Greetings friends. Ink-Slinger here with a Review of Round 842. The biggest thing to note at the start of the round is that IU was noticeably missing from family and union. As TMK stated last round, he was retiring for now but may return at a later date. A few other IU union members have also retired and the remaining members have found new homes with DropSquad or other families. But as I said in the previous review.. no one seems to ever leave TMB for very long so I personally expect to see them back sooner or later.

But for this round, UC was the union to watch. Most collectors build ops until day 5 and then start collecting. But not UC. They continued to build operatives until the very last day of the round. I knew they been doing quite well in the rankings lately so they possibly had a nice stash of won turns. No one was collecting… they were just building more ops each day. Maybe they hoped no one would notice… but I noticed. 😊 It will be interesting to see what their plan is for EOR. Are they considering a run for the JP?

A few days into the round I scanned the list of families and noticed something different with InnerCircle. Their members were all dressed up with no place to go. With the absence of IU, InnerCircle appears to have no one to war with so most all the union members have been able to build DU this round with out killing or getting killed. They may have to find a new warring partner if they want to continue killing. Any thoughts on who that may be?

Speaking of InnerCircle, I also noticed that JolietJake (who previously was with IC) was out on his own this round. I’m a bit surprised that no one picked him up to add to their team. I reached out to try and find out what happened between Jake and IC but no one was talking so I guess we’ll never know.

With three days left in the round gameplay was really slow…. I was beginning to wonder if everyone was in hibernation along with the squirrels and chipmunks. No big wars, no big builds (other than Adele) and Rome of Southside was The jackpot was at $866 but hadn’t moved for days and the only one seemingly doing anything was Adele (InnerCircle) who had built to 5 million DU. Not sure who he had been hitting, but his kill points were at 4.4 million so had to be some big hits. Titus, his nearest competitor was trailing waaaaay behind with only 882,255 kps. Hopefully things would liven up closer to EOR.

As the round neared the end, TooShortToDo69 (UC) had been building ops, as had the rest of his union. His profile message gave the impression that he was going to take the round. Was this the way it was going to be? Or was it just a lot of Hype?? Let’s move to EOR and see how things went down….

To be honest, if you missed eor.. you really didn’t miss anything. It came and went with little excitement. In other words, it was as slow as molasses in January. TooShortToDo69 claimed previously that it was “his round”, but when it came right down to it, he did nothing to even suggest that. He had built to 2.9 million ops during the round but nothing more… one can only assume that his hype was just a bunch of propaganda to get the JP winner to overspend for the pot. Good strategy, but no one seemed interested in even trying for the JP and with 2 minutes left I still wasn’t sure who (if anyone) was going to even try.

Finally, ADELE from InnerCircle started to make a collect. He had 7.1 million ops and I watched to see if he was going to add more but he didn’t need too… He had more than enough to make a collect that would give him the win ……. a win that he wasn’t even really interested in taking. When have you ever heard of anyone not interested in winning a jackpot???
Silver went to DickHurtz (Brotherhood) and Batman (InnerCircle) took home Bronze. Congrats ADELE on your 1st win and to all the other rankers in this level

-Level 4-

1. ADELE $71,720,445,770,920
2. DickHurtz $12,101,637,319,397
3. Batman $3,769,322,143,422
4. jolietJake $2,679,610,898,306
5. UC_KiLLer_BeauTy $2,351,360,830,201
6. PINKDOT $2,004,927,980,416
7. Domenico $1,481,309,326,338
8. Lucianos_Gamble $1,289,560,871,077
9. dmx $1,200,781,962,141
10. BliZzArD_420 $326,647,855,001

from ADELE

Just would like say thanks to the whole inner_circle clan for treating me like family I hope I can repay all the favors back in upcoming rounds.

I need to thank my boss flick_falcon aka stinger aka blackswan, she showed me the ropes for the new rules and she on numerous occasions would chase me around with her Trident if I was buying excessive turns.

The round itself was good I wanted to give the round to few people who wouldn't accept it so I was stuck with having to win..

What can I say lets do it again IC4EVER 4EVERIC
from ADELE

Plus I’d like to thank all the staff that make this game run smooth and dedicate their time for the players to get the most out of the game.
In Level 3 ranks, Dr_Strange (InnerCircle) had the right prescription (and $1.5T in his bank) to walk away with the Gold Medal. The cash amounts needed to take the medals this round was ridiculously low. The silver went for a mere $480 billion and the bronze was just $375b. I don’t even know when the last time was that I saw values this low…. Round 30 or 40 maybe? Ok, ok… that’s a bit of stretch but I think you get the idea… Anyway, back to the ranks…. LaCosta (Jackals) was able to earn the Silver medal and Marco_The_Bull (Warhounds) was just $5b behind LaCosta and secured the Bronze medal.

-Level 3-

1. Dr_Strange $1,550,755,628,500
2. LaCosta $480,720,200,487
3. Marco_The_Bull $375,902,964,797
4. HITSQUAD $163,244,345,517
5. Whiskey_Dick $124,223,320,402
6. ASH-SPG $111,650,682,729
7. EFH $44,772,335,376
8. AK_47 $35,643,447,528
9. Rock $8,287,905,492
10. Steeltiger1 $6,375,947,500

from LaCosta

It was a good second round for us. Even with some of our guys busy we managed to top our first round total by almost 3tril. EOR I figured Dom would collect again so I decided we'd settle for 3rd place and get a few tiers.

Ended up with 3rd fam, 6th lvl 4, 1st lvl 2, and an unexpected 2nd in level 3. After I set the other two tiers the cash I had left was enough to get 2nd.

Big shoutout to the fam! Everybody did their part and contributed how they could. We did what we had to and got it done when it needed to be B
from Marco_The_Bull

I have been welcomed into a family after a few years away from the game. A lot of things have changed from when I used to play. I jumped right in and did my part.
This family and union ranks people based on performance. It was a team effort. I could not have done it without the help of the whole union.
Level two ranks were much the same as the previous level ranks, ridiculously low values to earn medals. ErikRaude was granted the bronze medal in this level with just $160 billion!! Typical values are usually over $1T as was seen in round 840 where the bronze went for $1.5 trillion. Maybe people are thinking they can use their virtual money for Christmas presents?? Whatever the reason, if anyone was looking for a cheap rank with medal, this round would have been the one to do it in!

The Silver medal went to Zeus with $648 billion and the top prize and Gold medal went to AJ (Jackals) for just $1 trillion. Interesting to note is that Zeus was previously appearing in Level 1 but jumped to level two at EOR and earned him an additional 5k credits by leveling up. Good job Zeus for recognizing an opportunity to acquire a bigger prize!

-Level 1-

1. AJ $1,000,205,080,601
2. Zeus $648,611,318,066
3. EirikRaude $160,235,550,609
4. Mario_Maserati $61,162,135,224
5. DontLetHerIn $45,905,485,990
6. SuperChicanoWolf $36,215,086,513
7. OG_BloodyD $7,696,524,752
8. Ajax $7,371,570,791
9. Suggerlugz $6,731,931,186
10. Franko $4,374,372,955

from Zeus

Round was good. I left my family last round and decided to go solo for a change but figured it out another friend would be helpful so I called Wesker at skype and convinced him to serve me as a banker LOL. He own me some favors and agreed and then once or twice a day he would help me with banking.

At eor I had 450b. Then the last hour something happened, a bunch of SS guys forgot to protect and I was able to loot another 120b. Glad for my silver (another one) and thanks Wesker for helping me. Oh and SS lol
from EirikRaude

Hmm.. there isnt much to say really, didnt expect that in a solo family, had help from a good friend though. But thanks, Im chasing medals, and not turns but I had that one from previous win.
Finishing out the individual prizes is the level one awards. Surprisingly, this level gold was more expensive than Level 2 or 3! Always crazy when that happens…. But Good_Intentions easily grabbed the Gold Medal with an EOR value of $3 trillion. His closest competitor (if that’s what you want to call it) was Jackie_D-Amico from InnnerCircle who took home the Silver medal with just $550 billion. Bane was awarded the Bronze medal with $417 billion.

As said previously, it was crazy to see how low most of the values were in individual prizes. With a combined number of 25 million ops at EOR, I really expected UC to dominate all the individual ranks, but in the end they seemed focused on a different goal.

Congratulations one more time to ADELE the JP winner and all the other winners in the Individual award catagories!

-Level 1-

1. Good_Intentions $3,004,101,359,680
2. Jackie_D-Amico $550,112,247,894
3. Bane $417,305,517,907
4. LoLa $241,523,347,677
5. Ricky_Bubbles $31,797,441,983
6. JMFQ $17,411,547,222
7. Cultivator $15,118,482,001
8. JewarrenRush25 $14,037,274,387
9. WARPATH $13,350,646,328
10. Crimson_Fox $11,816,017,586

from Jackie_D-Amico

Thanks to Tru and the IC team for tier 1 silver. I'm back baby and we are gunna keep IU 0d till they bow down or get the hell outa here. Also I want to say welcome to the new members of our union. We going to continue to be the best.

Respects Jackie D

Moving on the Killers ranks, ADELE of InnerCircle not only won the JP but also the Gold Medal in Supporter Killers with 6.6 million kill points. TooShortToDo69 (UC) must have been busy trying to find a way to do 69 as he fell short of the gold medal by 3 million KPs. His total was enough to earn him the silver medal though…. and beat out third place Superman (InnerCircle) by 500k kills. Nice job and congrats to all the Supporter killers!

-Supporter Killers-

1. ADELE 6,694,508
2. TooShortToDo69 3,735,389
3. Superman 3,260,364
4. Titus 1,932,859
5. Beasy 1,566,583

from Darkstar

Im delighted with my first ever killing medal, at the start of the round had no though of going for it, but as i was building du for bank it seemed a good opportunity to get something out of the du.

I tried not to upset any of the other killers who needed to 'complete there sets' weather that was true or not, they got a little uncomfortable and decided to ignore the nap and the gentlemen's agreement and Zero me, which i thought was in poor taste, but whatever it was the last day.

All in all im delighted with the bronze and delighted with another great round in iC!!

As is usually the norm, Free killers ranks were very competitive with Leah of UC earning the Gold Medal with nearly 500k kills proving once again that women can be good killers too!! DontEverSayThat took the silver medal with 391k kps and Luckyboy wasn’t far behind with 343k kills. I always enjoy watching this level because there is usually real competition here and it doesn’t come down to who can add extra credits to get a few more KPs. The guys/gals in this level have 2500 turns every 16 hrs so they have to use their turns wisely (and effectively) if they want to rank in this level. Much respect for those that ranked this round!

-Free Killers-

1. Leah 498,349
2. DontEverSayThat 391,863
3. Luckyboy 343,632
4. hazmoore 301,469
5. ColdASF 242,349

from Leah

Thanks. Didnt start building dus until day 6 so didn't have as many as others but I didn't get attacked all round so it was easy lol.
And now we’ve arrived at the final two categories for this round… the collecting awards. These awards go to the families and unions that were able to bank up the most cash from the round. In the Collecting Family award we saw DirtyNick and his family, Brotherhood take the Gold Medal by banking just $9 trillion this round. Nameless lead by family boss Domenico was able to easily coast into the second place spot with $5.6 trillion. Jackals, a fairly new family to the ranks lead by boss LaCosta took the Bronze medal with a family bank of $2.6 trill. Rounding out the field of five were Drop_Squad and Cool_Catsssss.

-Collecting Family-

1. Brotherhood DirtyNick $9,348,651,581,221
2. NaMeLeSs Domenico $5,601,628,517,239
3. JACKALS LaCosta $2,633,194,155,473
4. Drop_Squad Cultivator $1,724,613,283,212
5. Cool_Catsssss Lolomgwtfbbq $907,622,922,892

from Domenico

Was really glad we were able to snag the second family spot. For the 29 fuckers next to me, as always!
from Matt_Lauer

We talked to the family at beginning of the round and decided that we were going for Family Gold. The family was subbed up, the looters were all over their game and we even had a war going on with SouthSide. Titus agreed to bank for the family. The threat from SouthSide was neutralized quickly and then we focused on looting and collecting. Bank rolls were smooth. I accomplished my goal of trying to become more useless than Sid.

Was a great family effort and we casually walked away with Family Gold. Won't be the last time you see our names at the top of the prizes.

Hey Ink, if you need a reporting job, I just created a vacancy on the Today Show and you're more than welcome to use my old sex dungeon... I mean office.
LOL! Thanks Matt, but you couldn’t afford me…. 😉

In Collecting Union ranks, the battle was between InnerCircle and UC for the Gold medal. InnerCircle was focusing on the Win and the Gold in Union ranks but fell short to UC who took the Union gold by banking $33T to IC’s $30T. Still an impressive run for both equally strong unions and it’s nice to see some friendly competition between the two.

Devilishly_Devious took home the Bronze medal and War-Vikings ended the round in 4th place. Only 4 unions formed this round, leaving the 5th spot vacant…. A missed opportunity for someone.
Congrats to all the families and unions on their achievements this round and I look forward to seeing how things unfold next round.

-Collecting Union-

1. UC_Ballz_Deep Hollywood_Hubert $33,579,712,328,435
2. IC_Justice-Served Batman $30,656,680,803,349
3. Devilishly_Devious Griselda $12,702,253,880,700
4. War-Vikings TonyGiovanni $3,631,204,950,484

I tried to get comments from Hollywood, Batman and Griselda but my requests went unanswered. Hopefully next round I will be able to get more replies and people won’t be so bashful about offering a comment. 😊

And that brings us to the end of another round review. Have a good round everyone and remember, if you see news happening, please let me know!