Hello everyone and welcome to this rounds edition of BREAKING NEWS. It has been another quiet round so far. Nothing of any note has taken place. Well I say that but what I really mean is that nothing has happened that has interested me. I know it sucks right?

The TMB community is saying right now: TMB Reporter is supposed to be writing mid round reviews but instead TMB Reporter is doing something else again, sigh.

Well yes, yes I am doing something else. And guess what? I blame each and every one of you. The active amongst you should spend less time looting and more time creating drama. The inactive amongst you, I don’t care what you have going on in real life, your number one priority should be creating drama for me to report on. Capeesh? Lol

Sorry I couldn’t help myself. Of course this is a mid round review. I wouldn’t do something else this round; especially after the replies I got in from various different people. This round I also got replies from IU, I know, shocking right. No not really, I knew I would wear them down, eventually…

So here goes..

R.I.P Brotherhood: Are we witnessing an end of an era?

If you haven’t noticed by now then you really are slow on the uptake. Over the last 2 months the Brotherhood Union has been in decline. Members have been jumping ship, getting less active and some even leaving all together. I sent Viking_Slap a message to get his thoughts on the matter. Here is what he had to say.

From Viking_Slap:

I will share with you that many of my friends at TMB are leaving because they don't like the rules. they have been waiting for changes since last summer and maybe they are tired of the same thing over and over ....so there should be some changes in order to make the game more fun.
For example storm said and that he would be changing rules a few months ago but he never changed them.

Example : Bank attacks were planned for the summer to be placed yet still no bank attacks. He also removed unions and then he brings them back after some time.
I also asked Viking Slap if he could name the players who have left or in the process of leaving.

From Viking_Slap:

Tammygunz, Hypocrisy, Grobar, Sergei_mikhailov

Missing in action are: Comba, Merky, Blunts, Shade

So yeah I’m down to a fraction of Brotherhood.
Interesting stuff or is it? After all this is an all to familiar process, particularly to those of us who have been playing for years. A family establishes itself, has a good run, people move on, the family either dwindles away or adapts by recruiting new blood. Interestingly enough the rules are always used as an excuse. The cynical amongst us would argue that Brotherhood members have left because they can’t handle the heat, whatever that means.

Regardless of the reason why some have left, it brings us do an interesting questions. After losing so many key players will Brotherhood dwindle away like many families and unions before them, or will they go on.

I guess only time will tell, but what I will say is that they have already recruited a new family, and have consistently remained in the ranks even with members leaving.

Name Stealing: Your still doing this?

Seriously people? Did I not already make it clear that Name stealing is pointless?

Perhaps I didn’t, if I remember right I did put it in a relatively nice way. What was I thinking, this is a mafia game and niceties don’t work here. You stupid motherfuckers need to get that into them tiny little pee brains of yours. That should do it. I don’t like being a meany, you all should listen the first time.

This round RocknRolla’s name was stolen by Jackie D Amico. I contacted both, Jackie to ascertain why he did it, and RocknRolla to ask what he thought.

Here is what they had to say..

From RocknRolla aka Jackie D Amico

I stole his name cause he is a piece of shit...And I kinda wanted to piss IU off a little bit...But it didn't work...
From the real RocknRolla

I know you're looking for me all women on TMB looking for me, simply im irresistible my name is stolen from the dumbest players on the TMB, simply have no comment read picture from my profile, there is a part of the answer.
As expected RocknRolla didn’t give a shit and Jackie realizing he didn’t give a shit learned his actions were pointless. What I didn’t expect to learn was that RocknRolla considers himself to be quiet the ladies’ man. Everyone else better watch out, between him and Skeemin there won’t be any women left for the rest of you.

NAPS: Do they still have a place?

I did a little piece about NAPS a while ago and an interesting point was raised by Matty from Skids. His point was a simple one; with the current number of players in the game why would you want to limit the number of players you can hit?

Matty’s comment got me thinking, and when I noticed the number of NAPs Southside have I decided to shoot off a few messages to see why families are napping with other families. If it isn’t clear, I am not a fan of NAPs.

Here is what SS had to say about their growing NAPs list.

From SS:

SS is focusing strictly on looting and collecting, not really trying to get into any spats with anyone and no one wants to fight with us either so its workin out, besides nameless but we have been shitting on them for the past few rounds not letting them rank while we constantly pull ranks everywhere lol
Interesting Stuff SS. I suppose if you’re a family of looters and collectors who don’t like killing NAPs is the way to go. I personally would die of boredom here if I couldn’t take dus and ops now and again.

Here is what UC had to say.

From UC:

well first and most important you only make peace with your enemies. if we are friend and not enemies no need for a nap. I have a couple of rules for naps, 1st your family has to have a history in tmb no new family will get naps, 2nd we have to have a beef and hits going back and fourth, 3rd or have a really good relationship with ya worked together in the past.

we have currently one major nap IU union/iu-loco as a nap. This is because we have worked together in past and have good relations. the game has gotten so small i pretty much have single player naps and hit list people not so much families/unions. plus money is always open nap or not, the nap is mainly for dus
I have to say I like the idea of having Naps with individual players who you are friends with. Perhaps this is now the way to go.

Here is what IU had to say:

From IU:

Hello nosy parker.. lemmie see... no and reasons are my bizz.. if its public who naps are.. they become targets for others.. sheeesh

Naps in general are only as good as the bosses.. if boss is lax.. Naps are pointless.
Right, well first I would like to point out that keeping NAPs between families secret is pointless. It doesn’t matter how tight your ship is, if someone would like to know whom your family is napped with then they will be able to find out, period.

40 min later I received this from someone else in IU.

From IU:

Looks like this one don't wanna talk to you. but I can help you out. lol

Posted by: KiLLer_BeauTy
Not even replying to this

from TMB_Reporter
35 minutes, and 20 seconds ago.

Hello Killer Beauty, could you let me know the current list of families your union are napped with and why... and any general thoughts you have on NAPs in general. I would like to include something of the sort in my next blog.

posted 9 minutes, and 9 seconds ago
45 min later I received another message.

From IU:

Posted by: TodoMuerto

Max msg-ed me right away. I've talked with the elders, we don't attack the small families. SS and Foundhell that is. No agreements with Nameless or other small families.

Enemies are the wellknown IC, Pinoy, BH
posted 1 day, 21 hours, 32 minutes, and 23 seconds ago

Posted by: Dusk

warhounds and loco have a nap.
old friends... they know i dont speak for all in union.
posted 1 day, 21 hours, 8 minutes, and 51 seconds ago

The NAP with Warhounds was short lived though......


Posted by: TodoMuerto

Dusk your former members, Warhounds have joined BH. They will get zeroed now.
posted 21 hours, 56 minutes, and 24 seconds ago
Case and point, if I want to find out your Naps list its not difficult. So why be cagey about it?. Sadly, I didn’t get a response to the why part of my question from IU but I suspect it has much to do about the Jackpot, as NAPs in IU generally are.

I did also message a bunch of other families but I did not get a response from many. It only takes a few minutes. I also had another section I had planned to write about on this rounds mid review but again I received very little information. To the people who got back to me on that issue, I am sorry for not including what u had to say. I have saved the messages and if I receive more information on the topic I will include it in next week’s blog.

This is TMB_Reporter… later….