Hello everyone! TMB_Reporter here! Welcome to another edition of BREAKING NEWS. Today I am here with a relatively new player but a player who has been making headways over the past 8 months. He just won his first main round so I figured it was time we get him down to the studio to answer a few questions.

I present to you BigAnt23

Part One: from Wolfpack to ‘Go loot the bots’

TMB Reporter: Hello Big Ant

Big Ant: Hello!!

TMB Reporter: How's it going?

Big Ant: Great!! How are you?

TMB Reporter: Very well, it is Friday.. lol

Big Ant: Thank God

TMBReporter: So shall we get this interview under way?

Big Ant: Well go ahead and shoot

TMB Reporter: Let's start from the beginning. Tell me about how u first found the game. Was it random or did someone tell you about it?

Big Ant: It was random just looking around the internet for something to kill time.

TMB Reporter: Okay and when was that. I see you don't have a year badge so your new to the game or is this just a new account?

Big Ant: That was in 2007. I played 10 or 15 rounds and just started again in May of last year. Lost my login info lol.

TMB Reporter: ohh okay so 10-15 rounds weren’t long. Do you remember anything about that period?

Big Ant: Yeah bits and pieces, my first family was Wolfpack. And I believe the last family I ran with was Southside. Both were huge family's at the time.

TMB Reporter: Yeah they were. okay so when you came back to the game, when was that? 6 months ago?

Big Ant: About 8 months ago.

TMB Reporter: okay and which family did u start off with when u came back?

Big Ant: I got an invite from Pushtostart to join CircleofBosses.

TMBReporter: So did push teach you the ropes?

Big Ant: Yeah he gave me some training. I really just messed around for the most part.

TMB Reporter: so how long were you with push? and can you just elaborate on what he actually taught u or if u just started picking up things yourself..

Big Ant: I was with COB for 3 or 4 rounds, all he really told me was "go loot the bots". I had no idea there were bots lol. I was clueless. Anyhow I figured out you could kill bots and it moved me up the killer ranks and I was getting a lot of loot. So I just killed bots all the time.

TMB Reporter: lol yeah I’d bet. I don't actually think there is a game guide that explains what bots are. I may be wrong. I will bring it up with the powers that be if there isn't

TMB Reporter: okay so when did you decide to leave CircleofBosses and whom did u join?

Big Ant: While I was killing I met Itastelikecandy. I was going for my first killer medal. And she was moving up the ranks behind me. She messaged me saying she only wanted silver so I wouldn't kill her lol. We kept talking and she eventually recruited me to join Inner Circle.

Part two: from Inner Circle, JP win to SMP

(this is not an accurate picture of the IC van, I hear its much cooler. Also it goes without saying that this is not a picture of itastelikecandy)

TMB Reporter: So how long did you spend in inner circle. And what did you learn during your time with them?

Big Ant: I was with IC for quite a few rounds, moved my way up the ranks to brug. Great group of people in that family I've got the utmost respect for them. They taught me to loot more effectively, and actually helped me get my first Jackpot.

TMB Reporter: Tell us about your first JP, howdid that go down?

Big Ant: It was a turbo round and I decided I wanted to win. I bought turns for ID who did a huge build to help. I didn't know what the hell I was doing but still managed a decent collect. No one challenged and I won. Nothing spectacular really lol. Got the medal I wanted though.

TMB Reporter: So when did you decide to leave IC for IU/RU/SMP? and more importantly, why?

Big Ant: Throughout my time with IC I met a lot of different people... Made some really good friends and decided IU was a better match for the way I wanted to play. I wanted to learn from the best killers in the game. So I went to SMP

TMB Reporter: So you joined SMP to learn how to be a better killer? And before you joined did you know anyone in SMP?

Big Ant: Yes of course. IU are the best killers in the game... Who better to learn from. And I've been asked not to name names sorry

TMB Reporter: I don't think many people would argue with that point about IU being the best killers. But you can't name the names of people u were friends with prior to joining IU hmm okay fair enough... i guess..

TMB Reporter: So when did you join SMP?

Big Ant: 15 main rounds ago maybe... I'm not sure. They've been a great union to be a part of all very knowledgeable and helpful.

TMB Reporter: okay so take us through the earlier rounds in SMP

Big Ant: So I joined SMP kept a low profile for a few rounds got to know more of the people around me. We've been at war the whole time I've been in the Union. Fighting Inner Circle. I was extremely busy with work so I mostly built hustlers with my sub and collected. No real looting or killing till just the last few rounds. Work slowed Down and I've tried to be more active.

TMB Reporter: How do you feel about hitting your old family?

Big Ant: You know I didn't get involved for many rounds. Not so long ago I was actually bank for IU. And no one from IC touched me no hits at all. The next round I was instantly zeroed by them lol. So I stopped holding back. I talked to Tru about the hits on me. And he basically said "hey man we're at war lol it is what it is. It's all in fun I've still got loads of respect for INNER Circle.

TMB Reporter: Do you ever see yourself going back to IC?

Big Ant: I don't really see that happening. I'm not psychic though anything can happen I suppose.

TMB Reporter: okay tell us about last rounds JP win. How did that come about.. Where you always up for the round?

Big Ant: I was told to build after the turbo round and see what happens. Well what happened is I got zeroed lol. So I built even bigger and yet again I got zeroed, so again I built even more dus. They would suicide on me 2 or 3 people at a time. I can only wonder how many turns were wasted hitting me. By that point I was committed. The rest is history

TMB Reporter: Did you expect a challenge at eor? Reasons I ask because there was allot of talk of you having overpaid for the round and some have even stated that you lost money.

Big Ant: I didn’t overpay and I didn’t expect a challenge. I spent because I can and anyway what I spend is nobody’s business but mine. A win is a win regardless. Too many people worry about making a profit from this game. In all reality that hurts the game if you can't afford to lose the money don't spend it. I'm happy to contribute to the game I enjoy playing.

Part three: Random questions

TMB Reporter: okay so now I am going to ask you some random questions. Some game related some not

Big Ant: Go for it

TMB Reporter: I know you’ve been involved in a few build offs. What’s the most memorable build off you’ve been involved in?

Big Ant: lol I can't really think of many but probably chasing Tru around talking smack having fun lol.

TMB Reporter: What do you think of the IC BH alliance? Do you think they can make a real impact on IUs dominance of the game?

Big Ant: Pretty surprised at that team really when I was in IC we shit on BH ALL THE TIME. Not a chance they weaken us at all though.

TMB Reporter: Why the name BigAnt23?

Big Ant: I'm tall and my nickname is Ant, Guess I could've done tall Ant

TMB Reporter: Who are your best friends in the game?

Big Ant: Hype. He's my brother from another, he's good people!!

TMB Reporter: anyone else?

Big Ant: Names asked not to be mentioned lol but also Itastelikecandy will always be my buddy, Trumafioso also very good friend of mine.

TMB Reporter: Snog, Marry, Avoid?. Since you’re in SMP, we will go Dusk, Leah, Killer Beauty.. or if you like Steve instead of Eve we will go Lopov, Brent, Righty.

Big Ant: Sure Lol

TMB Reporter: Was that your answer?

Big Ant: Yes

TMB Reporter: Spoilsport

TMB Reporter: Name 3 people you dislike in the game and explain why

Big Ant: Lol Damn put me on the spot. I don't really dislike anyone. I'm pretty easy going and no ones really screwed me over

TMB Reporter: I noticed a bit of tit for tat between you and Owen from IC this round. Does he not make the list?

Big Ant: Nah he sent me a message and blocked me before I could reply. So I sent him a message on my profile. I was told Owen is Frank. I've got no problem with Frank

TMB Reporter: I guess you haven’t played long enough to have a shit list lol

Big Ant: Not really I'm sure I will build one

TMB Reporter: Who is your favorite staff member?

Big Ant: You!!

TMB Reporter: Great answer! Lol

TMB Reporter: Favorite Movie?

Big Ant: The Departed. Great movie love gangster movies

TMB Reporter: Favorite TV show?

Big Ant: The walking dead

TMB Reporter: okay and finally why do you think
righty doesn’t use his own name in the game?

Big Ant: I don't have a clue lol Whos righty???

TMB Reporter: He’s one of the peoples who’s names you weren’t supposed to mention in this interview but just did lol

Big Ant: Never heard of her Lol

TMB Reporter: Okay now its time for the shout outs. so shoot

Big Ant: Shouts out to all my IU_RU family and all my friends throughout the game too many to list!!!!!

TMB Reporter: Well that’s us done. Thanks for taking the time out.

Big Ant: No problem thanks for the interview. It was fun

This is TMB_Reporter, goodbye