Hello everyone, TMB_Reporter here with a special edition of Breaking News. Okay so technically this is not really breaking news. Well saying that it could be, for some of you at least, just depends on where you are in your game play. But lets not get caught up in technicalities. Here is hoping you all enjoy the read and maybe learn a thing or two.

Ohh and before I forget. In case you haven’t worked it out yet, No this is not a mid-round review. All my informants must have taken the week of because I have received very little information. Or maybe nothing is really happening this round? Anyway In light of this I decided to do something a little different.

Lets begin..

What is a Jackpot?

Obvious question I know, well maybe! Most of you may be surprised to learn of the amount of players, and I’m referring to mostly new players here who messaged staff asking, ‘what is the jackpot’ ‘how me win jackpot’.

Well I will tell you how the term jackpot was explained to me by my old friend google many years ago:

Google says:
A jackpot is a prize in a game, usually cash and usually accumulates until it is won.

In TMB the jackpot is considered to be the Holy Grail by many. It is a prize, one that usually pays out in cash in main rounds and turns in turbo rounds. If you win the jackpot you get a level four gold medal. Now I know, you have more questions. Well never fear the TMB_Reporter is here to answer all, maybe.

How do you win the Jackpot?

There are many ways you can go about winning the jackpot. Some are easy and some are difficult. Most require spending cash, but maybe some don’t?

The first thing you have to decide is how to go about it.

Join the power rangers, xmen, current family or lone ranger.

1. Get into bed with the power rangers

I have heard rumours, whispers if you will that in exchange for sexual favours Mr Lopov and Mr Righty will allow you a shot at taking a jackpot. Clearly I am fucking with you all here, well maybe. Message them if you are that way inclined, perhaps they shall take you up on your offer, perhaps not.

All jokes aside my point here is that the power rangers (IU, RU) are the dominant force in the game and win most jackpots. The easiest way of a player winning a jackpot is to join them and play with them (pun definitely intended).

Many players have joined IU/RU specifically for the purpose of winning jackpots. Most recently I can point to BigAnt23 who left Inner Circle but there are numerous other examples.

Of course you will have to wait your turn, be a good team player and abide by the strict policy of refusing to give the blog department any comments. You will also need to be a regular and active supporter, or a free player who makes a considerable contribution to the family through looting. Mind you it is worth noting that with regards to the latter, you must be willing to put in a substantial amount of work for a prolonged period of time, both game wise and through building relationships with the head rangers. If you could do that then perhaps you can be rewarded with a jackpot without spending a penny yourself, who knows… stranger things have happened..

Does this sound appealing to you? Perhaps it does perhaps it doesn’t.
Speaking to players I have found that this means of winning the jackpot does not appeal to many. Perhaps this is because of the hatred of IU, its leaders and players, which has now become strongly embedded into the very core of some families. Or perhaps its much simpler and some just don’t like sucking dick. Regardless of this, there is no denying the easiest way of winning a pot is joining the power rangers.

2. Join the Xmen

Don’t like the idea of getting into bed with the power rangers? No problem. You could always join the Xmen.

The Xmen in this case shall be used to refer to the opposition. This includes the most powerful families, or collaborations of families other than IU/RU who have the balls and knowledge to challenge the dominance of the power rangers.

How do you know your family is one of these families? Well to put it in a nutshell, the family needs the following.

• A strong and sustained showing in the rankings.
• Players with JP experience
• Players who are knowledgeable of the inner workings of the power rangers.

Current families include Inner Circle and the Brotherhood union. I would not put any other family into this category. Disagree? Well feel free to state your case in the comments section.

It is important to bear in mind that if you go down the Xmen root you do increase the possibility of losing when you challenge. Furthermore, this root can also be a long one. You will have to build relationships with the head Xmen, prove yourself and also join the queue. This is because in many of these families there are players there who are waiting for their time to strike. I know who they are, some of you know who they are, if you don’t then you need to get an ear into the circle.

3. Do it with your current family

You could always of course go for it with your current family. This method is in some ways simpler. You have already built up a relationship with your family leaders, and if your family is not a part of the opposition odds are there will be nobody ahead of you in the queue. Of course you will have to approach your boss if you require his support, and get his consent to challenge. The boss may of course deny your request if he does not want to start a war with the power rangers. But I suppose that can easily be overcome if u don’t inform your boss and just go for it. Yes, you lose the support and possibly your place back in the family but it may be worth it? And let us not forget that old saying, it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission.

4. Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger. This is when you go it alone. No support from anyone, just you, your credit card, and some good liquor. It could be argued that most players who take JPs do go it alone. Yes they are in families but it is them spending, them doing the building, them doing the collecting. Well yes and no. You see, the family/ union provides most with support. In most cases the player going for the round is expected to spend to take it. The remainder of the cash collected and looted by others is used for ranks. But when a challenge occurs most times this cash gets sent to the player, bumping him up and raising his odds of success.

If you go it alone you wont get that. But look on the bright side, only you know your going to try and take the round.

Surely that’s in your favour, right?

Buying packs, doing maths, building and collecting.

1. Buy Packs

If you’re going for the round you need to buy packs. The amount you buy depends on a number of factors, the most obvious being the amount your willing to spend and potentially lose.

But other factors also come into play. Who will you be up against if anyone? If your in IU a 800k pack which is usually $1000 will generally get you the win because lets be real, they hardly ever get challenged.

If your not in IU and will be challenging then you may want to buy a little more. Furthermore, whom you will be challenging will also play a role in the amount you decide to buy. Like in any group, you have those who are willing to spend more and those who are not. IU has 4 consistent JP takers at the moment, who do u think is the weakest link? And by weakest link I am referring to his ability to spend.

So once you have purchased your turns, what next?

2. The Math, Build and Collect

The purpose of winning a JP is to win money right? So how to you determine if your going to make money or lose money. Furthermore, how do you know how you should build and how you shouldn’t. Well this depends on a range of factors such as the amount of ops, the Jackpot and so on and so forth. I will attempt to explain this to you with a hypothetical but by all means general scenario not to dissimilar to the ones that occur during eors.

But before I do so you need to keep some things in mind.

1. For every credit you add into the round 0.00035 is added to the Jackpot. So if you add 100k credits it will be 100k x 0.00035 which = $35.

2. Collecting and building with 50/50 with regards to the amount of turns is considered the best way of building and collecting because u get the best return.

3. If you dived the amount of ops a player has by 8 it will tell you how many turns he has used on his build.

Hypothetical scenario

It is Eor. The Jackpot is at $850. In order for it to pay out in cash it must reach $1000.

Mrworker has 2 million ops he has built through his sub build. He has 1.6 million turns he is ready to use and knows he will be challenging the pink ranger.

The pink ranger also has 2 million ops. The amount of turns the pink ranger has is unknown. He is not expecting a challenge.

How many turns should MrWorker use to build and collect in order to make a profit and win the round?

The first thing to recognize here is that MrWorker needs to estimate how many he believes the pink ranger is going to use. So how does he estimate this?

Well before I tell you how it is important to recognize that it is difficult but not impossible to estimate how many turns a player will use. You can make a sound guess by looking at the amount of cash his family/union have, and by referring to how much he has spend in previous rounds.

If his family/union has a substantial amount of cash eor, much more than any other union it would be natural to assume he will collect less. If the player has consistently used a certain amount of credits during previous rounds he has taken who’s to say he wont stick to the pattern? And if the jackpot is low, he will clearly pay less so to not make a loss wouldn’t he?

The amount the jackpot jumps can also be a clue. From my recent observations the jackpot has either jumped once or twice by similar amounts over the last 10 main rounds. So how can this be a clue? Well believe it or not it is possible to determine how many credits have been added in and also the players likely build and collect. I know, shocking right.

Let us say that in the last 6 min’s of the round the Jackpot jumps by $350. $350 equates to 1 million credits (1,000,000 x 0.00035). For arguments sake lets assume that pink ranger has added in all the turns he is prepared to use to build and collect. How will he build and collect?

As previously noted he had 2 million ops. So you first have to know how many credits he has used to get 2 million ops. 200kk/8=250k

So how many will he use to build and collect? He has already built with 250k, has added in a further 1 million. That is 1.25 million total.

So he is going to build with 375k credits. Which would give him a total build off? Roughly 6million ops and with 625k turns left to collect with. (this is assuming he sticks to the 50/50 principal)

Now all you have to do is out collect him. It should be fairly obvious to u all that with 1.6 million ops MrWorker has more than enough to win the pot. He just needs to decide how much to use.

If he’s already worked out pink ranger is using 1.25 million. Depending on the amount of cash pink rangers union has, how much MrWorker uses is at his discretion as long as he collects enough to win.

Lets us say he decides to add all his bought turns, 1.6 million. The jackpot after pink added in is at $1200.

If MrWorker adds in his total off 1.6 million the jackpot would jump by? (1.6 mill x 0.00035 = $560) the jackpot would end up at $1760

MrWorkers 1.6 million credit cost him $1500 because he bought them when they were on discount like a clever fucker ($750k for 800k a pack). So he wins and makes a $260 profit. Of course he could have made more if he added in less.

Now all that is left is getting that build right. MrWorker has 2 million ops already. That equates to (200kk/8=250k) so he builds with 675k turns and uses 925k to collect with.

As long as he’s quick he wins.

You should know the process to collect:

1. Set Payout to 100%
2. Buy enough alcohol, weed, coke (at least one of each for each of your ops)
3. Set payout to zero
4. Collect (the amount of turns you use is up to you. If your stretched for time 99k it)

Then repeat until you’ve used all your turns.

Now I haven’t included the figures here regarding how much the final collect of both the pink ranger and MrWorker will be.

Lets see if any of you can work it out.

Additional facts

• 50/50 is considered the optimal way of collecting and building. So I have assumed that this is how someone will build and collect. Obviously they may collect with less or if they are retards they will collect with more.

• The maths may be incorrect. Its late, I checked it over but I am only a bot. I am sure if some of you cba you will correct me.

• In order to write this blog I received some information from experienced players. Thanks for your help; you all know who you are.

PS: if any of the information is incorrect I blame you. Lol

This is TMB_Reporter... later..