Hello good folks of our TMB World! This is the one you love to hate! Skeemin, a man with many names and a limited amount of talent reporting to you about Turbo Round 837.

I would like to start by saying all participants have done an excellent job from what I saw. As I took notice to the rules and thought to myself (what a shit storm this will be) it actually had some exciting and entertaining aspects.

20inthefamily were among the first to start gathering the troops and it looked to be working out well for them. Kong built up just under 5 million ops at round start, and was looking very strong.

Jelliedeeljihad however, was well over 9 million ops now and as I was awaiting the fireworks to start, I just so happen to nod in a nap session. As I awoke from my slumber I noticed Kong with near10 million ops now and thought (damn how long was I asleep for and what did I miss). The Jehadist Jellie now with more than 16 million ops himself I thought this would be our Golden contender for the jackpot (gee I wonder who he could be) the race just had to be on with a net worth over $6 trillion at day 2 of the round and a family icon we all have seen before, The mighty VBP Family soon to form.

As time passed and the jihad's power seemed to be unmatched and my thoughts on the rounds excitement seemed to be dwindling away. As I looked around for more potential contenders, I soon took notice to OldSpice (no not the deodorant) with more than 7 million ops and one can only think this will be getting exciting for sure so I thought maybe I'd have a glance at the kill ranks. Although jelliedeeljihad had more than 10 million defensive units I was surprised to not see him at the top but that was being held by Helium ( Gas maybe, maybe not) he/she held the control over supporter kill ranks with more than 10 million kill points maintaining a huge lead with Mt1 following behind with 2 million kill points as the lead had no contest do it seemed.

As I wait thinking (when will the other factions come to life) I guess we will just have to wait for the last moments of the round.

VBP Family start to mobilize, others families started to as well.

LMFAO began a run on kills laughing at those he/she slaughtered in the campaign for supporting killer.

As far as it goes the surprise came at the end of Round when Casper swooped in as friendly and calm as only a friendly ghost can do claiming the jackpot. Now that came from nowhere as I did not seen that coming.

So the top five level 4 ranks went as followed:

-Level 4-

#1. Casper takes jackpot with a whopping $552 Trillion.

#2. LMFAO snatched that silver medal.

#3. Launchpad_mcquack managed to get away from Scrooge McDuck and crash his way into the bronze medal.

#4. Was GiGo with $83 trillion.

#5. Went to SP4 with $65 trillion on hand.

Moving on down the list we approach the level 3 Winners. We've got a few good ones in my opinion.

-Level 3-

1. Igor (no Frankenstein) had grasped that gold medal with no intentions of releasing it for anyone With $46 Trillion.

2. Oldspice deodorized his way into the silver rank with $24 Trillion.

3. Bananas went ape on the bronze medal with $6 Trillion. Nice

4th was handed to 1 (no this is not a math test) and in 5th place US_Agent was on the case.

Level 2 ranks seemed to be simple.

-Level 2-

1. Six was Our gold medalist taking the rank with $22 Trillion.

2. Swiper stay swiping as he took the silver rank there.

3. MM did not melt as the bronze medal was claimed by him/her.

4. Beaowulf let it be known he was present.

5. Magik performed a spectacular show but only took the 5th place winnings.

Level one wasn't as much as I thought it be but was still fun to watch.

-Level 1-

1. Turbo decided to utilize the round claiming it as his own taking the gold medal with just over $5 Trillion.

2. J7 took silver with only $1.4 Trillion. quite the gap between second and first.

3. JoeDog barked his way into the bronze with a mare $385 billion, he was wearing his big dog collar this round.

4. Went to T_T

5. Fran claimed the last available rank in the level.

I've touched on supporter kill ranks already but did not go into much detail.

The top five supporter kill ranks went as followed:

-Supporter Killers-

1. Helium (no Gas) took what I like to call the Golden Gun or the Bond award with more than 10 million kill points.

2. MT1 put his foot down and claimed that silver medal with authority obtaining 6.3 million kill points.

3. LMFAO laughed his way into the bronze supporter killer medal with 4.9 million.

4. Went to Hollows_eve.

5. KingKunta and his 2.5 million kills.

In free killer ranks we saw none hit the million kill mark but still the efforts did not go unnoticed.

-Free Killers-

1. Spanky spanked his competition taking the little Golden Gun with 685k kill points.

2. Aegir followed close behind with 590k for the silver bullet award.

3. Weelet snatched the Bronze with 558k keeping top 3 tight and close.

4. Was set with T_T a name we saw in previous ranks mentioned.

5. Went to Blo.

As we move on to collecting Family ranks I've noticed lots of movements up and down before they settled.

-Collecting Family-

1. We had 20inthefamily take that gold medal like it was nobody's business with $380 trillion banked.

2. We had the void Family grasp that silver with $379 Trillion bank close enough to touch gold but not take it away from those previously mentioned.

3. Malaka Family did their thing banking $353 Trillion taking the bronze title.

4. We had VBP Family whom I thought would have had higher numbers but I guess $206 Trillion was all they were able to bank.

5. Went to Hollows_eve Family. With $151 Trillion deposited.

As we can see all the families and players have done an excellent job for their team.

No doubts we will be seeing them again.

Let’s check out some comments and see what people had to say after the round.

From the forum:

from ShayneG: Lmfao is all I can say


from Redux1: We managed too get a good result's considering most of our family was made up of free player's but overall we did okay. So we got:

5th level 4
2nd Level 3
silver supporter killer
bronze free killer
and 4th family

GG well done everyone. But that 50 attacks out captcha on Eor was a killer, apart from that it was overall a good way too end yet another turbo.



from Don-Sami: I was hallows_eve in turbo. I somehow got 4th in supporter killers rank. And we got gold in fam.


from MrBigCash: Had to take a shit last 10min. When I was in the middle of the storm I remembered I didnt bring my phone. Missed eor. #cry


from Drudge1: We did quite well actually. Didn't seem like much competition this round. Maybe everyone has hangover from the weekend??


from Reckaholic: Started fam early so we could fill up with the boys who couldnt come on eor, and took home that gold boiiiiiii In total was 1.61m turns to UC !!!!!


Don-Sami: (Directed at Reckaholic) what is the square root of x?


from Teds: Thank you to my team and their support and getting the win. Was great to not only be able to secure the win but also get Family bronze and some tiers. Great work IC!!


from Wolfgang: I saved Turbo like always


from ReggieKrayz: It was a great turbo round for us,we knew how to organize ourselves, and we did a clean and precise job. Everyone was a vital part of this great victory, UC taking gold baby!
PS: Wolfgang saved turbo like always.


from ShayneG: Good turbo got 2nd lvl 4 and 3rd killer all on my cell phone in South Africa slow service and still ranking hehehe


from Buggerlugz: a successful turbo for me, i ganked 16 bil from IC

i fuckin rock


from Drudge1: (directed at Buggerlugz) 16b in a 10:1 turbo round? That's' like a nickle in RL money.

And that's it for this time!