Scene 1- One Night In Bangkok (Daylight) - As the sweat dripped from my forehead and my clothes clung to my body, I wondered how much more of this humidity and heat I could take. For some reason Lopov drove me to the airport that night and my flight he had pre-booked was to Bangkok, Thailand. At first I was kind of excited but feeling the temperature and the fact my hair wouldn’t stay straight because of the sweat there was no point in worrying about my ghd (good hair day for those that don’t know).

I felt frustrated, how the fuck do people cross roads here!? There are no pedestrian crossings and the traffic is endless, and wtf is up with women riding motorbikes carrying babies on their backs with no helmets- this place obviously has no road rules. I received a text on my phone, from Eck to meet at this GoGo Bar tonight in Bangkok that also pissed me off I didn’t want to spend my night looking at men with fake tits and their handles still attached. The fact any straight man would find this appealing in any fashion was disturbing to me, in fact I pretty much think this is the perfect open market for gay people to come here fuck or date the lady boys and feel totally at home, I guess that’s great for the mentally disturbed.

I wiped the sweat off my head and just crossed the road, gave the Thai guy in the taxi an evil look, I was basically sick of standing there and just wanted so badly to get back to the air con in my hotel room where I could feel human again. There are too many people in Bangkok like cockroaches scampering, there are so many scammers ready to pounce on any tourist, to tell you a certain tourist attraction is closed and to follow them… into their taxi. I felt like attacking them because it was so openly disgraceful only I read if you attack one Thai person they all kind of gang up on you and who knows the extremes they can go to here in this third world country, the buses looked like shit hole leftovers from the 1990s and the streets were full of rubbish as if they had no rubbish truck come around once a week to empty the trash. Nope I decided I did not like Bangkok and I was so annoyed at Eck for making me come here.

Scene 2- Pink Pussy GoGo Bar – Somewhere Shady in Bangkok (night)

I had a shower at around 8pm and got ready to go out, once I hit the street to get into a taxi I felt hot again, even at night the humidity was unbearable. The taxi driver instantly acted like he didn’t know where he was going so I told him to type the location into his GPS, isn’t that what they are for? No unfortunately every person in Thailand is all too eager to rip you off any chance they get, the constant scamming you would think they would be rich considering the number of tourists here.

I walked down the street. I had my money in a money bag under my clothes and a second set of credit cards in my wallet with my iPhone, I held it tight as I walked through the filthy street, it was not only physically filthy as you could see the rubbish piled up but many squatting beside it but you could also smell the filth.

“Pink Pussy!! Oh you wanna see!! Pink Pussy!!”

A Thai man stood in my face yelling for me to see some pink pussy, wtf is wrong with these people? Once again anger enraged my senses I imagined choking this cunt until he was purple in the face, until he had his last gasp of breath and then id let him go- and I doubt it is actually pussy I wouldn’t want to see the naked site of a fucking cut and tuck these people are absurd.

I moved to the side and kept walking... faster now as I was starting to have a panic attack as well as being angry… but then I heard a familiar voice and I was so relieved I felt like crying.

Eck- What the bloody hell are you doing you crazy bird? You look lost.

I turned and almost fell into him.

Raven- Oh Eck thank God you’re here I hate this place! Why here? How could you..

Before I could finish the sentence he cut me off.

Eck- Not out here woman, arrgh Ill call my driver I knew Bangkok would be to risky for you, you Aussie spoilt brat.

I actually felt relieved; where was the car? Air con would be great, I bet his hotel room was nice …

The black car was there in an instant and I can say the air con felt better then Christmas day!!

Scene 3- The Hilton Hotel- Bangkok (Night)

We made it to his hotel. The room service would be great and I’d prefer this any day over what I had just seen. The floors where polished like mirrors as we walked through the lobby of the Hilton in Bangkok, and the lifts were golden and sparkly. I felt happier as this was an American hotel and I was away from the filth of the oriental streets. After some shots of whiskey, Eck began to tell me his plan….

Raven: Why ARE you doing this, Alex? You told me 2 years ago you were done with this life. Why now?

Eck: Wow I have not heard you say my real name in…

Eck paused and looked down his mind was somewhere else, I looked at him, something was different, he used to be so aggressive even nasty at times in his cruel humour.. now he was like a tamed caged tiger; this made me curious. I walked over to him and met his gaze.

Raven: What happened to you in the past 2 years? I am not sure if its good or bad but your plan is insane, yet you seem so tamed so relaxed….

Eck: Don’t you forget who I am, Raven! I am still that same fucking cunt that I always was.

I quickly turned and sat down. I didn’t want to face him while he was angry. Something about Eck always scared me. I am not sure what it was, but I would face anyone to fight them…. I just didn’t want to face him.

Silence filled the room …

Raven: But they are my friends …

Eck: You are either with us or against us. Make your choice. However, if you are against us, I will show you no mercy. Is that understood?

I just stared at him. Why should I even answer …

Eck: I’ve paid for this room. You can take it and I’ll take another.

He walked out of the room shutting the door behind him.

I was alone once again in Bangkok, yet now I felt the weight of the world on my shoulders. I knew so many would be effected by Eck’s new decision and I just didn’t know how to feel about it.

I contacted Hollywood_Hubert so he could arrange my flight home. I wanted to leave as soon as possible.

I had just started to undress when I heard a knock on the door.. oh Eck must have forgotten something. I buttoned my shirt back up and unlocked the door.
It was TrueMafioso, SnoMan and TUJ from IC standing before me.

TUJ: Well, well well. Fancy seeing you here Raven….

I tried to grab the door to shut it but Seth (TrueMafioso) forced the door opened. I saw a quick flash and felt a cloth cover my face…. FUCK! I smelt the odor of chloroform. I faded into a blackness…