Jackie D'Amico the TMB Pretty Boy and Every TMB Queens Fan! Hot Blonde and BLUE eyed with a Sexy TAN!! He is the Man with Dan on board the IC VAN!

Ravenkc: Ok Ladies and Gentlemen of the TMB World Vets and Noobs.. to-day I am in the TMB studios once again back from being kidnapped and in fine condition.. I am sitting next to one of the best looking young guys I have had the privilege to meet here from The Mafia Boss.. blonde hair and and incredibly sexy.. Jackie D'Amicooooooo!

Chapter 1- In The Beginning -From Dummies to Hot Mummies: Baby Jack-ie Crawls his way through the TMB World and Discusses his Decade of TMB Experi-ence

Jackie D'Amico: Hellllo

Ravenkc: Jackie is no noob though he has been chatting up tmb Queens for...? How long have you played Jackie?

Jackie D'Amico: Jan. 05 2007

Ravenkc: Damn thats like almost 10 years and you still look like a Calvin Klein model lol thats why I never slapped you around and took advantage of you baby boy plus ur a bit of a man whore

Jackie D'Amico: Lol. Ya I try

Ravenkc: Lol well i think you are anyway
Ravenkc: (cwl)
Ravenkc: So 10 years.. please in ur own words start from the moment you entered TMB..

Ravenkc: Take ur time I’m going to go get dressed..

Jackie D'Amico: Honestly I believe that I was bored one night and Googled " Mafia games" and TMB was the first one that popped up. I signed up and start-ed in Tampa. This was round 70 and I was recruited by a player who taught me a lot about the game. His name was Opps_Flopps and he was boss of a notorious family based in Tampa called Animal_Factory.

Ravenkc: Ok cant say I remember that family.. how long we're you there?

Jackie D'Amico: I played with them for a few rounds until I got bored and left. Jumping around from family to family until I met a guy who I respected and got along with by the name of Scrappy_Doo. He was leader or a very feared union at the time based out of Chicago known as Windy_City. He also was one of my mentors who taught me alot.

Ravenkc: Oh yes... i remember this name .. describe Windy_City..

Jackie D'Amico: Windy_City was the first big thing I was apart of in the game. Alot of good players were apart of it. When I joined there were only 3 families left in the union. And when Shaun left with most of the main players and formed ENFORCERS, I was left there and actually became boss of the only Windy_City family left. This was around 100 I believe. It wasn't until about 10 rounds later I was actually allowed to join ENFORCERS with some of the best players in the game at that time. Tommyboy, Matt_H, skrilla, UCME, TheGUNSHOW, Joblin, Wismerhill, Titus_Pullo, Speedfight, and Hanni-bal. But by the time I joined them their run was just about over. If I recall they pissed alot of people off and lost the war against Cypriot. And disbanded not long after.

Chapter 2
- Enforces Pissheads Wolfpack and Troll TMB Divorces-

Ravenkc: Yes I recall ur name and the enforces icon.. its etched into my mind.. well we used to fight for Cypriot so we were probably at war.. do you recall any out-standing battles u have been in or seen in tmb?

Jackie D'Amico: Oh yes. I have seen and been apart of quite a few good wars. When I was with ENFORCERS we were hitting Pissheads and Wolfpack out of New York. And when I joined ICS a few rounds after ENFORCERS disbanded I was in the war between Phoenix and ICS. Which was fun because Phoenix and ICS had prob-ably 25 to 30 families between them

Ravenkc: LOL
Ravenkc: You are and have been my enemy for a long time
Ravenkc: Yet you were always ALWAYS respectful and nice to me
Ravenkc: I think you have not changed in 10 yrs

Jackie D'Amico: I wouldn't say enemy. We were just usually on the oppo-site sides


Ravenkc: Yea thats true thats why I always pause when you have spoken to me-- could be to trying to dick tease me for war info
Ravenkc: You never know with you determined young men
Ravenkc: (cwl)

Jackie D'Amico: You are smart. I can be sneaky at times...lol

Ravenkc: Haha but it never worked on me!! But I'm a hard one though its not cause of ur looks you are definitely my type lol
Ravenkc: I do like to educate young boys (cwl)

Jackie D'Amico: Aww...you are too sweet. I see people bashing you on the forums alot. And let's not forget, people on this game usually hate on the ones they are jealous of

Ravenkc: Yea of course I know who my mates are and they respect and like who I am.. in return I do the same for them.. there are many over the years who have hated.. trolled even stalked to a point.. what I have had to learn is this is a reflection of the doubts and insecurities they have in themselves.. a personality like mine is an easy target plus I have written blogs and been apart of many wars in tmb.. there will always be trolls.. its sad but this is the way of online society

Ravenkc: You also have had trolls and cunts attack you in tmb.. can you give me ur perspective on that I'm interested in a male point of view?

Ravenkc: Sometimes if someone you don’t expect says horrible things or personal things it can upset me.. but I have to learn to meditate and let that go too

Jackie D'Amico: Agreed. Too much foolishness and hate going around. I have been immature in the past, I will admit. In times of war especially, I would post stu-pid things on the forums trash talking my enemies. But I look back on it and it was usually in a drunken state of mind and it's embarrassing. I have had a bad reputation in the game as a dickhead. But as far as that goes , I have matured alot and I try to ignore people that have nothing but negative things to say .

Ravenkc: Yes Id like to take this opportunity to add that game related trash talk in relation to tmb wars n collecting and looting is perfectly awesome however once people try to go into personal shit its just out of context and also the ones who do it normally will make out they got all the facts on others yet never reveal a thing about themselves...this is not smart its just gutless and immature. Being positive in TMB is al-ways more fun anyway

Jackie D'Amico: Agreed. There's a line. Don't cross it

Ravenkc: Ok so I have been observing IC for a long time now lool.. well to kill at first.. but during my observations I noticed something unique.. ur family actually look out for each other and I really admire those qualities in a tmb family.. are there partic-ular players in ur family that have taken you under their wing.. ?

Ravenkc: Well not under their wing..I mean supported you as a true team and defended you fiercely against enemies rather

Ravenkc: You would be surprised how many families don’t especially if you are a known player

Jackie D'Amico: Without a doubt InNeR CiRcLe is the best family that I have ever been apart of. I have been with them for almost a year now, since their return to the game. Alot of members have come and gone, but we have about 10 solid members that have been here for awhile now and we all look out for each other. Yes I could have been booted awhile ago for running my mouth but ID and tormented and tuj all gave me a chance and supported me. And I can proudly say that I have become one of the main members of the family

Jackie D'Amico: One of the best squads in the game

Ravenkc: Ok i have a special guest here who wanted to join us as part of ur interview I am going to add him now

Jackie D'Amico: Oh boy

*** Ravenkc added Jackie D'Amico, tony_uncle_johnny---- Dan ***

Ravenkc: Ok tuj.. is here with us now.. welcome tuj ..one of the leaders of IC

tony_uncle_johnny---- Dan: JACKIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Damn Kids!!!!

*** tony_uncle_johnny---- Dan has left ***

Ravenkc: Wow that was fucking weird...

Jackie D'Amico: He's a character....lol

Jackie D'Amico: He's like my cool drunken uncle

Ravenkc: Ok Jackie Id like to thank you on behalf of TMB for being apart of the game and community.. wars and fun for a decade! please take your time now in your own words to make a statement and to acknowledge anyone you would like or event that has made your time in tmb something to remember and I personally would like to thank you for always being positive even if you have always been on the enemy side of the tmb fence.. yes you are nice looking but I admire your continual resilience within game this says something about who you are and you are a strong player who has con-tributed alot ..xx

Jackie D'Amico: I just want to thank my IC guys and gals who have al-ways had my back. You all are truly like family to me. iD, tuj, Tormented for being my leaders and people who I truly admire and respect. Trumafioso, Snoman ( broseidon) , Ftw, Quag, Tommypichero, Darkstar, Ritchie. You guys are like my brothers, especially you Tru, your my boy and one of my best friends and I got mad respect for you my dude. Itastelikecandy, my big sister who I can't get enough of. I love all of you and I want to thank all of you again for having my back and making TMB more than just a game.

Jackie D'Amico: Also thank you Raven for the opportunity.....love ya too girl

Ravenkc: Just tell me im special n im happy (cwl)
Ravenkc: Lol
Ravenkc: Thanks cutie pie and thanks for ur time xxxxx

Ravenkc: i need a cig that made me Emotional lol u have a good night now

Jackie D'Amico: You too sweetness
Jackie D'Amico: I'm gunna smoke too...lol

In Conclusion

Jackie stepped outside the studio and I saw the IC Van pull up and he jumped in and left, the man driving the car was wearing a rubber mask and the Van looked like something out of a Circus freak show from years ago… it even had that circus creepy tune coming from the speakers on the roof of the van that was painted in all sorts of colors ….

I felt a sick feeling in my stomach only because the combination of the mask, the look of the van and the music; I hoped Jackie was not involved with some kind of weirdo shit arrgh.. I went to my Kim Kardashian bag opened it retrieved one of my pain-killers and washed it down with some red wine.

I received a text from Tiki who let me know that the flights to Canada were booked, as well as my accommodation. I was excited I was off to see my mate Soulja we had planned on travelling to Egypt together on a top secret mission of course......

Thank you Ladies and Gents that is another broadcast given to you from the TMB Studios with Ravenkc