Interview with Darkstar from Inner Circle!
By: Clutch

Clutch: Howdy Deco! Thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. For those who might not know you, what name(s) do you usually use?

Darkstar: Usually I go by Darkstar, but in the past I’ve been, Sparticus, and Skarekrow -- and before that I don’t remember.

Clutch: Roughly, how long have you been playing TMB?

Darkstar: 12 years! Which I can hardly believe, although I haven't played every round...

Clutch: What keeps you coming back each round?

Darkstar: Dubs hand jobs, he has great technique and people like Snoman (Jason) and Blues (Marty) who really need a helping hand and look to me as a role model, hahaha.

Darkstar: The whole of the IC team keep me coming back, the best bunch of people I have ever played with in my time in TMB!

Clutch: What other families and unions have you played in, before joining IC?

Darkstar: Well when i started the whole of TMB was new, a few power players but nobody had control of the game, I started in a family called icehouse... didn’t have much to do with anyone as I only played while I was in school lol, but i drifted around for a couple of rounds until I landed in Dragon Kings, with Joe Loop, I learnt the game there, and eventually they became Anarchy, and then joined the Havok union!

Darkstar: That was a fun place, it was kind of a bunch of indy fams joining and smashing the hell out of whoever we chose. I remember fighting WC with them, in massive chatsy forums organising hits! Good old days of dropping a family from top to bottom!

Darkstar: Eventually Havok hit its expiry day, and anarchy went and joined WC. Spent a fair while there and met loads of cool people! At the time The OG IC was around but they were all snobbish not letting any outsiders in lol.

Clutch: (that’s still usually the MO haha)

Darkstar: I was recruited by a Phoenix boss called Lass and i was so impressed by her recruiting message I joined her, for a round or 2 in phoenix, then she started Rebels with Telboy and me, after a few rounds there I left TMB for a while.

Darkstar: When I came back I joined up with Lars in Empire! That was great met some of the bad guys in TMB coca etc, and we were fighting the CCCP guys Feldmen and his CC bitches lol.

Darkstar: Spent some time in Cheese with Pope Benedict, FamilyMatters, Amon, DaSecret, it was good to see an indy fam really take it to IU and in some rounds push them to the edge and even win a few rounds. After another brake I came back to join IC!

Clutch: Do you remember approximately what round you joined IC?

Darkstar: Not really but it’s coming up on 2 years back full time!

Clutch: There have been a few different leaders running the show for IC over the years. Do you have a favourite?

Darkstar: I can’t really talk for the OG times but, since I’ve been playing with ID (nick) as Don and now Tru (Seth) I can’t really say I have a favourite, but I think the way we play as a team now is so much better, the core group of us pull our own weight and it’s great that Seth trusts us to care for the best interests of the family/union, and there is no back biting or bitchyness between us.

Darkstar: So to answer your question, I’d say Tru lol.

Clutch: Would you say IC gets most of their medals/wins as a team, or is Tru (or others) really guiding and having an influence each round? Or in other words, is IC’s success gained entirely as a team, or are there a certain few holding it all together?

Darkstar: I think it really is a team effort, we have had and currently have some amazing looters, these guys consistently put up great numbers round after round, we have some fantastic killers who keep our enemies at bay and ops down, and then we have a few wild cards who are prepared to drop a few $$ to take a win whenever they feel like it. And the rest of us just sit and admire and talk shit lol.

Clutch: That’s awesome! What kind of advice would you give someone looking to start their own family or union?

Darkstar: Take your time and build it with the right people, ones that you can trust and have fun with. If you have a similar direction in which you wish to head in that will really help! Never be afraid to ditch the rankwhores for the good of the team. Recently we have some union formations, such as Loco and FH -- I personally think that’s a great match and I wish them the best.

Clutch: It seems like IC has been warring with IU forever now ... is it safe to say that this war is slowly coming to a close? If so, how many more rounds do you predict until we see the end of the war?

Darkstar: It’s possibly too soon to say but I think it’s kind of fizzled out, in recent rounds it was clear to see that they were held together by a few dogged members, but it’s difficult for any team to face the kind of opposition they did for so long and remain united and efficient. They may come together under a different name but we will have to see. I’m glad it’s come out the way it has and hopefully more teams will form and more life will come to the game.

Clutch: If IU splits up or stops playing, who do you think IC’s next big rivalry in the game will be? Does any other family or union have what it takes to compete with IC?

Darkstar: With the way things look now, I think it can only be UC, and I don’t think that will be because of any bad feeling but simply a fight for the gold union spot, it would be nice if there was a measure of peace but I think the way the game is now I don’t think that will be possible... as for competing it will come down to who is prepared to spend to beat us.

Clutch: Have you, yourself, ever won a JP?

Darkstar: Never won, never attempted, i am always amazed at how much money people are prepared to spend on a game, but if you have the money and want to help your team that much then fair play! The only level 4 medals I have are accidents!

Clutch: What value do you place in medals - for yourself and others? Do you think medals are the biggest reason most people play?

Darkstar: Well it’s nice to have a profile full of badges, show those who don’t know you that you’re kind of a big deal... But really, I think if you work for it that should be recognised and rewarded for it. So I’m grateful for all of my medals but I’d be just as happy with none. If that’s your reason for playing then either work your ass off for it or don’t apply to join IC.

Clutch Also on the ‘new player’ front, if someone who just joined TMB messaged you and asked what the point of the game is, how would you respond?

Darkstar: Haha, that’s a tough one now, i was in this position a week ago... I think I’d say make friends, start some shit find something to do that makes your life better! That’s what I’ll say from now on... a week ago I was like.... ummm loot or kill?

Clutch: When IC invites players to join them, do they focus more on new players to the game, or existing players they’ve been watching for a few rounds?

Darkstar: Difficult to say, each boss or brug invites known members and some might bring in recognised looters to aid the team. Personally I look for the new players and try and give them a grasp of how to play, get them involved on the boards, but I feel it’s quite difficult to keep them around...

Clutch: How do you think the game could make things better for new players (so that more of them stick around)?

Darkstar: The few people I have recruited who were friends from other games found everything quite complicated and a little overwhelming, I’ve seen the new UI but I honestly prefer the original, but possibly an interactive game guide that is super obvious for new members to find, something more obvious than the mail we all get every round.

Clutch: Who’s a new player (or two) IC has recently gained that you think will be a big help in the upcoming rounds?

Darkstar: Well 2 of our newest looters (Enid & Greasy) are top quality looters -- one is a new player, not sure about the other, but really sound people who make it a pleasure to play with, but we have picked up a number of solid team players recently. One such name you may have noticed last round is an old school player by the name of RizZkY, he is a very no nonsense, ‘ill zero your whole family for fun’, kind of guy lol.

Darkstar: But each round we evolve and grow a little. I think that’s the secret to our success, move with the times and accept change.

Clutch: We’ll have to keep an eye out for those two! I know they’ve both already gained a medal each with IC.

Darkstar: Indeed, we value them both, we value all those who work for us, and it’s the least we can do to repay them for all the shit they get off us.

Clutch: If IC went belly-up tomorrow, and you had to join a different family, who would you most likely join?

Darkstar: I’d explore UC from a complete sense of curiosity, just to see how there team dynamic works, they have been around for a long time through the good and the bad. But for the long term, I would either start something new or fade off into the nether lol.

Clutch: I’m now going to ask you a series of rapid fire questions. Answer with the first thing that comes to mind, in as few words as possible!

Darkstar: Awesome.

Clutch: Who’s the best (active/current) looter in the game?

Darkstar: Tough for me to say..... mits/greasy

Clutch: The round just started and you have to bet on someone to take the JP. Who do you bet on? (Not this round specifically, but any round)

Darkstar: Dub

Clutch: If TMB did a main round with only 10 players per family, no leaving families, and no unions... who would you pick to be in your fam (if the players couldn’t refuse to join you)?

Darkstar: Hahahaha

Clutch: 😉

Darkstar: Am I playing to win?

Clutch: Of course!

Darkstar: Of all time or current?

Clutch: Let’s go with current.

Darkstar: Ok -- Tru, Dub, Swan, Babbo, Teds, Broman, Blues, Nomercy, Reck (from uc), and me make 10.

Clutch: If you could make one player who no longer plays, return to TMB, who would it be?

Darkstar: Tough one as there are too many.... Joe Loop!

Clutch: Who’s Joe Loop?

Darkstar: Hahaha.

Clutch: What’s the first thing you do when you sign on?

Darkstar: Find one of my looters to give my cash to, and delete my welcome mail lol.

Clutch: Are you more likely to be found looting, killing, or collecting?

Darkstar: Currently last seen 5 days 7 hours.

Clutch: (Doing nothing - got it!)

Darkstar: Waiting for my time to shine at turbo EOR and main EOR.

Clutch: Who’s the best (current/active) killer in the game?

Darkstar: To be honest I really don’t like the way killer ranks are worked... getting kills for just having defensive units... wtf... build 10m du & you will probably win gold.... So i couldn’t say. I think the free killer guys are some of the best, the ones that do it without farming or getting the competition iced....

Clutch: Do you prefer main rounds or turbo rounds?

Darkstar: Turbo it ends quicker, I think main rounds are too long.

Clutch: Perfect. That’s the end of our rapid fire section. I have one last question for you though! 😉

Clutch: If you could add any new city to the game, which city would you choose? *crosses fingers for Vancouver*

Darkstar: Madrid/Barcelona

Darkstar: You have Montreal

Clutch: French Canadians are hardly Canadian. We need another city! I hope you’re reading this Storm!

Darkstar: I met a French Canadian in Cuba, she was fit as!! Shame she lived in Quebec...

Clutch: And on that note... let’s wrap this one up! (Pun intended)

Clutch: Are there any last words or shout-outs you would like to give? This is your opportunity to speak to the TMB community as a whole.

Darkstar: Hmm let’s see, thank you for the opportunity, thank you IC for carrying my lazy arse. For profile media please see Tru -- he is top class at them and he give complementary hand jobs! Also if anyone has seen Jason and Dub’s midget, please don’t let Alex play with him as he is struggling with a serious withdrawal from midget porn! iC4L

Clutch: Thank you again for taking the time to chat man. Best of luck in the rounds to come! 🍻