Hello everyone, TMB_Reporter here. Welcome to this rounds edition of BREAKING NEWS.

Main Round 780 - What happened to Mercenaries? A source who will remain unnamed sent me a message at the start of the round stating he was shocked and very saddened at the fact that Mercenaries didn’t exist this round. Knowing this source as I do I had a sneaky suspicion he was taking the piss.

But his message got me thinking, why was mercenaries no longer in existence? Why had the union don, Clutch, not started his family and instead joined Defiance?

I had my own suspicions. After reading some of the comments on the forums my suspicions didn’t change. But what kind of reporter would I be if I didn’t try to ascertain if my suspicions were indeed true.

I sent out a few messages, mainly to people who had been a part of Mercenaries and a part of Clutch’s family. My first message was to Clutch, but he didn’t reply to me. Not even a classic ‘fuck off’ like our resident sandwich maker Tony sent me last round.

The first response I got was from Mercenaries co don of last round. I asked Vito Menotti why he thought the union was no longer in existence. Here is the reply I got.

From Vito_Menotti
Well this is our families second round. The first round we did spend in clutch union called Mercenaries. I had messaged him to try and recruit him early in the round and he told me he was going to start a union. He asked if I wanted to join his union but I declined.

After the first day passed I realized that not a lot of new people are joining. Most already have a family. So I figured better to join a union so there are more active members and easier for noobs in my family to learn. I declined the union invite on the first day for three reasons.

1. There was no established families, it was 7 random families most of which were single player families.
2. In our first round I wanted to Identify ourselves as a family, not be identified as union members.
3. I had heard bad things about clutch, and that he was selfish and not to be trusted.

In the end I decided that it was better for family and newer players to be with more active players than just myself and my consig. So we did accept invite to union. I personally think the round went well. We as a family recruited many players, three of which came back this round.

I ran EOR and was able to get spicolli 4th lvl 1.
paolo got his first medal with a bronze lvl 2.
Ivan was able to snag a lvl 4 rank and I got a low lvl 3 rank.
From Vito_Menotti
The problems with the union was what I expected. There was 40 members but only about 9 active members. Two of which was in my family, 3 in ronin and 3-4 in clutch family. You cannot have a union of 40 people and only 9 active. that just doesn’t work.

Clutch should not be Don of a union. He should not be boss of a family. I think it was smart of him to not make a family this round. He is just not active enough. He did not communicate much with me, but for sure he is not active enough for any type of leadership.

He was respectful to me and fair, but I guess others in the union did not feel that way. Specifically some ronin members. Overall I think clutch would make a good brug. He was the banker for the round, and I was able to bank most of which i looted since he sent transfers.

I dont get all the hate on clutch though, he unbanked eor and kept his word to me. He was not active in union though which is why I think he does not have a family.
I also contacted other members of the union. Ivan and Icepik got back to me.

From Ivan
Clutch is lazy. He sits back and doesn't loot but expects to be banker at all times. The reason he wants to be bank is so that he can have control of the cash...

He doesn't know how to communicate either with his members. And I think overall everyone just got tired of his bullshit.
From IcePik

Well to try and keep it simple. The union primarily fell apart due to poor leadership. Out of all the members only 5 or 6 of us did any of the work. But Clutch picked his 2 or 3 favorites and complained about the rest of us not contributing. All along he did nothing but log in once a day for 5 mins. It was a very disorganized union.

Clutch also has very bad rep that we tried to ignore at first and see if ghetto union would work. But it fell apart half way through the round. For example, Clutch made a personal attack against Paulo Martini regarding his Italian heritage.

It was strange , the round prior we had Nameless in the union. They kept harassing Clutch. Little did I know then that Nameless was right all along.
I sent Domenico a message following icepiks response. After spending a recent round in Mercenaries and occupying the co don spot, all be it briefly, perhaps he had some thoughts on the matter. I was also a little curious about the trash talking that took place whilst Nameless were in Mercenaries. This is what he had to say.

From Domenico
So the round before we actually joined Clutch and his union, we got a union invite to join his union. All I had to do was post the union invite to the business board, and ask the guys how funny it would be if we joined his union just to troll the shit out of them. I wasn't expecting much more than an eye roll, but I got a few laughs, and we decided to do it. Everyone in the family cancelled subs, burned any turns that might have been expiring during that round, and then we joined the new round and sat and waited.

By some minor miracle, or the fact that I had mocked him for sending the union invite the previous round, we didn't actually get the union invite. So I asked Clutch why we hadn't gotten one, and he sent one to us right away. We joined the union, and a few minutes later I had the union consign position, and clutch asking me how we wanted to run the EOR and who got what ranks. I didn't respond to this, and just went to work on the union board. I check the union options, and saw that every single family in the game had an invite to his union. This must have been how he suckered every family there except for Ronin, who for some reason were there willingly, all four of them.
From Domenico
It took about an hour of trash on the union board before clutch realized this wasn't his wet dream of us joining to help his union rank, and was indeed a massive troll job. I was stripped of union consign, and it was on from there. Within a half hour of joining we got TonyG to quit his consign spot and leave the union, then a few hours later got chopperjo to leave his family and her fresh consig spot to rejoin back with us. So we chased two consigs in our first day there.

Clutch after this point was mostly not seen for the rest of the round. One night he deleted like forty pages of union board on some sort of power trip, but soon gave up after that. He also got into an argument with Blind, which led to Blind being frozen for the round for giving clutch suggestions as to what to do with his life.

There was much more fun that was had, but at the end of the day, we knew we were joining and dedicating a round to trolling, and to making sure that every person in that union knew exactly the kind of person and player that Clutch is. That's the warehouse in general, we could really give a fuck about ranking, its just about playing to have fun.
From Dominico

Lastly, to answer your most pointed question, I would love to take credit for Clutch abandoning running his own family, let alone the union, after some illustrious non turn winning rounds. I would take great pride in saying that we helped destroy that. But I don't think I can do that. The credit has to go to clutch.

His absolute dedication to just furthering his own goals, using people for anything he can get out of them while giving little to nothing in return, providing no leadership while demanding results from people for things he isn't willing to do himself, and his blatantly obvious self-preservation above all else, is what has done him in. You can try to troll Clutch, but at the end of the day, you cant out-Clutch Clutch.

He is, and always will be, his own worst enemy at the end of the day. We just had a great time expanding on that while we were there.
So were my suspicions true?, yeah pretty much spot on. And yeah, if you haven’t yet worked out what my suspicions were, get your *** back to school.

Now moving on..

Peace between SS and Nameless?

Last round I reported that SS and Nameless were engaged in a ‘mini war’. I stand by this comment. To the players in both families claiming that no war was taking place, one simple question, why have your families been trying to make peace with one another this round?

A few days into the round I was contacted by a source that told me that an ‘olive branch’ was handed out to Nameless to stop the hits. My source also told me that a NAP was agreed between the two families. Perhaps this was the case, perhaps it wasn’t. I contacted members of both families to find out.

I messaged a few people in SS including the boss Madd_Maxx but only ScaliWag got back to me. Maxx, I am beginning to think you don’t like the press. That is two rounds with no response from you. Like I tell all the people I message, I am a friendly reporter.

Here is what ScaliWag had to say.

From ScaliWag

Yes attempts were made, we fulfilled our end of the treaty and did not attack nameless for 7 hours until we were attacked heavily and decided to respond. Peace just doesnt seem to be in the cards for us right now. thats okay though Dulce Bellum Inexpertis.
So according to ScaliWag, an agreement was reached to stop the mini war and Nameless broke this agreement. From my understanding Nameless do not do NAPs, and to be completely honest I can’t see them changing that policy for SS (no disrespect intended).

Lets see what Domenico has to say on the matter.

From Domenico

SS has been saying one thing and doing another. I would rather not air out negotiations with the blog staff and have it become something for the entire game to read. That isn't good faith negotiating and if that is what SS is doing to bring more attention to themselves, then I think that looks really badly on them. This whole "war" has just smelled of propaganda on their part to bring attention to themselves, and I said that for your original quote you asked for.
After further inquiries I managed to ascertain that no agreement was reached between the leaders of the families. What will now be referred to as ‘mini agreement’ (agreements between members of families that do not have the blessing of the boss) did however take place.

Moving on…

Name Stealing

You may know that feeling, that rush you get when you sign into a new main round really quickly, try numerous names to see if they are protected before finally you get one. Medals turned off and yaayy!

Wait you don’t know that feeling? Well yeah neither do I…

No but in all honesty stealing names, I don’t understand why some of you do it. Yes you can get up to some mischief for what, a whole 5 min before skype messages are exchanged and the gig is up. Or before your asked to show your medals as is usually general custom when there is uncertainty regarding your identity.

This round the Inner_Circle family name was stolen. I messaged Maxx, boss of what is now to be known as the fake ‘Inner_Circle’ family to ask him why he did it. Here is what he had to say.

From Maxx

I was hired to do it because they broke an old agreement, and stole something from the one who hired me. My contract is running over 5 rounds, so it will be difficult for the current holders to take it back. In the background the rightful owner of this family is building up an orginisation to take over and hold the old and respected family name. How and how much I will be awarded I cant discuss.
The ‘one who hired you’, I have a sneaky suspicion you hired yourself but what do I know.

I also messaged Tru_Mafioso and ID in ‘IC_’ to ask them what they think of their family name being stolen. This is what ID had to say.

From ID

imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.
Relating to name stealing, a bite sized war between Southside and Skids also took place this round. It was..


I received a message from a player named Night informing me of how he was instrumental in starting a war between Southside and Skids.

According to Night he impersonated a player who is usually in Southside and got the whole family zeroed. This is a copy of the message he sent me.

From Night

I posted this on the SS family board not so long ago. Go and share it with the fucking world.


So let me fill u in on what happened here. Your dumb cunt of a boss MAXX sent me an invites because I pretended to be night who is some player he knows. I got the invite like I planned and sat here and began contemplating how best to fuck your shitty fam over.

I decided to start shit with skids knowing they are packed with dus and are just itching to use them. After a shit load of messages of me acting like Maxx all retarded and shit I got your whole fam zeroed, ops hit and all AND lets not forget that bank of yours.

I would like to thank MAXX!! without him this wouldnt be possible. He sent me the invite. hell he even got messages from skids sayin I was starting shit but he didn’t question it or anything AND NOT ONCE did he check to see if I was me. Hey night 'show me your medals' nah that shit didnt happen.
You the best max. got your boys dus and ops zeroed. You fucking dimwit. Watching you fuckers go all salty on the fam board hahahahahhahah
Funny funny shit. I carried over all the messages u pussies posted about getting help I hope the skids had a good laugh. Foundhell, iu and pinoy the skids summed it up well. All that to take out 15 players lmaaooooo

Job done
Fake Night
This is how I role.
Peace out my bitches
I had no idea if what Night was saying was true so sent messages out to a few players in Skids and SouthSide. This is what Buck Nasty had to say.

From Buck_Nasty

Night had nothing to do with Southside getting hit. We don't even know who he is. Please don't give him the attention he is seeking. He tried to act like after we hit Southside that he had something to do with it. He did nothing but, send us messages while we were attacking. He then asked me for an invite to the Mansion where his admission was denied. He is making up stories of grandeur for his own personal gain.
So according to Buck, Night had nothing to do with the hits on SS. I sent Buck a follow up message to ask why they decided to hit SS. This is what he had to say.

From Buck_Nasty

The reason we hit Southside was Matty said "Go". He's the critical thinker of the lot.
This is what ScaliWag of Southside had to say:

From ScaliWag

lol yeah he thought he was somehow going to start a war. he started a small spat that lasted all of about an hour. we lost some dus and a few ops. nothin too major. He acts like we wont rank 1st or 2nd regardless. lol.
After further investigating and responses from different players I still wasn’t able to determine if Night was really instrumental in starting a ‘bite sized war’ between the two families.

Maybe he did, maybe he didn’t.

This is TMB_Reporter.. later..