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Day 10:

As most planned to easy back into the round, it started different than most excepted. The first day of the round started of different than every round I’ve played on TMB. Instantly the pot increased, and we had two new big families. Marche Noir and Retaliation_IsA_Must. Marche Noir stood out as they had 3 builds of over 3 million defenses with their biggest being at 16.7m DU’s led by YK. The other new family was made up of Rizzky and his band of misfits. Beside these new additions, most players just did their same usual routine, as looting wouldn’t start until the day after.

Two big change seen this round was by IC. It looks as if they decided to stay family rather than go union! Another was, seeing them being ran by not Tru, but Jackie. Interesting for IC, we’ll see how that plays out in the upcoming rounds. There were not many hits by any particular family were seen yet, just everyone getting into their comfort zones.

Day 9: You thought I was finished?

The 9th day of the round start with bots finally coming into play. UC started the round with a big lead over all other families/unions. Acidic who went for the jackpot last round, went on a mini-spree and hit players in BH, IC, and UC. Clutch, and ShayneG both decided to leave the Marche Noir union to make their own family. FoundHell and Locos started a quick lead in family rankings respectively being #1 and #2.

I saw Leith2 in Locos this round, which I found strange as he is usually with IC. It will be interesting to see if its just an one round thing, or permanent change. For those who don’t know, Leith is one of the better looters in TMB (in my opinion at least).

One big thing I did see though was Clutch saying he is going to quit TMB. We’ll see how that plays out. People say but they never do. One thing to point out here was, Clutch and Shayne are both from BC, Canada, hence the family name of BC_Rankwhores!

The most interesting part of the day was when Brotherhood joined up with Retaliation_IsA_Must to go union! They have been dominating the family ranks, let’s see how they handle going up into the union ranks as the round continues.

Day 8:

After ShayneG and Clutch both decided to join YK, they were booted from the Marche Noir squad, and many wondered what their plan was for the round. Looks like we found it today! They ended up joining SS. What a shocker.

In the past couple rounds, bots would reset at 3bn every reset, but this round they are at 2.5bn per reset. Let’s see how this impacts the field, as well as every teams totals. Looters are still hard at work as the beginning of the round is usually the busiest. Here’s a look at the totals so far into the start of day 8.

As day 8 started to round off, YK from Marche Noir built 3.5m operatives, and bumped his defensive total to 19m!

Day 7:

During the 7th day, we saw the pot increase to $1,333. Looters were still looting, and there hasn’t been many hits so far into the round. I’m sure that will change eventually. CodeRed from IU has been putting his team on his back so far. He is near 20k hits while the next closest looter is at 9700 hits. I do not like using hits as a measure for who has looted the most, as some hit on resets, while others on off hours, but I think it’s safe to say that CodeRed is going offffffffff.

In other news, Mitsui has been a bit quiet in the past couple rounds, but he has made his way to the top 3 with over 8k hits. IU_RU has a good advantage over the other families with 4.5trn banked, while UC is holding on to the top spot with nearly 10trn, a 2.5trn lead over the Brotherhood union. YK is on his way to gold killers with nearly 4m kill points already. He is generating a ton each day with nearly 20 million defensives.

Day 6

Interesting day for most of us, I assume. What a game eh! I’m not a fan of either team, but that being said, I did expect the patriots to win and blow out the eagles. Congratulations to the eagles and all their fans on the win. It was a good game for most fans!

That being said, TMB on Superbowl Sunday was a bit slow as well. Clutch came out gunning, and used most of his defensives to kill people to get to 4.5m kill points. Spade ended up finishing him off when he was low enough.

In other news, we saw BH and co move closer to taking the union lead, and eventually would take the lead on the fifth day. Even though Clutch got to 4.5m kps, he was still below YK, the leader who was near 5 million on the day. We also saw FH tighten the gap with IU, however, IU’s looters work overnight, and they ended up maintaining a lead of nearly 2trn by the end of the day.

Day 5:

The 5th day started with turbo starting up. With the specials up, it was easy to assume that there would be a 10-1 round. Usually, as turbo starts, so does collecting, which leads to families looting less. The bots tend to get better on the last 3 or 4 days as well. This is usually around the time the free killers establish themselves ahead of others. Silentmafiosa from IU took the lead with 337k kps while KS and Slissbeats from the same family are in second and third respectively with 180k kps and 166k kps.

In other news, CodeRed, who I assume is Zodiac is still killing it looting. He has kept IU in sole possession of family gold, while also having more hits than the next two top looters COMBINED. Locos and FH are almost neck and neck with only 900bn separating the two. It will be interesting to see which family ends up ahead of the other!

Next up, I saw Brotherhood and co take the gold in union at the start of the day, but by the end of the actual day, I saw UC had reclaimed their lead, however, right before the 5th day ended, BH took a lead of around 1.3trn. The union ranks between these two will be interesting to see this round in my opinion.

The one union that confused me was LU/SemperFi. They had a very good showing last round, but were struggling this round. At this point in the round, they only have about 5.7trn which is good for fourth for now. Marche Noir has 12trn and is in third. YK seems to be holding it down, while I also have seen triggerman loot quite a bit to help out their union.

Day 4:

There hasn’t been as much activity as we are usually accustomed to this round. At the end of the 4th day, turbo ended, which was a quite a finish. Congrats to all the winners there. The biggest story on the 4th day was when the pot went from $1,333 to $1615 which was YK going to 7m ops and 21.5m Defensives to collect his union into first place for now!

Acidic, if y’all remember, went for the pot last round, also went for it this turbo. He had quite a select few words to say about IU and co. This seems to be a trend. If ya can’t beat em, join em’ my friend.

One thing I did notice was that Silentmafiosa, the leader of free killers from yesterday went level 4 which allowed his teammate, FATAL, to take the lead in free killers. In my opinion, this was the slowest day of the round so far. Not much exciting shit happened beside turbo. Speaking of turbo, I really am a fan of the 20 in a fams but I do like the no range aspect of turbos because it does allow free players a better chance to get some ranks and turns to do damage in the main rounds.

Day 3:

As turbo ended, day 3 started. The 3rd day we did see some action. Towards the end, Storm posted the rules for the next main round, he usually does this on the last day, but posted it a bit earlier. The one change I saw was upping the prizes for killer rankings. It will be interesting to see how that plays out.

We saw a new leader in free killers. Mackaveli from FH took the lead with 513k, FAtAL is behind by nearly only 60k, so it is possible to jump above him. Supporter killers rankings haven’t changed much this round. It’s been locked between the same few, however; there are lots of defensives and KPS out there, so seeing how that pans out will be interesting for sure. In family rankings, IU looks like the dominate force to take home the gold, while Locos and FH are still only separated by a little bit.

In the union rankings, gold is Marche Noir’s to lose barring any unexpected collects. UC regained possession of the second place with 35.5trn, with BH near 33. The race between these two is the most interesting in my opinion.

Day 2:

Day 2 was a good day this round. YK started the day off by killing BigAnt, and from there his partner in crime, Waterwork, went to work. He hit a bunch of IU’s supporters and got some good Kps from that as he looks like he’ll take home the silver supporter killers medal. Ballsy move hitting IU by these two, let’s see how it plays out.

In other news I, (reckaholic) took my 1.5m hitmen to work. Started dusting fools left right to get myself to above 4m kps. I wanted to pass clutch because I don’t like him, so I hope I do make it. Couple of small hits were exchanged with BH and UC, but nothing major, mostly for killpoints. Respect dat. Supporter killers has been tough this round. Looks like 4 of the top 5 spots are all above 4m KP’s. Haven’t seen that happen in a while. In family rankings, I saw LOCOS make a push for first place. They are sitting only 600bn away as I type this. In other news, I heard rumors of IC asking for mercy as they surrendered to UC. Shit the fan real quick over there. With Jackie running the show (I know I’m laughing my ass off too right now), I really cannot take those fools serious.

In other news, Storm had to head off for a bit, so we get a new admin (apparently old one) come back today to take the keys to TMB in place of storm! Might be interesting to keep an eye on as well!

Day 1:

Last day of the round! I’ll start with free killers because sheesh Hazmoore and AssKickeR came out of no where! Hazmoore had the gold locked as he was up by 70k kps but wow AssKicker came in and won by 1k kps! Really close!

I passed clutch in KPs and let Orrcon kill me. As he got closer, we though he could pass Waterwork for silver, and indeed that is what he did. Supporter killers was very high this round wow! Everyone had 4.5m kps or more, sometimes that is enough for a gold!

EOR came, and ultimately, TMK came in with a HUGE build to take the gold. JP was near $2500 if I remember correctly. Besides level 4, the other levels were unbelievably lower than other rounds!.

In level 3, 4th and 5th were decided by only 10 bn! In level 2, less than 30bn was enough for a third place medal! All level 1 medals were less than 1trn!

In family ranks, as TMK won, he put 80trn+ in the fam bank to secure the gold for IU. Locos took silver with their whole bank (12.6trn), and FH knowing they had 3rd locked, decided to send some cash towards tiers, and got Fixer gold in level 2, and J-Money 4th in level 4.

In union ranks, BH and Co beat UC by 500bn. I’ll admit, that was my fault, I miscalculated the banking percentages, but can’t complain. Great job fellas! Hope to see some healthy competition this round! Marche Noir got 3rd with nearly 43trn banked.

PS: I am not going to go to in-depth into rankings, because well it’s not hard to see who had what or whatever. Also, I slowed down on the images toward the end of the round because I was informed I was only able to use ten.

Here are a couple of quotes on how the round went:

IC on surrendering to UC:

Well all things considered I have to say it's been a reasonably successful round for us here at iC, I think it's clear to all the tmb world we have been experiencing some difficulties recently, but we are not even close to giving up!!

But with that being said we really need to focus on us, and dubs lack of personal hygiene, and the fact that Seth fell out of the van about 10 days ago and we haven't seen him since, but rumor has it he's working his way out of the local whore house... I'm sure you will be relived to hear.

We should also state that due to these recent hardships, and repairs to the van after Luke's drunk driving (again) the most recent clash of the titans (iC Vs UC&co) has had to be forfeited on our part.

So congrats to UC you deserve it, but then again you hardly need us to say that, you have been telling us all yourselves for the last 4 rounds....

- Babbo

Big Sarge on their round:

Last round was pretty easy going right up until the last 2 days. We took a few hits from UC, even though there was a NAP in place. We waited a few hours and then started hitting back. Shane decided to go full retard and hit UC bank. You never go full retard. Well I was union bank until Orrcon hit me.

DirtyNick ran a great EOR, banked everything he could and we walked away with Union Gold by 500 bil. Crazy.

Was a great round by our entire union

Dusk on Locos round:

loco guys worked thier arses off.. and we took second.. not bad for only 16 guys against big fams lol

well done loco.

Dom on Nameless:

The competition was pretty interesting to watch. Was glad to secure us a family rank after looking outside the top five for most the round, and happy to get jonny a gold for his profile.