Todays blog is with one of TMBs most notoriously underhanded mafiosos, Tony Giovanni. Most recently, he was the union Don of Mob Ties, and now is playing for IOU under the banners of Five Points. I recently sat down with the self-proclaimed Don of Cleveland and asked him a few questions - and the answers to those questions can be viewed below.

Clutch: Hey Tony!

TonyGiovanni: Hello there

Clutch: For those who don't know you, how about you tell us a bit about yourself?

TonyGiovanni: Well.......i'm Tony Giovanni of course. Self proclaimed Don of Cleveland. Ya the game use to be

Clutch: How long have you been playing TMB?

TonyGiovanni: 9 years. It says 8 but i was banned at once

Clutch: Are you allowed to say what you were banned for?

TonyGiovanni: Sure. Logged in from another device in which i didn't
know my niece was playing

Clutch: Eeek! Well I'm sure you've been quite the reformed criminal 😜

Clutch: Tell us a bit about this new 5 points family

TonyGiovanni: 5 points.... Hmmm. Got a heated message the first round i joined because some thought it was wrong to take such a famous name. Far from new. Other than that, i quite like it here

Clutch: How did the family come together?

TonyGiovanni: All i know is i was still running my union. Near eor El Chapo approached me about joining. So i gave up Mob Ties.. . for now and joined

Clutch: Who's in charge? Is there an official boss and consig behind the scenes?

TonyGiovanni: Chapo is official boss. Can't believe i forgot his name. Wow. Anyways i dragged Stalked back into tmb now she's Consig

TonyGiovanni: Glock_18. Damn. He was consi originally

TonyGiovanni: There's no do this or do that. Everyone knows what to do

Clutch: Let's backpedal a bit and talk about your union Mob Ties

Clutch: Who were the major players in the union?

TonyGiovanni: Ok

TonyGiovanni: There was B and crew ( warriors or cool cats) and of course my brother Gallio with Ronin. Had Jew there as well

Clutch: Do you consider the union a success or failure? Why?

TonyGiovanni: Ummm

TonyGiovanni: For two rounds we did well. Got 5th by default but got it nonetheless plus a few tiers. So i'm happy about it

TonyGiovanni: Could've been better of course but hey

TonyGiovanni: Gank the bank union formed then it was over lol least i did what i strived for

Clutch: What's the biggest adjustment you've had to make, going from Mob Ties union don to just another member in IOU?

TonyGiovanni: I don't think of it as just another member. They treat u as equals here. Sure i had to put my pride down but i still run a city regardless so all is well

Clutch: What's the deal with Cleveland? Are you from there IRL?

TonyGiovanni: Lol no. Ok let me explain. Some might not agree with my story. I was once in Moctzuma ok. Long ago. Always been a rebel so after i left them i made GCF. Pussy and Woodsman told me personally i got the keys since the family weren't that active anymore. So i had to step up. Empire came and we fought but Bloody cool as fuck. Then Porello challenged me. Then of course Unbreakable Soviet. I had no clue he use to be in Cleveland but whatever lol. Even IU tried to intimated me. I'm still here.

Clutch: I think a lot of players will respect the fact that you stand your ground.

Clutch: Word down the grapevine is that you have a lady interest in the game. Is this true?

Clutch: I think you mentioned her earlier.

TonyGiovanni: Indeed. Not just another tmb mistress. We are actually a couple.

TonyGiovanni: Stalked

Clutch: How long has this been a thing?

TonyGiovanni: Shit. No clue. Been friends forever before anything

Clutch: But you're officially an item now?

TonyGiovanni: Yes sir

Clutch: When did it become official?

TonyGiovanni: Lets say 3-4 years ago

Clutch: Do you two meet outside of the game?

TonyGiovanni: Hardly. Live in two different states. It's.....complicated

Clutch: Any plans on buying her a JP?

Clutch: Most guys would buy a girl an engagement ring, but you both play TMB so ... 😎

TonyGiovanni: Lol hell i need one

TonyGiovanni: She gets her thrills by being with me on tmb

TonyGiovanni: She doesn't care about a jp or ranks for that matter

Clutch: What about you? Do you care about ranks?

TonyGiovanni: Not going to lie. I use to.

TonyGiovanni: Now a days. No. Not all.

Clutch: When did you stop caring?

TonyGiovanni: When i was in Loco i went rounds and rounds before even asking about rank or credits

TonyGiovanni: I stopped when i realized i just like to help

Clutch: How much do you really contribute each round to the family or union you're in?

TonyGiovanni: Umm i dont loot like most. Some do trillions. Remind you i'm fairly new to looting. Im always active so help alot with the maxing\bank

TonyGiovanni: Dont get it twisted though. I Can loot lol

Clutch: What's an average round look like for you if you're trying to loot?

TonyGiovanni: Haven't topped over 100 billion yet. Sounds sad but it is what it is. I might have but lost count

Clutch: 100B per round and somehow you ended up as a union Don. That's a hell of an achievement! Do you miss having your own union?

TonyGiovanni: That's like asking a fish does it like water

TonyGiovanni: Indeed i do. Headaches and all

Clutch: Does that mean that IOU and five points are just a temporary thing for you?

TonyGiovanni: Mob Ties isn't dead. Just yet

TonyGiovanni: You know what. I really dont know but for now i'm happy where im at

Clutch: But you plan to leave and recreate Mob Ties?

TonyGiovanni: No time soon. When or if i do you'll surely hear about it.

Clutch: Perhaps it would be best to break off from five points and start a family for Mob Ties members?

Clutch: Have you considered doing this?

TonyGiovanni: Never even thought about that

TonyGiovanni: Interesting advice though

Clutch: You know I'm a big fan of the long-game.

TonyGiovanni: Oh i know you are

Clutch: What's the best piece of advice you can give leaders in TMB?

TonyGiovanni: Don't be an ass, lead by example and always have answers. Simple

Clutch: Well said!

Clutch: What would be your #1 recommendation to new players just starting TMB?

TonyGiovanni: Don't join a family with the mindset of getting something for nothing. Tmb people take this game serious lol. Do the work. Good things come to those who are patient!

Clutch: That is fine advice!

Clutch: I appreciate your time for this interview and I'm sure many will enjoy reading it. Is there anything you would like to say to the community, or anyone worthy of recognition you'd like to reach out to?

TonyGiovanni: You know i do.

TonyGiovanni: Shout to Emir. Dusk. Stalked. Chainsaw. Some of IU. Fixer. IOU. Maxx. Hollywood. Mooky Giovanni lol. Hell. Yall know who you are if i missed anyone. To many to name, sorry!

TonyGiovanni: Thanks bro!

Clutch: My pleasure, Tony. All the best for the rounds to come! 😀