Turbo Round 767 came and went with no challenges, no big builds, no wars, no parades, no fireworks or any other fanfare. It seemed to be just another round like a lot of others before it. Let us take a look at the results and see what happened.

Nineteen hours to EOR 1 was sitting in the top Ops spot with just over 5.1m operatives, with his teammate “Kemoo” lagging behind at 4.6m and “crazy” hot on Kemoo’s heels with 4.5m. By EOR “1” was still sitting at 5.1m ops but Kemoo had taken the top Ops spot with 5.2m and Trump was now in 3rd with 4.9m. But in the end none of that mattered as Chi, from Sam-Sam family was easily able to take the win with the help of his “super” family of all level 4 players. Sam-Sam also collected the gold medal in the collecting family category.

AB from Point_Break finished with the silver medal, well ahead of 3rd place winner Dick_Winters from The_Collectables who scooped up the Bronze.

-Level 4-
1. Chi $60,547,824,974,470
2. AB $30,006,706,439,968
3. Dick_Winters $16,419,166,068,000
4. Kemoo $13,054,682,674,867
5. 345678 $11,941,325,028,029

The level 3 awards were much closer than level 4 and showed PissOnYou coasting into the #1 spot with a networth of just over $8 trillion. Dak and Rooney followed behind for silver and bronze medals with only $700 billion difference separating them from each other. Mailman and TrueGale had a tight racing going with only $172 billion separating the two, but unfortunately they both fell short of the medal ranks but were still able to stash a few won credits in their pocket at EOR.

-Level 3-
1. PissOnYou $8,086,754,571,814
2. dak $5,725,818,707,594
3. Rooney $5,002,140,884,558
4. MailMan $4,172,427,395,517
5. TrueGale $4,000,449,992,448

Another tight race in Level 2 ranks showed Shootemup winning the gold medal with $5.6 trillion and JustAgirL from Special_Needs coming in second with $5.2 trillion. SaoDi lagged far behind at $1.6 trillion but it was more than enough to get him bronze medal over 4th place ranker Frank_The_Sausage who had a really low networth of only $353 billion. 5th place Clarkston could have easily jumped up a spot with a mere $21 billion more cash but it wasn’t meant to be this time and Frank_the_Sausage held on to his spot with Clarkston behind him.

-Level 2-
1. Shootemup $5,685,898,967,000
2. JustAgirL $5,244,266,152,634
3. SaiDu $1,607,785,127,182
4. Frank_The_Sausage $353,288,357,115
5. Clarkson $333,411,229,573

Now level 1 was the craziest of all with people not paying attention and spending a lot of money for level 1 ranks. Had they been looking at the level 2 ranks, they would have noticed that by leveling up they could have still taken home the medals but also double the prize awarded for level 1 rankers. This could have been achieved by simply adding 1000 won or purchased credits, or buying a $5 sub.

Sckmynutz whom I assume was probably part of Retard_olympics took the gold medal and 20k credits. Had he added those extra turns, or bought that sub, he would have still taken the gold medal, but he would have been in level 2 and received 50k credits instead of the 20k he got. Same with Unknown who could have taken silver in level 2 and received 30k instead of 15k. Diesel_Doctor who came in third, could have leveled up as well, but I heard he was completing his level 1 medals so I won’t bust his balls too much. Just_Married and Banter could have leveled up too and knocked some of those level 2 rankers down a notch while securing a few more credits for themselves. Might want to watch that next time guys. ::wink wink::

-Level 1-
1. Sckmynutz $12,000,540,271,000
2. Unknown $11,014,110,459,593
3. DIESEL_DOCTOR $9,148,891,891,849
4. Just_Married $8,997,105,592,999
5. Banter $7,086,769,426,457

Killer ranks were interesting to me as 19 hrs out I saw Kemoo in the lead with just over 1 million kills and UCME and crazy following behind with 720k and 581k respectively. When the round ended Brontes, who wasn’t even showing in the ranks, emerged as the winner with 6.4 million kps compared to Kemoo’s 3.5m and Crazy’s 2.1m. It’s just one of those things that makes you raise an eyebrow, shake your head and think … hmmmmmmmmmm .. how did he do that?

-Best Supporter Killers-
1. Brontes 6,439,900
2. Kemoo 3,571,236
3. Crazy 2,143,039
4. xD 1,575,800
5. Chi 1,074,550

Same scenario in Free Killers. Cowboy (719k kps), Raw (234k kps) and Red (164k kps) were in the lead at 19 hrs out but in the end it was 34 who got the gold with 839k kill points.

-Best Free Killers-
1. 34 839,150
2. Cowboy 719,555
3. Raw 461,747
4. sexyninja 228,714
5. Kaboom 211,033

As mentioned at the start of this review, Chi and his super family of all level 4 players took the Jackpot as well as the Gold medal for collecting family with a family value of $32 trillion. $4 trillion behind and in second place were The_collectables led by Unknown who earned the silver medal and bronze went to Retard_olympics who did quite well under the command of their boss, “thissux”. Point_break finished in 4th and Drito opted to take a lower family prize while ranking Kemoo in level 4.

-collecting family-
1. Sam-Sam $32,078,372,701,039
2. The_collectables $28,134,253,522,378
3. Retard_olympics $23,379,003,377,042
4. Point_break $18,038,736,863,936
5. DRITO $7,586,400,415,004

Well that’s it for this time my friends. Congrats to “Chi” the JP winner and Sam-Sam the Collecting Family gold prize winners. Also to all the other rankers who shared in medals and prizes during this turbo round.

Until next time……this is Ink-Slinger signing off. Night all.