Greetings from the TMB studios. I'm DV and I'm here with something of a unicorn in the TMB world. Maxx has been around 11 years and has been with Southside the entire time. I brought him in through the snow and ice to answer some questions.

DV: Maxx, thanks for braving the elements and coming in to talk today. Why don't we start with how you found TMB?

Maxx: a friend told me about TMB, I looked it up and bam 11 years later still here same family.

DV: awesome, and what would you say encouraged you most to stick with it for 11 years?

Maxx: the loyalty of other SS members that stuck with me no matter the situation. 40calhoon told me "no matter what happens don't let SS die." Til this day I have been running elite 11 years strong. Down to one family from having 10 but hey we r here.

DV: indeed you are. So who if anyone took you under their wing and showed you how Southside rolls?

Maxx: 40calhoon, jimmythegent. I owe it to them 2 for keeping me and showing me the ways of mafia life online. I already know how to run the streets lol THUG LIFE Baby lol

DV: lol and now here you are keeping an old school family alive and well. Tell me some of your most memorable tmb moments. Favorite wars, standout people, best shit talkers, etc.

Maxx: favorite war was with Men in Tights that shit was forever lol standout people most of us here are most alike. Defend our brothers and sisters we don't take shit, you know how it is. Lol. Shit talkers damn many many here to name so I don't want to single anyone out lol. My homie bugsy always gives me shit.

DV: Fair enough, you and SS have survived a long time. What advice would you give to help younger families and players be successful In the game?

Maxx: in my Kevin Gates voice... keep it real... keep it real. ..your loyalty will go a long way.

DV: very good advice. Is there anyone you'd want to steal away and have join SS or a family you'd like to war with that you think would make for a good battle?

Maxx: if I could steal Cnote and luckynate kd I'd be in heaven lol. War na no1 right off the top of my head.

DV: wow putting the families on blast saying they can't stand up to ss lol. Much pride and love for ss there.

DV: you've been here through nearly every evolution of tmb and it's rules, do you prefer the old school rules set or do you favor the current rules better and why?

Maxx: rules are rules we don't make em. We follow and break some. These rules now I like em. A slight upper hand for us aolo families.

DV: very true. So you have most of the medals, any plans to gun for the level 4 medals and the JP in particular?

Maxx: nah I don't rank myself. I set it out for tiers for now I'm happy with that. Don't be greedy I always say.

DV: A good outlook, almost time to wrap up, one last question, if you were completely In charge of the game for a round what would you change and what would you keep the same?

Maxx: I'd set family bank to 2% deposit lol fight to the last penny see who really is full of bankrolls lol keep all else the same.

DV: thanks for sitting here and talking with me maxx.

Maxx: thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed keep warm it's cold out there and merry Christmas to you and yours.

Great interview MaXx and DV! Do you have any shoutouts to your fellow TMB mates MaXx?

Shoutouts to my ninjas , Diesel_Doctor may u ball in paradise . Cnote , Bugsy , Skeemin, Taco , Will , All of SouthSide family.

May all u have a great holiday ..

Thanks MaXx. Merry Christmas to you as well!