Hello peeps! Ink -Slinger here with a review of Main round 840. I have to start by asking wth is going on with this round? Is it a full moon or something? Lots of craziness going on that I’m not even sure what to start with first….

I guess the logical place to begin is with last rounds winner, TMK, who states on his profile, ”I finally passed Sheikh in wins, time to retire !”. But quickly adds, ”Btw: That does not mean I won’t randomly show up to steal your round every so often . Is he really leaving? I dunno for sure, but here’s what he had to say when I asked him about him leaving:

Why did you decide to retire?

From TMK: I got some big plans and new work to do so I got no time for games really.

What has been your most memorable moment in TMB?

From TMK: My best moment in tmb really is all the last minute crazy challenges I’ve had. I would say top 2 would be 7k turbo vs keystone (to avenge him stealing sheikhs round) and the main round vs Teds.

Who will you miss the most?

From TMK: I’ll miss my crew of course, these guys will always be around and we’ll keep in touch, we all come and go. I left this game in 2014 I think and came back this year to win 20 more jps. We all come back eventually.

So true TMK! Many people say they are leaving, but most end up coming back sooner or later. As the main page publicizes, TMB is “The Most Addicting Mafia Game” and I’m confident we will see TMK in the future. Until then, stay safe and enjoy your time away.

In other news, the ongoing war between Southside and Warhounds raged on with both sides looking as though they weren’t interested in making peace anytime soon. But unlike other rounds, there was a new opponent that showed up on the battlefield wanting to get in on the action against Southside. That family was Brotherhood and they quickly made their intensions known and after that it was on like Donkey Kong! Teds (previously with Inner Circle) lead the attack with a big build of hitmen and by day two, there were plenty of dead bodies scattered about.

I reached out to members of the families involved and tried to find out what started the war but couldn’t really get a definitive answer from anyone.

from dmx

they were talking shit... lol
from Richard

Rock started it
from Hypocrisy

It all started when Nick stole Max’s bulk supply of manpons. Because of this. Max developed a case of toxic shock syndrome... blahbahblah bitches get emotional and their whole family ends up 0d for rounds.
from Busta

My comment is this simply one person decided to say some sick shit so we hit them until apologize or Maxx grows a fucking set of balls and removed the dumb fuck
Feels good to hit ops again.

So there you have it.. the so-called reason for the war as told by Southside, Brotherhood and Warhounds. Now you know as much as I do… which really equates to just about nothing. But at least I tried. I think this is more a case of no one really knows why or how it started …it just did and everyone is gonna roll with it.

Moving on………

This round we saw the return of RizZky, a veteran player and legend from about 10 years ago who specialized in killing large targets. If you remember Revolving Gunz, then you should remember RizkZy. He and Gunz were responsible for many killings back in the day, and from the looks of this round, RizZky hasn’t lost his touch. He joined up with The_Empire who were in the same union as Warhounds and immediately built and joined in the war against Southside. But he didn’t just stop there… he also zeroed Killer Beauty in UC_Avengers who had a big build as well. According to Rizz, KB was not too happy about it and filled his mailbox with lots of hate mail. Things could get very interesting if he decides to stick around.

As players built, hit their targets and rebuilt, the JP was gradually getting larger and with just under 7 days left in the round it was already at $845. It was this day that a new killer emerged and made some big hits. Shabba, a member of Black Sails, built and zeroed Ted’s 2.6 million hitmen and Blackswan’s 1.4 million. I was later told by an informant that Shabba was Dezl and that he was just burning off his stored credits. As previously noted, no one leaves TMB for very long so we will have to wait and see if this is true or not.

Let’s take a look and see what happened at EOR.

With 5 hrs left, the stats showed RizZkY as the player with the most ops and I thought we might see him go for the jackpot on his first round back. If he did, that truly would make a statement to everyone that he was one bad mofo and nothing or no one was going to stand in his way.

But I was wrong and that’s not how it ended up… RizZkY did not seem interested in taking the JP so my thoughts turned to UC as the next logical choice. After all, they have been ranking very well in the main rounds recently and just ranked two families in turbo this past round, so many of their players were already loaded with won credits. It made perfect sense that they would be the ones trying for the win.

I was wrong again and with 3 min left in the round no one seemed interested in doing anything. The jackpot was sitting at $1339 so I checked in on TMK, half expecting him to maybe try for it. He was online, but not making a move. At this point I was beginning to think that no one was going to try for it. Can you imagine that happening? No one trying for it? The last minute of the round would be a big clusterfuck as that is when everyone shuffles cash for eor ranks and you’d have a hard time telling how much cash was needed and who was going to come out on top. A clusterfuck indeed!

Finally, just before the 1 minute mark I saw the JP jump up and quickly switched to the awards page to see who the builder was. It was Teds, from Brotherhood who previously had been sitting at 3.9 million ops but now was at 9.7 million solving the mystery of who was going for the jackpot. RizZkY was sitting behind him with 5.1m ops and I still wondered if he was going to try for it too…. But that didn’t happen, and Teds coasted to an easy, unchallenged win with a nice Jackpot of $1584.

ReggieKrayz of UC took the silver medal and 125k credits with $13.2 tril in his satchel. Triggerman23 of Inner Circle lost out on the bronze medal with seconds to go and had to settle for the 4th place spot after RizZkY bypassed him and took the bronze and the 75k credits.

Congrats to Teds on his win and to all the other rankers in this level.

-Level 4-

1. Teds $72,445,758,873,900
2. ReggieKrayz $13,200,479,707,098
3. RizZkY $7,739,913,976,210
4. triggerman23 $7,014,019,995,563
5. jolietJake $3,002,924,263,953
6. Mr.MaXX $2,719,239,363,274
7. RonWeasley $2,187,045,634,305
8. JohnRooney $2,000,903,427,288
9. PINKDOT $502,586,064,823
10. ShayneG $459,823,215,497

from Teds

Horrible EOR go for me. Thankfully no one challenged. Great to be with my dad and uncle and taking the win under BH. Special thanks to rizzky, busta, and of course dirtynick. Also special shout out to my IC crew for collecting/looting 40 trill for free! That's a good team!

Last go for me time to let others attempt gettin the wins.
from ReggieKrayz

Like all round of UC we did a clean and precise job, the round was full of certain obstacles, wars. Thing that we knew how to advance, and we always maintained the result that made us win some medals. We took fam gold, Jimborally took the silver on lvl 3, Ghost took silver in free killer and gold in lvl1, and I get a silver in lvl4.

So I think we did a great job, UC AVENGERS!

The run for the Level 3 Gold Medal was extremely close between Jimborally of UC and Brotherhood’s Lego_Head. When the final transfers were set, only $156b separated the two and Lego_Head emerged as the Gold Medal winner with Jimborally taking the Silver. Ctrl_alt_del (Inner Circle) secured the Bronze Medal with a value of $4 trillion.

-Level 3-

1. Lego_Head $8,008,556,804,035
2. Jimborally $7,852,367,457,029
3. ctrl_alt_del $4,002,308,630,189
4. Marco_The_Bull $2,006,012,500,606
5. FTW_310 $1,731,346,776,420
6. Killer25 $1,001,973,803,835
7. HITSQUAD $594,285,920,340
8. SexualChocolate $203,302,183,487
9. Larry $105,619,470,591
10. Shooter $42,576,418,800

from Lego_Head

My first level 3 gold always good to get. Helped out by the best Family on the game 'brotherhood' been with them a while now and always a laugh whilst getting results. Cheers!
from Jimborally

Looked down the lonely road of rank, everyone loves won turns… but effort, bullshit and credibility and being reliable gets you the bling. And a bunch of get fucked along the way and screw you and i most definitely slept with your mother comments help as well. and that’s how medals are achieved. Yes, screwing your way to the middle. Never to the top.
Ummmmm… Ok Jimborally. Thanks for letting us know the secret on how to get medals. Not sure if all families work that way, but I’m gonna try that with my boss, Storm and see how well that works for me.

In level two ranks, Rock (Brotherhood_ was granted the Gold Medal with a value of $6 trillion, followed by Lucianos_Gamble (BlackSails) earning the Silver medal and Damien (Nameless) the bronze. The only real battle seen in this level was between 4th place Havana and 5th place RosettaLiciardi. Only $48 billion separated the two!

-Level 2-

1. Rock $6,000,120,369,560
2. Lucianos_Gamble $2,587,502,276,118
3. Damien $1,500,621,154,500
4. Havana $1,179,467,857,289
5. RosettaLiciardi $1,130,667,629,850
6. PannenKoek $1,011,470,162,000
7. DUCKY $901,206,114,000
8. Cassy $339,580,958,578
9. DOT $130,452,604,361
10. Shame $27,922,539,885

from Rock

Thanks to my new found family of brotherhood this gold was unexpected but appreciated thank you guys this is for you. You all fucking rock now rock on!
from Lucianos_Gamble

I'd like to thank all the members of IU, RU, and Drop Squad for their help and friendship.

In level 1 ranks we saw another UC member, Ghost, earning the shiny Gold Medal. Zorro (Brotherhood) was pushing hard for the top spot but fell short by $600b and went home with the Silver Medal. The final spot went to BigMac (IC) who earned the Bronze Medal.

-Level 1-

1. Ghost $4,600,170,599,380
2. Zorro $4,000,023,688,338
3. BigMac $1,902,739,132,609
4. bags $1,500,013,809,081
5. Depthz $1,401,149,238,032
6. Fizzle $1,002,661,195,364
7. Walkure $206,826,753,281
8. BloodyD $100,545,834,045
9. DNF $90,153,833,991
10. JMFQ $61,896,206,829

from Ghost

I took lvl 1 gold as you know, but i also took silver killer as well
first killer ever so im happy about that

Moving on to the Supporter Killer Ranks ... with 6 days left in the round I observed Shabba (BlackSails) in the lead with 471,531 kills and still plenty of time to add that amount. Zappa and Busta were in a close battle for second with 390,610 and 387,252 respectively. I really thought that Shabba was going to end up being a contender for the Gold Medal at EOR, but that didn’t happen. Instead, Busta (Brotherhood) stepped up to the plate taking the Gold with 6.2 million kps. RizZkY continued his assault on just about everyone with big DU and earned the Silver Medal with 3.9 million kps and Buggerlugz (UC) snatched up the Bronze with 3 million kills of his own. Nice job to all the killers!

-Supporter Killer-

1. Busta 6,297,373
2. RizZkY 3,959,974
3. Buggerlugz 3,035,173
4. Bigben 1,308,175
5. Revo 1,208,717

No reply from any of the Supporter Killers so let’s move on to the Free Killers. Beva from Cool Cats had a good run of kills that earned him the PROPAHHH Gold Medal with 516,806 kill points. Ghost (UC) wasn’t too far behind with 461,762 kills and received the Silver Medal to go along with the Gold he earned in level 1. Soprano (Nameless) sung his way to the Bronze medal with 313,314 kps.

-Free Killers-

1. Beva 516,806
2. Ghost 461,762
3. Soprano 313,314
4. Don_jay 266,197
5. BigMac 255,079

from Beva
It’s ahhh gold medal.. how bou yahhh ask mehhh something useful like howwww yahhh all can be more like mehhh? how bout tahhhh?
Uhhhh.. thanks but I think I’ll have to pass on that Beva. One Beva is more than enough for TMB. Thanks for the comment though!

This next award section is for the best collecting family and union. There were some surprises in this category as we saw Southside leaving the individual ranks and go union. Brotherhood, who previously played for union ranks, decided to go indy family. I’d say it had to do with getting collecting medals, but union ranks don’t have medals, so my guess, it had to do with won credits… At least for Southside and they wanted a piece of a bigger pot.

As in previous round, UC was tearing up the family ranks and by the halfway mark had already looted their way to over $10 trillion in family wealth. The closest competitor was Brotherhood with $5 tril and Jackals with just under $3 Tril. With 5 days left in the round, it was time for the collectors to make their contribution to the family wealth.

With looters and collectors now working towards the EOR goal of accumulating the most wealth, we saw UC easily taking the Gold Medal in Family Ranks with $9.7 trillion in the union bank. Brotherhood secured the Silver Medal with banking a net of $5.3t and only $1.9 trillion was needed for a new family named Jackals to secure the Bronze Medal in this level. NaMeLeSs took the 4th place spot and CapoDeFruttiCapi finished in 5th
The actual values of these families at EOR was much higher but bankers used only what was needed to secure the family rank and put the remaining $$ towards individual ranks for the family members. UC accumulative total was close to $35 trillion for the round, Brotherhood over $22 tril and Jackals did quite well with an overall family value of just $4 trillion.

-Collecting Family-

1. UC_Avengers Hollywood_Hubert $9,767,326,676,265
2. Brotherhood DirtyNick $5,329,552,731,566
3. JACKALS LaCosta $1,909,124,934,641
4. NaMeLeSs Domenico $480,751,422,144
5. CapoDeFruttiCapi TuttiFruitti $379,088,408,715

from Hollywood_Hubert

well it went well another gold. We got some tiers for some great loyal players.

Jimbo- legend and one of the original UC member
ReggiekrayZ- a great loyal active member
Ghost- another great loyal member who also got silver in free killing.

we have been growing and expanding and might have grown out of family into the union ranks.
when you go BallZ deep things like this tend to happen.
UC or the terrorist win
from DirtyNick

Last round was a change for TheHood. We decided that it would be a good time to try our hand at indy fam. Teds from IC decided to take a round off and come slum it with the degenerates of TheHood. He built big early and went on to get the win even after getting 0d by Rizzky.

Overall we went on to take
Level 4 Gold
Level 3 Gold
Level 2 Gold
Level 1 Silver
Supporter Killer Gold
Silver Family

It was a huge bounce back round for us. So id like to thank Teds for stopping by and all the other cunts in the family that made it a fun round.

from LaCosta

It was a solid first round for us. In addition to 3rd fam we also got 9th in lvl 4 and 6th in lvl 3. Big shoutout to everyone in the fam that made it possible!

In the union ranks, Inner Circle took the lead almost immediately out of the gate and by day 5 had already banked up $19.7 trillion in Union value. But War-Vikings and Devilishly_Devious were nipping at their heels with values of $18.7 and $13.1 trillion. The looters in these unions were doing their job and at this point, it was going to come down to whom had the better collectors to give them that end of round push.

By EOR, IC was able deposit almost half of their $40 trillion value into their Union Bank taking another Gold Medal for their trophy wall. War-Vikings a recent addition to the union ranks, opted to put most of their $$ into union ranks and it paid off for them as they were able to take the Union Silver with $17 trillion banked. Devilishly_Devious did very well this round in union ranks and were able to easily take the Bronze Medal over Southside who finished 4th and UnItEd (a new union comprised of old IU/RU members) who finished in the 5th spot.

-Collecting Union-

1. IC-NoSLEEP-NoNAPS Tru $19,370,455,208,723
2. WAR-VIKINGS SEXY-JAG $17,572,054,842,840
3. Devilishly_Devious Griselda $13,144,515,534,235
4. SouthSide Mr.MaXX $2,938,610,947,099
5. UnItEd MonkeyKilla $544,939,094,121

from Sexy-Jag

The family did a wonderful job, and worked hard, very proud of all of them, and to be a part of them.

Sadly, this was the only comment I received from our union rankers so this will bring us to the end of the round 840 review. With the retirement of some of the IU/RU players the coming rounds should be interesting as we see where the remaining members end up. Right now, some have gone with BlackSails but several others have taken up residence with UC and a few other families/unions. Changes appear to be coming and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out in the coming rounds.

Until next time, this is Ink-Slinger signing off and reminding you that if you see News Happening, Please Let Me Know!