TMB Veterans and Icons Episode I: A Killer-Thug

Some players arrive on the streets of The Mafia Boss and get shot point blank in the head, they do not understand the code we all go by. Others become wolves of TMB Wall Street and make it big, even though only for a while until they are taken out.

What lasts in TMB is what we all call a veteran player, these players last the test of time that span over a decade. These players have seen it all and have watched unions rise and fall, they have fought in countless wars and been on both sides of the playing field. These players have become icons in the game, you see their name and recognize them like a McDonald's sign on a TMB freeway...

Today I am thinking about and honoring Vet Players and will do Interviews on them to consider and hear their tales, the tales of old and the tales of the unknown.

-Interviewing a Killer-Thug-

Ravenkc: In the TMB Studio today we have a veteran player with a long history of TMB to tell, he now runs with one of the top unions in the game and flashes the mighty UC Avenger Icon. What is interesting about this player is his history of the game and his unique story he will share.

Ravenkc: Ok Killer-Thug lets start from the beginning I want you to go back a decade and tell us all here how your story began.

-A TMB BaBy ThuG-

Killer-Thug: Where too begin, so much to tell, so little time. The idea was simple at the start, my brother he needed someone to make multi’s and send him the money an ip changer which was going great till larbi found out and banned the both of us. Then he left and out of curiosity I made another account and started playing... the addiction began.. when I say I played with most family in the games it’s true and you’ll know why soon .. I remember my first family was illuminati was recruited by a guy called cablegod, them long recruting messages they used to send you.. damn miss those day , took me under his wing taught me the basic build hitmen and hustlers and collect.. did that for a while but got bored started exploring, joined a looting family if am I correct it was ran by Skribz he taught me the looting side he was one of the best iv seen in the game, then moving on wanted to start doing my own thing, I was a free player so a small fish in a big pond, but I made the most from it for some it’s low what I did, but if you don’t try, you don’t get, I started impersonating the retired players lol n was really good at it. Got in with the best like soul_train, genovese families and others robbed they bank and left, I always thought outside the box.

A change was needed again I moved in to omertà, got close to pops and stinger, stuck by them helped run the bank, back then we made a rota and filled in the hours lol and used Chatzy for wars, he taught me how to kill.

At this point the game started getting boring, same s*** different day. I started my own family and looking through my expiry credit the names a shocker seems like I brought back retaliation_isa_must, but was using a different gamename. After that ran with the original brotherhood not this joke you see now lol, it was ran by saibad, he was a really good friend and good boss got my own family again brotherhood_thugz was born .

After that it’s abit of a blur I left the game due to family issues and when returned everything changed, it was one sided IU were winning everything,

I still remember like it was yesterday I spoke to killa_princess about starting up a family she laughed and I said it takes one spark to light a fire and am gonna be that spark and started up tmb Titans I brought in most of the families in the game together we all had a common enemy at that point, we left our mark and for not a big spender I persuaded a lot of big ones to join the cause. I had to step after awhile down as life got to busy in RL, when returned no name mentioned (maxx and Domenico) lol changed the union name and got power hungry wouldn’t give up the seat don so I did what I could to destroy em, impersonating started again looted their bank caused each other to fight and one by one all families left and it disappeared,

Now its when UC_avengers came in, HH and nexus they took me under they wing, didn’t ask no question took good care of me, iv never met any bosses who are so laid back n yet were and still are the top family, spent awhile there then again I finally retired for good (well that was the plan) got married had kids happily ever after , about 2months ago the urge came back after years out I made my return, seen my family still here, so I joined back and first turbo round looted this wannabe BH bank using my oldest trick impersonating another member, only a few remembered me when I returned, but now am known by most within such a small period of time.

Hated by many, loved by a few.

Ravenkc: So playing in UC, would you say this is the most professional family you have worked with within the game?

Killer-Thug: Yeah haven’t been with a family which is so organised and yet still have so much fun and not giving two fucks about most things, this is rare but trust me you don’t wanna get on the wrong side of em, ask loco’s, well whatever’s left of em!

Ravenkc: Yes I noticed all of Loco are zeroed by UC can you give us the down low on this?

Ravenkc: Do you know how it started?

Killer-Thug: Cut a long story short lol the blames on Dusk talking shit to nexus, that’s a no no that alone means wars and then she allowed her members to attack us, so now they stay zeroed for good, dusk no more begging for nap!

Ravenkc: They have merged with spenders this does not have any affect on UC? And do you think them merging has made them think they are stronger than they really are?

Ravenkc: A known looter family trying to take on a killing union?

Killer-Thug: Didn’t really bother us tbh it’s same as it was kill kill kill! No matter how big they build we can out build em n since iv been back they’ve always been the same, zeroed!

Ravenkc: I see you have a nice collection of medals, do you consider urself a killer or collector or just an all rounder?

Killer-Thug: Could be better but am not complaining hehe, hmm am all rounder whatever It is, i do the best of it , ‘Your will, My hands’ if you ever watched Spartacus you’ll know

Ravenkc: Ok so you enjoy ur current game play are there other unions within tmb you admire or respect?

Killer-Thug: Nope these wannabe unions don’t know the first thing about teamwork, they either rely on one person or they just an inactive bunch of washed up has-been just always complaining about everything.

Ravenkc: Ok some aggressive words there sir!

-Killer-Thug: A Recollection on IU VS UT-
“The Streets of TMB were in Panic”

Ravenkc: What was ur favourite tmb war of all time?

Killer-Thug: Hmm there’s been so many but the most recent one I can remember and it was brutal and epic!!! a bloodbath!!, when IU went after UT, realt took a big loss, his pockets must have felt that, at one point I thought realt would be the victor but it went downhill for him. Such moment could never be forgotten and that is one of them .

Ravenkc: The one from about five years ago?

Killer-Thug: Was that five years ago shiit that’s a long time

Ravenkc: That was crazy and massive I must say and stressful, I recall Eck stressed me out so much during that war as I was in UT (those rounds) and Eck and Coca were actually hiding within the union!

Ravenkc: Ok so what is ur most memorable moment within the last 11 years?

Killer-Thug: Ahah it sure was the streets of tmb were in panic, everyone was just hyping or shit scared they gonna be next to be on the hit list

Killer-Thug: This one is tricky lol but I got one for ya, when I looted arc_angel if you remember him you are an old mofo, you need to retire, he was the TMK of that time and just by chance he wasn’t armed I was messing around and attacked, when I seen that I won I just jumped and kept pressing that button till my finger started swelling up

Ravenkc: Players went down on both sides though it was not just a one sided slaughter

Killer-Thug: Yeah true for abit but then just slipped to one side, should be more wars like that, it sure would make the game more interesting rather than who’s the fastest at hitting bots.

Ravenkc: So future TMB, do you see yourself continuing with UC and from what I know their turbo game is even stronger than is is in main?

Ravenkc: In that one I must admit I was in UT n dear god did I cop it from Eck n other IU friends for it.

Ravenkc: Hell got to mix it up and yes with big wars there is a challenge and alot of fun

Killer-Thug: I feel for ya lol gladly I was busy with the looter scavenging through the wreckage made some good dollars

Ravenkc: Hahahaha ok so over the 11 years do you think you enjoy tmb as it is today? And do you feel you have finally found a place in UC to call home?

Killer-Thug: Making me feel old now lol, the enjoyment of playing in the good ‘ol days was something else, now it can’t ever be the same but you just learn to adapt , try and make it fun otherwise what’s the point of it. UC is a rare breed tbh and that alone is enough for me to call it my home , UC till I die!

Ravenkc: Hollywood would be proud to have such an advocate for his union. Ok dear I have kept you far too long but its been a smooth criminal arrangement.

On behalf of TMB thanks for your contribution to this amazingly indepth one of a kind mafia game. I will let you loose now back to it .. please take time now to shout out to ur friends and enemies of The Mafia Boss..

Killer-Thug: Thank you it’s been a pleasure
Killer-Thug: Lol can I go crazzzy.

Ravenkc: Destroy them all! And give them no mercy!

Killer-Thug: That’s how I like it, time to unleash the beast hehe

A Shrug from a Thug- Killer-Thugs Shout Outs

Killer-Thug: Only the crew deserve my Shout outs lol, big up too: Hollywood_hubert, nexus, reckaholic, Lacosta, mitsui, pinkdot, familymatters, totalrage, 69myballs,Tears_For_Fears, captaincanada,xxx, hype, modric and Emporio_Armani, Sebastian you guys rock . Now now then enemies don’t have many but fuck you loco’s you ain’t got nothing on us, dusk sort yourself out it’s either menopause or your suffering from split personality, other than them everyone else have a good un.

Thank you and goodbye

I wrapped Killer-Thug in a Veteran rug and sent him on his way, he had people to kill and whores to meet found slatternly on the TMB Street.

With looks to kill he gave the TMB Queens a thrill and all the Mafia Lords watched him with cheap eyes like derelict frauds.

Like a drug Killer-Thug will infect you.

TMB Studios
TMB Queen