Today's blog is with one of TMB's most violent mafiosos in the game, Gale977. As a long time Legends/ICS member with more total cash looted than almost everyone else this year, Gale has made a name for himself as a power looter, and more recently, as one of ICS's highest ranking members. See below for our interview!

Clutch: Hey Gale! How's it going?

Gale: Hey. It's going great. What about you?

Clutch: All is well on my end, just getting ready for the big game changes!

Clutch: For those who don't know you, are you a guy or a girl?

Clutch: (I'm thinking gale the chemist from breaking bad, or gale the reporter from the scream movies)

Gale: Breaking bad Gale

Gale: TmbTits4Gale 😄

Clutch: Tell us a bit about yourself Have you always been with Legends/ICS?

Gale: Yeah. I started first with SS_Reapers Skullz or something like that was boss there. For one round. Then my second round, Circean invited me in ICS Demons. So that was my beginning in game and in ICS where I'm now.

Clutch: Would you give credit to your success primarily to Circean, or are there others that really taught you all the good stuff?

Gale: Eddie, Scouse, Circ,Greenes and Vito were my teachers. So they all deserved credits, and also Lucky_Nate

Clutch: That's awesome!

Clutch: You've certainly made a name for yourself as one of the best looters in the game- constantly looting more than most families do altogether.

Clutch: Do you think Legends/ICS would have been as successful if you had of joined another family or union other than them?

Clutch: And is there any chip on your shoulder, in the sense that you've been pulling more than your own weight with them for a long time?

Gale: Who knows. If I joined another family who would teach me? I like where I am. Good people, good crew and good fun.

Gale: Doesn't matter who loot more or less, the most important is to have a good crew and crazy fun.

Clutch: That's a great attitude to have!

Clutch: There aren't many players now who are as cool as that when it comes to ranks and cash

Clutch: It certainly looks like they reward your hard work looting though

Clutch: You've racked up quite a few medals this year

Clutch: Is getting a JP a goal that you have?

Gale: Yeah i have few medals, 12 rank medals I think or something like that. Nah now, but who knows. I'm almost a new player here.

Gale: Only 1 year playing. Don't think about that now. But I could take one so will be more tits4gale

Gale: They are ranking me cause of Nate. He is a
prick, and he said if I don't get rank he gonna kill them all.

Clutch: No doubt it's well deserved!

Clutch: Let's talk about these new game updates that are happening. Dedicated family banks which will be attackable, no unions, and families are maxed at 20 members. What were your initial reactions when you read these game changes?

Gale: I'm ok with all these changes only one driving me crazy. 2 bill bots replenishing - that's waste of turns. Family bank attacking will be interesting.

Gale: Sometimes game needs changes so it's good for the game now.

Clutch: How do you see things operating differently?

Clutch: Do you think it will even be worth it to hire du's now if you're not building ops with a sub or won credits?

Clutch: And with 2B bot replenishing, so you think this might be an effort to balance the playing field between active looters and subscribed players doing collections?

Gale: 1 collector with ds sub without adding turns can collect 2-2,5 trill per round.

Gale: Imagine now one active looter with ds

Gale: Active looters are more worth than collectors. I'm not spending money in game. I'm free player and I'm looting only with won turns.

Gale: And I'm looting 8-14 trill per round.

Gale: Not only me, others good and active looters do the same. Admins made that rule just to make people to spend money here.

Gale: Can't be balance between collectors and looters. Looters gonna always beat collectors.

Gale: I'm talking about collectors who collect only with DS without adding

Clutch: I was referring more to active ds collectors versus level 1 looters

Clutch: Definitely a ds looter would be the most valuable, I agree! 🙂

Gale: Level 1 looters can make about 1-2 trill if they know how to loot and if they loot in right time.

Clutch: So with the 20 member limit, how do you see next round going down?

Gale: Imagine Mitsui, Fixer, Donkier, Sahara, Soulja, Vito, Sergei, Nexus, LaCosta, Smiles, Merky, LuckyBoy, Rajj, me and some others good looters in one family or union heheheh that gonna be mess ...

Clutch: Who do you think the top 5 families will be next round, and who will be in these fams?

Gale: That's shit for unions. They have to split. And make equals fams.

Clutch: (Or stacked families)

Gale: Don't know, some fams from SMP and BH gonna be in top.

Gale: Pinoy running great as always.

Gale: IOU if their collectors come back.

Gale: We will see. Will be very interesting round.

Clutch: I know you're not much of a killer, and more a looter, but what do you think about changing kill-points back to only for players, and not bots?

Clutch: Do you think this will have much of an affect on the game?

Gale: Yeah for sure. Will be more interesting for killers and to see some big dus taking down. Killing bots, it's not interesting but it's good way to get loot and cash.

Gale: Live targets are more interesting.

Clutch: We've already covered that you're one of the best looters in the game, so with that said, what tips or tricks can you share with us common folk for how to loot more cash?

Gale: That's secret. That will cost you $200.

Gale: Use PC, Chrome, mouse, send transfers per 4 or 5 bill and just be god damn fast.

Gale: Now $200!

Clutch: Err.... How about an IOU? 😉

Gale: What about them?

Clutch: *facepalm*

Clutch: What's the best piece of advice you would give a new player joining TMB?

Gale: Come to me, I will give you beer. You will get Nates tits very soon.

Gale: Don't message EddieFitz, he is an old fucker.

Gale: And just loot! That's the best advice what I can give.

Clutch: That's some interesting advice, lol.

Clutch: What are your plans for the rounds to come?

Clutch: Any big moves the community should be watching out for?

Gale: Just to have fun and loot 9-14 trill.

Clutch: You're setting the bar pretty high!

Clutch: We'll have to see what we can do there 🤑

Clutch: As we're wrapping up here, is there anything you would like to say to the community, or anyone you would like to specifically give mention to?

Gale: I would like to thank all my crew. Especially to my friend Robinho or LaCosta whatever Tits4ICS. People need to see Nates tits also, hehe lol.

Gale: Thanks to Rajj and his family. Thanks to Mitsui and Fixer for all competitions that we had.

Gale: It's more interesting to loot with them...

Gale: Thanks to my all Balkan dickheads crew, PS: No Djani, no party. Thanks to you for doing some fun here. But my every "thank you" is $10 guys- you have to pay.

Gale: Djani - Sam sam - Audio 2003

Clutch: It's been an absolute pleasure, Gale. Thank
you for taking the time to chat, and best of luck in the rounds to come! 😎✌️

Gale: You too buddy!