Dear Teembeers here we go with the round 772 review. Round was pretty much interesting to watch straight from its beginning. We saw another interesting rule added beside the no kps gained from bots. Actually two quite important rule changes. 1. Unions are back. 2. Ops hit cost 250 turns. I pretty much expected no early operative builders and a lot of dead bodies around. I was wrong in regard of early builders and I was right about dead on the streets of teembee.

Jackpot went to RageMonster. I was not sure what to expect out of the round with such rules. I was sure IU and UC will team up. Question was what other families will do and who will unionize with whom.

Killer ranks not so exciting as most of the players were focused on killing the opposite faction. What I like in such round is you can tell who is selfish and who plays for team. At two days mark we saw a quite low numbers in free killers and supporter killers too.

At time two union were in ranks, well there were other unions but without enough members to show in union ranks. Why to make union if you cannot get 30 players to play? Smaller families had a great chance to rank good with most if not all top families sitting in one of the unions.

Let's see the ranking standings:

-Level 4-
1. RageMonster $100,064,772,348,890
2. Zodiac $15,005,436,689,627
3. Frank_Cali $8,000,742,644,018

So with such rules we saw RageMonster testing his luck and building early. It didn't pay out very well at beginning. He got killed twice and lost a good number of the ops early in the round. However, at EOR RageMonster shown muscles and literally cleared the ranks completely. I can't recall last time we saw taking the JP with such force. Well done!

from DarK_PropheT

The round was full of unexpected twists. Since I am currently on the road for work, I definitely did not have much time to be active. So I volunteered to be a banker and built a little to protect our money and most importantly to drive up the jackpot. Things went as expected. Bankers always die and to no one’s surprise some idiot took the bait and killed me. At least, it was not a case of Righty killing his banker again.

Anyway, I decided to try again, and rebuilt a little, figuring that some fool would be raising my jackpot. Surprise, surprise, that fool was ShayneG. BTW I think it is so funny how he talked so much about killing a mere 1.3 million DUs. The next few days of the round evolve into the typical everyone versus IU bullshit “war”. During that time, I heard that FrankCali wanted the round, then there were whispers that Tru was going to go for it, and finally, I received the absurd claim from ShayneG that he was taking the win. Oh boy, one asshole that I can stand and who had told me that I’d never win a round of TMB again (good call there Frank, I’ve only won 3 out of last 10 mains), and two others for whom I don’t care. Since I wanted to expose Frank and ShayneG for the broke cowards that they are, and potentially set up for a fun challenged from Tru, I decided to go earlier than usual. I figured $200T would be a great head start. I had Eck, Lopov, Righty,and Monkeykilla helping by scouring the game for signs of threats. For some odd reason, Lopov found Frank’s non-stop refreshing so amusing. Oh well, the last 30 minutes were boring.

With about 2 minutes, we set ranks. I don’t normally get involved in selecting tiers, but I insisted that Zodiac be rewarded for his efforts in trying to keep me maxed. I think that we took all of the tiers that we wanted. I dropped $50T in the union bank as a “fuck you” to the new “super” union that killed themselves looting just to be marginalized in a few minutes. Oh well, enough rambling from me. Thanks to everyone that helped with the round and those unfortunate souls that contributed to my jackpot.
from Zodiac

The best revenge is massive success..Congrulations guys and thanks
for that.
-Level 3-
1. Wolfgang $15,000,539,345,500
2. TodoMuerto $14,239,275,056,734
3. Jonzo $11,300,255,876,157

Level 3 was other level which went with quite expensive gold. But with amount of money IU had everything else would be plain strange move.

from Wolfgang

I understand that scissors can beat paper and i get how rock can beat scissors. But there's no ****ing way paper can beat rock. Is paper supposed to magically wrap around rock leaving it immobile? Why the hell can't paper do this to scissors? Screw scissors, why can't paper do this to people? Why aren't sheets of college-ruled notebook paper constantly suffocating students as they attempt to take notes in class? I'll tell you why, because paper can't beat anybody, a rock would tear that shit up in two seconds. When i play rock/paper/scissors i always choose rock. Then when somebody claims to have beaten me with their paper i punch them in the throat with my already clenched fist and say "oh fuck i'm sorry. I thought paper would protect you, stupid-fuk
from TodoMuerto
The dogs are barking, the caravan keeps on moving forward..
-Level 2-
1. nexus $10,001,257,140,921
2. Rayne $606,976,959,949
3. JohnRooney $580,092,453,366

Level 2 saw a quite expensive gold for nexus, well maybe calling it expensive is not the best thing considering the cash in game. Other ranks in level 2 were looking normal with usual values.

from nexus

I'd like to thank my family and union for putting me up to rank.
We had another great round. Was good to get back with friends and be able to talk on the boards. The round turned out to be a run away thanks to RageMonster who had a good build eor. It's always fun to be with vet players who really know how to play the game.
from Rayne

Oh, thanks! I owe this opportunity to Roger. Our family did great this round, and he made it possible for me to rank high as well. So, thanks, Roger, this is a nice "welcome back to the game" gift, and I really appreciate it! Hope there will be many more to come. Not gifts, but opportunities. You know what I mean.

from JohnRooney
What do you need?
I wanted your opinion on round 772… That's all

from JohnRooney
Anything specific?
Here I stop explaining.

-Level 1-
1. Infi $1,092,568,472,893
2. morphin $287,582,511,130
3. BLA $280,645,671,225

In level 1 medal place net worth’s were pretty much the “any-other-rounds” values. Seeing how the other tier ranks are set up in was afraid level 1 gold could be paid 20 trillions. Many times we saw level 1 being an extensive expensive tier to rank, but not in round 772.

from Infi
Thanks. It was teamwork jobs makes me so lucky. Not on my own.
from Scorpion

Hi Blogger! Thanks for asking! We had a pretty decent round considering this is only our 2nd round together as a family/union. We were able to get Infi his first medal, a level 1 gold and we were pretty happy about that. He’s a good looter and definitely deserved some recognition for his efforts. Congrats Infi! Respect Mate!

I also had an unplanned rank in level 4 when I couldn’t get a transfer off in time and ended up with a 5th place rank. My timing was off. I will have to work on being faster next time.

On the downside, we were trying to pull together enough people and families to compete in the union ranks but it just wasn’t meant to be. We will try again next round and see if we have any better luck. If not, we will keep trying until we get it right.
from BLA
Not bad for my first round back in years and I only play while at work... Obviously I have a busy job
In supporter killer ranks we saw ONOB going up somewhere in middle of the round and keeping this position till the 2 day mark. Roger jumped in front of him at time. With all out war between the major forces' killer numbers couldn't be all that high but still top killers amassed nice kill counts. Final standing shown roger on top using advantage of the major forces clash and kill all out war going on.

-Best Supporter Killers-
1. Roger 3,165,624
2. ONOB 2,544,774
3. NewGen 1,623,579

Free Killers throughout round was very but very low. At 2 days mark best free killer had little above 200 million kills. Jamrock was leading followed by calisoulja. I did expect better numbers from free killers thinking how a lot of rebuilds due to war would give them possibility for easier hits for kps. However, last day of the round we saw Freeze jumping in lead of the free killers and granting a killer gold with 419 million kills.

-Best Free Killers-
1. Freeze 419,520
2. Jamrock 299,197
3. Calisoulja 215,658

from Jamrock

Hey. Thank You. After being away for years, It was an awesome round back doing what I like to do best, KILLING.
from Calisoulja

It was a hard earned medal for third. Couldn't have done it without the help of my family and some support from others outside the family. I would really like to thank all my haters who said I couldn't do it. Ya cocksuckers.
In family ranks Capo_di_Tutti_Capi jump in vacuum and held the top family for most of the round. Southside was solid second and Foundhell third, Skidmark_united was forth and at 2 days mark they were just 100 billion behind Foundhell. I was interested in seeing the eor and final standings. At time Matty of skidmark_united was second most operatives' built player. Quite different family rankings with a number of usual top families beeing involved in unions. This situation made a nice opening for smaller families to get some turns for their members. At end We saw the tent people ranking in medal position, I believe that first time in history of Teembee. I have split feeling about this achievement.

-Collecting Family-
1. Capo_di_tutti_capi Roger $4,268,632,348,139
2. SouthSide_Elite MaXx $3,261,393,205,478
3. Skidmark_United Matty $2,475,564,851,761
4. FoundHell Bishop $1,579,199,859,918
5. NaMeLeSs Domenico $962,315,541,344

from Roger

Hi blogger, after creating a few unions, it created a situation to reach for the gold in family rank, and we did it! Weeeeee But the most important victory for me personally was killer supporter gold!!! Bono thought that he had that gold in the pocket and upss surprice. in his profile he had sentence:


haha Bono you Arrogant, you were wrong you should Post "THE WHOLE MAFIABOSS AGAINST IU"

In this place i would like to thank you very much all who helped me especially:

-great pinoy team
-brotherhood and Inner_circle

and also 2 families, perhaps they are not even aware of how much they have helped me:


In lvl2- Rayne was 2nd and in Free killer Rank Calisoulja was 3rd so great round for us!
from Buck_Nasty

I'm not wearing any pants right now in celebration of our merit button. Matty, Knoxie and, Sexualchocolate asserted their collective girth at EOR. TMB just took it without much objection. Snake and Blink took notes and gave pointers. Verdict is we're unstoppable!
from MickyKnox

Round 772 was one of great shame and glory for the inhabitants of the grandest estate in the TMB world, Skid Mansion. The shame rests on our own conscience as well as on the shoulders of the TMB world for allowing such a group of self-proclaimed misfits, who have prided themselves on the lack of trying to rank for longer than most modern day Mafioso’s have existed. Since our return we have come to the conclusion that not trying to rank is simply not an option any more. Which finds us in this new territory of actually giving a shit. As such we could quite honestly be considered one of the newest groups rank whores in the game. Most of us were unaware that there was a collect button, who knew you could hire prostitutes in this game?

Skidmark_United finishing 3rd in famil ranks should be enough to burden the entire game with some degree of shame. Add to that, the fact that Matty picked up 6th level 4, myself 9th level 3 and our calm Captain of the watch, Sexy Choc, 6th level 2. I can only assume the rest of the mere mortals in TMB world are currently scrubbing their bodies and weeping in there showers, like rape victims from the Last Tango in Paris.

Let this be a warning to the game, our butter churn in in full production and we aint afraid to use it. A big thank you to our newest members Snake for taking the rains at EOR and Dr Blink for the scientific research put in, thus allowing us to avoid the onslaught of everyone’s favorite dress wearing Scotsman.

In closing I must add that Buck is still yet to receive any kind of customer service in the way of Turkey on rye, with mustard. (its how you spread the mustard) Fuck you Tony G and your eccentric sandwich artisan ways. Just get the fucking sandwich!

What we do in life, echoes in eternity.
The Spaniard.
from Domenico
I want to collect something Votan, what should i collect?
from Votan
An award would suffice!
Union ranks well here was bloody and tough. First we see union of Super_Mega_Powers with IU and UC families join together. Newgen from Brotherhood build up and hit SMP union quite hard. And that was start of kill out all du and as many ops you can in round 772. Of course there was no need to wait for reaction and soon, all out hitting between SMP on one side and Flourpower formed by Brotehrhood, Pinoy and Innercircle families. Soon RageMonster operatives started to get hits. He rebuilt but got killed again and his operatives hit hard again. From that point all what was seen between the two unions was hitting each other as hard as possible. At the 2 days mark Flourpower union was ahead of Super_mega_powers for around 30 trillions. But I believe everyone knew it ain't finished yet.

In last days one of minor union FYUU finally got 30 members to show in union ranks. A well chosen union name definitively. Sydney_Blood_Union was with only 18 members and were not shown in union ranks. Quite hard to understand why forming union unable to rank it.

-Collecting Union-
1. SUPER_MEGA_POWERS LOPOV $51,957,603,293,910
2. FLOURPOWER DirtyNick $7,369,241,117,264
3. FYUU Clutch $368,361,845,676

from Ivan

Thanks Blogger. This past round was our first round as a union. It was a little slow at first but things came together later in the round. We played smart. Can't complain at all really.
from Clutch
All I'm going to say is that all you haters should have accepted the invite to join us ... we're the kings of making the most happen with the least amount of effort - and luck was definitely on our side! Hopefully we can carry the momentum gained from the won turns into the next couple rounds to come. Super happy with the bronze - all we needed to do was recruit and we got the job done! Cheers to all involved
OK we have arrived to our BROWN SEA CUCUMBER reward section... This section is for fellow teembeers who:

Section a) Didn’t reply to me.
Section b) Hit me in game - very, very, very bad people.
Section Ted Evelin Mosby) Ones who sent me recruiting messages, invites, and non-business related messages.

Your reward? Well honorable mentions here & NO, no free turns for that.

BROWN SEA CUCUMBER reward for round 772

Section A)

This list is getting bigger & bigger.

Section B)

from thedonrow
thedonrow invaded your drug labs. 1546 of your boys were killed, 7082 of thedonrow's died as well. You collected 0 glocks, 2,803 shotguns, 111 uzis, 4,168 ak47s from the bodies. thedonrow couldnt steal anything from you.

NaughtyElf drove-by shooting at your headquarter. 1 of your boys got whacked. 5 of NaughtyElf's boys were also killed.

So I have few hitmen, you know.

Section Ted Evelin Mosby)

from Reeds
Would you like to join our family

from Daddy
ja ne znam pitati lopov

from LOPOV
sta treba sokole

from Daddy
ja ne znam bloger je neugodno

from LOPOV
sta ima gary leptejebo

from Daddy
ja cu imati pogled

from LOPOV
ka horizontu

from LOPOV
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from LOPOV
gde lose jbt

from Daddy
slušati Uvek mogu bolje

from LOPOV
slusaj, imam dobru rakiju...ajde naleti da popijemo koji
casicu...sta kazes ?

from Daddy
Kažem da se zajebao .. izaći ... upoznati neke kuje .. što vi

from LOPOV
Slava mi je bila danas ...moras doci na pecenje bar

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lol ja ne želim da se previše jebeno

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Ellie želite doći?

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from LOPOV
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from LOPOV
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from Daddy
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I have no idea in what i got involved here… but google translate translated it to this bellow. However, even rereading it few times I have no idea what is this about.

from Daddy
I do not know to ask thief

from LOPOV
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At this point my head was spinning, and I just left.

AND NOW we arrived to the real awards section! The one with real turns!

The reward is called
LOOSE CANNON. BUT, I personally call it Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award. This is awarded to a single person each round that does the most courageous or most random and goofy thing of the round and will bring 15,000 turns to the winner.

This round little birdies told me stories about ShayneG getting booted from Brotherhood and asking for a new home on GRD. That just nails it for me! Nothing says Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Award more than getting booted from your family during a round and looking for a new one on the GRD. Well done ShayneG! Please contact Tiki for your reward, it may help you in next Turbo.

You think you have someone to propose for the Bartholomew Simpson Foundation Reward aka Loose Cannon award? Contact me in game!

Dear Teembeers. This is it for this round. Happy New Year and Happy gaming everyone!