Inkslinger here with a review of Turbo Round 769. First let me apologize for the lateness in posting this review but I was down with strep the last 4 days and this is the first day I feel well enough to get out of bed and sit back down at my computer and be somewhat productive again.

So let’s take a look at what happened in this latest turbo round. First thing I noticed is that there was a lot of cash in the round due to the 2:1 ratio on won/bought credits added, making ranking positions really expensive for players that were not able to add any additional credits.

In Level 4 we saw BlackCrow walk away from his competition and take the top prize along with the Gold Medal over 2nd place Bernie. $48 trillion separated the two so there was never a doubt as to who the top dog was going to be at EOR.

Overall, level 4 was a tight race between competitors for positions 2-5 with just over $4T separating 2nd and 5th. In a ratio round, this is really a small difference and the results could have been much different with just a bit more effort.

As with most EOR’s, the last two minutes are the most active time in the round. It’s when money is spread out and switches hands very quickly as families and individuals try to optimize the cash they have by getting as many ranking positions as possible. The closest battle in this level was between Me and Something with only $233 billion separating the two in third and fourth place. It’s too bad that Something, didn’t have a little “something something” more to snatch the bronze medal from Me.

Congrats to BlackCrow on this win and to the other rankers in this level.

-Level 4-

1. BlackCrow $75,008,274,822,400
2. Bernie $27,771,121,014,029
3. Me $25,699,978,702,700
4. Something $25,466,697,461,050
5. Bill_Poole $23,455,376,699,069

From Roger
Last turbo was very good for us. We have achieved what we set up before the turbo. Good teamwork and we ranked lvl4 on 3rd place and in killer supporter we got 3rd place.
Level 3 ranks, were IMO, rather low considering the ratio. The values in this level were more in line with what we see in a normal round. Piano took the Gold in the closing seconds of the round with a mere $10 tril. Jennie followed behind with $6.2 tril and POWDER took the bronze medal with a $5 trillion value.

from Domenico
Damien ran our turbo efforts, which just ended up being a few people, we don’t usually do much in turbo. But pooling our money, he was able to get us the level three gold right at the end, so thanks a million to him for his efforts.
-Level 3-

1. Piano $10,705,474,201,292
2. Jennie $6,245,428,990,894
3. POWDER $5,004,027,808,894
4. Two_Girls_1_BLT $3,246,040,872,773
5. prd $2,087,192,558,191

Level 2 values were more in line with the 2:1 ration and showed the closest race of all the levels with Dawn and Marco-From-Trapoja going head to head in the closing moment of the round for the top spot and 50k credits. When it was over, $57 billion was the difference between first and second place giving Dawn the gold and Marco the silver. If Marco could have jumped to level 3, he would have been able to easily grab a gold medal as well and 100k credits instead of the 30k he received in level 2.

Players need to take all these things into consideration at EOR so they can get the best rank available to them. The cost to jump to level 3 is 25k credits, which to some might be a lot.... but when you consider that your win is 100k credits then it all becomes worth it as the ROI is huge. So play smart and consider options in other levels, not just the one that you are currently in.

Rounding out the top three was Sckmynutz who earned the bronze with a $7.3 trillion value. And worth mentioning is Wee taking the 5th spot with only $600 billion in his pocket.

-Level 2-

1. Dawn $17,057,296,951,559
2. Marco-From-Trapoja $17,000,839,834,970
3. Sckmynutz $7,375,081,639,758
4. Maximus_Constanino $4,000,027,764,550
5. Wee $694,245,052,948

Level 1 results showed Whitey taking the gold with a value of $17 trillion, Mafia the silver with $9.1t and Papi the bronze with a value of $4.5t. The Gold medal came as an overpayment of $9t over the second place award and similar to what we saw in level 2, had Whitey leveled up he could have easily taken gold in level 3. Hopefully next turbo round, players will watch the other levels a bit closer and level up should they see an opportunity for additional credits.

-Level 1-

1. Whitey $17,000,117,491,000
2. Mafia $9,123,143,047,863
3. Papi $4,500,548,556,000
4. Small_Cold_Pork $3,029,073,514,551
5. Leith1 $274,948,718,322

Now we come to the killer awards. The one thing I noticed here is that even though this was a ratio round, the killer results were not much different than what we see in a normal round with no ratio. Highirly-Man was the top DU killer earning himself the Gold Medal with 2,381,712 kills with is closest competitor, Big_Hot_Beef trailing a hundred thousand kills behind at 2,275,316 and Mass_Destruction coming in third place with 2,182,413 kills. Nice job guys! Now can someone make me a Big_Hot_Beef sandwich? After being sick for 4 days and not eating much these sandwich names are making me really hungry! Oh, and could I get a side of mashed potatoes and gravy with that Hot Beef? A little lovin’ for me tummy.

-Best Supporter Killers-

1. Highirly-Man 2,381,712
2. Big_Hot_beef 2,276,315
3. Mass_Destruction 2,182,413
4. Alive 1,950,266
5. MtN 1,521,555

In free killers, we see another sandwich, Small_Cold_Pork leaving his mark by smoking the competition with 1,446,974 du kills, or nearly twice the amount of Silver Medal winner, Dick_Whittinton who finished the round with 734,579 and Escobar with 669,684. Even adding together the Kill Point amounts of 2nd and 3rd place winner, they would still fall short of beating the amount of KPs that Small_Cold_Pork racked up. So to that I say GOOD JOB Cold Pork! Now can you please fix me a sandwich? You’re killin’ me here!

-Best Free Killers-

1. Small_Cold_Pork 1,446,974
2. Dick_Whittington 734,579
3. Escobar 669,684
4. Mdmazing 556,680
5. HBK 530,171

And our final category is Collecting Family. Here we see Necky and his family HOLLA_AT_YO_BOY taking the top spot with just over $53 trillion, Eyores_Fanclub run by Something coming in second for the Silver Medal with $48.9 tril and MINORITY-HATRED and boss Alt seizing the Bronze Medal with $40t.
Rounding out the field was Nativist in 4th and Beavers4every1 in 5th. And finally, for the love of sandwich, honorable mention goes to Big_Hot_Pastrami and Skidmark_Sandwiches. Great theme guys! Now can I get a sandwich?

From Punta_cana
Honestly i was eating.. I forgot to collect. We got 4th as a fam and hh got 5th lvl 4. I added turns so missed out on about 15tril.. So kinda dropped the ball. But we might have got more. No clue really. Happy thanksgiving
Been there, done that Punta Cana. Look at the bright side tho, at least you had a good meal.

-Collecting Family-

1. HOLLA_AT_YO_BOY Necky $53,292,167,652,337
2. Eyores_Fanclub Something $48,967,912,138,572
3. MINORITY-HATRED Alt $40,297,329,959,053
4. Nativist Bill_Poole $17,427,660,484,007
5. Beavers4every1 Bernie $5,733,891,804,486

I sent out comment requests to several families. Three responded, the rest did not. Those not responding were, Pinoy, InnerCircle, IU_RU_HQ, Special_Needs, and Brotherhood. This would make even Blogger sad. ::tear::

From Spaniard
Well, for starters, we all went with sandwich names. there was 2_girls_1_BLT, RoastBeefLabiaOnWheat, Small_Cold_Pork, and Big_Hot_beef. There were others, but I forgot them. We were doing really well the entire round, and then sucked ass at the very end.
Nah don't feel that way Spaniard. You guys actually rocked the deli scene with L3R4, L1R4, Supporter Killer Silver and Free Killer Gold so stop being modest. Now can you get me a sandwich please?

I did receive one other return comment but instead of posting the text, I’m going to post a graphic instead. I’m sure you all will know who the comment came from. LOL

My Scottish friend, I’m seriously beginning to worry about you. At your age your vocabulary skills should be in the 20,000 – 35,000 word range.

And that pretty much does it for this Turbo Review. On a side note, The Blog staff is looking for additional reviewers and Interview writers so if this sounds like something you would enjoy doing, or know of someone else who might be interested message me in game or send an email to [email protected].

Thanks Everyone and have a good rest of the round!
Ink signing out.