Howdy folks! Clutch here with another doubleheader turbo review for rounds 855 & 857. Both rounds featured a 10:1 ratio on credits added (with no cap). Both rounds also featured increased family prizes, and round 857 featured increased killer prizes (300k for paid killers, 150k for support killers -- gold). Without further ado, let's take a look at how things played out.

Round 855 was pretty intense during EOR, with a total of 9 families qualifying for ranks. Across the board, all medal ranks were rather pricey, with many level 4 players taking advantage of the uncapped 10:1 ratio on credits added. 4 of the 9 qualifying families were made during the first day, which is great to see, as it makes the round more interesting -- even if it doesn't exactly influence the EOR results.

Level 4 started out slow this round, with almost everyone saving their collects for the final 30 minutes of the round. We did see at least 7 different players with over 100T, but once everyone joined their respective families, there were really only 5 players who could have a chance at competing for the JP. For a few minutes, it looked like Ireland was going to pull out the win with 400T+ but Automatic's team pulled together and started sending up cash en mass.

Automatic took the JP with a respectable 825T -- over 300T more than second place. Ireland secured the silver medal with 499T, and Essay edged out the rest of the competition to take the bronze with a respectable 248T. Sunny and DimeBagDarrel rounded out the ranks with 198T and 161T, respectively. Congratulations to the winners!

-Level 4-

1. Automatic $825,440,928,207,306
2. Ireland $499,218,423,751,241
3. Essay $248,349,093,760,730
4. Sunny $198,790,011,893,915
5. DimeBagDarrell $161,416,103,028,966

Level 3 was quite competitive due to the excess cash of the level 4 players. OldSpice ended up in 1st place with a massive 228T, securing him the gold medal. Justin took the silver second place with 90T, and Depends rounded out the ranks with a solid 50T to take the bronze third-place spot. TM22 ended up in 4th with 20T, and Malice edged ahead of the rest to round out the 5th and final spot. Well done guys!

-Level 3-

1. OldSpice $228,002,472,859,034
2. Justin $90,009,763,315,361
3. Depends $50,076,653,410,393
4. TM22 $20,017,684,312,000
5. Malice $5,529,955,853,700

Level 2 was very close... if you don't count 1st place! HammerDown blew the competition out of the water with nearly 62T to land him the gold first-place finish. Only 3T separated the remaining players in the top 5. TM24 took silver with only 5T, and Boruto secured the bronze with only 4T. Hawaiian_Punch fell just short of a top 3 rank, with 3.1T, landing him the 4th place spot. NoobDevsRock rounded out the ranks with just 1.9T to secure the 5th and final spot in the top 5. Well played to all!

-Level 2-

1. HammerDown $61,975,132,168,400
2. TM24 $5,002,910,624,000
3. Boruto $4,007,436,700,844
4. Hawaiian_Punch $3,108,187,917,574
5. NoobDevsRock $1,947,829,654,611

Level 1 was a battle for left-over cash. Each of the members in the top 3 were ranked right at the end of the round, with the remaining cash from family bank-ups and higher-level tiers. "1" took the first place spot - guess he knew he was going to win before the round started - with a smooth 100T. Udyr came 2nd with 92T left over after banking each of his family members, and Cris rounded out the top 3 with a respectable 50T. TM23 and YOYO battled it out for 4th place, with less than 200B separating the two... In the end, it was TM23 who ended up on top, with nearly 4.7T, and YOYO finished 5th with 4.5T.

-Level 1-

1. 1 $100,002,777,240,600
2. Udyr $92,054,771,782,183
3. Cris $50,000,067,910,522
4. TM23 $4,689,277,012,524
5. YOYO $4,501,033,556,190

Support killer ranks were contested by only a few this round, but the ones who did go for it made quite a statement. Mori took the gold with a MASSIVE 26 million KP. Source went on a spree to beat out Out_Cast for the silver, eventually ending up with 13.7M KP. Out_Cast took an uncontested 3rd place with a solid 8.7M KP. Hooker and Nightmare battled it out for the 4th place spot, with only 200K KP separating the two. Hooker ended up 4th with 2.6M KP and Nightmare took 5th with 2.4M KP. Well done killers!

-Best Supporter Killers-

1. mori 26,023,006
2. Source 13,796,335
3. Out_Cast 8,726,330
4. Hooker 2,649,657
5. Nightmare 2,434,839

Free killers saw an impressive run from NAME who took the gold with 1.7M KP. 2Gunz locked down the silver place finish with a respectable 1.35M KP. StreetLightHanger edged out the competition with 869K KP to secure the bronze medal. Badboy and Leith battled it out for the 4th place (I'm seeing a theme here...) with only 22K KP separating the two. Badboy finished 4th with 646K KP and Leith2 finished 5th with 624K KP. A few months ago, anything over 1M KP would almost guarantee a gold medal finish. Lately, however, it's looking like the free killer ranks are becoming more competitive, where allowed by the paid killers. It will be interesting to see how things pan out in the next couple turbo rounds, and if this trend of more competitive ranks will continue. Congrats again to the winners!

-Best Free Killers-

1. NAME 1,715,421
2. 2Gunz 1,350,048
3. StreetLightHanger 869,817
4. Badboy 646,666
5. Leith2 624,712

Family ranks were very competitive this round, with 9 families jockeying for a top 5 spot. In the end, it was Internet_of_things who came out on top, with a respectable 216T. How_u_tmb secured the silver second-place finish with 138T, and Revenge_Of_The_Nerds rounded out the top 3 with 108T. This left 6 families to compete for the final 2 spots. Get_Forked easily established themselves with 88T banked, to secure the 4th place, and Get_Away edged out NothingToSeeHere with less than 60 seconds left in the round to steal the 5th and final spot. NothingToSeeHere & NothingSpecial both wasted a lot of cash going for a top 5 rank. It did look like NothingToSeeHere had done enough to take 5th place, but were one bank-up short of prize. NothingSpecial didn't even have half the cash that NothingToSeeHere had, so they definitely should have gone purely for a tier or two. Golden_Age and Ryde_r_Dye ... better luck next time guys! Well done to all winning families!

-Collecting Family-

1. Internet_of_things Boyd_Crowder $216,011,000,000,000
2. How_u_tmb Essay $138,586,839,479,393
3. Revenge_Of_The_Nerds NewDefender $108,869,285,778,562
4. Get_Forked ForkYou $88,259,692,385,518
5. Get_Away mori $61,162,021,204,369
6. NothingToSeeHere Udyr $54,528,325,305,339
7. NothingSpecial DimeBagDarrell $23,443,669,009,571
8. Golden_Age Ireland $3,474,671,108,397
9. Ryde_r_Dye GaTeS $215,998,184,401

Round 857 featured new killer ranks (significantly increased prizes) which really influenced the round, with some rather large builds early so that paid killers could make use of their hitmen before EOR. The JP was also massive come EOR, with many players adding in their bought credits at the 10:1 ratio. Let's take a look at the ranks!

Level 4 was one of the biggest battles we've seen in the past few months, with LV going head to head with Acidic. When it was all said and done, however, it was LV who had the clear advantage, holding a ridiculously HUGE 3108T to secure the JP. Acidic took the silver second-place finish with a massive 1502T collect. TripleX was able to snag the bronze for a respectable 250T. THUNDER took home the 4th place prize with 158T and Four was able to round out the ranks with just 81T. Well done guys!

-Level 4-

1. LV $3,108,657,614,269,695
2. Acidic $1,502,500,739,469,312
3. TripleX $250,014,787,779,000
4. THUNDER $158,260,521,959,668
5. Four $81,027,695,809,221

Level 3 saw a competition for 1st place between "O" and Fishy, with everyone else competing for 3rd place. "O" finished in 1st place with 134T, to take home the gold medal. Fishy took an uncontested 2nd place with 90T, to earn himself a level 3 silver medal. Ecstasy beat out the rest of the competition with only 13.5T to take the bronze! Frans locked down 4th place with 7.1T, and Salah got super-lucky, landing the 5th and final spot for only 808B. Congrats to the winners!

-Level 3-

1. O $134,009,393,556,712
2. fishy $90,071,818,023,625
3. Ecstasy $13,570,991,512,304
4. FRANS $7,115,975,145,366
5. Salah $808,687,651,519

Level 2 was all over the place at EOR, with cash switching hands frequently during bank-ups. RetiredButBack secured the gold first place with a respectable 140T, with Nick_Foles_MVP close behind with 100T of his own. Pisshead took bronze for a reasonable 21.4T, leaving 99 and Maxer_Here to battle it out for the 4th place. 99 was able to edge him out by less than 300B, to take 4th place with 7.9T. Maxer_here rounded out the ranks with 7.7T to take 5th place. Well played to each of the players in the top 5!

-Level 2-

1. RetiredButBack $140,000,510,302,006
2. Nick_Foles_MVP $100,004,256,606,213
3. PiSsHeAd $21,496,221,837,607
4. 99 $7,977,834,814,638
5. MAXER_HERE $7,703,929,979,253

Level 1 was much the same as levels 2 and 3, with 1st and 2nd place battling, then a huge gap between them and 3rd place. 12 took the level 1 gold with a large 130T, and Preacher took silver with a respectable 107T of his own. KS not only was able to rank his family, but had enough cash left over to edge out Momo for the level 1 bronze. KS finished with 18T, a solid 3T more than Momo, who came 4th with 15T. Demb rounded out the ranks with nearly 6T of his own, to take the 5th and final spot. Well done guys!

-Level 1-

1. 12 $130,001,125,227,067
2. Preacher $107,453,771,201,898
3. KS $18,000,381,308,045
4. MOMO $15,000,568,617,864
5. Demb $5,975,934,797,657

After the last turbo round, it was hard to imagine that anyone would beat Mori's 26M KP total, but with the increased killer prizes, we saw Big_Pun build up and give him a run for his money. Big_Pun finished the round with 27.5M KP, to earn him the killer gold and 300k won credits. Monster took silver with a very respectable 14.5M KP, and Zingo rounded out the top 3 with 8M KP to land him the bronze medal. LV made it into the top 5, with 6.7M KP to take 4th place, and Acidic ended up 5th with only 3M KP. Big_Pun ... you're a beast killer. Way to go!

-Best Supporter Killer-

1. Big_Pun 27,549,707
2. Monster 14,596,132
3. ZiNgO 8,050,921
4. LV 6,703,174
5. Acidic 3,083,095

Free killers saw the gold go for less than 1.6M KP (less than the free killer gold in the previous turbo round). HK ended up on top with 1.59M KP, followed by "notnotnot" who had a solid 1.1M KP of his own. KS completed the trifecta, ranking in the family tier, his level, and killer ranks, with 948K KP to take home the bronze. Vitali edged out Ball, with 676K KP to take the 4th place, and Ball rounded out the ranks with just 534K KP. Congrats to the winners!

-Best Free Killer-

1. hk 1,590,909
2. notnotnot 1,129,585
3. KS 948,609
4. Vitali 676,515
5. Ball 534,647

Family ranks were a blowout by the "CommissionRankwhores" family ... who had a massive 468T banked at EOR to secure them the gold. Retaliation_IsA_Must took home the silver with a respectable 180T banked, and A_Team edged out the rest of the competition to lock down the bronze third-place spot for only 73T. Ajme managed to get 59T banked, which would prove to be good enough for a 4th place rank, and TS (led by KS) rounded out the ranks to take the 5th and final spot for just 29.4T. Back_Catalogue and We_No_Foolz were families composed of primarily level 1 players so they didn't have much of a chance to compete with the other families. Best of luck next time guys, and well done to each of the winning families!

-Collecting Family-

1. CommissionRankwhores 7 $468,619,539,759,386
2. Retaliation_IsA_Must Token $180,874,298,845,420
3. A_Team Vitali $73,851,404,753,382
4. Ajme Adidaske $59,009,497,816,530
5. TS KS $29,401,975,787,194
6. Back_Catalogue 99 $278,312,010,217
7. We_No_Foolz Sound $8,989,513,546

If you wish to leave a comment on either round, please respond to this blog with answers to these questions:

- What was your turbo name & family name?
- Did you win any tiers?
- Anything happen that was crazy or unexpected?

Congrats again to all of the families and everyone who ranked. Use your credits wisely, and see you all again next turbo round. Cheers!