Welcome to the review of turbo round 761. This time we saw a remarkable end of round. Aside from the win, the biggest fight this time was in free killers and tier rank lvl1. We will talk about that a bit later but first, let us look at the win and other levels.

Level 4 was won by a landslide and from the sounds of it, it was a real steal by an unexpected winner. Bored, must not have been too bored as he built 19 million ops and took the win with over $600 trillion difference over the second place contender. Bored was forceful in his win and showed that he had something to say about who was going to win the round and who wasn’t.

Silver was won by Snake who proved his name... like a snake in the grass, he came out of nowhere matching Bored’s 19 million ops build and left the 3rd place contender, Hades, standing in the shadows.

Congrats on the win Bored and to the other level 4 medal rankers.

-Level 4-
1. bored $871,987,651,551,050
2. SnaKe $244,794,008,936,119
3. Hades $111,228,279,699,000
4. Jack_Reacher $68,758,306,586,368
5. TEA $50,268,591,003,515

from ShayneG

well as you all know im not the most liked guy on this game but let me tell you stealing a round from iu and uc is the best thing that coulda happened . STEP UP ECK YOU MAD BRO ?

A bit smarter thinking would have helped to take medals on some of the other levels. Let’s take a look.

Level 3 was not much of a battle. We saw Mystery easily take the gold with $50 trillion leaving Crackers and Swapdonkey to fight it out for silver and bronze. Not much of a battle though as Crackers secured the silver with $32 trillion and SwampDonkey trailed behind with $20 trillion in his pocket but still took home the bronze.

-Level 3-
1. Mystery $50,015,353,192,911
2. Crackers $32,028,502,512,199
3. SwampDonkey $20,089,165,136,711
4. Hypocrisy $6,086,739,787,544
5. RollingRick $3,404,277,548,827

On level 2 we saw Bad grab the Gold with $22 trill, which left DirtySanchez to take silver at $15 trillion. Young_Latin_Cobraz took bronse at $9 tril. There was no real fight in level 2 tiers but a bit better than what we saw in level 3. Still, all levels so far have showed overpayment for ranks and a lot of wasted cash that could have helped someone else rank.

-Level 2-
1. BAD $22,260,418,848,437
2. DirtySanchez $15,001,677,899,700
3. Young_Latin_Cobraz $9,691,627,203,708
4. Gumbo $2,365,582,361,909
5. EFH $2,249,925,744,240

Level 1 competition was the most exciting tier rank of the round. Jamie took Gold and overpaid by almost $16 trillion. So that makes tmb paparazzi think that maybe he was completing his set? Or, he just has really bad money management skills.

But the most exciting battle was between NashvillePredators and Kwai_Chang_Caine. Both fought a battle for the silver which was eventually won by NashvillePredators with only $20kkk difference between his Silver and Kwai’s Bronze. Nice job guys!

-Level 1-
1. Jamie $17,166,257,194,000
2. NashvillePredators $1,141,127,276,575
3. Kwai_Chang_Caine $1,123,307,500,174
4. Rainbow-jack $969,891,571,652
5. GuessWho $701,212,288,694

Supporter killers was won by TM23 with a total kill count of 11.7 million kill points. Second was CC with 6.8 mil kill points, just over half of TM23’s amount. Hades was close behind but fell a bit short and was awarded the bronze instead of silver with 5.4 mil kill points.

Nice round killers and congrats on the medals TM23, CC and Hades! That makes TWO medals for Hades this round. Nice job mate!

-Best Supporter Killers-
1. TM23 11,747,072
2. CC 6,810,685
3. Hades 5,450,816
4. Jack_Reacher 1,892,288
5. Stonedstallone 1,402,090

Thanks to bored (aka ShayneG), StonedStallone and to Mitsui for helping alot! I fell asleep 3 hrs before EOR and woke up 15mins late so I am not in any fam.

--- TM23
In Free Killers we saw Unarmed and kittygrabber fighting it out for the gold. Unarmed took the gold with 70k more kill points and left Kittygrabber to take silver. Bruce tried to take over the silver but time ran out and he fell way short of passing Kittygrabber.

-Best Free Killers-
1. Unarmed 1,212,187
2. KittyGrabber 1,147,535
3. Bruce 860,872
4. ErOoMzAh 786,951
5. sellz 388,442

Collecting family ranks showed Greek_Gods, led by Aphrodite taking the Gold with $302 trillion and DIXOUT_4_HARAMBE coming in second with $266 tril and TurboParty the Bronze with $165T. Congrats to all family rankers!

Now, let’s hear a few comments on the round.

from Hollywood_Hubert

my looting auto clicker didn't work in turbo but whatever still ranked 4 family and couple indy tiers.

families did very well, lots of cash out there
from daniele

Ehmm …… I showed up 45 minutes to turbo eor. Little over built in dus so had issues to get maxed too. 20 minutes to eor I finally got in the family and ready for eor. Got the cash on me and a terrible lag!

However our turn out was way better than expected. We got medal in all but level 1 where we didn't have any player.. Family as a whole got medal too.

Pretty much good outcome. Thanks to all who helped.

Please fix the lag.
from iTasteLikeCandy

Another great turbo for IC. We took first fam, 3rd level 4 & 3rd supporter killers. A huge thank you to Bro Man, TruMafioso, iD, Darkstar, Quag, Giles, Torm, and blind.

from TruMafioso

I think Itastelikecandy covered it all nicely. I just want to thank her again for running another successful turbo, and everyone else who helped make it fun.
from blink

We played pretty well as a group and made some new friends. We learned that Tease has an affinity for banana flavored drinks and most likely has stinky feet. In her defense, she skillfully motivated nine other retards to agree to a My Little Pony theme round when we could have been something completely badass like dinosaurs.
That’s it for now. Thanks to all that responded with comments and Congrats again to the round winner, Bored and all the other rankers and families.