From being a noob in Nameless to running his own family (and everything in between) NewGen has seen a lot and done a lot. Clutch sits down with NewGen, boss of MTL Squad and gets the scoop on his past and present affairs and his decision to join Super Mega Powers Union and what the future may hold for him and MTL Sqaud.


Today’s blog is with one of TMB’s most active looters in recent rounds. NewGen has been piling up the medals and taking opportunities as they arise. Most recently, he started the new MTL Squad family which in their first round together, easily took the Indy tier by storm and secured the gold. I recently had the chance to interview NewGen. I asked him a few questions and the answers to those questions can be viewed below.

Clutch: Hey there NewGen! First things first: for those who may not know you, what names have you gone by in game?

Newgen: Newgen mostly

Clutch: Awesome, and what was the first family you joined in TMB?

Newgen: Nameless.

Clutch: I feel like everyone has been in Nameless at some point or another
- they've been around longer than most! Why aren't you still with Nameless?

Newgen: I stayed there my first round and a half or so, something like that...when I first started playing which is also when I joined nameless, everybody seemed to hate against IU but yet they still seemed to be doing great..i was quite active in nameless when I first started and if I remember correctly, a guy named David who had a family in the iu union messaged me and basically recruited me..I left nameless mid round into my 2nd round with them and left with a couple billions in my bank too (didn't know better as a noob) and joined iu

Newgen: and since then nameless want a piece of this ass

Newgen: ahah

Clutch: A round and a half eh? What would you say is the best family you've been in or enjoyed the most?

Clutch: (If you could bring the band back together from any round, what would that fam look like?)

Newgen: That's a good question..the fam I probably enjoyed the most was the fam I had make myself back then, killers inc

Newgen: as far as best family, maybe iu or jackanapes - don't really remember right now

Clutch: What is your chain of families you've been in (to the best of your knowledge)?

Newgen: I started off in nameless, then went to iu with david until he left to create jackanapes in which I followed him as he had asked me to and then i have kind of a blank… I’m not sure what happened to jackanapes after if they just kind of fell apart or joined a strong union at the time- anyways don't really remember

Newgen: After napes, I think I was in some random UN family for 1 round, then I had killers or some shit (the fam i made) and quit after that

Newgen: and when i came back i played with pinoy and now I'm in my fam

Clutch: Are there any families you wish you could have been a part of?

Clutch: Maybe invites that were sent to you, but you never joined up for one reason or another?

Newgen: nah, most of the fams/unions I want to play with, I join and that's it

Clutch: Let's talk about the round before last: Round 748

Newgen: jumping through time I see

Clutch: You pulled this family out of nowhere and stole the indy family gold

Clutch: How did this come together - and what did the round look like for you guys?

Newgen: I actually just came back to the game not too long ago, maybe 10 rounds or so including turbos and when i came back, i started getting more involved in the community and actually talk to players

Newgen: and so I discovered we have a few people from montreal (MTL) in this game

Newgen: So I messaged the ones i knew were from mtl and asked them if they wanted to start a family together

Newgen: cause some good players actually come from mtl

Newgen: kind of like the same idea as pinoy- I found it cool

Newgen: and so only one of them answered me and was down with the idea, undead

Newgen: so basically I started the fam with him hoping for the best

Newgen: we started recruiting early in round

Newgen: we managed to pick up thehandyman which actually made it possible for us to do as great as we did...he was basically our banker all round but he was super active and helpful. Every time we needed him to be on to bank, he would come on

Newgen: he would stay on until we were done looting

Newgen: so even though we had no du bank, we had a good banking system set up

Newgen: we also got some members from COB to join us which helped out to bank some looted money

Newgen: mostly me and crazy were looting though

Newgen: and yeah that's how it eor we had a little over 10 or 11t

Newgen: don't remember anymore

Clutch: That's a hell of a run!

Clutch: Since then, I see you've joined Super Mega Powers union. What made you want to join a union instead of doing another round in the indy tier? .. and why did you pick SMP out of all the unions to join?

Newgen: Well because as of last round, my real life changed.. basically my summer vacation is over so I won’t be able to loot 8T+ again these upcoming rounds so chances of us having a solid run in indie again were quite slim so I knew I had to make a move

Newgen: and I picked SMP because they don't only rely on looting..they have looters and collectors so when rules change, like this round and the last round where we have low bots, we already have a big advantage

Newgen: and also there is less competition in looting, as there are less looters as in say gank and bank.

Clutch: Sounds like you thought long and hard about joining them – and that it wasn't a spur of the moment or impulse decision. What are your plans for the rounds to come? Is SMP a permanent home for MTL players now?

Newgen: Not really haha it was pretty random..I saw HH on at the same time as I was looting some bots so I just messaged him and pitched him the idea about possibly joining, we discussed a bit and here I am

Clutch: Awesome! Just a couple more questions for you!

Clutch: What qualities do you think make a great family/union leader in TMB? .. and what's the best piece of advice you would give a new player to TMB?

Newgen: Well you definitely need to care for your members, mostly for noobs by teaching them how to play if they are active because you tend to get the most out of them if taught right, more than old useless vets who still believe level 1 collecting is doing something in this game...and try and create a bond between your core strong members so it's really hard to break you guys apart

Newgen: and as for a new player, my advice would be to loot loot loot and only loot

Clutch: Those are words to live by folks!

Newgen: Join a union/fam willing to teach new players
and ask for help

Newgen: I know I'm always willing to teach new players

Clutch: Awesome advice!

Clutch: Thank you for taking the time to do this interview! Before we go - is there anything you would like to share with the TMB community, or set the record straight on?

Newgen: Nah I’d just like to thank some of the players who gave me their tips and trick so I can be a better player especially looter.. I owe my biggest thanks to mitsui, he basically put me in on the looting way and thought me his style and I did a couple tweaks here and there to fit my liking and now I can loot my ass off... also thanks to crazy raj for being real friendly and helpful when needed, giving me some of his tips too for eor and also Shoutout to UNDEAD, the only mtl players willing to give me a run and start this fam off!

Clutch: Atta boy! Well, it's been a pleasure. I wish you all the best with your family in the future!

Newgen: Thank you, you too.