Ink-Slinger here. I have been roaming the cities of TMB looking for a sweet young lady to interview but having a hard time finding one who wants to talk to me. I cant figure it out- Whats scaring them off? It cant be the mustache because the ladies always say they love the mustache rides; so it has to be something else. Maybe its my big microphone? I guess it could be a bit intimidating to some, ya know? {wink wink}

Pushing on, I stop in the corner pub for a drink and see Xiken sitting at the bar. He’s not a lady, but at this point I’ll interview his dog if I have to just to get a story! Slave driver Storm has been on my ass to post more Interviews or risk being subjected to some bizarre sadistic African custom called ear stretching so I really NEED this interview as time is running out for me!

I sit down next to Xiken and ask the bartender to bring us both a drink. After a little chit chat back and forth I finally "pop the question" so to speak:

So how long have you been playing TMB and how did you come to play Xiken?

Xiken: I have been playing 8 yrs but with a year or 2 off.
Xiken: I came to play once a mate of mine showed me the game. He was in fh at the time. I however decided to join jumbo in Phoenix and stayed and learnt there for a while.

Ink-Slinger: That seems to be the norm for a lot of players
Ink-Slinger: Friends show them the game.
Ink-Slinger: They play for awhile and then take a break.
Ink-Slinger: But they always seem to come back to play again. Just as you did.

Ink-Slinger: Have you played with other families or unions?

Xiken: I made a family with my mate ( we did so well I can't remember the name).
Xiken: After jumbo left phoenix I was lost so became a bit of a family slut I guess.
Xiken: Had a stint in SS ( didn't last long ).
Xiken: Underworld- Loved it till kain retired
Xiken: Hitsquad that wasn't to bad.
Xiken: Wp that was so so
Xiken: Then back to avengers with jumbo. Lasted a while till he joined nyu.
Xiken: I was against that move so I went my own way
Xiken: All I wanted was to wear some shitty undies but they wouldn't let me in. Think that's y I like hitting and causing a Lil friendly trouble. They broke my heart.

Ink-Slinger: Wow, you have some real history there!
Ink-Slinger: And even a couple of old school families that we’ve not seen or heard from in a very long time.

Ink-Slinger: So what made you leave SS and WP?
Ink-Slinger: Was it the people? The family Rules? Or just not a good fit for you?

Xiken: Mostly just not a good fit for me.
Xiken: I have a problem with authority and not a fan of unions.
Xiken: To much fighting amongst members

Ink-Slinger: I can certainly understand that.
Ink-Slinger: Too many people with their own agenda.
Ink-Slinger: It can get ugly pretty quick and muck things up.

Ink-Slinger: Who has been your biggest mentor?

Xiken: Mentor? Jumbo hands down. He taught me everything and was not big headed.
Xiken: He taught me from noob to a leader with great patience
Xiken lol
Xiken: Had my back if I hit people I wasn't allowed to.
Xiken: Didn't happen often though I might add I can respect rules when I choose to

Ink-Slinger: It certainly helps to have a boss that’s got your back and not afraid to stand up for you.
Ink-Slinger: Definitely the stuff a good boss is made of.

Ink-Slinger: What is your preferred playing style? Killer? Collector? Looter? Troublemaker?

Xiken: Killer no doubt with a little bit of trouble maker.
Xiken: Collection to me is boring (hence y no jp wins )
Xiken: Looting is frustrating
Xiken: The bigger the du amount u can take down the better

Ink-Slinger: Yes, I can certainly understand that!
Ink-Slinger: There is a real thrill in killing a big target and it does gets the adrenalin going!

Ink-Slinger: What do you enjoy about TMB?

Xiken: I enjoy hitting people and the banter in my new home. The family I’ve wanted to join since the war in NY with avengers.

Ink-Slinger: You are talking about the Skid Mansion correct?

Xiken: Yep correct
Xiken: Their game play suits me perfectly.

Ink-Slinger: What’s it like being in the mansion with the likes of Matty and Buck Nasty?

Xiken: All the members here are awesome
Xiken: They have me in stitches often and as hard as they are once it hits drink time there like cuddly koalas.
Xiken: Thursdays are fun, that's Pictionary night. Matty is on a 3 win streak.

Ink-Slinger: Oh.. now I’m jealous!
Ink-Slinger: This sounds like MY KIND OF FAMILY!

Xiken: LOL

Ink-Slinger: What do you dislike?

Xiken: I dislike a couple of the rules but it's all about adjusting I guess
Xiken: And also I don't get the angry replies like I used to.

Ink-Slinger: So you miss getting angry replies aka Shit Talk from other players? Why is that?

Xiken: Yeah I do sadly I just get blocked now.
Xiken: Tbh it's been to long so I actually can't remember any goodies

Ink-Slinger: Well maybe after I publish this interview some of your haters will be compelled to fill your msg box with lotsa hate mail.

Xiken: LOL

Ink-Slinger: So do you have any tips for the new players to TMB?

Xiken: Tips? Hang in there mostly.
Xiken: After a round or 2 you’re on ya way. It’s easier to learn now and most of the people are laid back now compared to when I started
Xiken: Give the game a chance and make your goal to join the skids
Xiken: We live large, we are the greatest and we’re lovable.
Xiken: Loved by all hated by no1

Ink-Slinger: I hear ya on that. If I could join a new family, I would have to say that I’d want to move into the mansion.

Before we wrap this up, let’s put you under the gun for 1 min of rapid fire questioning. You gotta be quick! First thing that pops into your head.

Favorite food?

Xiken: Steak

Favorite beverage?

Xiken: Beer

Favorite color?

Xiken: Blue

Favorite staff member?

Xiken: Tiki

What would you like to buy but can’t afford?

Xiken: an Island

What kind of music to you like?

Xiken: Rock

Dog or Cat?

Xiken: Dog

Favorite breed?

Xiken: English Bull Terrier

What would you do if you won the lottery?

Xiken: Buy a Scooter

Favorite place to shop?
Xiken: Liquor Store

What is your favorite movie?

Xiken: stepmum does stepson while daughter watches

Ink-Slinger: Hmmm, not sure about that last one, but nice job otherwise.
Ink-Slinger: You moved though that pretty quickly.

Ink-Slinger: So I have only one final question to you before wrapping this interview up.
Inki-Slinger: Any further comments or shout outs?

Xiken: Thank you for the time.
Xiken: Special thanks to knoxy for getting my foot in the mansion door and matty and the crew for making my bed and welcoming me in with arms wide.
Xiken: Skids !! best family
Xiken: id take a bullet for u guys
Xiken: peace
Xiken: x out

Ink-Slinger: My pleasure Xiken.
Ink-Slinger: Thanks for talking to me.

And that's it for now folks. Hope you enjoyed the interview.
Until next time, this is Ink-Slinger signing off knowing that his ear lobes are safe for another day..