreement shortly after to stop the hits

Ravenkc: Spade is my TMB Husband yes he is rather ... ummm insane I love it

Ravenkc: I actually get all hyped up when watching full families being zeroed

Ravenkc: Do you think it is because of Brotherhoods attitude as to why they were wiped out?

Reckaholic G: lol, Yes insane's the worse to describe him

Reckaholic G: it took him 10 minutes i swear

Reckaholic G: Honestly, i dont think it was their attitude, theyre similar to us

Ravenkc: Yes because he is a real killer not just a KP collector

Reckaholic G: It was more a chain reaction of stuff just sliding by

Reckaholic G: and these guys got mad as they didnt have much to hit after IC all quit

Ravenkc: Maybe they told him to 'Eat a Dick'

Reckaholic G: hahahahahahaahah it coulda been said a couple times

Ravenkc: I like Tammygunz, what do you think of him?

Reckaholic G: Spoke to him couple times, cool laid back fella

Reckaholic G: Lugz was my favorite from them

Ravenkc: Hahahaah oh My lugz he has been trying to lick my arse hole for the past 10 years indeed he is a classical man

Ravenkc: OK so where do you see UC in the coming rounds?

Reckaholic G: his son and I are very similar surprisingly which is why i think we get along

Reckaholic G: Honestly not sure where we go from here, we just got rid of all NAPs this round

Reckaholic G: so that will be interesting, i do hope we can get in a real war with another union soon enough

Reckaholic G: IC was no fun, took us 2 rounds to dismantle them fools

Ravenkc: That is interesting before I had a break from game, IC was a power to contend with

Reckaholic G: exactly, i liked most of them, but sheesh they all lied to me at some point so i was like fuck them

Ravenkc: No Naps hmm UC are War Hungry, I will be watching and I am sure it will bring a lot of fun to the game as well and certainly some more experience for you

Ravenkc: Well a lot of people lie in TMB you will find few who are actually good people

Reckaholic G: Yep, last couple rds all naps were being broken so hh was like fuck it no naps

Reckaholic G: yes exactly, for me, if you say something, dont go back on it

Reckaholic G: I dont plan on fucking around with anyone , just be straight forward

Ravenkc: Fair enough so you are promoting that you are a man of your word?

Reckaholic G: Think thats why I get along with most

Reckaholic G: I’d say so, havent gone back on it, nor do i plan on too

Ravenkc: good to know

Ravenkc: Oh Id just like to add I admire many players in BH like Viking, Tammygunz, Soulja, Shane, Hypocrisy – Id hate for anyone to consider war news as me being bias. Perhaps I can interview one of them for their take on that incident.

A Rookies Reckoning Conclusion: ' But He's a Goodfella'

Ravenkc: OK Reck Id just like to add even though you stated earlier Hollywood is a hard man to impress, you must have made an impression because he has been bugging me for weeks to interview you! which then I observed ur ass like some weirdo as that's what I do!

Reckaholic G: Hahahaha Yes he loves me now

Reckaholic G: At first, he probably thought i was just some noob-

Ravenkc: Thank you for the noob or rookie perspective on The Mafia Boss and of course UC and I hope you continue to do well and make an impact on the Mafia World

Reckaholic G: But hes a goodfella, along with the rest of the boys at UC, except hustlang, he just nasty

Reckaholic G: Thanks again! And I Hope so as well

Ravenkc: hahahahah

Ravenkc: You can make some shout out to your mates and your enemies here or even special note on a significant TMB moment thus far and once again on behalf of The Mafia Boss thank you for the contribution to our notorious world xx

Reckaholic G: Oooo theres to many to shoutout-

Ravenkc: start with the ladies dear

Reckaholic G: Well you know i gotta show love to FM and Dusk, lotta love there
from the guys id have to say everyone in UC (beside X and hustlang), wolfgang for sure, missing him, nick, nino, dan, lugz, you guys are awesome!! and i just wanted to say a big fuck you to triggerman, who always blocks me before i can message him, you suck at looting, please quit!!

Reckaholic G: thanks again Raven!

TMB Queen
TMB Studios