RAGE on a Collecting Rampage! Hi this is Ravenkc reporting to you live from a location I cannot give out directions to as this is top secret they have a joke in here, this particular location is known as "Dicks R US" I wonder if that has some connection to the huge toy stores Toys R Us? -- *silence*

Wow, weird anyways I am standing in a room surrounded by some hot looking guys and their Dicks to bring you this Live news Update. FlourPower Union have upgraded their name this round to Abusement Park but they are still the same humble and happy crew of TMB Vet Warriors we all have come to know and love..

Ravenkc: Hi Abusement Park Union can I get an update on end of last round, what exactly happened and can I get an update on the war with SMP?

Viking Slap:
As a dick I guess I must respond? The conclusion can be stated as a united front against SMP (primarily IU as UC has lost much of its thunder and are second rate family as they once were). The beginning of the round, we knew that IU would come for OPS as harryverderchki has a tenacity to do so at every round. We capitalised on our strong looting squad and commenced banking from start of round. As usual we have competition with Pinoy as they are a great looting family. During the round, there was some excitement that we would go for union ranking and after 4 days we had a big party that included both Inner Circle and Pinoy joining with BH to form FLOURPOWER. This brought us a lot of active players that would hit (like IC does) and loot like (Pinoy does) and a family that more of general purpose in both looting and hitting (Brotherhood). What I think is our success is that we dont have the egos nor do we chat like IU does.

There is a level of RESPECT and no one calling names, which is very prevalent in IU chats that I was once in. I think everyone in FLOURPOWER has a lot of energy and are excited to take on players that are not active and only use their credit cards or pull won turns to win JP. This difference in game playing shows during the round in which IU (SMP…?) was 00d the entirety of the game! Rage Monster lost over 5 million ops!! Again, it shows that when you have a committed group of players - they will always out beat those that are mediocre. Naturally, we did expect to see IU to pull out their Visas and Mastercards (we refrained from doing as this only serves to help or enemy) and we were surprised to see that they spent over 3000 USD to win only a fraction? In summary, we at FLOURPOWER have educated IU and especially to Brett on what it means a “Pyrrhic Victory” Time will tell if losing money at the rate they are doing is sustainable. Till then, we are happy to have a game and the number of targets is dwindling in SMP…

Exit Dicks R’ US

I stuck my camera in my bag and wondered what ‘Pyrrhic Victory’ meant I quickly got my Galaxy out and googled it:

Hmmm interesting I thought, Viking must have been thinking about this after RageMonster got in a Rage and whipped out his credit card. All I care about is that arsehole needs to take me out for that fancy restaurant thing he was bragging about that time…



Ok so I am inside the IU headquarters sitting beside Tears_For_Fears and this is what he had to say about the current war activity:

Ravenkc: So I need your opinion on whats going in this war?

Tears_For_Fears: Sorry Im not allowed to talk to the press

Ravenkc: what do you mean just tell me whats going on?

Tears_Fears_Fears: No, Eck said years ago we are not allowed to talk to the press

Ravenkc: ffs Dad, ok I will go ask someone else

As I walked down the corridor of the IU headquarters I seen someone lurking around covered in a black cloak I felt kind of scared as there really was not anyone around…

Suddenly the man grabbed me by the throat and held me against the wall and spoke in my face with a harsh voice.

Maximus: The way I see it is if anyone wants to stop IU is they have to be willing to spend few thousand dollars they spend but not stupidly they're smart they know what they're doing.. do you really think 30 sub players looting all round gathering 44trill and then boom 3mill credits dropped game over

(I was in shock as Maximus continued his dark speech but I was not really focusing on killing and money more of when he was going to loosen the grip around my throat)

Maximus continued:

if you want to win you got to spend in order for you to beat them at their own game they have supporters the ic bh pinoy have what??? all subs maybe few who spend for instance Tru from ic spends but not smart they all need to spend equally and take turns sharing jp in my opinion. The war won’t be won unless they're willing to sound few k each at eor just to secure the jp but at the same time you need to have complete trust in one another right??? who wants to drop 2k then at the end get fucked in iu that doesn't happen so in my opinion 3 things are lacking spending, trust and strategy on the way they use their spending and using it precisely. Good enough for you Raven???

Suddenly Maximus loosened his grip on my throat, I was set free I was shaking, like wtf was he doing lurking around like that anyway, I quickly gathered my thoughts gripped my handbag and walked super-fast down to the lift.

I made my way down to the main conference room and had some drinks and sniffed a lot of coke with the main IU guys, as usual they are men of small words but I managed to get this out of Lopov:

Ravenkc: Due to new rules on ops and looting were IU worried at any stage?

LOPOV: Not at all

Ravenkc: Ok so in ur opinion IU can pretty much handle anything?

LOPOV: Think we proved that over the past few years

Ravenkc: So what is it you think IU have over other opposing unions? If not about money is it more strategy or organisation?

LOPOV: Everything listed above

Ravenkc: Ok I know IU dont like to give too much away and why should they! Thanks for your time Lopov and I hope you guys continue the success

Back safe in the TMB Studio

High as hell and ready to fight too it seems all this war talk on cocaine would give anyone a rush.. I did not get a chance to ask RageMonster anything he seems to be missing. .... ANYways! Getting back on track this is Ravenkc reporting to you I hope that was informative, keep those cookies and yummy milk out for Santa Ladies and Gentleman and I hope you all stay safe, keep ya TMB heads down and most importantly don’t get whacked.

From the bottom of our TMB cold hearts Storm, Tiki and the rest of the TMB Staff say to you’ Merry TMB Christmas and Happy New Year Everyone!’

Stay Jolly, Deck the Halls and Twinkle those TMB Bells on a little Drummer Boys Bullet hole-