Turbo Round 773 review is here. Rules were pretty much regular ones, with small change of ratios, where in round 773 ratios were 5-1 on bought and won turns, and business hits were 250 turns only. It was expected that it will be an operative purgatory kind of the round.

This round was won by Titties and it was taken by force. Pretty impressive how high he went in so short time frame. There was no competition but it was questionable if any possible competitor could really take this round.

However, a real jump in net-worth happened in last seconds of round but Titties was fast to collect really high. In level 4 first builds happened earlier, few hours to EOR, but turned out to be a complete waste of turns as it’s very hard to survive in turbo with an early build. The only way to save ops is build at end. Probably someone learned a new lesson this round about building early.

Level 4 was quite interesting to watch. We saw speedy building quite early and getting hammered early too. His ops were hit quite hard as soon he went up. It was clear early that his try to do anything won't bring much luck to him. Titties was probably smiling at that point, and we saw his move at end of round granting him the Jackpot. Speedy from other hand was able to get a killer silver and 4th in level 4, at least some consolation after the noobish early build move.

-Level 4-
1. Titties $329,383,515,329,575
2. Power-Rise $42,010,232,157,000
3. Bogus $38,027,079,799,266
4. Speedy $26,215,529,209,306
5. Sam $25,953,672,027,116

from KingHyperion
She was sitting down on that big butt, I was still staring at the titties though!

ShayneG has lint pockets. #AnotherOne

from KingHyperion
First round in IU, first win on tmb. Felt good. Many to come.
from ShayneG
Yes id like to thank bh for nothing
Hmmmmm, Weren't they both in brotherhood just before the turbo round?

Let’s see rest of the rankings.

Nothing much happening in level 3-- just a quite over paid gold... but in fairness turbo adjusting right amounts to rank well is very hard. However, I always think it is wrong to overpay for a medal. Mr Awesome got the gold by 17 Trils more than TINTIN in second. The difference between silver and bronze was just 1 trillion. And only 450 billion between 4th and 5th place ranking spots. It was interesting to see how no one in level 3 under 5th place tried for ranking tier.

-Level 3-
1. MrAwesome $30,963,855,228,941
2. TINTIN $13,001,984,586,012
3. Snow $12,034,170,679,675
4. YingYang $2,984,656,031,400
5. Fgump $2,539,869,930,807

Level 2 was strangely cheap in all ranking positions. For gold bigbuck needed just 8 trillions. Silver went for 5 and bronze for 1.7 trillions. A really crazy low net worth considering the rules. Even fast cars like BMW finished pretty low and slow in this round. I would like to understand what triggers so big fluctuations of ranking values in level 2 one of these days...

-Level 2-

1. bigbuck $8,012,179,842,691
2. BMW $5,377,728,243,885
3. Wednesday12142016 $1,791,192,961,700
4. Fart $1,047,823,399,227
5. MeatBall $680,437,427,484

Level 1 was fought for 4th and 5th place where 700 billions was making a difference. From other hand bronze was paid half the value of the silver and silver was paid half the value of gold. Gold in this round went to Misa_de_Gallio. What is that a chicken soup? Amazingly expensive level 1 considering the level 2 networths.

-Level 1-

1. Misa_de_Gallio $23,165,138,416,332
2. Rakk $14,000,841,614,100
3. Wounds $7,001,194,306,400
4. Nino_Resic $4,251,778,732,776
5. Expendable $3,567,495,631,763

from Maximus_Constanino
well in turbo i was expendable
my famil;y was expendable_return
im waiting to see the results
Killer ranks were quite low but with such operative fest I didn't expect otherwise. For a turbo round under 4 million kills in supporter rank ain't much. E.Soft got the gold. Follower with Speedy with 3.5 milion of kills in silver tier. Speedy beside killer silver was 4th in level 4 too. Rest of supporter were under the 3 million kills. In free killers ranks we saw low kills numbers too, alike to supporters rankings. Interesting to me was Nino_Resic who got the free killers gold but was able to rank in 4th place in level 1 tiers too. Pretty much well done.

-Best Supporter Killers-

1. E.Soft 3,978,854
2. Speedy 3,523,720
3. becks 2,892,143
4. BlueMovieBoo 2,599,453
5. WarZone 1,747,248

-Best Free Killers-

1. Nino_Resic 712,166
2. Expendable 666,588
3. Niklas420 661,787
4. Jonesy 608,488
5. Kurosawa 333,307

Family rankings saw 6 families able to meet the 10 members rule and compete for ranks. Gold went to Mili_Vanili bossed by Salvatore. With 9 trillions less in their safes UnhollyAlliance lead by LUCILLE was second, How would Negan like having Lucille just second? Third family was quite cheap. And we have an old acquaintance here too, Nino_Resic was bossing Kiosk for third place. Expendable_Return bossed by who else than Expendable, returned to 4th place. Men_in_Tights lead by Gentlemans_Relish, an old TMB family was fifth with just 2.5 trilons under 4th place. First two families invested in family ranks pretty big dough in this round. But in turbos I’d say is best to make sure family is stuffed up properly.

-Collecting Family-

1. Mili_Vanili Salvatore $143,745,838,062,394
2. UnhollyAlliance LUCILLE $134,749,274,302,194
3. Kiosk Nino_Resic $21,778,044,168,092
4. Expendable_Return Expendable $14,946,815,416,348
5. Men_in_Tights Gentlemans_Relish $12,429,627,059,219

OK, lets see our players opinions, question I asked was simple, “could you let us know yours and your family's outcome”.

from LOPOV
We done very well actually. Took family gold and bronze, a couple of indi rankings as well as the JP
from Maximus_Constanino
well we had a good turbo, we ranked 4th family i got 5th in lvl1 and 2nd in free killer, and 3rd in lvl2 so we did very good all thanks to lieth2 stalked elect shayneG and many other and efh as well you guys are great. thank you all
from MightyMax

A lot of us in uc have been busy lately. New jobs, life changes. I myself just got married.

For past few main rounds nexus and myself have been running eor. HH has not been able to make most of them.

As for turbo most of us could not make eor. Maybe 6 out of uc.

The majority in uc that were online had started a family. Did well. Got a family rank and a tier in lvl 1-3, i even got a medal out of it haha.
from BLA
We missed out on a rank by one place using no credits and only having 4 active players so although we didn't win anything we had a good round.
from BLA
Saying that I have just seen how much we missed it by... maybe it wasn't as good as i thought!!
from Swiper
I looted, looted and looted some more, then the round ended.
from kold
I will quote the great Eck " fuck off
you Cunt"

from Paolo-Martini
I didn't play tubo
from Daddy
You mean the round shayne built like a retard, cried about building like a retard, then got kicked out of BH?

Yes I do have something to say.

from Dusk
That’s it for now. Thank you everyone especially ones who sent in the quotes.

See you all next turbo.