Scene 1: Boot of a Car, Daylight, Somewhere between Bangkok and Pattaya: I felt the car go over bumps on a road and it woke me up, I thought maybe I was dreaming and I was having one of my sleep paralysis episodes. I realised I really was in a car and as I came too, I licked my dry lips and tasted the poison of the remaining substance used to knock me out in Bangkok. I had no clue where I was but the heat was bad and my back was hurting really bad, I was cramped up and my wrists were bound behind my back with zip ties.

I started to cry, and my heart started to beat very fast. I could feel myself starting to having an anxiety attack because I was so uncomfortable and thirsty and had no clue where I was or what was going to happen to me. I closed my eyes and focused on my son and started to pray, not for myself but for my son to be ok should something bad happen to me and he could never see me again. I finally opened my eyes and felt the anger flood through my body. My mind clicked and I was in survival mode and I knew I had to survive this or at least die trying!

From the inside of the boot, I could see where the rear tail lights were in this piece of shit old car and started to kick the lights on the left side of the car. I had no clue why this was the “car of choice”, it seemed like it must have been made in the 1960's, but I guess that was lucky for me as the rear light began to move forward as I kept kicking it and it eventually was loose enough for me to boot it the fuck out. I figured if there was a car behind me I could somehow get their attention and maybe, just maybe they would think something was up seeing a body in the back of a car. I dunno really what I was doing. There were few things in this boot with me, not that I could use my hands on, but there was some kind of mat and a few bottles filled with water. I wondered if they left that in here to tease me?

I started to move one bottle with my right leg and I navigated it towards the hole I had created. Hell this may not get anyone’s attention I guess, but it may look weird as fuck to someone driving behind us…. IF there was someone following of course.

Just then the car came to a sudden halt and I was slammed forward! This really fucking hurt as my arms were in this fucked up position and I could not brace myself. My head slammed into something made of metal, and at first I didn’t realize it, but I soon felt the flooding of warm liquid flowing down my face, obviously blood, and my head felt dazed.
TrueMafioso: Look man, we need to check on her, it’s hot as hell and truthfully, I kind of like her and I really don’t want her death on my hands either. Tears, Eck, Lopov and even Brotherhood would kill us for this.

TUJ: You have gone soft in the head, we are at war.

I could hear them talking in the front of the car and then I heard a door open and shut, followed by a door opened and slammed shut so hard that it moved the car! Seconds later, I heard a key opening the boot and the sunlight soon flooded in making me close my eyes. I could tell my face was drenched in my own blood.
TrueMafioso: Woah WTF!! How is she covered in blood, Raven are you ok?

His hands grabbed my shoulders and he lifted me to a sitting position. TUJ looked shocked, but then started to help by pulling my legs so they could be hanging out of the car. True had already gotten one of the water bottles and was pouring water over my face and into my mouth. I was grateful for the water, it was like heaven dripping down my face and in my mouth.

TUJ lifted me to a standing position…..omg this felt so good and even though I was kind of in pain, I was still glad to be out of the boot and the torturous position I was left in for hours… or so it seemed.

TUJ pulled my blonde (now pink stained) hair off my face and placed some behind my ear.
TUJ: Raven, I am going to cut the zip ties and I want you to stay calm. No hitting or carrying on ok?

I nodded yes, but my mind was in a rage and my heart felt like it was on fire. As he cut the ties with a knife, I released with all the anger in me and slapped him straight across the face and screamed at the same time. Not sure why I screamed, but I guess the madness made me do it.
Raven: My back hurts and I have a cut on my head. I fucking hate you! I hate you! I fucking HATE YOU, YOU FUCKING STUPID CUNT!!!

By then True had my arms back in some kind of restraint hold. I may have had only enough time to get that one slap in, but it was at least a good one since I could still see my hand print across his face.

TUJ did not grasp his face, but his eyes become inflamed as he looked into my face.
TUJ: Ravenkc, the all mighty Queen of Whores!

I spat at him.
Raven: Fuck you!!!

He was suddenly in front of me, right up in my face, and had grabbed my neck. I felt the squeeze…. it kind of hurt, but my adrenaline was pumping so hard through my body, and True still had my fucking arms that I really didn’t know what to think. Was he going to choke me to death?
TUJ: I’ve always wanted to kiss you whore, but now look at you, all covered in blood. Maybe I should just have my way with you, bend you over this car and give it to you from behind, and then True can fuck you as well.

As the words flowed from his mouth, his voice was still angry and his grip tightened even more on my throat. He forced me to look up at him as he spoke
Raven: If you fuck me, you better kill me, because after you are done I WILL kill you. That's a fucking promise!

At that point, TUJ released my throat and pushed me back.
TUJ: Enough of this. Put her in the back seat. We still have to get to the hotel.

Scene 2
Singapore Night
Ilovebites Mansion

Ilovebites sat in front of her golden vanity mirror combing her long black straight silky hair, as she sat there she imagined beheading the man she truly loved. He had broken her heart, and despite that she still loved him unconditionally. Basically the American male could not stop himself from his wondering eye ways. To a Queen like ilovebites this simply was unforgivable.

The thought of hacking his head off with her samurai sword bought a smile to her perfect porcelain china doll face but as she looked deeper into the mirror at her own reflection, her smile faded and a single tear streamed down her pale cheek.

Just then there was a knock at the door and ilovebites mood changed quickly. One tear was already too much to allow, she was trained by her father to be a warrior and certainly no limp dick cocky American ex Marine was going to fuck up her mindset.
Ilovebites: Yes?

Blackswan: We have had reports that TUJ and True have gone on a lone wolf mission and kidnapped Ravenkc from Bangkok in a bid to obtain information on Eck and their plan to keep the Jackpot and their notorious lead within the killing ranks.

Ilovebites laid her pearl brush down upon her golden vanity table, still reviewing her now vacant expression.
Ilovebites: Come in Swan, I am dressed.

Blackswan entered, her hair was pulled back beautifully into a tight bun on her head, however not simple. Her hair was braided within the clasp, slick and shiny and with her red stained lips she looked like she just stepped out of a Vogue magazine.

Ilovebites spun around on her seat, looked up at her long-time friend and gave a gracious smile.
Ilovebites: Yes I know.

Blackswan: How is it you know? Frank only just called me...

Ilovebites: Well I just got off the phone with Brotherhood.

Blackswan’s face changed as she looked at Bites, then she grew angry. She knew who Bites had been talking to.
Blackswan: Why do you still waste your time talking to him?

Ilovebites flicked back her hair and stood up. She was only about 5'4 but she walked with confidence and strength. Bites walked over to her dressing robe and ignored Blackswan.

Blackswan rolled her eyes and took in a deep breath.
Blackswan: So what are we going to do? Have you spoken to Frank? Do we really want to get involved in this kidnapping crap? I know I sure as hell don’t! Even though I do have respect for her father... Tears..

Ilovebites turned to face Blackswan.
Ilovebites: Respect hmmm, that is what you call it?

It was now Ilovebites turn to roll her eyes.
Blackswan: What do you mean? Don’t be absurd! Yes I like Tears and we all know full well Raven gets herself into this shit every time.

Ilovebites: Hahaha yes I have known Raven and her family a long time, and Tammygunz will see to it that nothing happens to her. She is like a daughter to him, well kind of.

Blackswan: How is she like a daughter to him? Are they not of similar age? You have been drinking again! I can smell it.

Ilovebites: You heard what I said and I need not explain more. I have sent my guy in to start tracking them, as we are so close. Singapore is by far the closest they have to Bangkok so it will be up to us to locate them and stop them from whatever idiocy they are planning on doing. Money is Money but family is family, And I will not have Raven killed over the dealings of MEN and their GREED despite our past with her.

Blackswan: Well ok, I will agree on that. I will call my guy and have him fuel the Jet and also book our accommodation in Bangkok as needed.

Oh and before I forget, you do have a visitor waiting. I am unsure if now is the right time, though. Lady_Loca is here as representative of her family to discuss business deals.
Ilovebites: Well if their family want more deals on the Cocaine I will have to up the price, C_Note was getting a little lippy last time we spoke and I don’t like it. I assume that is why Lady_Loca is here instead of him.

Blackswan: She is here now. I will send her in and get the other stuff organised.

Lady_Loca nodded to Blackswan as she gave the 'ok' to go into the office…. or what appeared to be some stars dressing room mixed with a rich business sense, aka Ilovebites room of business. As she stood up she did feel a little nervous. Ilovebites and Blackswan were famous queens of the underworld. Whilst Lady knew she was intelligent and capable, she had not been around the block as these women had and she also did not have such powerful connections. Though she respected them and hoped to be like them. She knew she was also a little different in ways and knew she could bring something else to the table.

Lady_Loca took a breath straitened her pencil crème dress, looked down at the black stilettos and knocked on the door.

Ilovebites: Yes Lady_Loca, welcome to Singapore. How was you're trip?

Lady_Loca: Very well thank you.

Lady_Loca was shy around other women, especially prestigious ones but she was not shy around men, and she knew a few good tricks to keep them under her control.
Ilovebites: So, C_Note has not come with you to Singapore? I assume this trip is to get a new load of my amazing white ice-cream. I know your city enjoys it.

Lady_Loca: Yes ma'am, I have come alone. And yes another shipment is due, but I am enjoying what I have seen so far during my stay in your country.

Ilovebites: So polite you seem. Well I am charging more now as my people take a lot of risk to get it to you and there is even more security with the airlines.

Lady_Loca: Name the price.

Ilovebites: Let’s do the money discussion later. Would you like to escort me to dinner? I am hungry and I am on my way to Bangkok within the next few hours so let’s not waste time.

Lady_Loca shifted nervously in her chair.
Lady_Loca: Forgive me ma'am I did overhear Blackswan saying Raven was in trouble?

Lady_Loca knew she was talking out of line, and this could get her killed but she knew this was also the perfect opportunity to set things right between herself and Ravenkc.
Ilovebites: You seem interested… do you know Raven?

Lady_Loca: Well let’s just say we have had a few run ins yes.

Ilovebites: Over a man?

Lady_Loca: Umm yes

Ilovebites burst out laughing, and looked down at Lady_Loca and paused for a few seconds.
Ilovebites: Well that man issue you have, has nothing to do with the current situation and I am sure she does not need more enemies.

Lady_Loca: Oh I am not her enemy, I was wanting to help, if I could.

Ilovebites: And how is it you think you can help, what connections do you have in Thailand?

Lady_Loca: Well actually I own a hotel in Pattaya, I know I overheard Blackswan say this was all around Bangkok, however Pattaya is only 2 hrs drive. I also know the locals and I can help locate her faster.

Ilovebites: Ok let’s eat and you are in so I hope you have your credit cards dear. I am afraid there is no time to pack.

Lady_Loca: No problem, I do and I am ready to go.

Scene 3
Pattaya Bangkok Night
Some cheap Hotel on the beach…

TUJ was drunk and laughing at something Quag had said to him. Quag was one of his lackey boys, who had been in Pattaya waiting for the delivery of Raven. He wished he was the guy who could kill her. To be famous for killing her would be his ultimate dream, plus he didn’t like her at all. He had met her many years ago, though she probably would not recall.

It was back in New York City, in a night club, he thought he had seen the most beautiful woman of his life. Tall and blonde, it was her laugh and smile that attracted him. And once he heard that Australian accent he just had to take a chance. But as he approached her, her face changed as if she had just seen the most disgusting force ever to have confronted her.

She was about 26 and full of fun and looked almost like she had been insulted…. but he had not even spoken a word yet. But he had approached, so he may as well at least say something to save face.
Quag: I just overheard you speaking… you sound like you are from Australia?

Ravens eyes looked him up and down.
Raven: Yes I am, and you are?

Quag: Oh I am from New York City. I was just admiring your beauty from across the bar.

Raven: I see.

At that Raven turned around and faced the other way, her abrupt manner left Quag no choice but to walk away. For many years he had heard of her and when he too got into the business he wondered if he would ever have the opportunity to see her again…. to work with or kill her.

Though years in the killing business, one does not really remain human. As TUJ left the room to take a piss, Quag looked over at TruMafiosa who had already passed out on the couch drunk. His eyes then went over to Raven who was sitting as if she was calmly meditating. This infuriated him as she had not even acknowledged that they had even met at all.
Quag: So do you think meditation will save you Miss Raven?

I looked up at this guy they referred to as Quag. What a fucking weird name.
Raven: Yes I think it will. I’m telling the Monkeys in my brain to be quiet and I am feeding them a banana.

Quag: The Monkeys?

Raven: Yes the voices.

Quag was not really listening… he stood up and kneeled in front of her and smelt her hair.

Ravens hands once again were zip tied behind her. TUJ didn’t want to give her any opportunity to slap him again.
Raven: Get out away from me you fucking creep.

Quag: You smell nice. Do you even remember me?

Raven: What do you mean? I don’t think we have met.

Quag: We did in New York. It was only for a brief moment, though I have not forgotten you.

I swallowed the spit in my mouth. This was starting to feel awkward and I really did not remember this guy at all! Had I had sex with him? Wtf????
Raven: Well no I am sorry and if I did I was very much a party girl back then. I am sorry perhaps I was drunk.

Just then Quag felt angry, this girl thinks she is God’s gift to men and has no clue the scars she leaves upon anyone she encounters. She is like a minx stalking her prey, yet does not even realise what she is doing.
Quag ran his finger down Ravens right breast, outlining it. They were large but natural, or at least he thought so.

Raven: I am sorry if I don’t remember you. Did we have some kind of relationship? You seem to be upset and please don’t touch me.

I felt uncomfortable and a little scared at the same time.

Quag moved in and kissed me on the lips. What the fuck was happening?? Maybe I did have some kind of sexual encounter with this man!

I didn’t responded to his kiss. I don’t remember him and I am married and this situation is just really fucked up.

He had deep blue eyes, was young and well-dressed. He was actually attractive but I didn’t know the guy from a bar of soap.

Quag kissed my lips again and started touching my breasts again and even moving his finger gently across my stomach. My hands were still bound so I couldn’t do anything. My heart was racing… this wasn’t right! I started to cry.

Quag quickly stood up.
Quag: I’m sorry, I think I have had too much rum. It’s ok… I won’t hurt you.

I felt relieved, he had moved away…. yet also exhausted when was this nightmare going to end? And TUJ was taking a very long time in the bathroom!

Just then the door flew open TUJ fell through it hitting the ground with a thud blood seeping through his crisp white shirt, he may have been still alive I wasn’t really sure.

I instantly recognised the three women who entered the room.

Blackswan stood with her gun aimed at TrueMafioso and oddly, Lady_Loca was with them. She had her gun aimed at Quag.

Ilovebites was carrying her samurai which was obviously just used on TUJ. She approached Quag with no fear.

Ilovebites: You boys have gone too far with what you have done. The price is the death of your Boss and if you try to avenge him you too will be executed.

TruMafiosa woke and jumped up, he was unarmed and clearly had too much alcohol.

Blackswan closed in with her pistol jammed into his young pretty boy face.
Blackswan: This hotel is surrounded you guys have no chance.

Blackswan looked toward me.
Blackswan: You ok Raven?

Once again I burst into tears. It was finally over and I was saved by the Queens of the underworld. After everything we all had been through, I knew I had made a sisterhood…. and it was for life!