Howdy folks! Clutch here with a turbo review for round 853. This round featured 20 players per family, with only 10% banking, no-range on hits, and a 10:1 (uncapped) ratio on all credits added. You already know these are some of my favorite rules, but the 10% banking made things very interesting at EOR. Let's take a look to see how things panned out!

EOR was an absolute gong-show in level 4, with multiple players holding well over 100T+ with 30 minutes to go. One thing I saw this round which was a bit strange was families doing multiple rolls during the final hour -- meaning 50% or more of the cash was banked in the family safe, then most was unbanked, and then rebanked up. This could of been due to last-minute collects coming in, or it could be a strategy, to get families to pay more for their ranks. Needless to say, this left level 4 up in the air, as most ranks usually come from an excess after banking the family. With most players hovering around the 100T mark, it left the JP wide open for the taking.

With less than 5 minutes to go, Watch_The_Throne family (UC) staked their claim by sending GOAT over 400B. By the final minutes, he was holding 800T with no challenge for the JP. RussellWilson (Klown) was able to gather up a respectable 131T to lock down the silver spot, leaving Rainman and Flossy to battle for the bronze. It looked like Flossy was going to take it (being approximately 50T over Fool) but Rainman received a last minute transfer to put him ahead by only 1T. Fool rounded out the ranks with 58.5T on hand. Well done to all the winners!

from GOAT

I was in class... HH sent me cash, and I won a paid pot. Who would of thought? Can't complain here.
-Level 4-

1. GOAT $800,044,535,020,365
2. RussellWilson $131,224,629,079,278
3. Rainman $106,377,764,306,294
4. Flossy $105,343,420,879,434
5. Fool $58,588,915,964,988

Level 3 was quite expensive this round. In a typical 10:1 ratio round, players with 25T+ in level 3 have a decent chance at ranking in the top 3, but not this round... Mastermind made some last minute moves (actually in the last minute) and ended up with a HUGE 205T to take one of the most expensive level 3 golds ever seen. SnoMan locked down the second place silver with a respectable 129T, and NoNameAtAll ended up with the bronze, holding a large 64.4T. OldSpice and Killaswitch rounded out the 4th and 5th ranks, with 29T and 26T, respectively. Congrats!


All I gotta say is Brotherhood needs to up there game. First turbo round after years and took their banks within mins. Don’t hate the player, hate the game! EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!!!

-Level 3-

1. Mastermind $205,900,608,663,700
2. SnoMan $129,097,695,241,123
3. NoNameAtAll $64,404,237,752,843
4. OldSpice $29,004,260,219,500
5. Killaswitch $26,083,060,302,961

Level 2 saw Doom take the gold with a solid 100T -- obviously their family had some extra cash after going for a level 4 rank. It's always nice to see families of predominantly level 4's taking care of their lower levels. Mr_mouse was able to lock down the silver with 26.9T, leaving everyone else to battle for the bronze. Only 3T separated 3rd place from 5th place, with E.R. coming out on top, holding 6.1T. Warren-Buffett and Assbad rounded out the ranks with 5.7T and 3T, respectively. Great job guys!

-Level 2-

1. Doom $100,312,611,826,000
2. mr_mouse $26,973,468,891,200
3. E.R. $6,104,060,305,200
4. Warren-Buffett $5,702,604,388,826
5. assbad $3,002,430,521,000

Level 1 was quite competitive this round, with all contestants trying to not over-pay. Only 10T separated 1st from 5th, which is a pretty decent spread, with all things considered. In the end, it was EFD who took home the gold, with a solid 16.7T. Gru followed closely behind with 14.9T to take the silver, and 666 locked down the bronze for 13T. TM24, who was actually in 2nd place with less than 5 minutes to go, got pushed down to 4th place - holding 10.8T - and Ambulance rounded out the free player ranks with only 6.9T. Well done everyone!

from EFD

Thanks goes to Tommy and the rest of the family. There was no plan to do anything really. But then we found ourselves with 45T and just couldn’t let it go to waste. I’m actually pretty surprised I didn’t get jumped in the final minute of the round. I guess someone wasn’t paying attention. Wish we could have ranked Tommy too since he collected most of the money but it wasn’t in the cards this time.
-Level 1-

1. EFD $16,738,841,938,706
2. Gru $14,924,782,957,099
3. 666 $13,096,961,520,298
4. TM24 $10,841,501,845,683
5. Ambulance $6,963,701,088,582

The support killer ranks were unbelievably scarce this round... and that could have something to do with Engima's slaughtering with approximately 13 hours left in the round. He racked up an untouchable 15.8M KP during this no-range round to secure the gold medal. Dot had a huge Hitman/Hustlers build since the beginning of the round, and with less than 10 hours in the round, he put those excess DU's to use, totaling up a respectable 6.7M KP of his own, which got him the silver medal with ease. This is where things get interesting though -- with the 1st and 2nd place spots locked up, everyone else was battling for the bronze, but next to no one had DU's left in the game. This meant that not only did players have to add turns to rebuild their DU's to kill, but they also had to arrange some targets (mostly friends/family helping out). HayaanMoSila secured the bronze with only 1.2M KP, followed by ABC and Alcopop who had 979K KP and 594K KP, respectively. Great job to Engima for icing the competition, and to Dot for staying alive long enough to lock down the silver!

-Best Supporter Killers-

1. Enigma 15,842,944
2. DOT 6,779,097
3. HayaanMoSila 1,192,020
4. ABC 979,621
5. Alcopop 594,077

This round, we saw something that we normally don't get to see... that's a free player racking up enough KP to rank in top 3 of support killers. This is quite impressive, considering that this was a no-range round, and the majority of free players were already zeroed, 1 day into the round. Inigma (coordinated name to Enigma from paid killers ranks?) took the gold with over 1.2M KP (nearly 800K KP more than second place). Coral out-killed the rest of the pack by nearly double, having 489K KP by EOR, landing him the silver rank. Sunshine and KillSmith battled it out for the bronze, but in the final 2 hours of the round, Sunshine racked up a solid 50K+ KP, to edge ahead and take the bronze with only 264K KP. KillSmith and radioactive rounded out the ranks with 246K KP and 163K KP, respectively. Once again, congrats to all winners, and especially Inigma, who made a statement, that given the right circumstances, free killers can be just as efficient as paying killers!

-Best Free Killers-

1. Inigma 1,212,917
2. Coral 489,731
3. Sunshine 264,715
4. KillSmith 246,004
5. radioactive 163,096

The family ranks this round allowed for 20 players per family. I love the 20-player rule -- it allows more players to be involved during turbos, and also allows the ranks to be spread around (low levels getting invites too, not just the level 4's). We had two families this round not place in the rankings, Coffee_Shop and Look-At-Us-Now. Neither of them had a full 20 players, and no significant collects. They were operating almost exclusively on low level collects and pure looting. At least they didn't waste much money banking in the family safe.

As for the top 5, the gold came down to Watch_The_Throne vs MBDTF families (both named after Kanye albums). Both families left their bank rolls until the final 5 minutes or so. With GOAT's family clearly going for the JP, and tentative of a last-minute challenge, it looked like they were thinking of laying up for 2nd place to secure the JP, but they manage their cash well and got both! Watch_The Throne took home the gold with a very respectable 480T banked in their family safe. MBDTF had less than a third of the cash Watch_The_Throne had, but manage to secure the silver, 2nd place rank with ease -- banking 226T.

Devils-INC edged out SeattleSeahawks with a nice last minute bank, taking home the bronze, 3rd place rank, with 99T. SeattleSeahawks took the 4th spot with 80T banked, and BigToys rounded out the ranks with 52T banked. BigToys family was obviously trying to hedge their bid for a top 4 spot, as they could have taken 5th place for only 1T (meaning they lost out on 52T worth of cash that could of been used to go for tiers). To put that in perspective, 52T was enough to take both Gold Level 1 & Silver Level 2. I've said it a few times before, but just to reiterate, if you're ending up in 5th place in turbo (especially during 10:1 ratio rounds, with 20 members per family), then your best bet is to bank 2x the cash that 6th place has, and using the rest for tiers. I know it's easier said than done, but it's definitely something to look out for. Congrats to all winners!

-Collecting Family-

1. Watch_The_Throne GOAT $480,210,694,883,224
2. MBDTF Kanye $226,663,518,912,637
3. Devils-INC Dare $99,793,395,012,078
4. SeattleSeahawks RussellWilson $80,426,038,858,501
5. BigToys Fool $52,720,899,143,535
6. Coffee_Shop slissbeats $146,068,792,272
7. Look-At-Us-Now Pinhead $41,358,526,234

from RussellWilson

Great turbo! Family ranked and we tiered people (including lvl 4 silver for myself) so we all felt pretty good about it. Honestly, it's because we have a great crew who has stayed loyal and we all had a good turbo. Hoping for an even better turbo next round.
from Clutch (Kanye):

I was Kanye with the My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy family. We started early, recruited some folks from outside of IC, and then got all the regulars in during the final hour. Darkstar ran the EOR cash and managed to snag us the silver in family ranks + a bunch of tiers. Well done to all involved!

Didn't get a chance to comment on the round? We’d still love to hear from you!! Please respond to this blog with answers to these questions:

- What was your turbo name & family name?
- Did you win any tiers?
- Anything happen that was crazy or unexpected?

Congratulations to all of the families and everyone who ranked. Use your credits wisely, and as always, see you all again next turbo round. Stay frosty TMB!