Hello everyone and welcome to a special edition of BREAKING NEWS.

If you have not worked it out yet, todays blog is about Southside, a family whom has been getting a substantial amount of attention lately. A large part of this is in no doubt due to the families increasing roster of members, solid performance in the family ranks, and what I would call general success in comparison to where the family has been in the past few years.

But they have also received attention for other stuff. Stuff that I am admittedly not a fan of. If you are not familiar with what I mean they you have not been paying attention to the forums, which is perfectly fine. As I have mentioned before, the forums are the troll’s domain. Yes at times we can engage in solid discussions without trolls dictating and getting involved in such discussion, but this is a rarity.

Here are some comments from the forum for those of you who do not bother reading them regarding Southside and some of their former/family members. As is usual custom, trolls took to the thread like a moth to a flame, but some people seemed to have genuine opinions and concerns..

Posted by hardknocks on the forums:

Building to 1 million DU and then running around making irrelevant kills just for the sake of Kps, (like you are), is not what the award was created for. If u weren't nap with IU you'd be dead by now. At least RocknRolla is getting his kills by hitting enemies not anyone that has du.
Posted by Snowtiger on the forums:

Buying in to hit little families and new players to act like you are something makes you look like a bitch. Having a boss that allows it makes SS look like school yard bullies and making NAPS with the big unions like IU shows you aren't real shit but explains why the site is fed up with the ever shrinking SS
Posted by Turtle on the forums:

Not opinions, facts. You a subbed player have been going around hitting free players for no good reason and talking random shit. Since your fam is napped with 80% of the game (like pussies) most the free players you hit are naps. Klown is right, its players like you who drive people from the game. FYI people don't send you hate mail, you just interpret it that way because your a dimwit.
The majority of the comments on the thread titled ‘Most Dus Killed’ are about a former Southside player named Mcreason. Someone who I am going to assume is new to the game or someone who has returned to the game. This is purely based on the fact that I have only recently begun to see his name around. But I am probably right, and if I am wrong I am still right. You know what I mean.

Numerous players throughout the game have also been critical of Southside as a family, and the leadership qualities of the family’s boss have been brought into question. Labels such as cunts, ass torn bitches and bullies have been thrown around. Are Southside any of these?

Clearly some people think they are. I decided to contact numerous people throughout the game to get some views on Southside. The first person I contacted was someone who has recently been very vocal about Southside on the forums, Klown.

Here is what they he to say…

From Klown:

Well I know they asked for a nap early but mcreason kept hitting and his boss laughed it off as a joke and said no more. I like jokes so while I was setting Phoenix icon he hit again to show how cool his 4 stars and 1 mill plus day were so I dragged a drunk RayRay on to see his Phoenix being hit by a long ally.

Maxx as many horrible bosses do disregarded his members’ opinions and carried out attacks on noob and returning players. I see SS as a dying fam as they used to have many fans and much respect but bullying the little fams and new players doesn't make a legend, it makes a bitch.

I think that a NAP with SS is silly cause if they can't honor 1 what NAP will they be breaking next. As far as them being cunts I'd disagree on that and say more like an infected penis that’s about to fall into irrelevancy as shit fams do when leaders lack leadership.
These were very strong words from Klown. He is clearly extremely irritated by the fact that Southside had hit some of his family members.

The next person I decided to contact was Stalked. Here is what she had to say..

From Stalked:

Hi. The blog should be about the biggest union here lol but yes I think ss are a bunch of cunts except scaliwag he's cool ss don't deserve him.. Besides him I think that family is full of shit they don't honor naps so us warhounds have no respect for them for rounds to come they will be our bitches, we're here to have fun.

As for there leadership maxx is a joke, fucking klown shoes. I used to be ss but when they had a real leader I see max learned shit from sarge..

And as nameless says for the motherfuckin 29! (Hi Damien, I see you) I say for the motherfuckin WARHOUNDS! I'm out now time to go stalk rockem
Stalked also seems irritated. Again this is not surprising. Her and Klown are members of the same union. A family they claim to have been napped with hit their members. I say claimed because after speaking to some Southside members, their account of what happened has been different. A few have even told me on the record that no nap ever existed between Phoenix and Southside, which was where the conflict started. A nap did exist between Southside and the Warhounds family but not the union. Either way and regardless of who’s account is correct, the words were strong from both Klown and Stalked.

The next group of people I decided to contact were members of Nameless. I wanted to know whether they shared the views of Klown and Stalked. They had recently been involved in a conflict with Southside, so maybe they did or maybe they had something else to add.

Here is what Domenico of Nameless had to say:

From Domenico:

Im going to mostly avoid that one. Ive worked with maxx in the past and he isnt a bad dude, but he doesnt seem to be truly running things half the time. Naps in general are pointless. The game is too small for them.
Not the reply I am accustomed to from Domenico but I respect the fact that he took the time to reply unlike many others, but I will get to that later.

The next person to get back to me from Nameless was Dada. Here is what he had to say..

From Dada:

SS have some good people but still haven’t gotten there shit together. The war we had with them as your put it could have been sorted a while ago but instead of addressing the situation right away Maxx just watched his ops and his fams ops get needlessly wasted for two rounds straight.

I did read the stuff about Mcreason and tbh I am not surprised. He started the shit with us by whacking doms ops and then went and denied all knowledge. Until Maxx realizes that he needs to be booted they are going to constantly be involved in needless crap.
These were very grounded comments from the boys over in Nameless. Domenico seems to hint at the fact that Maxx is not a good leader, but you cant really take too much else from what he had to say other than he thinks Maxx isn’t a bad dude.

Dada comments are also by and large the same as he also acknowledges the fact that SS have some good people. His opinions on Mcreason also appear to be negative.

And this from 0844, I have no idea what he’s on about. He must be high as a motherfucker, Yes I swear sometimes, this shouldn’t be news to you…

From 0844:

First of all I would like to start with a story about 3 best buddies who live in a 50th floor of a 60-storey old building. One day the elevator broke and the only way to go up or down was through the stairs. In order to mentally conquer such difficulty, they decided to take turns in sharing stories - any stories they want to share.

One shared an action pack story while in the first 20 floor. The other one shared personal experiences from 21st to 49th floor. The third one shared a very heartwarming story that made the 3 of them cried.

You want to know that story? He forgot the keys in the car.
At this point I decided to message people in numerous different families to get a diverse range of opinions. Sadly I didn’t get many replies, which on this occasion is fine. I understand that some of you don’t have an opinion, don’t value your own opinion, and some believe that there opinion isn’t worthy of being included in my blogs. I get it ☺

Or it could be that you think Southside are irrelevant and not worth your time as a few people have mentioned…. Like…

From xTrinity:

Hey, my apologizes for let you wait 2h. I really tried during that time think and say something about SS but besides the fact that they are a bunch of stupid cunts I really don’t know what to say lol. Maybe next time I have something more interesting to share with you hun.
One player that did get back to me and have a little more to say was Kauf

From Kauf:

If you look back 10-15 rounds and compare SS now to then, you'll see how well they've done to get to where they are. They get a lot of stick for their NAP'ing tactics but it's evidently an effective way to play. It's not how I'd choose to play, but effective nonetheless.

Mcreason is a bit of a loose one, his hits on Pinoy got a lot of their ops taken out unnecessarily and the recent thread has also brought to light his tactics for getting as many KPs as he has this round.. but attacking is a big part of the game, you can't fault him for enjoying that, even if it does have a negative effect on new players. It's the staff’s responsibility to remove the incentive, not his to ensure that everybody is enjoying their time here. Keep up the good work SS, this game needs some fresh competition
I tend to agree with much of what Kauf has to say here. Southside have grown and now established themselves as a solid family with a core group of players. Do they have some loose cannons? Yes, but which family doesn’t. Are they cunts, ass torn bitches, and bullies? I don’t think they all are, but others clearly disagree.

Is Maxx a good leader?.. Well from my understanding Mcreason has now been removed from Southside and will not be invited back. Some may think the decision should have been made sooner, but it was eventually made. You have to give the man credit for that.

Finally, I contacted members of Southside to ask them what they think of the negative press they have been getting. I also asked them to tell me about the type of family Southside is, why they choose to stay with Southside, and anything else they feel is relevant…

Here is what the SS press officer ScaliWag had to say:

From ScaliWag:

SouthSide is the best family in this game in my opinion hands down, I love it here. I used to play this game a long time ago with ICS/Omerta in rounds 120-150 or so.. I came back to the game in round 774 i think and was desperate to find a family. I asked around within SS and MaXx shot me an invite almost right after our first couple messages. I been here tearin shit up with the guys ever since.

Mcreason is a good dude, Atleast i think so. Everyone is gonna hate no matter what.. Always do what you want because no one is going to agree with you anyways. I wouldnt trade any of the players in SS for anyone else.

Shout out to MaXx, 69, Don, Mcreason, Levi and everyone else i might have missed!
The best family in the game, someone always says it. Is there anyone who plays who doesn’t think their family is the best in the game?... I would love to hear from you. TMB_Reporter in game, in case you didn’t know..

Here is what Lebanon levi had to say..

From Lebanon Levi:

ss elite is one great family when drama broke up. I wasnt sure what id do i joined ss beacause i felt they are just as unselfish when it comes to ranking. maxx is a great boss im just a part time player now so my opinion doesnt really count but theses guys are tight im very glad to be with them
Then this from Lebanon Levi the next day:

From Lebanon Levi:
ok have some time no. ive been with ss elite a few rounds now they are definatly a team group that im proud to be a part of we used to attack each other when i was with other families but they accepted me right off when i joined after drama disbanded maxx is a great unsellfish boss even when i got held hostage by mr_worker and his boyfriend we helped each other this is one great family i got lucky to be a part of them
And that was it. I did get this from 69 but nothing else..

From 69myballs:

Thanks for your interest but no comment.
After a few further messages to a select group of people I was informed that senior figures in Southside had instructed their members to not reply to me.

I found that surprising since this a great opportunity to clear some things up, and to also let the game know what type of family Southside is from their perspective…

This is TMB_Reporter.. later…