Round 864 Review
..... by Reckaholic


Jackpot Recap:

Sheeeeeesh, what a round I must say. Saw one of the biggest jackpots we’ve seen in recent history, with two foes teaming up to tackle a common enemy. I guess the saying is true: an enemy of my enemy is my friend. IU and IC, after many rounds of battle in recent history decided to join up to take on Retaliation_Is_A_Must. Volare from RIAM decided to start the round off with a bang. I woke up one morning and sheeesh, 20m ops! I was expecting IU to let RIAM overspend and take the round, but boy was I wrong. Teds (BigDezl) built to 33m ops to kill Volare.

The JP was near 5500 on the 3rd day. I predicted the pot would go up to 8-9k, however, there was no big EOR build off in the end. We saw Clutch and Warhounds sub up this round. Clutch single-handily collected 9trn at the start of the round, with a total of near 13trn to keep Warhounds in it! UC did their thing as usual, ending with 68trn. As the round continued, we saw BigDezl and Volare fight it out. When BigDezl decided to kill Volare, she only had 20m ops, however; we saw Volare build to 31m ops. Volare was sitting on 353trn which is already a hefty amount, while BigDezl was near 632trn with the pot sitting at $5500. Anyways, I heard there was a “secret deal” between Volare and BigDezl. In this, I saw BigDezl and IC loot away at Volare’s cash. At first, I thought it was a mistake, however; I saw it happen a couple times, so I think it was more of a precaution.


In supporter killers, Volare had the lead, however, seeing the 300k turns for gold + 23 with 6 million defensives, I had a feeling he would go for it. In the end, he ended with 17m KP’s which is one of the highest totals I’ve ever seen! Volare ended up taking silver by having nearly 20 million defensives for most of the round which lead to generating 10m kill points. BigDezl took bronze by taking out Volare. Rock and TotalRage edged off the last two spots. There was a difference of 180k kps between 4 and 5!

In free killers, we saw IU’s Queen, Leah take the gold with ease. Leah, in my opinion is one of the better free killers. She did all her damage in one sitting to gain 740k KP’s. WASAK took silver with 606k, while Lola from UC took bronze with 552k kps, which was only 35k more than fourth place Sjaak. Ajax rounded off fifth with 451k KP’s. I feel as if Ajax, Leah and Alex (finished sixth) are always in contention of free killers. I would have to place them in a top free killer’s category. Free killers requires luck with skill, whereas sometimes in supporters, you just need a bit of luck.


Well, when we saw IU and IC combine for the “LOVE_IS_A_MUST” union, I could have bet the house that they would end with union gold, and that is exactly what they did. They banked about 140trn to secure the gold. The one thing I did see was some hits stir up between IC and UC. With IU in the middle of the two, I was not sure how it would go down, but at EOR, I saw IC give enough cash to Ohana (Warhounds) to get second place in union. However, as we saw in round 866 (UC+RIAM), RIAM helped UC secure the silver by giving them 17trn to get ahead of Ohana. Teashop took fourth place, as they have been building a solid base of players, hats off to them. The one thing that confused me a bit was when the union LOCO_MARCHE_RIAM was made. Neither RIAM, nor Marche joined in the union which left LOCOS to rank themselves, and as we have seen, they are clearly capable as they took the 5th union spot.


With IU switching into union with IC, I thought Brotherhood was the clear favorite, however, RIAM also had Volare sitting on 20m ops, so I was not sure which family would take gold, or if Volare would go for the round or not. In the end, RIAM ended with the gold with ease. They banked 153trn, which would have been enough for union gold as well. Brotherhood took silver with ease as they banked 16trn and FH rounded off bronze with 4trn. I did see Grobar go off this round looting, which helped Brotherhood gain an advantage on the rest of the field. Nameless and Ronin rounded off 4th and 5th. There was only a 150bn difference between the two.

Level 4:

As I discussed in the recap earlier, level 4 was a gongshow. BigDezl took home the win with ease, and Volare took second. With excess cash, IC sent triggerman23 enough cash for the 3rd seed. I felt bad for Klown, who was sent 29trn and only got 4th seed. Usually 29trn is enough for a bronze, and even a silver medal. Viking_Slap took 5th with 12trn, and J-Money took 6th with 7trn. This was a round with families having a lot of cash which led to inflated prices in level 4.

Level 3:

Grobar was a beast this round! Well-deserved gold for him as he had 7trn banked. Illy_Wonka from Teashop took silver with 3.5trn, and Death2All took bronze with 3.2trn. If he had 300bn more, he could have pulled off with a silver. Fourth and fifth had a difference of only 200bn!

Level 2:

Sheesh! Someone spent a lot for that gold! Congrats to Ravine with 10trn! The major news here was the third place medal and cheap rankings, however; we’ll get to that in a minute. Hoi took silver with 1trn which is usually near the amount of cash needed for a rank. The third place rank was only 60bn! A medal for 60bn is usually unheard of in a main round. Fourth and fifth were only 9.5bn and 8.6bn! That requires no effort usually!

Level 1:

If you thought level 2 was expensive for gold, wait til you saw level 1! Dude took gold with 15trn banked, while BMW took silver with 1.3trn. WASAK whom took silver free killers, took the bronze in level 1 with 984 billion. Alex took fourth with 800bn, while Hitman took fifth with 300bn.

Congrats to all the winners!

Quotes on the round:

from 23:

KPs are a joke! Ted’s killed 30million du’s and didn’t get first, it’s a joke. Fuckboy acidic and other idiots build big and do ZERO killing and get killer golds. It’s a shitty system.
from LOPOV (leader of LIAM):

made this one few mins after we joined as I knew everyone will be surprised. “Have faith and trust for love is a must”
from Yardape:

“Grobar is a fucking beast! #EATADICK #BH
from Big_Sarge:

It was pretty much business as usual in the hood. Was pretty round with the massively retarted builds., Turbo came and went. There was some trolling on the forums. IU decided to hit us early. Had a decent EOR as tried to tier our resident Viking, but with the crazy amount of cash we had to settle for L4 5th spot, but Grobar walked away with L3 gold. So that was that.
I asked volare for a comment, but all she said was “no comment”