Hello fellow Teembeers. The round 754 review on its way. This round was bloody as usual. Bloodiness is a constant thing in teembee nowadays. There was a small change in the rules with an increased number of turns to hit operatives. This did help to slow down the ops hits and allowed players a better chance to collect.

Defensive units on the other hand, could still be killed as usual. With such rules, I did expect to see more of a Collectors game, but in fact it was still a looters game all the way. Interesting fact is that Pinoy and ICS (as single families) were making almost the same amount of money as the top Union families ---- yet Pinoy and ICS where doing it with less people than the Unions had. (Pinoy’s had only 19 members in round 754). Well done!

In Union field, Brotherhood was on top having quite a head start at last hour of the round, with 4 trillion above second place and 14 trillion above third place. I expected a last minutes collect from one of the Super_Mega_Powers members, but I was wrong and Soulja of Brotherhood got the JP.

In Indy family, Pinoy_n_Co had a strong start right from the beginning, but ICS did catch up quickly and led for most of the round in Collecting Family ranks.

These were the final results.

- LEVEL 4 –
1. Soulja $20,736,271,367,629
2. stevie_wonder $8,367,479,704,654
3. Gale977 $7,930,460,532,074

Unfortunately, our JP winner was not interested in giving me a reply.

from gale977
Great round. Very interesting battle in fam ranks. Congtats to all winners.

PS: No Djani no party
Gale977 Djani who?

- LEVEL 3 –
1. Crowsen $7,005,918,393,191
2. Winter $7,001,052,324,350
3. harryverderchki $3,800,044,624,301

Definitely a close call between gold and silver! Wow!!!

from Crowsen
Round 754 was good for us at ICS. We are MoTha Fu%$InG Legends. I focused on looting, and it worked well. A little hit and run, talked some shit and that was it. We had a close race with Pinoy.
from harryverderchki
Finally finished my set after 4 yrs
Ehm harryverderchki I have 10 years badge and no medals :/

- LEVEL 2 –
1. ReggieKrayz $2,502,203,450,969
2. ELL $2,019,621,909,703
3. jonny_verteroni $1,036,428,706,983

Not as close of a call like in level 3.

from ReggieKrayz
Well I thought it was a good round for me and the whole union, all worked very hard to get that shiny gold medal. And Also I have to say that I win my first gold medal in level 2 and I wanna say thanks to my family and my union because they supported me all the round you know, in conclusion was a quiet round but it was rewarding for us.
from jonny_verteroni
754 was great everyone dun did great, there was lots of comming and going and many fierce words. Finally, we can close the lid on who has the largest cock, very nice seeing some females lurking around provides morale for the men working the trenches".
- LEVEL 1 –
1. Darkstar $402,274,979,050
2. doom $391,669,728,689
3. Slipknot $300,013,625,000.

Ok, it seems we have finally stopped paying out level 1 medals in the trillions!

from Darkstar

Hello blogger my quote is as follows...
Thank you to IOU and Jac for the lvl1 Gold, to be honest I knew nothing about it as I was dropping whiskey shots like bombs... But not real bombs because terrorists are bad...

P.S don't do drugs kids but if you feel the need, please contact Trumafioso for all your drug related problems or needs, he is also giving free lolly pops for the first 100 mails, so get in quick before they all run out!!
from doom
lovin' it!
Good for you doom!

Free Killers was interesting this round with two contenders going for the gold and both finishing quite near each other. Only 17 thousand kills difference between i-Ryuu-i in Gold and Pokemon-GO in second place.

Unfortunately, I was not able to track down or get a reply from any of the killers in this round (both Supporter and Free ranks). It would have been interesting to see how the run for the Gold was going between them all.

-Best Free Killers-
1. i-Ryuu-i 1,252,037
2. Pokemon-GO 1,235,200
3. buck 1,158,510

In supporter killer ranks top rank was battled between cheeky_Naevia and Norf. The medal places were pretty much decided early and I don’t think Norf had a chance to get the gold, running more than 3 million kills behind. Probably the bigger possibility was for Redbull to LOSE the bronze medal to Monkeykilla who was running 1.2 million behind him. Considering how expensive ops hit were this round, I expected slightly higher kill numbers then what we saw.

-Best Supporter Killers-
1. cheeky_Naevia 33,294,208
2. Norf 30,191,482
3. Redbull 21,486,937

As mentioned earlier, Family ranks were pretty interesting with Pinoys going strong from beginning. ICS soon showed up to take the lead and led the ranks until the very end of round. Strangely, Gangstas are quite low in their numbers in last few rounds. Just few weeks ago they were looking as one of the major families to consider for gold place, somehow they lost their grip. Let’s hope we can see them back in full force sometime soon. InnerCircle is another family who seems to have slowed down lately too.

The fight was to be expected between ICS and Pinoys for gold medal, however I would have put my money on Nameless for Bronze medal but GangstaS_InC had more money stashed in safes and snagged the bronze. At the end ICS went heavy in individual medal ranking of members and Pinoy_N_Co were able to win the gold. NaMeLeSS did not jump over GankstaS_InC and took 4th place and Cool_Cats closed out the ranks in family field by taking the 5 th spot.

-Collecting Family-
1. Pinoy_N_Co THEALLM1GHTY $6,738,656,618,490
2. ICS LaCosta $4,324,117,015,717
3. GankstaS_InC OG_BloodyD $2,258,851,033,722
4. NaMeLeSs Domenico $883,520,022,138
5. Cool_Cats Cassy $554,350,559,158

from Bad_Intentions
I want 5k turns per quote
Bad_Intentions maybe you are a Cool_Cat but 5k turns ain’t much. With 5K turns you can do 1250 HQ hits only.

In union ranks I didn’t expect much thrill or strong moves at the end of round. IOU was pretty much out of the loop yet was still able to take the Bronze. But the big question was if Super_Mega_Powers was willing to use part of the JP collect to take the Union Gold. Brotherhood was sitting in quite a good position and proved me wrong. They invested their money in the JP and dropped their Union networth quite low making it easy for SMP to win the Gold Medal in union ranks. 4th union was Old_School but without even a slight chance to play for a medal position. We didn’t have a 5th union. This is the third round in a row that we have seen only 4 unions?? What’s going on people?

-Collecting Union-
1. Super_Mega_Powers Hollywood_Hubert $14,801,812,174,417
2. Brotherhood Hypocrisy $9,590,834,187,657
3. IOU iLOveBiTeS $5,613,438,436,055
4. Old_School Martyn $1,229,006,478,744

from LOPOV
No Djani, no party
Hmm Lopov, again djani who?

from Hypocrisy
We got too drunk at tammygunz sunday funday family reunion.... Please ask him for an eor quote. Congrats on citizenship soulja!!!
Yes hello! My Sandy brother from another mother took
the round. EAT A DICK!
Then I got this:

message me when u get on plz
I did reply to TAMMYGUNZ 9 hours later about my availability online and still I’m waiting.... waiting..... waiting ??????

from Leith2
Last round ended good. It was my first time to handle EOR and I was a nervous wreck. We got a good amount of cash and was able to ranks some people. Being my first time I ran out time but still managed to get everyone their cash. Wanted to bump some people up little more but ran out of time. Our hitters did well this round and looters did well even with reload amounts for bots lower than the normal rounds. Want to thank all those that are on to help max and bank up. Overall EOR was average.
from Martyn
I fucked up on individual ranks for a few of our members, but wont happen again. That's all.
AND we have arrived to our BROWN SEA CUCUMBER reward section... This section is for fellow teembeers who:

Section a) Didn’t reply to me.
Section b) Hit me in game - very, very, very bad people.
Section Ted Evelin Mosby) Ones who sent me recruiting messages, invites, and non-business related messages.

Your reward? Well honorable mentions here & NO, no free turns for that.

BROWN SEA CUCUMBER reward for round 754

Section A)

Section B)

from Maximus_Constanino
Maximus_Constanino invaded your headquarter. 3521 of your boys were killed. 3389 of Maximus_Constanino's died as well. Maximus_Constanino stole $2,353,000 and stole 0 glocks, 0 shotguns, 0 uzis, 3,521 ak47 from the bodies.

from Rock
Rock drove-by shooting at your headquarter. 8615 of your boys got whacked. 5721 of Rock's boys were also killed.

from Bug
Bug raided your headquarter while no one was there and ganked $983,837 from you.

Bug did hit me 17 times for similar values--- probably he had to get off these 68 turns somehow....

Section Ted Evelin Mosby)

from DV
Yo jump on the short bus we got cookies and booze
DV You won’t get many kids jumping in with cookies and booze.. no free ipads and iphones - no jumping in’s.[/i]

from BEasy
I came i collected, then i came again in your mom.
Thats my quote for the round.
Beasy this is way better than “Luke I am you father” line…

I tried to warn LaCosta and Circean, that prior to sending the request for a quote, that my 4 minute glass of Vodka inner clock was ticking (see Review 752) : This was what I sent them:

“I'm collecting quotes for the round 754. Please, let us know how was round 754 and the EOR for your family. Remember my 4 minutes blackout?.. I already drank my glass of vodka”

These were the replies:
from LaCosta
before we get into business, let's talk about YOU. how have you been? you don't call us, no checking in.. you just get your quotes and disappear. frankly, I'm tired of it and so is Circ!
oh blogger. we missed you.
And with that, my 4 minutes ran out...

AND NOW we arrived to the real awards section! The one with real turns!

The reward is called
LOOSE CANNON. BUT, I personally call it Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award. This is awarded to a single person each round that does the most courageous or most random and goofy thing of the round and will bring 15,000 turns to the winner.

However people, I’m not seeing too much of the right moves lately. This round I had no idea who to reward. In my eyes the round was pretty boring. At the end I believe
Martyn for starting a new union and taking 4th place regardless of what other unions are doing is worthy of the Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award for round 754! Please contact Tiki for your reward!

Dear Teembeers. This is it for this round & Happy gaming everyone!